LED batten price

Finding the best LED batten price and the led batten holder options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category.

Some early battens consisted purely of a bare fluorescent tube on a folded white steel spine to which you could add accessories such as a reflector. Nowadays, all LED battens have some kind of integral diffuser and so the luminaires tend to be either IP rated or have a slightly more attractive cover for office and commercial applications. We have reviewed both types.

A conventional 1.2m batten with a single T5 or T8 fluorescent lamp emits about 2,500 lumens and all the LED versions we looked at have a greater output. Most manufacturers offer a standard and high output version, with the higher wattage LED being equivalent to a twin lamp fluorescent.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.

led tube light

If you are retrofitting on a one for one basis, decide whether you want a similar or greater illumination level. If you want the same amount of light, you can save energy by using a lower wattage LED version. Remember to compare like with like. A dusty fluorescent luminaire with an old tube might only emit half the light it did when it was new. Don’t compare it with an LED fitting straight out the box.
If, on the other hand, you want greater illumination, you may well be able to achieve it without increasing your energy consumption.

Even with something as simple as a batten, it is worth considering the light distribution. Light isn’t only required on the worktop or desk. Typically, an LED batten emits light over 120 degrees downwards whereas a bare fluorescent lamp would be more like 240 degrees.  or maybe 180 with a diffuser. A wide-angle beam gives you better illumination on people’s faces, shelving and noticeboards – and also more reflections in computer screens!

Some upward light can be desirable to lighten the ceiling and “lift” the appearance of the space. A bare fluorescent lamp gave you all this by default (at the expense of a reduction in horizontal illuminance) but some LED luminaires can have a quite narrow downward distribution which leads to dark walls. 
For this reason, literature which tells you the horizontal illuminance compared with a fluorescent batten is of no value unless the beam angle of the LED luminaires is also given.

Finally, check whether you will want to dim the luminaires. Most of the ones reviewed here could not be dimmed, as standard.

LED batten price

Ansell Topline 6 IP20

This comes in a range of sizes and wattages and we looked at the biggest which is a nominal 6ft long. It is rated at 83W and emits over 9000 lumens; more than equivalent to a twin 1.8m fluorescent.

It has a standard white steel spine and an opal cover over the LEDs.

The whole fitting projects down from the ceiling less than many battens. Coupled with the curved, polycarbonate end-caps, it looks sleeker and neater than some others.

Crompton Photius IP42

This is a compact 40W, 1.2m unit measuring 80 mm wide and projecting just 35 mm from the ceiling. The shallow depth means it is completely unobtrusive in an office or commercial setting. It looks good.
A really useful feature is that it has a hidden switch so you can choose to have a 3000K, 4000K or 6000K output. It is equally at home in a kitchen, office, factory or garage.

The body is made of anodised aluminium and it has an opal, reeded, polycarbonate diffuser. This means it is comfortable to look at from all directions. There is also the option of a microwave movement sensor or with a 3-hour emergency pack.

Enlite BatPac Pro IP20

This is similar in size and shape to a fluorescent batten with a smooth opal diffuser, a white painted steel spine and the same BESA fixings on the back. Its impact resistance is IK08 which is more than many similar battens.

The light output is 4,000 lumens and this compares to a fluorescent lamp of equivalent length, 5ft. However, the BatPac Pro does have a considerably lower energy consumption – 33W compared with 58W for the fluorescent.

There is also a 63W version which emits 7,500 lumens, making it similar to a twin 5ft.

Fitzgerald LED Lightpack IP20

Fitzgerald Lighting has been making battens for over 40 years. The Lightpack has the steel spine, pmma diffuser and plastic end caps of a fluorescent unit but the lamp has been replaced by a row of closely spaced LEDs. The smooth opal diffuser works well and can easily be removed by tilting the spring-loaded end caps.

Like some other suppliers, there is a range of options such as occupancy and daylight sensors, dimming protocols etc. Unusually, one of the standard options is a black painted body.

Gamma Illumination ABI IP65

The ABI is an IP65 anti-corrosive fitting with IK10 impact resistance. The body is injection moulded, grey polycarbonate and it has a clear diffuser.

