inner wear for short dresses

In the market for Inner Wear For Short Dresses? Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying what to wear under dresses and skirts, and shorts to wear under skirts and dresses.

Inner Wear For Short Dresses

what to wear under dresses and skirts

Your summer staples this year will probably include at least one floaty white dress and a perfect pair of white jeans. But what do you wear underneath? As easy and airy as white may be, most pieces are slightly sheer, if not downright see-through. Your first instinct might be to coordinate with white undergarments, but it’s a mistake: White acts like a highlighter, drawing attention to your bra, and black is just as visible. And when it comes to the tricky pieces like backless tops, or skintight jersey dresses, you’ll need special underpinnings to complement your figure. Click ahead to see what to wear underneath your everyday T-shirt, semi-sheer skirts, and more. (Though, if you want to go braless, you’re always welcome to ignore this and free the nipple.)

The Oxford Shirt

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You don’t necessarily have to wear a shade of beige under a button-down — pale pink is a good alternative.

Everyday T-Shirt

Whether you wear your T-shirts tight or loose, a seamless, supportive bra is key. Nubian Skin is a great source to find bras for darker skin tones that are super-comfortable.

White Jeans

They may not be much to look at, but gray undies are a good bet for blending in under white jeans.

The Shirtdress

A U-shaped plunge bra is great for low-cut dresses, but it’s also the best option for shirtdresses when you want to show a little skin. The straps are detachable, meaning you can wear it four different ways, depending on your wardrobe needs.

Sheer Lace Tops

Go full Golden Peacock and wear a bright bralette under a lacy top — or, if you prefer something subtle, try an underwire-free bra.

Jersey Dress

Skintight jersey dresses don’t have the most forgiving silhouette, which is why you’ll need a strapless Spanx slip that sucks you in. 

Backless Top

This self-adhesive backless strapless bra molds to your bust and can be worn up to 25 times.

See-through Skirt

Skirts made from lighter fabrics like this lace paneled skirt are generally see-through. These café-au-lait-toned briefs are super-smooth and practically invisible under clothes. 

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

For the times when you don’t feel like wearing a bra but need nipple coverage, use silicone petals under a flow-y white dress. 

10 Best Undies For Skirts & Dresses When You Want More Coverage, Because Wind

I wear dresses every single day, no matter what the season is. This is not an exaggeration. Pants annoy me to no end, and pants shopping is even worse. Consequently, I’ve done a lot of research about the right kinds of underwear to wear under summer clothing, especially if you’re looking for panties and shorts with adequate coverage. The results? Dress lovers everywhere can rest easy knowing that there are tons of options out there.

Wind is something that I’ve got a lot of on Long Island, and since the very beginning of my dress-wearing days, I realized that running errands with nothing but a thong underneath would most likely result in a parking lot full of people who’ve now seen my butt. Which is to say, if you’re someone who wants to avoid this, I recommend shorts under dresses, all the way.

I used to steal a pair of boxer briefs from every guy I’ve ever dated, but I’ve since learned that they specifically make underwear for underneath dresses and skirts. Reach for something that’s smooth, body-hugging, fits well, and offers full coverage, and you can walk over any subway grate without a care. Check out these awesome full coverage underwear options for any body size or dress type.

1. Maidenform Pure Genius Tailored Boyshort

Maidenform Women’s Pure Genius Tailored Boyshort$11$6.99|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

This Maidenform boy short panty is ideal for tighter and shorter skirts or dresses, as it provides adequate coverage and a seamless look underneath clothing while cutting right above the thigh. It’s extra stretchy and comfortable, so you get protection while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. And it comes in six different colors, including black, hot pink, and a smokey gray.

One reviewer wrote: “LOVE these. Will definitely order again as needed. They hug the body, doesn’t show any bottom butt cheek. They stay up well, no needing to pull them back up for any reason. I used them for under skirts and dresses and now I use them to wear to bed and around the house.”

2. Jockey Slipshort Light Boy Shorts

Jockey Slipshort Light Boy Shorts (S-XXL)$20|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

For full coverage without any of the bunching or sweating, you’ve got Jockey’s light boy shorts. They’re made with a silky smooth fabric that reduces chafing, wicks sweat, glides easily underneath any fabric, and won’t cause panty lines. Made with a comfortable blend of nylon, microfiber, spandex, and cotton, this pick comes in your choice of three colors.

One reviewer wrote: “Fit perfect. Would recommend to fellow dress wearers!”

3. Stashitware Secret Pocket Briefs

Stashitware Secret Pocket Briefs (S-XXL)$13|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

This pair of full coverage briefs looks a little less like underwear and more like a pair of boyshorts — and because they’re well-stitched and have a hidden pocket that’s 8-inches deep, they provide the coverage and convenience that you’re looking for underneath a dress or skirt. This pair comes in basic colors, like black, white, and beige, as well as some more fun colors, like pink and purple.

