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In this post, we will review the jujube backpack diaper bag, jujube backpack, jujube mini be backpack, jujube mini backpack, and the jujube backpack straps. The Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag line is a breath of fresh air for parents who don’t want to skimp on style. Chances are if you’ve seen one out on the town the word “diaper bag” didn’t even cross your mind; these are not your grandma’s nappy sacks.

Okay, so obviously these bags are pretty but do they get the job done? The resounding answer: YES. Ju-Ju-Be’s bags are designed to be equal parts fashionable and functional.

Jujube Backpack


What To Love About The Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

Regardless of the size, style, and shape of a particular bag, all Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags share incredibly practical features that parents love. What are these features, you ask?

Firstly, the bags are built to combat the messes that will naturally befall them during normal daily use. All bags are equipped with stain-repellant Teflon™ fabric protector. Further, the bags’ liners have undergone Agion® antimicrobial treatment that thwarts the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. You may not have previously thought about countering nasty bacterial growth, but now that I’ve brought it up it makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t it?

Even with these filth-fighting measures it is of course a necessity to wash your bag periodically. Luckily with a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag, you can just pop the dirty guy right into your washing machine. After washing the bags need to air dry, so plan your washing schedule accordingly to account for dry time.

The Ju-Ju-Be designers put thought into increasing longevity and ease-of-use as well. Each bag has intentionally placed pockets, and plastic hardware is non-existent. Metal-only zippers, clasps, and pulls for these babies, making it more likely that a bag can survive for use through multiple children. And these bags are made to make it through multiple kids; Ju-Ju-Be even offers a lifetime guarantee on bags that are purchased through an authorized retailer.

How To Pick The Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag For You

While the common features mentioned above span all bags, there is quite a variety within the Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag family. The main factors to consider when deciding on the right bag for you are size, price, and features. Once you’ve got the right bag settled on you can focus on which trendy Ju-Ju-Be print to choose to seal your style.

There are dozens of different Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag types to choose from, so for simplicity we’ve decided to narrow in on five models that are representative of the price, size, and feature range as a whole. The features we’ve pulled out for comparison purposes include whether each model has a structured bottom, an adjustable shoulder strap, a crumb drain, an included changing pad, and insulated bottle pockets.

Browse the table below to get a quick overview of the most loved Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags.

BagItty BittyBe SassyBe ClassyBFFBe Prepared
Size5″L x 4″H x1.75″D, .33 lbs12”L x 9.5”H x 5”D, 2.5 lbs17.5”L x 11”H x 6.5”D, 1 lb14″W x 12″H x 6.5″D, 2.8lbs18.5″W x 14″H x 6.5″D, 3.5lbs
Structured BottomNoYesYesYesYes
Adjustable Shoulder StrapYesNoYesYesYes
Changing Pad IncludedYesNoYesYesYes
Crumb DrainNoYesYesYesYes
Insulated Bottle PocketNoNoYesYesYes

More Ju-Ju-Be Brand Bags

For this article we’ve focused on the mom-oriented Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag line, but that’s just one small part of Ju-Ju-Be’s product line. In fact, Ju-Ju-Be also creates some badass dad bagscool momma totes, and handy breast pump bags.

Stay tuned for the Nightlight’s overview of these additional Ju-Ju-Be options!



Which JuJuBe is Right For Me??

I’ve been getting a whole lot of messages lately regarding JuJuBe because clearly, I am a huge fan. And the majority of the time, the question I get is, “Which JuJuBe bag should I get?”Now that’s totally a loaded question because even I change out which bag I carry on the daily. There are so many questions to be answered to determine which bag is right for you when doing a diaper bag comparison:

Now that’s totally a loaded question because even I change out which bag I carry on the daily. There are so many questions to be answered to determine which bag is right for you:

Are you an overpacker or do you like to pack light?

What will you be using this bag for?

Will the bag be replacing your purse?

How many babies/kids do you have?

And most importantly, which bag do you just have to have?

Okay I get it, they’re all just so perfect. They’re the best diaper bag for moms and dads so the decision isn’t very simple — so many questions and so many options.