You can use this just about anywhere you need a budget price corrosion and damp resistant fitting. However, despite its impact resistance, it does feel less rigid than some other IP rated luminaires.

There is a range of control options such as SwitchDIM, DALI or DSI plus motion and daylight sensors. Unusually, there is a 3000K version as standard.

NVC Phoenix IP20

This 30W, 1.2m luminaire has been designed to look like a fluorescent. The LEDs are behind an opal, ribbed diffuser.

What makes the Phoenix different is that is comes with a range of optional accessories such as an opal polycarbonate diffuser, a white steel reflector (symmetric and asymmetric) and a wire guard. There is also a polished (specular) reflector for warehouse applications where you want maximum efficiency.

It is available in standard, 30W, and high output 55W versions, both 4000k and 5000K. 1.5m and 1.8m versions are also similarly available in standard and high output versions.

Philips CoreLine Waterproof IP65

You can be sure of what you are getting with the CoreLine – there is more technical information on the outside of the box than some suppliers give in their datasheets. Both the body and the diffuser are made of polycarbonate and it is clearly a more robust unit than many luminaires on the market. It’s as rigid as a rock. Stainless steel fixing clips are standard.

There is sufficient photometric data in the product sheet to enable you to calculate the number of luminaires required in a space. The datasheet also includes UGR values and a luminance table.

The CoreLine is also available as an Interact Ready wireless version so it can easily form part of a fully connected lighting system.

Sill Lighting Sammode Scorel IP68

Sammode call the Scorel an architectural batten luminaire although I would call it a chic industrial luminaire. Either way, it does not look anything like a conventional fluorescent batten; it’s better.

What sets it apart from other battens is that it is tubular in section with circular, satin finish, stainless-steel endcaps.  The overall polycarbonate enclosure is smooth and totally clear, so you can see all the components and wiring inside. Optical control comes from a specular aluminium reflector with a satin opal diffuser. This gives an almost 180 degree distribution.

But don’t be misled by the striking appearance; this is a serious luminaire. It is IP68 down to 4m under water and impact resistant to IK10. As well as 4000K, it is also available in 2700K and 3000K.

Tamlite TBX IP20

This is the brand new TBX launched in May. It has a white steel body and an opal, reeded, polycarbonate diffuser which gives it a wide light distribution which is comfortable and easy to look at. It looks just like a fluorescent batten except that it lasts three times as long (a claimed 50,000 hour life L70/B50). The 1.2m version can be 16W/2,500 lumens or 31W/4,500 lumens.

It is nicely put together with fine joins between the various components. A nice touch is that the paint on the metal and plastic parts match – many budget luminaires have end caps that aren’t the same shade of white as the body.

There is a range of PIR, DALI and emergency versions.

Thorn PopPack LED IP20

Thorn invented the PopPack way back in 1954 and the textured opal acrylic diffuser on this latest LED version means it looks almost identical. Obviously, it is a lot more efficient, and in terms of lumens emitted by the luminaire it is one of the most efficient (lm/W) on the market. If you want a lot of light, there is a 1.8m version which emits a whopping 11,000 lumens. At the other end of the range is a 3,000 lumen version.

One of the selling points of the original PopPack was easy installation. This continues the tradition by having identical fixing and connection points so it can easily be retrofitted as surface mount or on a BESA box. There is a range of PIR, DALI and emergency versions and both 3000K and 4000K are offered as standard.

led batten holder

Top rated products in Tube Lights & Battens

Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 4, Cool Day Light)

By PHILIPSproduct price₹1,299.00 FREE DeliveryDetails 4.4 | 436 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

This is highly power efficient, and high brightness LED. It doesn’t need an electronic ballast. Slim and trim, lightweight, Easy to connect. Do not look at the light directly, to avoid discomfort to the eyes. Highly reccomended.        Read moreBy gkns

Superb product. Thank you Amazon ,cloudtail and Paytm for great offer… Price-950/- cash back 600/-…??By Pardeep verma

Fantastic product at the price i took it for. Around Rs. 900/- Its bright and easy to fit.By Sanskar MaratheSee all customer reviews