One reviewer wrote: “Fits fantastic and very comfortable plus they look great”

4. FOXERS Women’s Lace Boxer Briefs

FOXERS Women’s Lace Boxer Briefs (XS-XXL)$32|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

If you wear dresses to avoid feeling confined, a thick solid fabric might seem counterintuitive. The FOXERS lace boxer briefs cover things up while still being breathable and lightweight, as they’re made from a nylon lace material. Unlike other briefs, the band fits snugly around your waist to prevent lines, and they have a subtle interior lining to keep certain areas covered. Choose from colors like, black, charcoal gray, and ivory.

One reviewer wrote: “Fit well, didnt ride up, or give me a wedgie. I didnt even feel them the entire day!!”

5. Caramel Cantina 6 Pack Nylon Spandex

6 Pack Plus Caramel Hipster Boy Short Panties (1X-3X)$30|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

These plus-size hipster boy short panties look more like workout shorts than anything else, so they’re an obvious option when it comes to full coverage. They’ve got a great stretch to them without becoming translucent, they won’t slip or bunch, and women say, “They almost feel like I’m wearing nothing.”

One reviewer wrote: “Fabric is super soft and these boy shorts are very comfortable. I’ve tried many different styles of panties and these are the best – particularly if you are wearing a dress or skirt.”

6. Comfort Choice Plus-Size Cotton Boyshort

Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Fitted Boxer$19|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

This plus size fitted boxer is an awesome option for plus-sized women, as it’s got a full elastic waist, no-bunching silhouette, and inseam for full leg coverage. Reviewers say they’re durable, extra comfortable, and lightweight, so they’re great for under dresses. This pair comes in a handy two-pack with a handful of different color options

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect shorts to wear under dresses and have confidence you aren’t showing anything you don’t want to show. Washes well and feels comfortable”

7. EMPRELLA Seamless Boy Shorts

EMPRELLA Seamless Boy Shorts$17|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

For full protection that looks like part of the outfit, there’s these seamless lace boyshorts. The top has a streamlined design so it doesn’t show underneath your skirts and dresses, but the bottom features a lacy trim that’s pretty and provides complete coverage. Best of all, it comes in a budget-friendly six-pack with a mix of black, white, and gray pairs.

One reviewer wrote: “Hugs me comfortable! I’m a bigger girl who has a larger bottom and these do NOT cut me in the middle of the cheeks. The lace lays and feels so nice. This may sound exaggerated but I almost forgot I was wearing them.”

8. Ilusion Classic Daywear Bloomer Slip

Ilusion Classic Daywear Bloomer Slip (S-XXL)$10|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

This Ilusion bloomer slip is especially great for hot summer days, as it’s made out of a lightweight anti-cling material. The bottom has a lace panel trim that blends in with the hem of your typical skater dress, and it helps with dresses that tend to cling, according to reviewers. Also, it comes in your choice of black, beige, or white.

One reviewer wrote: “In the fall/winter I often wear a lightweight cotton/modal knit dress over leggings. Without a slip or these “Bloomers” the dress just clings. It seems old fashioned to wear a slip but a clinging dress is no joy. The thing is, it’s VERY difficult to find a slip short enough to accommodate a dress a few inches above the knee. These bloomers work perfectly!”

9. METWAY Mulberry Silk High Waisted Lace Boy Shorts

METWAY Mulberry Silk High Waisted Lace Boy Shorts (S-XL)$20$15.99|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

Another great option if you can’t stand being weighed down: Mulberry silk high waisted lace boy shorts. Available in black, beige, or white, they’re made entirely from 100% natural mulberry silk, so they’re lightweight, breathable, extra soft, and comfortable. Some women wear them to sleep at night, but because they’re virtually undetectable under other fabrics, they provide awesome coverage under dresses.

One reviewer wrote: “Very nice and breezy. Lay nicely under skirts and dresses”

10. HOEREV Comfort Middle Waist Bamboo Briefs

HOEREV Comfort Middle Waist Bamboo Briefs (S-XL)$11|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

I’m all for fabric made from bamboo because it’s super breathable, sweat-wicking, and soft. These HOEREV bamboo briefs provide a good amount of protection during a Marilyn Monroe moment, as the waist is high and the butt is covered, but they’re so lightweight and comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. On top of all that, it comes in an efficient three-pack with a variety of color options.

One reviewer wrote: “So soft! So cozy! They fit great and stay where they should. I definitely need more! My butt has never been more comfy!”

10 Types Of Lingerie To Wear Under Party Dresses

From low plunge necklines to sexy sheer pieces, here are the best (and prettiest) lingeries that will remain concealed under your trickiest party dresses


Finding the right underwear for your party dress can be a tricky feat. You’ve got your low plunge necklines, sheer frocks, figure-hugging bodycons – all adding up to the painstaking task of making sure our underwear remains concealed and hidden in all areas.

