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Iro and Buba have been in existence for many decades and it is a fashion staple that every traditional Yoruba woman should have. No doubt iro and buba have evolved overtime and more stylish ways have been invented to make it more gorgeous. This famous Yoruba woman wardrobe staple is an essential item, though there used to complains about how boring it is because of it shapeless form. These days fashion designers have transformed it from the boring way it used to be, to a fun and more attractive way.

From the time of aso oke iro and buba to ankara iro and buba, more gorgeous ways to wear them have been invented and they never failed to look nice. The modern iro and buba styles ranges from tulip wrapper styles( tulip is a way of tying the iro), the oleku iro and buba style and all these styles are not limited to only ankara and aso oke fabric as they are now made from different fabrics like lace, chiffon, net materials, silk etc  lets simply say the fabric options are almost limitless and they all have lovely effect on the wearer.

So if you are part of the women who didn’t like the old iro and buba styles know that there are now limitless, fabulous and trendy styles you can choose from. So why not get in the modern iro and buba styles? Check out the modern way to rock your iro and buba below…


Ankara Styles #450: Be Sophisticated And Be Polished

It is another day to show you some amazing Ankara styles. Now You basically cannot get tired of seeing new style because you always want to slay that event! Today’s post has a little twist to it. We are going to show you some styles so that you can be sophisticated and be polished!

Every lady has what it takes to be sophisticated. The only thing you need to do is activate it! Now your question should be, how do I activate my sophistication? Well, I will teach you!

The first thing you need to know is identify the kind of person you are. This will go a long way when you have to make a choice when it comes to fashion. After you do that, the next thing you want to do is create a style book. The reason why you need a style book cannot be over emphasized because it is a guide that would show you how to slay all day!

Add some colours. Colours in fashion is very very important! Some people think it is over rated but I think it is necessary. Even when you create a monochrome look, I would advice you to add a pop of colour to make your outfit more exciting.

Wear makeup! Don’t go about saying you don’t like makeup, have you actually tried wearing it? you would love it! If you don’t like heavy makeup, keep it simple by doing nude makeup! Now don’t forget to add the right attitude! Attitude is a must when you want to slay! Lastly, wear a smile. It doesn’t cost you anything to wear a smile. Don’t go about acting like you are the only one with problems!


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