Eveready 20W 4 FT 6000K Cool Day Light Batten Pack of 4

By Evereadyproduct price₹1,045.00 FREE DeliveryDetails 4.3 | 156 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Beautiful deal for a branded LED tube set of 4. Second or 3rd buy for same..lesser quantity purchased earlier. It’s a break resistance body and very light weight is ideal for main hall, kitchen, bedroom, workshop use. No let downs yet. Happy customer        Read moreBy kaivan

I have fixed and connected three tube lights. Yesterday one had flickering and went off. I thought it may work after some time and so put off. After 2 hrs. again I did put on the switch but of no ude.. it is not working. Now kindly advise what I have to do for the replacement as the warranty is in force Tks. and regards. Now my advice is that if free placement cannot be effected to customers satisfaction it is better to buy locally from the shop this type of problems can be eliminated.        Read moreBy Suresh Nair

One of the led out of four stop functioning after 30 mins of installation …but it happens after10 days of replacement policy…..approach Eveready ….but they asked me to send the led by courier it’s foolishness because the cost of courier is same as the led which I have to pay….so friends buy this product if the service station is nearby.        Read moreBy SWARNADEEP BISWASSee all customer reviews

Crompton LDDR20-CDL Dazzle Ray 20-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)

By Crompton4 Offers from product price₹799.00 4.2 | 474 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Good item with very good performance. I think price is little high than market. However, it is appriciabl.By Bibhuti Ranjan Mishra

1. Both Crompton tube lights were received on 19 Nov 18. Yesterday when I opened the packets, one tube light had NO repeat NO clips and screws hence it could not be made functional. 2. In view of the above please despatch two clips and screws forthwith on priority. With regards Lt Col Syed Arshad Husain        Read moreBy Amazon Customer

Mounting clamps for installation missing in packing of both the baton.By PradeeprypSee all customer reviews

Philips Astra Line 20-Watt 4-Feet LED Tubelight Batten (Cool White, Pack of 2)

By PHILIPSproduct price₹699.00 FREE DeliveryDetails 4.2 | 371 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Ordered the Phillips tube light for the first time and to my surprise , there were no screws to fit the tubelight. How the hell are we supposed to fit the tube to the ceiling or any wall? Even a crompton tubelight, which is half the cost came equipped with the entire set of screws. Extremely disappointed. Edit: Long term review: May 2020: it’s over a year and a half that i have regularly used tbis tubelight and it works as directed. Superb durability for the price. Must buy compared to CFL tubes        Read moreBy Sid

Intensity of light is 20% more than florescent tube. Fitting done in a jiffy. Above all power saving is worthy to mention.By M. Srinivasan

Excellent light color. Color temperature is 4100k. Reminds me of office in Europe. Sightly yellower than the cool daylight lights. Lovely. To change the brightness levels you just have to switch it on and off with a 1 second delay. It cycles from bright to medium to dim. And then to bright again.        Read moreBy RamakantSee all customer reviews

Murphy LED Tube Light 1 Feet 6W - Cool White Batten Pack of 2

By Murphyproduct price₹365.00 FREE Delivery. No Minimum order value for first order in this category Details 4.3 | 131 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Received the product in very good packed condition. Installed it with ease. Brightness is also good. I installed it in my dressing room and it nicely lights up the room. Good product. About endurance not yet checked as it’s only two days of installation.        Read moreBy Saikat Kumar Guha

After using of one month, I used 4 lights till now. Out of this four, 3 lights start flickering like old flurocent tube lights (using copper ballast & starter) before light on.By Amazon Customer

It is clearly written length of the light is 2 feet. In the image also it is showm 2 feet. But I received two pieces of 1feet. This is clear cheating. It’s first time I am dissatisfied with amazon. Amazon should not join hands with such frauds.        Read moreBy Amazon CustomerSee all customer reviews

PHILIPS Luminescence Stage, UV Inspection BLB Tubelight 18W (2 Ft, Black)

By PHILIPSproduct price₹1,450.00 4.3 | 62 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

