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50 Latest Lace Style Designs For 2020 (Updated)

One fabric we could not help but notice how it’s making waves in the fashion world is lace, it is mainly believed to be made for the traditional occasion and that might be true but as a fashionista, have you seen the latest lace styles?

This particular fabric has been around for many many years. Lace styles have become more modern and some of its styles can now compete with Ankara styles. Lace material comes in different colors and beauty which makes it even more interesting to sew styles with.

Modern days styles for the lace are so chic, you would be getting lots of compliments for them at a wedding, we have carefully selected some of those latest styles you can’t help but love.

Lace is very well respected mostly in Africa, in fact, it is adored and widely choose for traditional weddings but with these latest styles, you can stand out all occasion.

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Most Beautiful Latest Lace Style Pictures For 2019

50 2019 lace styles that can never be described as boring, fashion enthusiast will describe these designs as classy, glamourous and beautiful.

1. Simple Lace Design With Layer Frock

Lace styles 2020
Image: @officialmoborty // Instagrame designed depensing on how you

Biodun Okewo is well known for her amazing wedding styles, this above is no exception, it has been woven to make you the best wedding guest. This style is exotic and beautiful and not the whole material is lace, just the upper part of the blouse but this can be designed according to your preference.

2. Off Shoulder Gown With Medium Split

Lace styles 2020
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

This is quite simple and not one-bit elaborate which makes it the most perfect outfit if you do not want to attend a wedding looking too exuberant. This is one beautiful lace gown style and your designer can add even more interesting design to you.

3. Tiny Strap With A-line Gown

Lace styles 2020
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

Keeping it simple and classic is usually the best option most time, it makes hitting the dance floor very easy and comfortable.

4. One Hand Lace Design With Attached Cape

Lace styles 2020
Image: @clipkure // Instagram

Here is another exotic lace gown design you can’t help but love, also quite simple and this is definitely fitting for any kind of wedding.

5. Long Cap Sleeve With Ruffled Frock

Lace styles 2020
Image: @owambeuk // Instagram

Ini Edo is a dive whose taste in fashion is held in high esteem, she always keeps in interesting and trendy. Her styles are fabulous and can be worn for practically any event and wedding.

6. Large Bell Sleeves A-line Sleek Gown

Lace styles 2020
Image: @owambestyle // Instagram

This is beautiful and we love it, this is one lace gown style that would look stunning on anyone, it has simple designs that are easy to replicate.

7. Strapless Tun Micro Gown

Lace styles 2020
Image: @owambestyle // Instagram

Keep it simple and less dramatic if you want to be comfortable. This is quite bold and stylish

8. Shiny Lace In Boogie Design

Lace styles 2020
Image: @mimionalaja // Instagram

Mimi Onalaja is another celebrity you can watch pout for to deliver the best owambe styles, she keeps it classic and elegant.

9. Lace Gown Style With Fish Design

Lace styles 2020
Image: @chicamastyle // Instagram

Chicama is one of the style influencers on Instagram that always have something lovely and fashionable to showcase and her lace gown designs are no exception. This is one beautiful style you are going to love and adore.

10.One Hand Raglan Sleeve

Lace styles 2020
Image: @owambestyles // Instagram

This style should cause no stress or hassle if you are going to replicate it.

11. Double With Turtle Neck And Sleek Pencilled Gown

Lace styles 2020
Image: @weddingguest // Instagram

You do not need an elaborate gown to look glamorous at a wedding, something simple and interesting like this style above would do just fine.

12. One Hand Raglan Sleeve On Micro Gown With Side Wrap

Lace styles for 2020
Image: @weddingguest // Instagram

Simple and stylish does the trick most times in lace designs. This is one style that is going to trend for a long while.

13. Double Sleeves On Pleated Gown And Cape

Lace styles 2020
Image: @weddingguest // Instagram

This is another style we are in awe of, it is elegant and fitting for all kinds of events, lace fabric makes this style look more elaborate and dashing.

14. Short Cap Sleeve With Deep Split

Lace styles 2020
Image: @weddingguest // Instagram

Keeping it simple and interesting is what most lace fabrics would compliment.

15. Conservative Sleeveless Gown

Lace styles
Image: @weddingguest // Instagram

Most lace styles just need colorful lave fabrics and something simple and comfortable as this style above, you can attend any events with this comfortable style.

