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Finding the best Lamp holder price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the lamp holder price list.

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Lamp holder price

There are two main types of light bulb cap: Edison screw (ES) and bayonet (BC). The most common sizes are:

  • E27 or ES or ‘standard screw‘, where the diameter of the light bulb cap is 27mm
  • E14 or SES or ‘small Edison screw‘, where the diameter of light bulb cap is 14mm
  • B22 or Ba22d or BC or ‘bayonet cap‘, where the diameter of the light bulb cap is 22mm
  • B15 or Ba15d or SBC or ‘small bayonet cap‘, where the diameter of the light bulb cap is 15mm

The four main types of lamp holder (left to right): B15 (SBC), B22d (BC), E14 (SES) and E27 (ES)

Historically, bayonet was used in the UK for domestic lighting and the Edison screw in Europe and the Americas. Each cap type has advantages, for example bayonet cap light bulbs do not work loose with vibration. But for domestic use, neither type has a significant technical advantage.

Most light sources (filament, CFL, LED etc) will have versions in bayonet and screw. But: because standard screw or E27 is the most common, this fitting will give you the greatest range of light bulb options. As a matter of convenience it may make sense to, say, have all hall and landing ceiling pendants with the same fitting to avoid bulb compatibility issues.

The four main types of light bulb cap sizes (left to right): B15 (SBC), B22d (BC), E14 (SES) and E27 (ES)

Cord grip, hooked or threaded lamp holder?

There are three main options:

  • Cord grip, where the lamp holder includes a cord grip to secure the supply cord and is is suspended as a pendant light. Common types include a compression fitting, looping the cable round an internal obstacle, or a screw which presses against the cable
  • Threaded, where the lamp holder has a threaded component which is used to mount it on a support. Common in table/standard lights where the lamp holder is fixed to the base/stem of the lamp, and also used in conduit applications. These used to be called ‘nipple’ lamp holders. The threaded parts come in a range of metric and imperial sizes.
  • Hooked, where the lamp holder has a hook for suspending using chain, rope or hooking over a fixture. Hooked lamp holders should still have a cord grip – the chain secures the lamp holder, but there needs to be a device for stopping the supply cable being pulled out.

The choice of options depends on how you want to hang or fix the lamp holder. Cord grip lamp holders or hooked lamp holders for pendant lights. Threaded lamp holders for fixed lights.  All the types of lamp holder need to be able to support the weight of the shade or other attached fitting.

The three main fitting options (left to right): threaded, cord grip and hooked.

Brass, silver, bronze, Bakelite or Ceramic?

The material and finish options include:

  • Metal, usually machined from brass and available with a choice of finishes including aged brass or silver nickel plate.
  • Ceramic, moulded from clay, which is then glazed and fired. An off-white glaze is the most common, but other colours are available.
  • Plastic, which is low-cost and widely available. In addition to the modern white plastic, there are more traditional Bakelite lamp holders.

The choice of materials, colour and finish is primarily an aesthetic judgement – how you want the lamp holder to look. But, generally, metal and ceramic lamp holders can run hotter than plastic.

The main material and finish options (left to right): Bakelite, ceramic, bronze, brass, silver and gold.

Switches and skirts?

Switched lamp holders have a slide switch on the lamp holder. They are commonly used for table or desk lights so the light can be controlled at source rather than by a wall or cord switch. The design of bayonet lamp holders means incorporating a switch is easy. Switched screw lamp holders are uncommon and generally unattractive. Switches are useful for standard or table lights, but unnecessary or impractical for pendant and wall lights.

The components of a standard bayonet (B22 or BC) switched lamp holder with a cord grip.

Some lamp holders – particularly bayonet – have a flared skirt which hides the base of the light bulb. After declining in popularity, skirts have made a come-back to cover the larger base or ballast – required to house the electronics – of CFL and LED bulbs.