PerfectBy Tejas wasule

Excellent protective packaging, item UV-blacklight tubelight arrived in good condition and is working smoothly. Emits real UV light/ultraviolet/blacklight. Suitable for stage, disco, dance party and artistic purpose. Works perfectly (see dust particles in photos for reference)        Read moreBy Amazon Customer

When ordered this i was bit skeptical about the state i would receive the tubelight in, but packaging was excellent. The light is original Philips product. Both the Tube light holder and tube light came intact.        Read moreBy Amazon CustomerSee all customer reviews

Wipro Garnet 4-Feet 20-Watt Slim LED Batten 6500K

By wiproproduct price₹465.00 FREE Delivery. No Minimum order value for first order in this category Details 4.0 | 850 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Review after using it for a month plus. Excellent performance, elegant looking, easy to install in place of old tube light. 5 star. Bought one each from three different well known brand. Found Wipro is the best among all. One advice: if you have a medium size room, go for 20 Watt or 18 Watt. 22 Watt is too bright for a medium sized room.        Read moreBy RC Mathew

Nice bright light though I would recommend the 22 watt batten for Kitchen as I found the light little less than regular tube light. Installation is very simple. Dont need an electrician. Just remove the existing tubelight. Already 2 holes will be present. Insert the screws and fixture provided with the pack and tighten. Join the two wires with you supply wires. Done.        Read moreBy NVD

Product is good only till the time it is WORKING!!. If it goes faulty, be assured that you will never Get Support and Replacement from WIPRO !!! Am Stuck with a faulty led Batton since 16 Dec 2017 and lost hope to get replacement. Note – They do not provide on site support !!!        Read moreBy MerwynSee all customer reviews

Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten (Cool Day Light) (Cool Day Light)

By Eveready1 Offer from product price₹330.00 4.0 | 724 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Good product. I had a traditional tube light before buying this one. Since it stopped working, I planned to switch to LED. Very easy to install if you already have holes drilled for previous tube light. Just follow these steps (you just need screw driver): 1. Place the small steel holders and tighten them using screw driver 2. Fix the tube light within the holders (just press then) 3. Connect two wires to one each coming out of the wall socket and tape them        Read moreBy Pradeep

Bought this as a trial product to replace and test it vis-a-vis my conventional tubelight. It is better than i expected, brighter than my 36W normal tubelight and has better brightness. It a great product, its a 20W LED Batten, but brightness is way more that expected, as a result i have changed all my tubelight to these eveready battens. They come in both cool white and golden yellow. These are the 4 feet long battens which are the perfect replacement for the tubelight. In fact i didnt need an electrician. I connected them myself. They are like a DIY project        Read moreBy Apaar Mehar Sinha

Light weight. Better illumination than older tubes. Delivery was flawless. Great packaging. Bright enough for bedrooms, dining or living room. In budget just Rs 249/ for 20Watts. However some may feel little strain in eyes as LEDs light sometimes hurt eyes. Lets see how many days It survives. Initial impressions are fine. No bend or damage at delivery. Three layers of protection provided. Tested OK. Check my video. Thank you.        Read moreBy ADISee all customer reviews

Crompton Eco Smart Linea 18-Watt LED Tube Light (Cool Day Light)

By Crompton3 Offers from product price₹451.00 4.0 | 719 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

I am writing this after 6 months of usage. So this is a late usage review. I am living in a rented apartment and here, we had lights of CFL tubes. They used to get damaged frequently, either the starter or the tubes themselves and getting them repaired for free required us giving a complaint to the maintenance staff. They were often lazy and we have to go around it for days. So i eventually decided to replace the entire lighting system with these LED tubes. My observations are: 1) they are as bright as cfl tubes, if not slightly more. 2) they look more slim and tidy and have just one double core wire coming out of it for the AC current input. All the circuitry is concealed within the tube. 3) the tube turns on instantly and turns off instantly when using the switch. No startup delay. 4) the tube is uniformly illuminating. No individual        Read moreBy River rafter

