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One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go luxury shopping in Hawaii! For people that do not know, a lot of luxury brands have a special price set aside for Hawaii. I’ve asked a sales person before why that is, but unfortunately they couldn’t give me a direct answer. Either way, people from all over the world come to shop in Hawaii, especially on the famous Waikiki strip just for this reason alone.

Before we get into the good stuff, I just want to state that Hawaii’s tax is significantly lower than most cities in the Mainland US. The tax is Los Angeles is currently 9.5% while the tax in Honolulu is 4.5% (4% everywhere else in Hawaii). So, anything you buy in Hawaii would technically be cheaper just from the savings you get from their tax. With that being said, if you do purchase something in Hawaii and decide to exchange back in the US, you WILL get taxed your local rate. You will not get the Hawaii tax pricing in home city even though you originally bought it in Hawaii.


20%-25% Off Handbags
20% Off Wallets

Pink Velvet Marmont Bag (Small)
Hawaii: $1,345.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,790.00 + Local Tax

Red Velvet Marmont Bag (Mini)
Hawaii: $1,195.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,590.00 + Local Tax


GG Marmont Small Matelassé Shoulder Bag
Hawaii: $940.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,250.00 + Local Tax

GG Marmont Mini Matelassé Shoulder Bag
Hawaii: $735.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $980.00 + Local Tax


Discounts on Fine Jewelry (no bags or wallets)

Boyfriend Watch w/ Alligator Wristband
Hawaii: $6,500 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $7,700 + Local Tax



15%-20% Off Leather Handbags and Goods

Cahier Leather Bag Mini w/ Crystal Embellishment (Black and White One in Front)
Hawaii: $2,475.00 (Total)
Mainland: $2,850.00 + Local Tax

Cahier Leather Bag Small (Gold/Black in the back)
Hawaii: $2,370.00 (Total)
Mainland: $2950.00 + Local Tax


10% Off Leather Bags and Goods

Keepall Bandouliere 45 (Monogram Eclipse Canvas)
Hawaii: $1,630.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,800.00 + Local Tax

Keepall Bandouliere 55 (Monogram Eclipse Canvas)
Hawaii: $1,670.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,840.00 + Local Tax


The pictures below depict how the two sizes compare on a petite body. The 45 definitely feels more proportionate to my body, but I honestly don’t think it could fit that much. The 55 just looks HUGE on me, but seems the most spacious when traveling. It’s also hard deciding since the price difference between these two bags is only $40! This alone would make me want to get the 55, but the salesperson did mention that some airlines might or might not let the 55 on as a carry on. At that point, I don’t know if it’s worth the risk of having to check the bag in.



20% Handbags, Wallets, and Shoes

Small Rockstud Cross-Body Bag (Left)
Hawaii: $1,076.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,345.00 + Local Tax

Rockstud Spike Chain Bag (Below)
Hawaii: $1,316.00 + Hawaii Tax
Mainland: $1,645.00 + Local Tax



10%-15% Off Bags, Wallets, and Small Leather Goods

Small Diorama Metallic
Hawaii: $3,350.00 + NO Tax
Mainland: $3,600.00 + Local Tax


So this particular Dior store is very interesting! Most luxury brand names have their own brick-and-mortar store on the Waikiki Strip, but this Dior is located in a mall. Specifically, the T Galleria Shopping Mall (still on the Waikiki Strip) which is a duty free shopping center. Yes, that means no tax! The best part about it is that you do NOT need to have a foreign passport to buy from here. Apparently, the 1st and 2nd floor are all duty free, but if you buy from any of the stores on the 3rd floor, you have to depart to another country before you can come back to the US to get the tax free perk.


20% Off Everything


No Hawaii Pricing. You only get the Hawaii tax benefit.


10% Off Everything


15% Off Ladies Wallets and Bags (No shoes)


Various discounts on various bags. It depends so you have to ask each specific item.


No Hawaii Pricing. You only get the Hawaii tax benefit.

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