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Today, we discuss the Lavie Handbags Myntra and top myntra handbags. If you’re looking for a good-quality handbag which is not only classy to look at, but one that will also last you for years, then you should buy a Caprese handbag. From everyday work bags to stylish clutches, Caprese has a vast range of bags in different types and styles to fit your personal style. These handbags will help carry your essentials in style and protect them from any damage or theft. They can easily complete your look, adding a little panache to your overall look . Caprese manufactures their bags using high-quality materials that not only make them look polished, but they also stand the test of time. The prices of these bags may range from INR 1000 to INR 4000. A woman should always have a few styles of bags in her wardrobe, such as a tote bag, a crossbody bag, a leather satchel, an evening clutch and a straw basket bag. Whether you need a bag for your beach vacation or one to don on a cocktail party, you can find all types of bags in online stores. With online shopping, you can easily look for the styles, materials used, sizes of bags and their prices to make an informed buying decision.

Lavie Handbags Myntra

5 Lavie Bags That You Must Buy from Myntra

5 Lavie Bags That You Must Buy from Myntra

Just close your ears if someone tells you that you have way too many bags. Let’s just admit it, bags are never enough and one bag doesn’t fit all your requirements either. Bags are not just an accessory or utility item in your closet, they are your style statement and you need different bags for different purposes.

You cannot carry a sling bag and to office, handbag to a black tie event and tote bag to a trip. With different bags serving different purposes, it is important to have options for every occasion. Lavie has been a leading player in this segment and we have the 5 Lavie bags that you must buy from Myntra.

Lavie Shoulder Bag

The mostly widely used bag and available in maximum patterns and colours, shoulder bag is the safest bet when you are out and looking for a new bag to buy. Myntra offers shoulder bags from Lavie in various colours and patterns, that will spoil you with choice. Also, with Myntra coupons, you can save while getting your favourite bag.

Lavie Hobo Bag

This slouchy bag that looks like a sack, is the best option for ‘grab-and-go’ sort of situations. With various colours and patterns to pick from, you can avail discount on this ‘go-to’ bag by using Myntra coupon code.

Lavie Handheld Bag

For those power statements in meetings or creating first firm impression, handheld bags are the best to create an impression of a confident woman, ready to conquer the world. And with the Myntra coupons available, you can make a strong statement with an even stronger pocket.

Lavie Satchel Bag

To complete any party look, everyone needs a Satchel Bag in their wardrobe and Lavie offers various colours and patterns to choose from. Also, Myntra offers discount codes that can help you save money as you splurge on the party look!

Lavie Sling Bag

Shoulder bags and handheld bags are too big and satchels are too small for a casual evening with friends or a movie date or any casual outing that you have been looking forward to. Here comes the savior, Sling bags!

Every girl owns them and Lavie has every pattern and colour that you want to buy next.

Lavie is ready to spoil you with choice and help you style your bags at discounted prices by using Myntra coupon code. CashKaro also offers various Myntra discount coupons that will make the choice easier.

So, what are you waiting for?

Use the Myntra coupons code today and complete your look with Lavie Bags.

Stop carrying the weight of outdated fashion.

Choose Lavie and carry style!

Best Brands for Handbags Every Woman Should Know Now

Women are big bag lovers. They love carrying a bag that suits their personality and they love flaunting it. They have so many things that they want to be carried everywhere and you will find the minutest of the things in their handbag only. The reason that they carry their handbags almost everywhere can be some of the below quotes:

  • Girls’ clothes don’t have too many pockets to keep things in.
  • Even if there are pockets, it ruins the shape the cloth is offering.
  • Women need a number of things to be carried anywhere that cannot fit into mere pockets.
Top Brands for Women Hand Bags

Having a bag sort the things out in your life and make you feel relaxed. But, girls are very particular about their bags and they need no compromise for that. We have those feministic traits that help us stay updated with the latest styles and the most genuine brands. So, we must follow some of the best brands that give us the best styles of bags.

Best Handbag Brands in India- Top 10 List

1. Lavie

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Kangana Ranaut, the “Queen” of all hearts is the brand ambassador of this decent brand and looks superbly gorgeous while flaunting the bags. You will find various patterns that may be printed, laser cut work or any other style. You only have to look for the occasion and you will find a bag that suits your occasion as well as the outfit. You will also see the high price range in Lavie that you won’t regret spending.

Price Range: Rs.1000-5000
Pattern: Printed, Striped, Solid, Textured, Colour Block, Self Design
Brand Ambassador: Kareena Kapoor
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,,,, &

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2. Fostelo

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Fostelo is one such brand which gets you bags in Synthetic leather that look awesome when you carry them. Fostelo has the best hand held collection, but one thing is for sure, you will never regret spending money on this brand as the products are really worth the price. It has many patterns like printed, solid, cutout and quilted that are always in trend.