I’m going to do my best to help you out and decide on just one….for now. Once you hold it in your hands and marvel at its amazingness, you’re going to fall in love and will totally need another. It’s safe to say that I’m officially addicted — machine washable, durable (with a warranty), waterproof, so many pockets for organizing essentials (and all of the right pockets) AND did I mention they have the cutest prints? Yep, everything you need in the perfectly stylish diaper bag.

So in case you need a little help deciding which JuJuBe diaper bag is right for you, here is a little guide on what I use each of my bags for.

(Oh and just so you have a size reference for each of the bags, Ava is a super tall just-turned-one year old.)

The JuJuBe B.F.F. was my first ever diaper bag and to this day, I still use it as my everyday diaper bag + purse. It’s a great, easy size but not so big that it’s a hassle carrying around every day. And what drew me the most to it was the backpack straps. You can wear it without the backpack straps as more of a backpack crossbody bag but I’ve never actually used it that way. It’s just the most convenient thing to wear it as a diaper bag backpack when I’m carrying a baby on the front or not my hip. So if you want my vote, the B.F.F. is the way to go as your everyday diaper bag.

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

The Be Prepared

I use my JuJuBe Be Prepared for short weekend trips, beach trips, or when I am on headed to a playdate and need to bring toys and a change of clothes…and of course my camera! It’s roomy, easy to carry and water resistant, which I love about it.

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

The Be Set

My JuJuBe Be Set has lots of different uses — a quick and easy on the go purse for when I am on photoshoots with Ava (it holds all of the little distraction toys, lens caps, some snacks to keep her happy, my keys, and my phone), a purse for Ava (yes, she steals them all of the time), and most importantly, it is the perfect organizer for your diaper bags! I re-pack them all of the time depending on which diaper bag I am currently using and what I need to bring with me. I LOVE organization of all my essentials so these Be Sets are key.

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

The Be Classy

I use my JuJuBe Be Classy the least out of all of my bags but looks wise, I love it as the most stylish option! Isn’t it such a beauty? It’s perfect for date nights, for on the go moms and dads with older kids who don’t have too much to pack and for out and about shopping trips. So don’t rule it out!

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

The Be Right Back

The JuJuBe Be Right Back is my ultimate obsession. When I first laid my hands on my Be Right Back from the Versailles collection it was love at first sight. Of course you already know that I am a big fan of the backpack shoulder straps (I promise, you need backpack straps on your diaper bag) so this is either an everyday bag for me when I have some extra stuff to carry with me, when I want to bring a couple of toys with me or when I bring my camera and multiple lenses along with me. It’s a little bigger than the B.F.F. and the perfect replacement for a regular backpack since it has all the features you need for everyday use.

Oh yeah, and we use it for Disneyland and occasional beach trips. And if I had two kids, this would probably be my everyday bag for the extra space. So basically, you need a Be Right Back in your life. (P.S. My husband is getting one too and it’s the only bag of mine that he will actually carry)!

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

The Mini Be

I’ll be honest – I wasn’t in love with the JuJuBe Mini Be until I saw it in person. I loved the stylish prints and wanted to try it out to see what all of the hype was about and I really love it now. Like a lot. I have more Mini Be’s than any other bag!

I use the Mini Be as our “locker bag” for Disneyland, a small bag to pack Ava’s stuff in when I don’t need anything of my own, and I cannot wait for Ava to use these as her school backpacks when the time comes because they’re just too adorable for words. So if you are wanting a small bag for the essentials and want the shoulder straps, then the Mini Be is the way to go!

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??
Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

The Super Be

And finally, the last JuJuBe diaper bag that I own is the JuJuBe Super Be and my sole use for this one is the beach! Can you tell that we love the beach? It’s so perfect for holding everything we need like a water bottle, diaper changing supplies, and more, and on top of that, is stylish with easy to clean material.

Which Ju-Ju-Be is Right For Me??

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Guide to Ju-Ju-Be Bags

High Fashion Diaper BagsAdd to My GuideAuthor is Platinum Contributor in Diaper Bags

Okay. Confession. I own a lot of Ju-Ju-Be. 

