Kick scooter commuting

You might have thought about using a kick scooter for your commute but are not really sure whether it will be the right option for you. So what are the best Kick scooter commuting and kick scooters for adults commuting option for you?

Well, are kick scooters good for commuting? Kick scooters can be good for commuting if you have a route that is mostly flat in an urban environment with lots of smooth surfaces and, ideally, with wide sidewalks or pavements. Kick scooters suit commuters who will only be traveling up to 2 miles each way on the scooter. That said, kick scooters combine very well with other forms of transit as part of a commute, as will be explained below.

Kick scooter commuting

Reasons Why Kick Scooters Might Suit Your Commute

Small Size

The small size of kick scooters makes them appealing for commuting on for two reasons.

The first reason is that, if you get a folding kick scooter, you can almost always find somewhere to store this at your workplace without causing any problems.

By this I mean inside your office or work environment, meaning that you won’t have to really worry about it getting stolen.

Their size is also a bonus for commuters as that means they suit people with small living spaces like apartments or flats. Kick scooters can also be taken on nearly all forms of public transit/transport meaning that you can make your commute a little bit faster and more active by using a kick scooter along with public transit or a car, for instance.

A standard size for an adult kick scooter on Amazon would be approximately:

  • 35 inches (90cm) long
  • 40 inches (1m) in height and
  • 14 inches (35cm) wide when ready for use.
  • NB: When folded, the height of a kick scooter drops dramatically, to around 6 inches (15cm), making them easily ‘stowable’ in most situations.


Kick scooters offer a quicker alternative to walking on a commute, with them being estimated to be about 4 times faster than walking while on the flat, although this will slow down considerably on hills.

This time saving makes kick scooters a great option for those of you walking 1-2 miles each way on your regular commute, provided that it is mostly flat and on roads/sidewalks.

Good folding kick scooters also have a simple mechanism, making it quick and easy to fold or unfold them when needed. Look for this in the product description when buying a kick scooter as a quick folding mechanism makes kick scooters a lot more appealing for a commuter!


As outlined previously, the foldable kick scooters can go almost anywhere given that their folded form is a heck of a lot small than a bike.

Kick scooters fit easily into the trunk (or boot) of even small cars if you need to split your commute between driving and scooting.

commuter scooter

Won’t Get Stolen

Kick scooters can be kept under a desk in an office, or propped up discreetly against a wall or other items.

Storing them inside means that you don’t need to worry about your kick scooter getting stolen as you would with a bike that is locked up outside all day.

You can buy a lock for to use with a kick scooter but scooters do not generally come with places to easily attach locks to. For this reason, I would recommend that you use a kick scooter only if you have a suitable place for it at your office.

I say this since the only kinds of locks you can buy for most kick scooters are going to be padlocks, which probably won’t be enough to protect your scooter if left on the street in most urban environments.

Good for Exercise

Kick scooters can also help you to do some higher intensity exercise or physical activity as part of your commute.

If going faster than average or uphill, you will likely be doing some ‘moderate-vigorous physical activity’ (MVPA), which is a more intense form of physical activity that helps you to maintain good physical health and fitness. This more intense exercise is not something you will usually get from walking, for instance, so kick scooter commuting can be a great value add to your daily commute in that respect.

Make sure that you try to push with each leg equally to avoid building up the strength and technique in one leg only. I like to go for 5 pushes on one leg, then 5 on the other to make this easier as I find it a little tricky to constantly shift my balance between them.

Reasons Why Kick Scooters Might Not Suit Your Commute


Kick scooters work best on roads and sidewalks with smooth surfaces. With that in mind, if your journey to work involves lots of uneven surfaces in the roads and on the sidewalks, then kick scooters can be quite a jarring ride, even if they have suspension.

Something like a folding bike would likely be a better option in that case.

Similarly, if your commute on a kick scooter would involve lots of transitions from roads to curbs and back again, kick scooters might not be the best option. Although many can handle these, it depends on the height and whether the curbs are low enough meaning you don’t need to get off your scooter.

Busy Roads

Before riding a kick scooter on a road, first check whether it is legal to do so in your area. The rules and regulations on this vary greatly by jurisdiction and country, so do your research before buying a kick scooter.

If you are able to use your kick scooter on a road, remember that you will need to ride it on the side of the road and that you will be going a lot slower than cars and a fair bit slower than most bicycles.

Consider whether this is something you would like, or if you can avoid it by riding on the sidewalk/pavement.


Kick scooters can be really hard work on even gentle hills, which might be something you like if you are looking to boost your fitness.

However, if commuting uphill on a kick scooter, you should expect to get a little sweaty, even in the colder months of the year.

This is because kick scooters have small wheels and this means that each push with your leg is going to be a lot more intense on a hill, so be prepared for this.