Price Range: Rs.500-2500
Pattern: Printed, Solid, Textured, Striped, Self Design
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,,, &

Best Selling Fostelo Handbag For Women:-6292799BUY NOW3993999BUY NOW8092299BUY NOW7993199BUY NOWView MoreAdvertisement

3. Mast and Harbour

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You will have a decent price range here that you will not feel burdened about buying from here. The synthetic leather makes the bags better and fulfills both the purposes, may it be formal or casual. The fabrication and the color choices in this brand are overwhelming and you will be rejoiced to see the solid collection.

Price Range: Rs.500-4000
Pattern: Printed, Solid, Textured, Striped, Self Design, Colourblocked
Websites to Buy:,, &

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4. Caprese

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Caprese is all about bags only. Since they sell only bags, they sell the finest quality that manifests the free spirited culture. Every design of Caprese is crafted as a style statement and you will look more confident, bold and adorable. The pastel colors and vibrant shades give you a different outlook. The best part is that the most of the bags from Caprese have sling strap that looks funky and great. You will have a medium to high price range that makes you flexible with your budget and buy as per the convenience.

Price Range: Rs.1000-4000
Pattern: Printed, Solid, Colourblocked, Textured, Striped, Self Design
Brand Ambassador: Alia Bhatt
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,, &

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5. Lino Perros

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Buy the best designs and conceived patterns in bags that make you look super stylish and you will be more than happy. This is one of the best brands loved worldwide and the fringe and quilted styles make this brand loved by all. This is a high price range brand but surely an irresistible one. Handbags with sling straps are the best in the brand and the quality leather that they use is irresistible and itself justifies the price they charge. Buy the best formal collection to look like a professional and elegant lady.

Price Range: Rs.500-4000
Pattern: Printed, Solid, Textured, Self Design, Colourblocked
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,,,,, &

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6. Diana Korr

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The quirky colors, the classic styles and the irresistible quality bring you the best collection of handbags ranging from medium to high prices. You will find a bag that suit your occasion and style. Also, you will find the trusted quality of man made leather that gets you the best pieces in bags. The cutouts and the embellishments used in the bag are definitely articulated after deep thinking. This is surely a “must try”.

Price Range: Rs.1000-2500
Pattern: Solid, Printed, Colourblocked, Textured, Self Design
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,, &

Most Popular Diana Korr Handbag For Women:-17903999BUY NOW12493800BUY NOW13493999BUY NOW12144499BUY NOWView More

7. Baggit

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One for all is a brand called “Baggit”. The brand says it all, just “Bag It”. The eye catching colors, the beautiful and stylish patterns makes you feel mesmerized about this brand and you will feel the utmost urge to make the purchase. Who can resist if you are getting “great quality” along with the superb style. It can also be carried with a wide variety of outfits that brings out the “Stylish Women” in you. Here you will find more of casual bags that serve your purposes of going out every now and then. The brand is surely a high price brand but the solid patterns are worth the cost.

Price Range: Rs.500-4500
Pattern: Printed, Striped, Solid, Textured, Checked, Colourblocked, Self Design
Websites to Buy:,,,,,, &

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8. Bagsy Malone

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Bagsy sells the international designs in bags that are preferred by women all over the world. The premium quality and the flawless craftsmanship makes you stick to this brand. The bags of this brand have eye popping colors and they generally have sling straps that look adorable and elegant. You can get the best formal handbags from here that look enchanting and hypnotizing.

Price Range: Rs.500-2500
Pattern: Printed, Solid, Textured, Checked
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,, &

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9. Butterflies

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The floral prints and the studded patterns keep you captivated in the variety which is offered by “Butterflies”. One thing is common in almost all the bags that they are made of synthetic leather, and they use the best synthetic leather. This is their USP and you can have the best collection either for casual purpose, or for party. The price also ranges from medium to high that makes it affordable as per the taste.

Price Range: Rs.500-2500
Pattern: Printed, Striped, Solid, Textured, Self Design, Colourblocked
Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,,, &

Most Popular Butterflies Handbag For Women:-9193699BUY NOW10763799BUY NOW6203299BUY NOW39993999BUY NOWView More

10. Dressberry

handbags online shopping india

Dressberry sells various patterns like printed, tassel, cutout and studded that brings out the best style in handbags. The price range is also medium that makes the price and the product complementing each other. The bags are made from Vegan Leather that makes the bags look more seductive and mesmerizing.

Price Range: Rs.500-1500
Pattern: Solid, Textured, Self Design, Colorblock, Printed
Websites to Buy:,,,,,, &

Top Trending Dressberry Handbag For Women:-16242499BUY NOW7993199BUY NOW14751799BUY NOW13622899BUY NOWView More

5 Other Popular Brands:-

  1. Allen Solly
  2. E20
  3. Roadster
  5. Hidesign

Carrying a handbag is almost equivalent to carrying a great style sense if you have the best bag. Women love bags and their inclination towards bag is quite high. After all, you put all your necessities in this bag only that you carry everywhere. Definitely it should add more charm into you and not ruin it. Rely on the best to look your best.

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