Laser stage lighting price

Did you know that in 2020, the laser will celebrate its 60th anniversary? And now, more than ever, lasers lights are enjoyed in stage performances around the world. This is no new thing, laser light shows began emerging in the 1970s. But now they are far more technologically advanced, much safer, cheaper to run and beginner laser light projectors are cheaper than ever before. In this guide to laser stage lighting for beginners, we will teach you all you need to know about modern laser stage lighting, laser stage lighting price and show you what your best options are for buying your first laser stage lighting products that will really enhance your stage events audience experience.

What is a laser?

The first ever laser was invented back in 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman in the United States. The word laser came from an acronym meaning ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. Unlike other forms of light – lasers are a very thin, focused beam of light of usually a single color. Laser light does not spread out as it travels through air space, this is the property that gives lasers their sharp, crisp appearance through the air that looks so fantastic, especially when viewed in a darkened room with haze or fog, but more on that later.

Whether you’re setting up for a big family wedding, managing a nightclub or planning to dazzle an audience with illuminated brilliance during a live performance, one of these laser stage lighting solutions will help get the job done. Our options include fixtures with multiple LEDs and programmable display modes that synchronize both flashes and colors to the beat of the music. 

Laser stage lighting price

6. Sumger DMX512

The Sumger DMX512 (about $133) comprises a basic LCD with built-in controls that make it easy to tweak its microphone sensitivity and brightness. Its power adapter is compatible with common US outlets, and it’s FCC and CE certified, so you can count on it being safe to operate.

  • Supports dmx controllers
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Pricier than some options


5. Spooboola Party Light

Thanks to its handy remote, bracket on top, and light weight, the Spooboola Party Light (about $23) can easily be mounted on a ceiling and set up to shower your guests with colored beams. Its speed-control function is a useful way to tame its intensity.

  • Includes mini tripod
  • Three color-changing modes
  • Budget-friendly option


4. Pyle PDJLT50

The Pyle PDJLT50 (appx. $100) features a full-axis rotating head capable of emitting any of several patterns onto the floor, wall or ceiling. A built-in miniature microphone adjusts its flashing speed automatically to match the tempo of the music.

  • Seven projector bulbs
  • Easy-to-use lcd interface
  • Perfect option for disco bars


3. Suny Mini PLB-X100RGB

Now you can take your party camping, to the beach or anywhere else without a power outlet, thanks to the battery-powered Suny Mini PLB-X100RGB (around $62). Its compact size makes transportation a breeze, and it can last for up to five hours on a single charge.

  • 100 preprogrammed light patterns
  • Six-month hassle-free warranty
  • Charges via usb


2. MFL Mini

Reap the benefits of fast-motion spotlights with the MFL Mini (appx. $144). When linked together, their pan-and-tilt mode causes each unit to move in the opposite a direction to the other, allowing them to cast vibrant beams across a wide area.

  • Four gels included for color changes
  • Built-in heat sinks
  • Very durable construction

1. Chauvet DJ GigBar 2

Keep performances visually exciting with the Chauvet DJ GigBar 2 (appx. $455). Both the parabolic aluminized reflectors and strobe LEDs are capable of emitting ultraviolet light, giving them the ability to produce a variety of color mixing effects.

  • Wireless foot switch
  • Includes a tripod
  • Built-in sound-activated programs

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