Thankfully, for every unique cut of dress out there, there’s a lingerie that matches it just right.

Here are the 10 types of lingerie that every woman should know about when it comes to party dressing.


Top left to bottom right: La Senza Superstar thong panty, $13.85; Agent Provocateur Poppie thong, USD 45 (S$61.66); Victoria’s Secret double-strap v-string panty, $29.70

Appropriate for: Bodycon dresses and skirts, tight-fitting pants and shorts

Let’s start with the obvious. This is the only way to eliminate the odds of getting a VPL (visible panty line) besides going commando – which is entirely at your own discretion. Get one that fits you immaculately, as too-tight thongs can also result in VPLs.

Seamless panties

Top left to bottom right: Victoria’s Secret No Show geo mesh cheeky panty, $18.90; La Perla second skin espresso coloured thong, $80.90; Marks and Spencers No VPL Brazilian knickers, $19.90; Triumph beauty-full darling hipster, £13.00 (S$22.68)

Appropriate for: Bodycon dresses and skirts, tight-fitting pants and shorts

If g-strings aren’t your thing because it feels like you have a permanent wedgie, try seamless panties that are exactly like underwear, but without the hard seams. They will “melt” into your skin so they won’t show up (hopefully) when you’re in tight-fitting clothes.


La Senza lace waist cincher, US$24.95 (S$34.20); Triumph magic wire lite sensation, $79.90

Appropriate for: Anything tight-fitting and A-line silhouettes

What’s a woman got to do when there’s feasting and party dressing involved? Use shapewear, of course. It’s the shortcut to preventing that post-meal bump as shapewear lingerie works like a corset by nipping in the midsection or constricting the upper thighs.

Seamless bras

La Senza lightly lined balconette bra, $49.95; La Perla Liaison off-white embroidered tulle triangle bra, $606.80 

Appropriate for: Tight-fitting tops and dresses

Sure we’ve got everything we need to tackle the VPL, but there’s also a less notorious sister we need to note: The VBL (visible bra line). It’s an unsightly strapline or underwire that shows up when you don’t get the right lingerie. Get a seamless or lacey bra and voila, problem solved (plus, you have more cute lingerie).


Push-up bras 

Agent Provocateur Anna padded underwire bra, USD 215 (S$294.61); La Perla Desert Rose Black Leavers lace push-up bra, $987

Appropriate for: Low-cut necklines

Some of us need more support to fill out a low-cut neckline. There’s no harm giving your bosom buddies an extra boost with push-ups. So if you’ve got a dress that will look extra good on you with an enhanced cleavage, these bad boys are your best bet.

Low-cut bras

La Senza U plunge bra, $69.53; Fashion Forms seamless U-Plunge bra, USD 34.06 (S$46.68) from Net-a-Porter

Appropriate for: Low-cut necklines

If you’ve got a dress with a plunging deep V-neckline on your hands, it’s best to invest in heavy-duty protection. U-plunge bras will offer you full coverage and protection while also remaining hidden underneath your low-cut dresses.

Convertible strap

La Perla Shape-allure American multiway bra, $320.40; Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels multiway bra, $63

Appropriate for: Halter dresses, toga dresses and low-back dresses

Sometimes we like wearing things with unconventional necklines, but our bras shouldn’t compromise on that front (or back) as some of us really just want that back support for comfort. Try these multiway bras with convertible straps for maximum support and zero visible straps.

Slip dresses

Agent Provocateur slip navy, USD 1,525 (S$2,090.04); Savage X Fenty slip and robe set, $63.10

Appropriate for: See-through dresses

If you plan on wearing a sheer lace or tulle number, the everyday essential that is the slip dress is perfect for wearing underneath those tricky (but trending) ‘naked’ dresses. Choose one in satin so that you’re extra comfortable through the night, and to prevent the dress on top from bunching up in places.

Low back teddy

Savage x Fenty Geo mesh teddy, $103.60; Victoria’s Secret eyelash lace teddy, $111.60

Appropriate for: Low necklines, low arm holes, high leg slits, halter dresses and low-back dresses

Featuring ultra low necklines, and an equally low back, a sexy halter teddy is perfect for revealing dresses that have plunging necklines or really low-cut sides. For dresses that have a high leg slit that rides up the hips, these teddies also have high-cut legs so that it won’t show.

Strapless bodysuit

La Senza lace bandeau bodysuit, $55.62; h:ours x Yovanna Ventura bustier bodysuit, $106.28 from revolve

Though strapless bras are undeniably great for strapless dresses, they tend to slide down throughout the night especially if you have a larger sized bust. Strapless bodysuits prevents this while also providing great support.

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