Shade Rings

If you plan to fit a lamp shade, it needs to be fixed in some way. Some lamp shades attach to the supply cord and the lamp holder hangs free below the shade. Commonly, the neck of the lamp shade itself or an internal carrier ring or harp attaches to the body of the lamp holder.

Lamp holders usually have a ‘lip’ that the neck of the shade can be pushed up against. A shade ring can then be screwed onto the body of the lamp holder towards the neck of the shade, fixing it in position (see diagram below). Alternatively, where the lamp holder does not have a ‘lip’ two shade rings can be used to ‘sandwich’ the neck or carrier ring.

The diameter of lamp holder barrels, and shade neck and carrier ring sizes vary. However, 40mm is a common size for E27 and 28mm for B22 lamp holders. New shades often come with different size ring inserts and there are adapters for old ones.

The barrel of the lamp holder has to fit in the neck of the shade and the diameter of the shade ring be wide enough to carry the shade


There are a huge range of lamp holders available. Whichever one you buy it should comply with the current standards which are BS EN 60238:2004+A2:2011 (Edison screw lamp holders); BS EN 61184:+A1:2011 (bayonet lamp holders); and BS 7895:1997 – incorporating amendments Nos 1 and 2 (bayonet lamp holders with advanced safety). Finally, it’s important to know if the lamp holder is Class I (requires an earth connection – must be wired with three core cable) or Class II (does not require an earth connection – wire with two-core cable).

The next unit of Lighting 101 is Unit 5 Basics Of lighting Design and looks at the issues to consider when choosing the light fittings for your home.

Top rated products in Lamp Holders

Leviton 10083-M Electrolier 1-Circuit Lamp Holder, 250 W, Incandescent, Medium, Phenolic Body, Aluminum Shell, Contra...

By Levitonproduct price$4.13 4.7 | 120 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Install one of these in a lamp with 3-way sw. We thought at first it was defective as the lightwould go out at different times. Used a second one (same delivery) and same thing. To shorten the story, found the LED bulb to be defective (1st one I’ve had problems with, (the bulb). Replaced it, and have had no issues since. Have a couple more lamps to convert from 3-way to single throw switches.   

Replaced faulty switch in lamp that was purchased on Amazon 2 years ago. Switch was simple to replace and much more economical than buying new lamp.By Sam O Var

Worked well as a replacement switch. “On” position is a little narrow…meaning that…as you turn the dial you must be careful not to pass the “on” position so that you must rotate all the way around again. Other than that little issue, great switch.     

Leviton 55 001-000-000 1-Circuit Keyless Weatherproof Lamp Holder with 6 in Pigtail Leads, 660 W, Incandescent, Mediu...

By Levitonproduct price$2.99 4.6 | 68 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

These are great little basic lampholders. I install plugs onto the wire ends to make little drop lights that I can hang from an extension cord to light up an area I’m working on. They are awesome for that. The rubberized coating on the socket allows them to be thrown into a tool box and beaten up without breaking, unlike the brittle phelonic plastic whatever that other sockets are made out of. Leviton has been manufacturing these things for decades. There is a reason why they are still making them.        

I damaged a socket on a set of patio string lights trying to get a broken bulb out and this fixed it perfectly. Cut the Broken socket off, wired/taped this one in, works perfectly, can’t even tell it’s been repaired.       

Solid little pigtail fixtures. Use them for temporary lighting on jobs where additional lighting is needed or when installing drywall ceilings between install and paint

AspenTek Fireproof Material E27 to 2 E27 Lamp Holder Converter Socket Led Light Bulb Base Type E26 to 2 E26 Splitter ...

By AspenTekproduct price$6.99 4.7 | 36 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

There is nothing printed on the extensions; therefore, these are likely NOT UL approved. Also, the manufacturer does not pack these well (just in a plastic bag) and one came crushed. Overall length of the adapter is 2 7/16″ long which gives an approximate 1 1/2″ extension of the bulb. UPDATE – Seller sent replacement for damaged piece. EXCELLENT seller support/. I raised my stars from three to five based on their support.       

