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Written by: o3dealadmin on August 18, 2018

Lace is one of the clothing materials that never gets old. Every year we see new collection featuring lace, and every lace clothing collection instantly becomes popular with Nigerian ladies.

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The latest lace styles for the 2018 fashion season include all kinds of women’s clothing, from tops to gowns. See the trendiest lace material styles of the year and pick your new perfect outfit!

As one of the most popular fashion materials in Nigeria, lace has a lot to offer to the ladies who prefer this style. The main reason for its popularity is, of course, its look: there are no other materials that would look so trendy, feminine, and sensual as lace.

he article covers a wide range of styles which go quite well with the lacy look and ideas to slay a lace outfit at different events. Also, it provides unique and recent trends in lacey clothing items for men which range from shirts to shoes. It will help you in adding some lace items to your wardrobe wisely and ideas regarding how to create your own haute couture using these items.

Lace Outfits for Men

 ↓27- Perfect Lacey Shirts for Clubbing

Nightlife is all about looking casual yet stylish in some funky apparel. Guys can go for lace button down shirts either see-through or opaque with some slacks or simply faded denim bottoms. White sneakers will look perfect with such a look. These chic lace shirts are available online on Aliexpress as well as eBay.

Try to go for shades like royal blue, gray and black to look classy and charming. Also, have a look at this awesome collection of Floral Shirt Outfits for Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (7)


↓26- Celebrity Style Lace Outfit

For a celebrity or model like lacy attire, you can go for lace shorts or some fitted lace tops which elaborate your physique well and make you look super stylish. Also, you can go for pastel lace top with a bit frilly look which makes you look glamorous.

Lace Outfits for Men (25)


↓25- Perfect Lacey Dress-up for Weddings

Lace outfits look all so perfect on a wedding like you can go for white tuxedos with a little lace over the collars and sleeves or a lacey bow tie or neck tie. Here are some Casual Wedding Outfits for Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (8)


↓24- Semi-formal Lace Outfit

If you want to look semi-formal with a bit of lacey look, go for casual blazers with lace shirts or you can also go for some sassy lace blazer and a simple button down shirt and formal pants. Wear them with loafers to look a bit more fashionable and classy.

Lace Outfits for Men (2)


↓23- How to wear a lace outfit in winters?

Lace apparel can go quite well in winters if worn with a leather jacket or a bomber jacket. You can go for lace blazers or lace jackets which are also available by various brands. The concept of lace jackets is itself pretty unique and charming.

Lace Outfits for Men (23)


↓22- Lacey Dress-up for Festivals

Festivals and evening concerts seem perfect for some funky get up like men can really slay some sheer lacey tops with casual denim jeans or even shirts. Guys can add a little embroidery or color to their lace shirts as well that can make them look chicer. Here’s a complete guide of Festive Attire for Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (16)


↓21- Lacey Attire for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can go for some sheer lace button down shirt in darker shades for a model like look if they think that their physique is perfect for a little bit of glamorous look. Also, they can wear stylish white sneakers with them as well. The attire is perfect for shopping, college or casual parties.

Lace Outfits for Men (17)


↓20- Summer Style Lace Outfit

Summers are just perfect for some chic lace dress-up since these are light fabric and extremely cool for summers. Versace came up with its exquisite summer lace outfit collection which can be worn with summer sandals. Check out these Men’s 18 Best Workwear Outfits for Warm Months.

Lace Outfits for Men (1)


↓19- Retro Lace Outfit

Dolce and Gabbana brought the idea of retro style lace menswear which was all about silk and lace suits. The retro look initiated from trim lace collars and sleeves and sometimes even shoulders. Also, the retro look can be spiced up with classy black or brown brogue shoes.

Lace Outfits for Men (3)


↓18- Bohemian Style Lacey Attire

Guys can go for tees or sweatshirts in lace prints and some chic wristbands along with ripped denim jeans for a perfect hippie look that goes for all the casual events. Here are 17 Ways to Get Boho Look for Guys.

Lace Outfits for Men (26)


↓17- Nigerian Style Lace Outfit

Nigerian and African clothing styles promote laces and embroidery a lot and are extremely unique. Men can try lace agbada outfits to have a unique and different than usual look. This can be worn casually or to parties as well.