Another Confession. I don’t have them ALL. But of the ones I own, I can at least tell you why I chose each bag and when I use them.

Here are the top 4 reasons why I personally love Ju-Ju-Be:

1. Machine Washable.

Bags can just get nasty. Any bag, really. But diaper bags? FOR SURE. You’re sticking half eaten bars with wrappers hanging on by a thread, sippy cups that leak diaper cream the explodes, dirty diapers that you don’t want to throw in your friends’ trash who doesn’t have kids…then you reach in your bag the next day to realize you never actually threw it out yourself! You get it. It’s a liberating feeling to know it’s an easy fix. 

2. A bag for everyone!

Some people love the bolder, brighter Ju-Ju-Be prints, but I love, love staying in the monochromes or neutrals. What can I say? I’m an urban mama, who lives in grey Seattle haha! Not only are there color/design options for everyone, Ju-Ju-Be has a style of bag for everyone! Mommies, daddies, kiddos. Pumping mamas. Traveling families. Babywearers. Parents of twins or multiple children…like me!

3. Impeccable organizational options. 

Whenever I try out a new bag of theirs, I am constantly in awe because they thought of every function I could need in a bag. Lined pocked for my cell phone…that is hidden! Lined sunglasses pocket, convertible straps, luggage feet, matching accessories…all the things!

4. Lifetime Warranty

Need I say more?

So here are the Ju-Ju-Be bags I’ve reviews on Parental Guidance. It’s a mix of bags I’ve personally purchased and bags I received from Ju-Ju-Be in exchange for a review. I still have the XY collection and JJB accessories so stay tuned for those guides!


We have 2 of the Mini Be’s so each of my twins can have one…but really I picked out the prints myself so that I could share it with them! It’s such a simple back pack, but has all those desired Ju-Ju-Be qualities. I happen to love flattening the backpack and sticking it in my carry-on so that I’ll have a backpack to go out and about with while I travel. I can fit my 13″ MacBook Pro perfectly, and my twins can actually fit 8.5″x11″ paper or books! It’s hard to find an in-between of tiny toddler backpacks and big kid backpacks. This is a perfect medium!


This bag was created with a separate compartment to store pumps for the pumping mom, but newsflash: I hated pumping! What I love? Organizing!! I collaborated with Ju-Ju-Be on reviewing this bag because I’m always looking for bag options for travel. It serves us so well when traveling…particularly on any air travel. Diaper bags are free to bring on the plane when you travel with your baby. I like to be ready when TSA asks you to take out your liquids or need to grab diapers, wipes, snacks, etc during the flight quickly without having to reach in the main compartment. We took it to Denver this year and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful it was to make the travel process more streamlined!


I bought this diaper bag when I was cloth diapering my third along with needing to carry things for my twin toddlers. With tons of research plus advice from other cloth diaper mamas I chose this bag and it was SO worth it. It was also when this print, Chrome, came out and it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted a backpack so I could babywear. When my youngest was a newborn, the upper elastic holder inside held her newborn diapers, then it evolved to just being a place for wipes for easy access. Hmm…maybe I need to write a guide on how I packed my diaper bag with cloth diapers? The large zipped mesh pocket on the inside helped me keep the twins’ change of clothes separate since they were potty training.


This is a well-known diaper bag option for twin parents! Had I known about this bag when I had my twins in 2013, I totally would’ve bought it! I didn’t buy this until my youngest was born though! With so many kids, it really is a large bag that can hold all the things. My favorite use for it was packing for my 3 kids for a weekend getaway. I’ve also flown with it as a diaper bag on a 2-week trip to New York City and was also phenomenal. There are soo many compartments! 


I love to wear dresses and heels. I just do! And YES, you mamas out there have total permission to also! So when I do, I love using my Be Classy because it goes well with my outfits when I wear dresses. I know that might sound silly, haha! But think about those weddings you attend! It also is a great bag to use when I need a bag to double as a diaper bag and professional bag. While there isn’t a laptop insert, I can still fit my 13″ MacBook Pro in a sleeve and still have room. 

Check out my reviews below for more information on each of these!

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