Worked to make some floodlights fit old outdoor fixtures. They don’t seem super durable, but as long as you are CAREFUL don’t break them while installing, you should be good to go.By D. Wade

This did exactly what I needed. New LED bulbs are a bit shorter than the older CFL or incandescent bulbs, so they fit too far into recessed lighting fixtures. These adapters lengthen the bulbs enough so they work well. Installing them is as simple as screwing in a light bulb.   

Ajax Scientific Mes Type Bulb Holder (Pack of 12)

By Ajax Scientificproduct price$10.45 4.5 | 79 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Building something to light up the science fair? These bulb holders are sturdy, and provide a nice flat base for mini bulbs needing to stay put on a flat surface. Bulbs screw in smoothly, and wires can be attached without trouble.       

These little bulb holders are perfect. They are not super sturdy, but they are solid enough for what they need to be. They have a plastic base – the mounting holes are big enough for a #4 but if you use a #6 it will a little tight. The screw-posts for the electrical contacts are very good quality and you can tighten them down on your wire without fear of the assembly cracking.       

These are a good match to the inexpensive Ajax Scientific light bulbs Amazon offers. Provides reasonable-quality screw-down wire connections. Has two small holes you can use to fasten to a surface using a screw or bolt. I didn’t test the whole bag but used five, all of which functioned correctly.     

10-Pack LH0619 UL Listed Non-Shunted BJB 26.313.1016.50 Slide On U-Lamp Holder Medium Bi-Pin Socket for Fluorescent T...

By BJBproduct price$15.00 4.8 | 16 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

These low profile, non-shunted lamp holders are perfect for retrofitting 4 foot overhead fluorescent ceiling fixtures with new LED bulbs. I retrofitted about 40 four-bulb fluorescent ceiling light fixtures in a retail business, and I used these low profile lamp holders in certain fixtures where the full size non-shunted tombstone lamp holders would not fit. In those cases, these low profile lamp holders were the perfect solution. I recommend you use 18 AWG solid copper wire, and you simply strip the wire end and insert into the back of the lamp holder socket. Remember that non-shunted connectors like these are REQUIRED when you retrofit an existing fluorescent fixture with direct drive LED bulbs. The direct drive LED bulbs are those that take 120 VAC on one end of the bulb and the other end is inactive and just requires a lamp holder to hold the     

I am the general manager of a hardware store. We sell LED T-8’s and of course direct replacement as well as those the require 120VAC. Problem is no non-shunted tombstones we had would fit my trough lights. This works great if your lights require low profile sockets. These are the only ones I could find on Amazon or elsewhere that work.     

We recently replaced a lot of ballast and some of our tombstones were bad. I purchase these to replace the bad ones and they seem to work really well for us.

Kulka 00582 - #582 GDF Fixed End Lamp Holder for T12/HO Lamps (KULKA 582GDF FIXED END)

By Kulka4 offers from product price$3.99 4.5 | 27 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Easy to install & gave an old restaurant sign a new bright life.By Amazon Customer

Was exactly what I needed. The sign is lit up again. Thank you for reasonable cost.By DNA

This is exactly like the old one, but the new starters only have one wire for holder and no one will tell me how to wire it

Leviton 2536 104-0-000 Pedestal Lamp Holder with Plunger, 660 W, Fluorescent, Slim line, Thermoplastic, White

By Levitonproduct price$5.40 4.7 | 17 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Perfect replacement for the discontinued 2534 plungers Easy install, and works perfectly.By Mat

Exactly as described. Perfect replacement.By Brian Hilory

Perfect for LED 48″ lights. BUT Packaging not up to snuff. No tape on box/shipping carton when received and 2 of the 3 ordered were long gone. At least run one ribbon of tape around the folded book carton. Not real happy about paying $15 and only receiving $5 worth of product.       