Lace Outfits for Men (11)


↓16- Party Style Lace Attire

A bit of silk and net is the ultimate option to wear with dress pants if you’re looking for a stylish and modern outfit style for a party at a club or beach as well. The light fabric makes the style perfect. Check out these 14 Best Party Wear for Men for All Seasons.

Lace Outfits for Men (10)


↓15- Lace Outfit for Work

Lace outfits are the ultimate option for you if your workplace is related to fashion and styling. You can slay some button down formal style shirts with slacks and glossy derby shoes.

Lace Outfits for Men (21)


↓14- Perfect Lacey Street Style

You’re looking for some unique street style, then lace tops are the ultimate choice you can make since these are quite experimental and stylish. Wear them with straight pants and sandals along with some hat to look perfectly fashionable on a sunny day out. RECOMMENDED: 17 Most Popular Street Style Fashion Ideas for Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (6)


↓13- Lacey Attire for Christmas

Lacey print shirts or lace border tops in white and black or even black and red gives a quite funky look on Christmas events like parties and get-togethers.

Lace Outfits for Men (19)


↓12- How to wear a see-through lace outfit?

Most of the men hesitate while trying out some funky see-through lace clothes but they can hide the tops or can go for a little see-through portion like arms or shoulders. Also, bomber or leather jackets can also be worn in such cases to show minimal skin. It is always better to go for neutral shades of white, blue and black when trying out a see-through lace apparel. Here are 15 Best Ways to Wear White Shirts for men.

Lace Outfits for Men (22)


↓11- Pastel Lace Outfits

Pastel outfits are getting very trendy and popular among fashionistas specifically in summers. Like the Hologram City’s pastel lace shorts collection launched recently, there are many options for men out there who want to try out something new and stylish. It does not necessarily be see-through and try to wear them with simple white or black tees if you want them to stand out.

Lace Outfits for Men (9)


↓10- Lacey Funky Suits for Guys

Lace suits are quite popular among guys after Alexander McQueen’s lace suits collection for men. These are perfect for parties and wedding occasions. Add colors like blue and red to make them stand out on occasions and make your style statement a bit more prominent. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Blue Suits with Brown Shoes Ideas for Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (15)


↓9- Perfect Shoewear with Lace Outfit

If you’re going for lace formal shirts and suits then it’ll be better to go for simple derby shoes or chukka shoes while if you’re going for a more hippie look then go for white sneakers or loafers.

Lace Outfits for Men (5)


↓8- Lace Outfits for Skinny Guys

Skinny guys can totally slay lace collar shirts and lace print tees and sweatshirts with casual denim pants. Do check out these Shoes with Skinny Jeans for Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (20)


↓7- Embroidered Lace Outfits

Embroidery with a little lace looks perfect when traveling to some place along the beach shore like Hawai, Ibiza, Maldives etc.

Lace Outfits for Men (24)


↓6- Lacey Shoes for Men

For guys who prefer lace up shoes with their regular look, there are many launched by brands like Gucci. Also, these are getting popular and trendy this spring and summers. Here are 30 Best Men’s Outfit Ideas to Wear with Monk Strap Shoes.

Lace Outfits for Men (12)


↓5- All Black Lacey Dress-up

A jet black lace outfit comprising of a lace blazer with formal pants and a simple black button down shirt can be a perfect option for a formal office look or a business party.

Lace Outfits for Men (27)


↓4- Lacey Jackets for Young Guys

Lace Jackets are available online at farfetch in fashionable African lace prints and western lace styles as well. These can be paired with ripped denim jeans to have a cool street style or even a stylish boho style. Do check out Denim Jackets Outfits For Men.

Lace Outfits for Men (14)


↓3- Lacey Pants for Men

Lacey pants with lace blazers or lace shirts give you a more complete and striking look.

Lace Outfits for Men (13)


↓2- Lacey Attire for Prom

Prom nights are always for some funky and unique dress-up. Guys can now go for a few lace prints or lace along the collars or sleeves or even shoulders to give a different style to their tuxedos or suits. Check out these Goth Outfits for Guys for the perfect goth look.

Lace Outfits for Men (18)


↓1- Printed Lace Outfits

Printed pants always look exquisite with some lace tops in neutral shades of white, black and gray, particularly in summers and spring because the style is extremely cool and charming as well.

Lace Outfits for Men (4)


You can give away your opinions regarding men’s lace dress-up in the comments section.

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