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If you are here looking for the best Korean Smartphone Online Shop, then it is your lucky day. South Korea has the seventh largest e-commerce market in the world and the third largest in in Asia.  (China $563 billion, U.S. $350 billion, U.K. $94 billion, Japan $79 billion, Germany $73 billion, France $42 billion, and South Korea $37 Billion).  This is thanks in large part to the great high speed internet connection available in Korea which has some of the fastest internets speeds in the world.   E-commerce in Korea account for 10% of all retail sales and the number is growing every month as more and more customers become more trusting of internet transactions and delivery reliability.

The largest ecommerce category in South Korea is travel-related products and services, then comes clothing and fashion, and then household products. This data comes from KOSTAT, a South Korean statistics and analysis service.

Another reason for the growth of e-commerce in Korea is due to the fact that 60% of customers in South Korea use their smartphones to use the internet.  This has lead to the increase for mobile commerce sales.  Now all major e-commerce companies in South Korea have apps and websites.

korean smartphone online shop

5)  WeMakePrice 


WeMakePrice is a Korean E-Commerce site specializing in daily deals.  The site has faltered a bit over the years in their goal of being the #1 e-commerce site in Korea.  Currently they are the third-largest e-commerce site in Korea.  They got sued by Coupang for what they called negative advertising tactics.  Still WeMakePrice continues to get investments in hopes of expanding abroad.  They are valued at around $2 Billion.  WeMakePrice has a wide selection of products from clothes to beauty products to bottled water.

4)  Auction.co.kr


Auction Co. is an online E-Commerce auction company that was acquired by eBay in 2001. Auction.co.kr is more known as a price comparison site which makes it more than just an e-commerce destination for customers.  They don’t have the sales or customers to compete with the top E-Commerce players in Korea, however they are known for offering the best deals buy bringing together more than 3,000 e-commerce sites to compare prices.  The cheapest are listed at the top and Auction gets a commission for every referral.  This does not just meant the big e-commerce sites but also small online shops.  Auction is driven by their heavy user generated content from product reviews to expert comments.

3) 11st


11st was launched by SK planet to tap in to the growing e-commerce market in Korea.  It started out in South Korea but has grown so much that it has expanded outside of Korea and into Asian countries like Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  It is now the #1 E-Commerce site in Malaysia called 11st Malaysia.  Users can choose their preferred currency while shopping on the site.  They offer clothing, jewelry, groceries, electronics, just to name a few.  They offer a points/mileage system where customers can use for discounts on their products.  They offer international shipping as well as Paypal.

2)  Coupang


Coupang is considered one of the fastest up growing e-commerce companies not only in Korea but in the world.  They weren’t always an e-commerce company, in the early years the company started out by just offering daily deals on services and products but started to make partnerships to sell items on the site.  Coupang reportedly generates roughly 70 percent of its sales through smartphones. Now this e-commerce site sells curated content that range from baby products to event tickets. The company is valued at over $5 billion and CEO Kim Bom has gone on record saying the company will spend over $1 billion in the next two years to boost their already impressive delivery service “RocketDelivery”, which is known for its same day delivery. It already has 14 warehouses and plans to grow to 21 by 2017, to make shipping even faster.  Coupang is estimated to be valued at $5 billion.  The site currently is only available in Korean but has a very easy to use app.

1) G-Market


Gmarket is a Korean online auction and shopping mall website, where people from all around the world, not just in Korea, buy and sell goods and services.  It was founded in 1999 by Young Bae Ku and was later sold to eBay ten years later for $1.2 billion.  The site is available in English, Korean, and Chinese and is known for being very easy to navigate and is known as a site where you can buy anything from protein powders to wedding dresses.  You can find all kinds of items from rare to valuable.  Buyers can bid as much as they want fro their favorite collectibles.  Think of G-Market as a global yard sale/auction site.  With that comes risk as there are many counterfeits and questionable listings which buyers must watch out for.  Sellers usually don’t have to pay a delivery free for orders that happen within Korea. Gmarket also offers loyalty and discounting programs, called Gstamp and Smile Points, as well as monthly coupons for additional discounts.  One unique discounting program is the daily drawings so customers can win more Gstamps and Smile Points.  Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods from bank transfers to credit cards/prepaid cards.

Online New Mobile Shopping Sites


Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

  • Dependable delivery and customer service.
  • Prime members qualify for free shipping and other perks.
  • Frequent deals.

What We Don’t Like

  • The mobile website is especially tedious to navigate.
  • No bidding system for online sellers.

With millions of offerings to choose from, Amazon has evolved from a small bookstore to a mammoth internet presence. The company not only brings you millions of items from its own warehouses but also from sellers all over the world who can upload their own wares for sale.

That makes it possible for you to compare prices at a glance from a host of stores and individual sellers. Amazon also has made it even easier to shop for things you purchase often using the Dash button.

Amazon is the giant of online shopping; more people shop here than at any other online shopping site. Don’t just go straight to Amazon to shop, though; use a rewards site to be sure you’re taking advantage of cash-back offers from Amazon. You can even get some free stuff on Amazon.

The Amazon website is accessible from a computer through the link below, but also via the Amazon app.The 8 Best Mobile Shopping Apps For Finding Deals and Saving Money 

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Buy on EBayWhat We Like

  • Find some obscure items for cheap.
  • Great avenue for getting rid of unwanted stuff.