On the flip side, if going downhill, kick scooters are quite hard to stop properly as they usually have a foot brake on the back. This works by stepping on a brake pad which then touches the wheel, but this has a much larger stopping distance than a bike at the same speed.


Kick scooters are best for commuters with a journey of 1-2 miles each way.

I say this because traveling less than a mile could mean that having a kick scooter does not save that much time overall and feels like more of an inconvenience than anything given the extra time and effort to use it.

If you have a commute that is over 2 miles, a kick scooter might feel extremely tiring, especially with uneven surfaces, wind and hills. A folding bike for commuting would likely be a better option in which case as it will cover the same distance much more quickly and will be small enough not to be a problem for most commuters.

Wet weather

Many kick scooters come with wheels that are similar to inline skates (or ‘rollerblades’) and are made of polyurethane.

The problem here is that they offer very little traction on wet roads or surfaces, a major problem if turning.

As such, kick scooters are best for dry weather commuting as you will likely slide out when turning at a moderate speed on a kick scooter (I know, I’ve been there and done it, but fortunately it was not on a road!).


Although light enough to carry short distances, some commuters might find kick scooters quite heavy if they have longer parts of their journey where they will need to carry their scooter.

For example, if you will be using a metro/underground service as part of your commute, you might find a kick scooter a little heavy to carry up and down lots of stairs or steps.

A standard weight for a kick scooter is around 13 pounds (6kg), so it’s OK for most but this would be on top of the other things you will be carrying for a day at work.


Now, this one really depends on you and your surrounding environment, but some commuters might feel embarrassed by riding a kick scooter.

I know this sounds silly for adult commuters but, if like me, it’s not common to see people commuting on a scooter, then you might feel like almost everyone is staring at you (as they might well be!)

You will obviously know if this will bother you or not but I do not like the extra attention and it is just enough to put me off using my kick scooter more regularly.

Hopefully you are bolder than me and this won’t phase you in the same way!

Awareness of Other Road Users

Other road users around you, and even pedestrians, might not be used to adults using kick scooters on either roads or sidewalks. 

If this is the case, remember that you will need to be that bit more cautious on your commute.

I say this because bikes and pedestrians are pretty normal in most environments, but scooters can catch drivers and other pedestrians off-guard.

How far can you travel on a kick scooter?

How far you can travel on a kick scooter depends on what kind of shape you’re in, and what the terrain is like.

Even though kick scooter commuting is great for all ages and people of all shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to go long distances if you’re just starting out.

The best way to get into scooter commuting is to start out small, and see what your capabilities are no matter what shape you’re in.

At first, your leg muscles might be sore the next day, due to not being use to the type of kicking activity you’ll be doing.

But as you get more use to the type of kicking movement that you’ll be doing, over time you’ll be able to go farther and faster. Yes, there’s people who use kick scooters exclusively to commute round trips up to 12 miles or more. And some of these people are seniors.

An average person that’s just starting out can commute about  1.2 miles ( 2km) without getting fatigued. A person who’s past the beginner stage can commute roughly between 2.8 miles (4 km) to 3.1 miles (5km).

Don’t be folded into thinking that kick scooters are only good for commuting a few miles or less.

Kick scooter versus walking

Compared to walking, kick scooter commuting is much faster. The average person, who’s in reasonable shape, can walk about 3 miles per hour.

In the city most commutes are 5 miles or less. Now, you could bring a bike, but if your commuting 2 miles or less, by time you drag the bike out. Lock it up when you get to your destination. And then worry if it’s going to get stolen while you’re in the store or elsewhere. The kick scooter comes out as the much better option.

Besides, a kick scooter might not be quite as fast as a bicycle, a higher-end kick scooter can reach speeds between 9-12 miles per hour depending upon how good your technique is. How flat the terrain is. And what kind of shape you’re in.

Kick scooter versus a bike

As previously stated, a bicycle is faster than a kick scooter for commuting. The average speed of a bicycle is around 12-15 mph because of it’s better efficiency. A bicycle can sustain this greater speed over farther distances, even up hills and against wind. On flat ground, a bicycle can even sustain greater speeds of up to 20-25 mph.

NOTE: Your average kick scooter can maintain speeds of up to 9-12 miles per hour depending on how effectively you can push it.

This makes a bicycle much better if you have a commute that’s very long.

The kick scooter on the other hand, is much easier to combine with public transportation, allowing you to travel greater distances than with a bike. Kick scooters are also lighter to carry, and can fit on trains or buses that are jam packed.

In most places such as New York City and Calgary, bikes are only allowed on trains during non peak hours. With a kick scooter, non of these rules apply.

A kick scooter is also less expensive to purchase and maintain than a bike.

Which kick scooter is the best?

Does your commute involved being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic? Are you tired of being smushed together with smelly passengers on trains or buses?

A Xootr can allow you to avoid the stress of daily commuting.
A Xootr can allow you to avoid the stress of daily commuting.

If so, a kick scooter will help ease the stress of your commute to work and home.

