industrial solar panels cost

Today, we review the best industrial solar panels for sale and the best Industrial Solar Panels Cost for your budget. Industrial buildings offer straightforward roof space which are ideal for solar panels. Businesses can significantly reduce their overheads by generating their own electricity from solar energy. Mypower excels at installing high yielding quality solar panels which have won awards for their design and efficiency.  

Industrial Solar Panels Cost

Logistics, manufacturing, storage and construction sectors with industrial units of all sizes can benefit from solar power. Our customers range from businesses with just 5 employees to those with 250+. The largest part of a business’s energy usage is during daylight hours and this is when solar energy is produced. Using the solar energy generated from the roof of your building is how you can significantly reduce or nearly eliminate your electricity spend.  High energy users benefit the most but even those with standard energy use still see substantial savings. Allen Fabrications own, let and manage a portfolio of industrial properties. A 50kW solar install on one of their 800 sqm rented properties will see in excess of £250,000 income and savings over 25 years.

industrial solar panels for sale

Traditional electricity purchased from the grid is now priced at around 15p per unit. When you install solar panels, we use independent software to very accurately predict the amount of energy your solar panels will produce over 25 years. Solar PV now delivers solar energy at the cost of around 5p per unit including estimated Operating and Maintenance costs – this is over 60% less than grid supplied. What’s more this is a fixed price which means your business will never be exposed to energy price hikes again, making financial forecasting much simpler. 

Significant savings despite the removal of subsidies

Even with the removal of the government solar subsidy (FiT), Mypower customers are still seeing substantial savings on their electricity costs.

In 2015, Walsh Mushrooms, a leading supplier of Mushrooms to UK supermarkets commissioned Mypower to install a 426.81kW system. Below we take a look at the solar production figures and savings seen if the same system was installed in September 2018

  • 426.81kW system installed by Mypower
  • 362,473kWh of electricity produced per annum
  • 120 tonnes – CO2 emissions avoided per annum
  • £50,000 – Projected first year income and savings assuming 95% of electricity is used on site
  • 15.4% – Projected first year return on capital invested, before capital allowance benefits
  • 6.5 years – System payback before finance, tax and capital allowance benefits
  • £2.5 million – Total projected income and savings over 25 years after indexation
  • 4.0 p/kWh – Equivalent forward purchase price of 8.1M units of electricity over 25 years
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Going green

Not only can industrial solar panels cut costs significantly but they can significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Every year the solar systems which Mypower have installed are saving over 3000 tonnes CO2. Mypower’s customers have won new contracts based on their green credentials and others have gained a competitive edge over peers who are exposed to rising electricity prices. Lye Cross Farm produce 60 tonnes of cheese each week. Their 172 kW solar rooftop installation from Mypower offsets 72 tonnes of carbon per annum whilst offering income and savings of over £20,000 each year.

Highly reliable, little maintenance

Good quality industrial solar panels offer the best value for money and most are warranted to last at least 25 years and will still produce over 80% of the electricity they are producing today in 25 years’ time. The actual lifetime of solar panels is estimated to be much longer at around 40 years. Their uncomplicated design means little maintenance is required and not a lot can go wrong with them. To keep your solar panels generating output at their maximum they should be cleaned annually.

Securing your future

With the national grid already employing energy saving strategies, energy security will become a top priority for UK businesses in the next few years. Solar energy offers companies the ability to forward buy the energy at a fixed rate. Now is the time to get ahead of the game and your competition, contact Mypower for advice and we’ll be happy to discuss the potential of solar power for your business.

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