What We Don’t Like

  • Delivery times depend on the reliability of the seller.
  • Selling items can be a time consuming process.

eBay 101: Basics of Buying and Selling 

Originally started to supplement a Pez collection, eBay has grown into the world’s largest online auction site. You can find pretty much anything here, and even you can become an eBay seller to get some cash for your unwanted items.

If you’re looking for a collectible, this is the first shopping website you should check, but you’ll also find brand-new items. eBay offers a wide variety of categories ranging from appliances to video games. They also have seasonal gift guides and a Daily Deals page.

You can use a variety of filters such as brand, price, size, color, features, and consumer ratings and reviews to sift through your search results. Plus, the advanced search capabilities on eBay make it easy to locate items with free shipping, new or used products, and Buy It Now items versus things being auctioned off.

All in all, eBay’s reputation as a great bargain-shopping destination ensures its consistently high ranking among shopping sites.

eBay can be used from a browser or with the eBay mobile app.

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Buy on EtsyWhat We Like

  • Find figurative and literal gems not seen anywhere else.
  • Saves artists the hassle of creating their own websites.

What We Don’t Like

  • Customer service can be hard to get a hold of.
  • Takes a hefty cut of sellers’ profits.

Our Review of Etsy 

Etsy is a global marketplace that offers goods from incredibly talented artisans around the world. Anything from homemade soap to crystal necklaces and caramel apples can be found here, and often good deals, too.

You won’t find the latest blockbuster movie on Etsy, but you can certainly find innovative crafts made by people in their homes that you can purchase to express your inner geek/fan/artist.

Etsy is also a great way for people who craft marketable items to make a little money on the side; setting up your own storefront on Etsy is easy and provides a lot of potential exposure. 

Like these other shopping sites, Etsy is available from the Etsy app and the desktop website.

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Google Shopping

Buy on Google.comWhat We Like

  • Perfect for quickly comparing prices across the entire crawlable web.
  • Extensive search filters tailored to individual products.
  • Track price changes to get the best deal.

What We Don’t Like

  • Search rankings are determined by advertising dollars rather than your specific query.
  • Paying for a premium Google listing isn’t an ideal way for small retailers to make money.

One of the most overlooked and quite powerful ways to shop at multiple popular stores at once is with Google Shopping. Just type whatever you’re wanting to order online, and Google will show results from dozens of stores.

You can filter the results by category, store, price, brand, type, features, and delivery estimate, and depending on the product, other options like screen size might be another filterable criteria.

Google Shopping is also helpful if you want to see only the products that are available near your location. Some items can be bought directly from Google, too, and might support Quick checkout for speedy purchases.

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Buy on OverstockWhat We Like

  • Runs regular promotions and sales around holidays.
  • Unique ways to browse for products.
  • Club O members are entitled to price match guarantees and other deals.

What We Don’t Like

  • Customer service receives mixed reviews.
  • Extend warranties come with lots of exceptions.

Ever wondered what stores do with the stuff they over-order? Overstock.com is one answer to that question.

This shopping website holds tons of items in categories like furniture, home improvement, outdoor, rugs, apparel, kitchen, and many other departments. Visit the home page to see featured sales, top deals, and unique ways to shop, such as by room or style.

Once you’re viewing all the items from a search or other section of the site, there are tons of relevant filtering options. For example, if you’re looking for kitchen and dining room tables, you can filter them by price, shape, seating number, materials, color, base type, brand, finish, features, discount percentage, rating, and more.

The Overstock.com app lets you shop online from your phone or tablet, but it’s equally usable from their website.

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Buy on ZapposWhat We Like

  • Customer service responds rapidly and reliably.
  • Free returns on items you decide you don’t want.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes products arrive in generic boxes rather than their original packages.
  • Selection is mostly limited to apparel.

Zappos originally started with just shoes but has since expanded to offer all sorts of items, everything from women’s apparel to kids’ clothing, accessories for men, and handbags.

The website is organized well with WomenMenKidsBrandsDepartmentsBrands, and Sale being the major menu items. Within each of those sections are relevant subsections to drill down to what you want.

There’s also a page dedicated to Zappos Adaptive, which includes shoes, clothes, and other items built with a specific function in mind to make using them easier. There are easy on/off shoes, slip-ons, pull-on pants, magnetic jackets, medical wear, and more.

The Zappos online store is known in the shopping industry for its exemplary customer service, with many customer-submitted stories of Zappos’ employees going above and beyond to make sure their experiences are good.

You can access Zappos from their mobile app or the website link below.

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Buy on Wish.comWhat We Like

  • Direct shipping from China allows for unbelievably low prices.
  • Set up custom notifications for certain products and deals.

What We Don’t Like

  • Deliveries don’t always arrive promptly.
  • Has been known to deliver the wrong item.

Our Review of Wish 

Known by many as a cheap online shopping website, Wish is the place to go if you’re looking for extraordinary deals and interesting finds. If you can deal with the occasional long waits to get your item, the deals might be worth it.

Some of the categories you can browse through include hobbies, toys, gadgets, home decor, fashion, bottoms, shoes, and phone upgrades.

Blitz Buy is a section of this online shopping website where you can spin a wheel to get money off your purchase. Also, be sure to see the Express page for items that ship faster than the rest.

Due to its cheap prices, you’ll quickly find that Wish is an online shopping website that’s easy to spend loads of time on. Grab the Wish app for an even easier time shopping.

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