This is especially true if you are near any type of mass transit (bus, subway, train).

You can easily hop onto public transportation with a Xootr.
You can easily hop onto public transportation with a Xootr.

Kick scooters require very little maintenance, which can be performed by anyone that’s willing to give it a try.

You will also save thousands of dollars of wear and tear on your vehicle, and as an added benefit, will look forward to the fresh air and exercise you will get during your daily commute.

Best Kick Scooter for Commuting

1. Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

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Key Features

  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck
  • A rear fender brake and adjustable handlebars
  • Easy to fold and carry with its patented folding system

The Razor A5 scooter remains the best scooter in the world, which has become popular in a deluxe size. The Razor product does feature an extra-large urethane wheel, which is the smoothest ride you can have around. The AS LUX scooter is effortless to fold and ready to go; it does have an extra durable aluminum t-tube and deck. This feature is to support riders up to 220 pounds comfortably.

This scooter will make you keep having fun around just as your child does. You’ll be having just as much fun as your child! Interestingly, this scooter isn’t only made for adults, as young ones can still use it excellently well. This is a scooter that youths can also easily apply to get around the town they are. This scooter is always an excellent choice for all lovers of scooters.

This scooter is one you can easily afford, which still serves the best purpose; it is just one of the cheapest and affordable scooting products on the market and online right now. This product also has a super quality frame and a durable wheel.

2. Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter

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Key Features

  • Sleek design meets impeccable performance
  • A rear fender brake and adjustable handlebars
  • Easy to fold and carry with its patented folding system

Swagtron has delivered an incredible type of scooter for individuals, having considered their all ages. The Swagtron K8 Titan Commuter Kick Scooter is the right decision for individuals who need to get around town uniquely and distinctly. You can take your scooter to the walkways, moving with the breeze on account of the 200m tires that assist you with covering more grounds.

The general weight limit of this bike is 250 pounds, which is pretty impressive. You can easily fold and keep it in your home, office, store, etc. The tallness of the handlebars can be raised with a couple of snaps too. This component makes it work for virtually all age range.

The deck of the bike has non-slip grasp tape to assist you in withholding your position while you’re cruising around town. Also, it is overly broad for large feet and little feet the same. Directly behind the deck sits the back brake over the wheel for brisk easing back or halting right when you need it. Since the tires are worked to last, they won’t wear out from the extreme weight on the brake.

3. Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter

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Key Features

  • Easily engaged Hand Brake and Large rear brake
  • Hi-speed oversized wheels
  • Innovative folding system

Here comes another kick scooter for heavy adults. Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter has two brakes, which are the customary back brake and the hand brake on the handlebar. This makes controlling the bike effortless in any event when it is in fast. The whole bike is produced using lightweight aluminum. This product is one of the lightest weighted scooters on this rundown.

Other than the weight, its wheels make it an absolute necessity have as well. It contains two larger than usual wheels with a 200 mm breadth. The PU adds to the general, lightweight impact without settling on quality. Even though it isn’t overwhelming, don’t get the feeling that you can’t ride it on unpleasant surfaces. Be it ground or lopsided asphalt; you will have a decent and great movement with this fantastic scooter for grownups.

This product is perhaps the least expensive choice on this rundown so that anybody can afford it quite easily. It is, without question, a great incentive for cash since you get quality form outline with durable wheels. The handlebar goes as tall as 36 inches, so it is appropriate for grownups that are over 6 feet.

4. Hikole Alloy Scooter

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Key Features

  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Patented Rear Fender Brake
  • Easy Folding

Here comes yet another scooter, which is, of course, the best kick scooters for heavy adults. Grownups and adolescents the same will discover comfort and a few uses with the Hikole Alloy Scooter. While it’s ideal for driving and getting to different places, you’ll also have the option to utilize it for stunts around town.

This product does come in different colors such as White, Black, or another variant of White. The general tallness can be balanced from 35.1 creeps to 39 inches, making it perfect for individuals to move around with it with no issue.

5. Xootr Mg Scooter for Adults

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Key Features:

  • Easily engaged Hand Brake and Large rear brake
  • Innovative folding system
  • Hi-speed oversized wheels

Xootr is one of the best foot scooters for adults; they are known for their lightweight and transportability. This product has its deck produced using Magnesium (Mg), which makes it the most lightweight huge wheel grownup bike anyplace out there.

This product weighs just 9.9 pounds, so if your point is to locate the lightest scooter, this is the appropriate response. Also, regardless of how rapidly you are kicking it, it will stop in a steady way at whatever point you hit the brakes.

The deck other than being sturdy and light is full enough for you to keep the two feet on it. The tallness is low, too, which permits more excellent dependability and simplicity of kicking it. These features are tied in with making the ride smooth and straightforward, so the rider experiences passionate feelings for it, and once you hurry around on it, you genuinely love it.

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