16. Complimentary Sleeve On Straight Gown And Pleated Side

Lace styles
Image: @owambestyles_zone// Instagram

This is another convenient style you can replicate with a lace fabric, this style does not require extra material to be added except if you are trying to create your own unique style.

17. Dramatic Sleeves On Sleek Gown

Lace styles
Image: @owambeglamour // Instagram

Keep it elegant and body shape and you will be glad you did.

18. Off Shoulder Gown With Cape

Lace gown styles
Image: @owambestyles // Instagram

This is a common design and it continues to be in trend and found to be more lovely in 2020.

19. Cape Sleeve On Straight Gown

Lace styles
Image: @asoebi_styles // Instagram

If you do not mind a bit of fun and net in your sleeves then this is the style you would want to rock to that elaborate wedding.

20. Fish Designed Gown With One Sleeve

Lace styles
Image: @owambebrockers // Instagram

Most lace fabrics require easy styles to bring out its beauty and the style above is one of those styles.

21. Jumpsuit Style With Petals Design

Latest lace designs
Source: ceoluminiofficial

Lace fabrics can be made into an exotic style if a good stylist has been working on it, a one-piece jumpsuit is always an interesting style regardless of the fabric material being used but a lace fabric adds more glam to it, and you should try a boot cut frock and cape just like the one ceolumineeofficial had on.

22. Off Shoulder Lace Style With Side Wrap

Latest lace designs
Source: asoebi_styles

Keep being in trend with this fascinating lace style for practically all kinds of occasion, the style is simply the height of fashion.

23. Tiny Straps With Long Sleeves And A-line Gown

Latest lace designs
Source: asoebebella

Give your designer less to do with this easy lace design, it represents everything fashionable, it’s a double sleeve that makes you feel comfortable and stylish.

24. Lace Design With Wide Neckline And Cape

latest lace designs
Source: Kingronke

Kinkronke is surely looking gorgeous with this design and we love it, we love the glitters and the exotic design makes it stand out.

25. Simple Long Sleeves With Side Roll Petals

lace design
Source: i_am_shai

Another style you should have among your wedding outfits especially traditional weddings, this is quite a trendy style you should have your stylist working on as soon as possible.

26. One-Handed Ruffled High Tigh Slit

Image: @mich_michelle_// Instagram

Slay it and nail it in this beautiful very elegant lace design for those asoebi slayers that like to show up and show off at a party this is the right dosage for to up your slay game.

27. One-Handed Hip Cape Short Lace Gown

Image: @asoebi_styles // Instagram

Another Stylish design to rock for a wedding party in this ember season.

28. Three Quarter Sleeve Hip Flare High Slit Gown

Image: @asoebi_styles // Instagram

This is yet another asoebi worthy lace design for owambe to be rocked in this ember season.

29. Vneck Cut Out  Hip Veil Short Lace Gown

latest lacedesigns
Image: @mich_michelle_// Instagram

Just the right amount of dosage you need to show up at a party and remain the talk of the party even days after the party.

30. Tiny Strap Vneck Offshoulder Long Sleeve Penciled Gown

Image: @tailors_hubng_ // Instagram

For those of us that like to show up looking classy and still very beautiful this right above is exactly what we need as a perfect lace design style.

31. Net Infused Sleeve With Short Hip Veil Slit Long Gown

Image: @ewa.fr_ // Instagram

Just the right amount of slayage needed not too dramatic and not too simple just perfect asoebi lace style that speaks elegance and class at the same time.

32. Offshoulder High Tigh Slit Lace Gown

Image: @liv.eve.bespoke // Instagram

Another simple yet classy lace design suitable for my asoebi party rockers.

33. Lace Style With Petals And Stylish Sleeves

Lace Styles 2019
Image: @lacelookbook // Instagram

If you ever need a lace style that gives you an air of importance at an elaborate event then this is highly recommended, it’s classy and very much in trend. This is a style that can’t be found boring at all.

34. Floral Pattern Design With Net Sleeves

Lace style for 2019
Image: @lacestyle // Instagram

Instagram has not stopped showing how much they loved this style, a really modern chic design. The floral pattern is not uncommon but rarely used like this and the fringe at the bottom of the gown added some fascinating appeal to the style.

35. One Shoulder Design Gown

Lace Styles for 2019
Image: @lacelookbook // Instagram

We love how simple and elegant this style is, very rare and yet sincere enough to make do at any occasion. The style does not need lots of time to recreate and your tailor would definitely find this style interesting.

