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Lace fabrics have a method for making any African print wear more lovely. Every single African dress with trim will consistently stand apart regardless of the shading they are in.

The lace detail carries with a dash of the western culture which when intertwined with the African print winds up with an extraordinary creation.

Any lady that likes African lace styles is clearly one of class with an extraordinary design sense and taste. These dresses come in various structures and styles to make your days .

Any lady trying to discover a lace fabrics clothing for typical every day office wear, wedding or one to wear to an occasion will locate a befitting outfit.

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On Sunday November 19th, Adesua Etomi and Oluwabankole Wellington AKA Banky W did their traditional wedding in Lagos in grand style. It was a lavished wedding and star studded. But after the wedding, TV personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu one of the groomsmen was trending much more than Banky W and or Adesua was for his unique stylish Agbada asoebi he wore to the wedding. Standing beside Banky W he stole his thunder, so to speak. He was the man of the day. Even Banky W admitted that he was confused as to who was the groom when he first saw him.

I was genuinely momentarily confused as to which of us was the groom… Lol.. I was about to switch into groomsmen mode and offer my guy a drink or small chops..

The outfit clearly overshadowed the traditional wedding for fans. It was everything we were all talking about for days after the wedding. Even if you have no appreciation for fashion and style you could not help yourself but stop and take a second look when you saw it for the first time.

About Ebuka Uchendu’s Agbada to Adesua Etomi and Banky W’s Traditional wedding

With only 9 days left in the year this is the best time to put together some of the latest Ankara styles 2019. What you will notice in this season’s latest Ankara designs is that the quality of the fabrics look better and the styles are more creative, creating a bolder and more exotic looks.

Ankara as you know can literally work for anything. It can be used to create stunning aso ebi styles, casual weekend wears and even office wears. That’s what I love about Ankara and that will always be there from season to season. So whether you are looking for trendy simple Ankara styles or unique Ankara dresses 2019 that look classy and exotic you will find them from the latest 2019 Ankara styles collection.

You’ll notice that in our collection of the latest Ankara styles 2019 all the styles use one color of Ankara. But of course we still saw a few stylish Ankara dresses this year that combined two or three colors. When the right color combos are used those are always beautiful and I believe such styles will continue to be trendy.

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Latest Aso Ebi Lace Styles 2019 For Ladies

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Latest Aso Ebi Lace Styles 2019

Welcome to our collection of the latest aso ebi lace styles 2019. When it comes to aso ebi we all know that lace has a certain class to it that ankara cannot give no matter how exotic the ankara style is. Without much effort you can achieve an elegance look with lace. And with the aso ebi lace designs we featured below you get a lot of inspiration.

If you’re here looking for the latest lace styles for wedding these ones will appeal to you. To create that OMG look I am sure you are after it starts with the fabric you choose to use. There are different types of lace and the style you want will determine the type of lace you go for. Below you will find aso ebi lace gown and skirt and blouse styles for 2019.

Latest Aso Ebi Lace Styles 2019

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Latest Aso Ebi Styles 2019 For Ladies

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latest aso ebi styles 2019

As we wrap up 2019, I thought I’ll feature some of the latest Aso ebi styles 2019 we’ve had. There are new styles almost every few weeks and we can’t possibly feature all of them. But once you go through the hot aso ebi styles here and our features too for latest aso ebi lace styles 2019 and  latest ankara aso ebi styles 2019 you will have a lot to choose from and or inspiration to draw from.

If you ask me not a lot has changed in aso ebi styles this year. There’s still the common feature that has always been there that these beautiful aso ebi styles still carry however you will notice that the styles are getting bolder and more creative.

In our 2019 aso ebi styles collection below there’s no style here that you can’t use for a wedding. Any of these styles will be great for a wedding.

Latest Aso ebi Styles 2019

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Ebuka Outfits BBNaija 2019 – Pepper Dem Styles

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The Big Brother Nigeria 2019 Pepper Dem edition lived up to its theme. I was in front of my TV for most part of the show, and the drama this year can’t be compared to none before it. Everything was Pepper, the drama, the parties but especially the outfits served mostly by Mercy AKA Lambo! And Ebuka the host of the show.

It’s been two weeks now since the show ended and Mercy the Lambo became the first female winner, but some of Ebuka’s outfits left a lasting impression especially those from the Live Eviction shows. They are so good it’s hard to pick a favorite. But Ebuka’s outfit to the finale of the show, a blinged up tuxedo has to be the most impressive and expensive because it had an all round bling that weighed over 9 kilograms. Video of it is attached below.

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada to Adesua and Banky W's Traditional wedding

The Agbada was designed by the celebrated fashion designer Ugo Monye. And rumor has it that it cost between N250-N280k to create it. Of course as expected many people would want to recreate it for themselves but notable designer, Seyi Vodi has appealed to Nigerian tailors and A-List designers not to reproduce the Agbada design that Ebuka Uchendu wore to Adesua Etomi and Banky W’s wedding for anyone.

Sunday 19th November 2017 was a celebrity wedding between @BankyW and @adesuaetomi . One thing struck almost everyone, the Iconic Agbada designed for @Ebuka by the celebrated Fashion designer @ugomonye.official .
On Monday the following day, I passed an internal memo that none of our outlets should agree to reproduce it for any client out of respect for this piece of art. On Wednesday, I put a call to Ugomonye through a mutual client and friend @karowenu to congratulate him and further encourage him. I want to equally encourage the ‘A’ list fashion designers to respect the right to someone’s creation, especially this mind-blowing piece of art. I understand we have many upcoming designers and tailors that may want to try it. Even though I have said it before that, “the best compliment anyone can give you is to copy you”, but this Agbada is an exception. Someone may ask, “What is so Special about this?” So many things, I will answer. This is called thinking-outside-the-box. Just like so many Nigerians have created cars and products that have gone unnoticed. This one is noticed and recognition should be given to such creation by our trade and commerce ministry, Bank of Industry etc. for support, development, and preservation.

A lot of Nigerians however are not having it. Many people said he had no right to say that. And honestly I agree, especially because the design isn’t completely unique. The truth is the concept of the design, which is a deconstructed Agbada isn’t new. It first originated from Sly Monay 2016 Collection showcase at AFWL as pointed out by the designer.


Anyway trust Nigerians, some people have recreated the style already including a lady! I guess what a man can do women can always do better 🙂 I am sure over time we will see many more imitations of the Agbada design. But as they say, if e nor be Panadol e nor fit be like Panadol. Just take a look at the imitations below and see what I mean. Ebuka’s design still stands out, the material, the fitting and the finishing.

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