latest ankara styles in nigeria 2018

As always, Koboguide showcases the latest ankara styles 2020latest ankara long gown styles 2020 and last but not least the latest ankara styles 2021. It can be daunting searching the internet for the latest style to sew but we’ve made life easier for you by compiling and showcasing a range of styles for you to choose from quickly and easily. 

Additionally, you can also find on Koboguide beautiful latest ankara stylesankara styles gown for ladies 2020 nigeria and also download latest ankara styles. These styles are updated regularly so make sure to always check back regularly and share these with friends and family looking for the latest styles. 

The most graceful and classic combinations have two contrasting colors, for instance: peach with mint, blue and orange, deep purple and yellow, turquoise with coral colors. You can add some gold jewelry to it and you will have all eyes on you. 

Ankara style evening dresses Actually, these are our favorite ones! Ankara style wedding and evening dresses have come in so many colours and patterns. The most popular colours are blue and green, matched with gold. 

 Usually, Nigerian women wear Ankara evening dresses for special occasions, such as a wedding or birthday parties. If you want to make your dress outstanding, choose styles where the Ankara is combined with other materials like silk and lace. Just have a look at these cute and feminine options proposed by Koboguide fashion. The only element unites all these dresses is beloved “mermaid” silhouette. It really doesn’t accentuates a very feminine look. Ankara outfits for work 

Do you think Ankara fabric is only for special events? No, no! We love to experiment and wear it for work, casual meetings and even just to hang out! 

What about stylish and comfortable Ankara style jumpsuits?A lot of Nigerian designers love to play with ankara fabric. 

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