LIGHT YOUR WORLD Pack of 15 - UL Listed Non-Shunted T8 Lamp Holder Socket Tombstone with 12 inches Wires Attached for...

By LIGHT YOUR WORLDproduct price$16.90 4.9 | 12 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

These tombstones can either slide in or snap in. They have little spring-loaded ears on the sides as well as grooves for slide-in installation. Looks to be universal fit. I have tried to show this in pictures. I bought the wrong kind first and I got to pay the return shipping. These easily snapped into my enclosure and I got instant gratification.     

Like the quality and having them ready wired to save time. The height of these reflect newer applications so if you are dealing with T12 fixtures you may need to replace both ends.By WWJ

Worked perfect for my old shop light to convert to single end power LED T8’s

Leviton 8101 019-0-000 1-Circuit 2-Piece Keyless Lamp Holder with Tew Wire Leads, 660 W, Incandescent, Medium, White

By Levitonproduct price$4.36 4.2 | 63 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

This is a ceramic socket instead of plastic. The nice thing about ceramic is that it can take more heat but this was not needed for my project. The portion around the threaded socket unscrews allowing you to make a hole in your project slightly larger than the actual socket, then install socket with gasket, finally rescrewing the socket lock into place to secure the socket in place. PROS: – Socket can take heat from typical old-style incandescent bulb – The trim piece around the socket removes and serves as the lock when reinstalled – Includes gasket to install just above locking ring to serve as slight insulation and help keep snug – The wire leads were about 6 inches long allowing for easy connections SUGGESTIONS: – Be careful not to drop the locking nut made of ceramic or I’m sure it will surely break if it hits a hard surface     

This was an exact replacement for an old, old ceiling fixture bulb socket.By Jeff E.

Was surprised and pleased to find these at a reasonable price. Have several fixtures bot at antique stores that need new sockets. They are exactly the same as the originals –

Leviton 001-09880 PORCELAIN LAMPHOLDER, White

By Levitonproduct price$8.56 4.3 | 32 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Used these to rebuild some outdoor lamps. Works great! They are made of ceramic material, thus won’t burn or support a fire, but they are brittle, if you drop one, during installation, they will usually shatter.     

If you happen to need these, this is a great way to get them in multiples … usually the hardware store will only have a coupleBy NadaBrahmaBaby

the ceramic is very brittle and prone to flaking off. You have to handle them with care. I had some chips come of the first one. Lesson learned, the second one went on fine. I do have some ceramic bulb holders from several decades ago, which don’t seem to have this problem, but the whole genX and millenials have been born since then.        

Leviton 9874 Porcelain Outlet Box Mount, Incandescent Ceiling Lampholder, Keyless, White

By Levitonproduct price$8.26 4.2 | 43 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Leviton 80054 Miniature Bi-Pin Base, G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3 MR16, GZ4 MR11, Halogen, Incandescent, Ceramic Body Lam...

By Levitonproduct price$6.61 4.1 | 73 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

I had purchased a Solar light for my driveway a few years ago. I went to a local home improvement store to purchase replacement solar batteries. But found out they did not stock the batteries for my light. I looked for a replacement light fixture to replace the existing solar light. But decided I liked the look of the one I had., So I decided to convert my solar light to a low voltage LED light. This socket was exactly what I was looking for. It has worked out very well.     

These are perfect for the G4 base Philips LED modules I bought. (I’ve posted a picture here.) Other bases I’ve tried that claimed to fit different base types had holes that were too far apart and/or not tight enough to grip the bulbs firmly. Not so with these Levitons. I do have to say that I can’t picture them working on an MR16 base bulb – the holes were tight enough with the G4s and the pins are a lot thinner than the MR16s. *Update* Also found to be fine for MR11 base bulbs.     

Ordered this to replace another socket where the lead had become dislodged from inside the ceramic socket. Got it wired up and fired up in about 10 minutes… lasted about a week. This one is now dislodged as well and no longer functional. Sigh…

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