36. One Shoulder Long Gown

Latest lace designs
Image: @uchelendu // Instagram

Stunning is just the right word for this style, pretty popular this days and fancied for all occasion, this is basically one of the latest styles that have gained a lot of attention, it is classy and adds some confidence to its wearer.

37. A Stick Tub Gown With Side Waist Cape

Lace Styles
Image: @lace_styles_look_up

There is no perfect description for this style but we would just say it is beautiful, a style you are sure to get attention with and your tailor should enjoy making these as it’s one of a kind style.

38. Off Shoulder With Fluff Sleeves

Latest lace Styles
Image: @lace_ styles_lookbook // Instagram

You must admit, this is one style that would look good and any figure, it is smart and simply stunning. Another lace style that have been found irresistible by many women in fashion.

39. Buttercup Tub Design With Puffy Sleeves Top And High Waist Skirt

Latest Lace Style 2019
Image: @asoebibella// Instagram

Something interesting about modern styles is how creative it can be and you would still find it fascinating and in this regard, this style is all about creativity in fashion and we love it.

40. Alter Neck Gown With Flower Sleeves

latest lace designs
Image: @asoebifabricsphere // Instagram

Talking about the latest lace styles that people have not stopped showing how much they admire it on Instagram, it’s classy and can be said to be fashion conscious, if you like it bold and daring, you should definitely sew this.

41. Fringe Sleeve With Low Split

Latest Lace Designs
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

We just couldn’t decide on a favorite after seeing this unique style, it is everything you want to rock to a glamorous wedding and also one of the common 2019 wedding guest styles. Very subtle and fascinating, which is a very combination in lace styles.

42. Tub Design With Shoulder Fringe

Latest lace design

Image: @lacestyles // Instagram

This is a style that can never get old, not just a wedding outfit but also recognized as one of the best modern outfits that ladies can stop loving, there is a scissors design on the front of the blouse that seems to make the style more pretty.

43. Simple Flay Gown With Long Sleeves

Simple Flay Gown With Long Sleeves

We are totally rooting for this especially if you like it simple with no drama and also would like to stand out in a totally different way. This is a decent style that is going to be favored by a lot of women throughout 2019.

44. Short Sleeves With Net Cape

latest lace styles
Image: @asoebifabricsphere // Instagram

A simple style that you can’t help but feel yourself in it, lace styles can really be fun and spontaneous just like every other fabric. This is a style that can still be worn without the cape.

45. Off Shoulder Gown With Petals

latest lace styles
Image: @realmercyaigbe // Instagram

Layers are not meant for Ankara styles alone and they even make this lace style look more beautiful, not too dramatic but glamorous enough to stun an occasion with. Mercy Aigbe Gentry is also one of the female celebrities that have unique styles.

46. Cross’s Tiny Straps With Puffs On A Sexy Lace Design

Latest Lace Styles
Image: @ asoebibella // Instagram

A beautiful smile is all that’s needed to out a finishing touch to these amazing style, indeed it is sexy and more perfect for an hourglass shape, the puff sleeve can be excluded and it would still be worth it.

47. Simple Straight Gown With Belted Waist

Latest lace Styles
Image: @ lace_ styles_lookbook // Instagram

That sleeve is everything you want it simple style, you would love to be in a style that makes you comfortable especially if you plan to show some of your dance moves, this style is just what you need your tailor to sew then.

48. Quarter Length Gown With One Sleeve

Latest Lace Styles
Image: @asoebifabricsphere // Instagram

This has been cautiously selected, it is not just beautiful but permits us to enchanting, the style is worth wearing to a wedding and it is comfortable as well. This is one of the latest lace styles you do not want to miss this 2019.

49. V-neck With One Bell Hand Sleeve And A Side Split

Latest Lace Styles
Image: @asoebifabricsphere // Instagram

2019 laces styles keep getting better and better, the right style will inspire you the right way hence why these styles are very important to have, they do inspire some chic appearance too.

50. Dramatic Lace Styles With Fringe And Petals

Image: @asoebismag // Instagram

This style really should be on the best lace styles this 2019, absolutely beautiful and very different from normal styles of lace. This might be topping the list of latest lace designs. A style like this would be talked about for weeks.

We hope you found this latest lace style designs as helpful as we had much fun compiling, Guess you can’t wait to show your tailor right? These are styles that show lace can be really fun after all and these are not just party styles, as some of them could be worn for casual weekend outings.

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