is louis vuitton expensive than gucci

Both brands offer a huge number of bags in a wide variety of colours, designs, styles and sizes so putting Louis Vuitton vs Gucci bags and trying to find a winner is an impossible task. I think if you are after a timeless classic bag with a beautiful and simple feminine style then you and most likely to enjoy Louis Vuitton because their logos are often subtle and less obvious than Gucci’s.

If you are looking for a modern edgy and trendy design that pushes the boundaries in the fashion world then you are going to find more bags that match your style in Gucci’s collections.

LV bags are usually priced a little higher than Gucci’s and are often best for a more formal occasion whereas Guccis’s bags offer a younger street style and an overall slightly lower price range.

I hope you find a bag that you love from my suggestions above. Comment below and let me know which brands bags are your favourite! I’d love to know.

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