The output is easily brighter than conventional 40W and 36W tubelights. I replaced one tubelight in a large room that had two tubelights. This 18W LED tube easily outperformed the old 40W tubelight situated on the opposite wall of the room. This is at half the wattage and a similar price. I bought 5 of these units at Rs. 349 each and installed them myself, installation is simple and takes 5 minutes.Crompton Eco Smart Linea 18-Watt LED Tube Light (Cool Day Light) I shall replace all the conventional tubelights at home with this product.        Read moreBy Naveen

I am giving my review after one plus year usage, The tube is of poor quality, It stopped working in 13 months of use. the product is still in warranty period. Written to Compton customer care. Disappointed with the purchase, not expected with such poor quality from Crompton. update : There is difference of online purchase vs offline, for online purchase customer need to straggle to get the replacement even when the product is poor and went bad during warranty, they promised to give replacement within three days but empty promise now I need to pick it from more than 40 km from my place…just imageine from White filed I have to pick it from vijaynagar Bangalore….which is just fooling.. disappointed with Compton and no more poor product and services from Crompton at least for me in future. Crompton Eco Smart Linea 18-Watt LED Tube Light (Cool Day Light) | B016OB0RW4 (B016OB0RW4 )        Read moreBy SMK_BLRSee all customer reviews

Murphy LED Flat Tube Light 4 Feet 40W -Cool White Batten Pack of 2

By Murphyproduct price₹1,295.00 FREE Delivery. Details 4.0 | 204 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

My Home office which is approx 10 x 8 was suffering from low lighting due to the Ceiling LED lights dimming over time . I installed 1 and found this to make a world of difference .. It is pretty bright and found the overall casing etc of good quality . Only time would tell how well it holds up        Read moreBy John Doe

Product no doubt is great but the way product info is provided in detail, to help in informed purchase is even greater, it gives a sense that seller is going that extra mile to facilitate online purchase .By N.M

The light does strobe so please stop the fake advertisement, as this was the biggest con for me because I have a pet and they see the flickering effect every time the light is on, this is very bad for their mental health so please avoid this light if u have a bird or cat/dog in your house. Imagine if you are sitting under a flickering tube light for more than 5 mins, ur mind gets F*ed and u get irritated very easily, now ull understand why your dog/cat gets those mood swings when lights are on. For other people, the product looks like it’s assembled by hand and that’s why their are many flaws in it, but it does look good if u mount it on ceiling, don’t mount it on wall as the led strips(2 strips) inside the cover are angled @~45° so the light spreads out good if u        Read moreBy [V]ki.See all customer reviews

Saish Solutions® Portable 5 Volts 5 Watts USB LED Tube Light, 1 Feet Cool White Home Light Along with 6 Feet Long Cab...

By Saish Solutionsproduct price₹333.00 4.1 | 79 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

The product is good especially in case of emergency power cuts, it works fine on my ambrane 15000 mAh power bank. Just one advice for the seller increase the length of led tube light. Overall it is a great product at lesser price.        Read moreBy Mangesh More

It’s a unique twist to the concept of usb lights. I use it as a reading light and for my car. I opened the casing and saw how ingeniously simple this construction is and congratulate the people who made it.By :DJ

It is really a very good product and light is good. But it is small in size and made of plastic material and it get heated in just few minutes. Dont know that how much it will work. But it is really very good and you will use with your battery bank easily.        Read moreBy Sky JsrSee all customer reviews

Saish Solutions 12 Volts 20 Watts DC Plastic LED 4 Feet Tube Light, with High Brightness (White)

By Saish Solutionsproduct price₹1,099.00 4.2 | 28 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

The product is absolutely good. The diffuser, the body all are upto the mark. Cannot distinguish a 220VAC Led tube with this one if both are kept lighted side-by-side. However, I didnt get wall fixing clips with this product and price is also a bit high. (I know DC products are bit costlier than AC ones bcoz there are only few takers for it). Still I feel the price is bit higher        Read moreBy Kannan

Performs exactly like a regular “tube light” Good brightness without glare or dots. If you are aiming to aiming to live independently without the grid,this is the thing for you. Since no inverter is required, since it works directly from battery, it will glow twice the amount of time than a conventional inverter based ac tube light        Read moreBy Jayadevan C R

Brightness is equal to Philips 20w led tubelight. The temperature of this tube light is more cooler and relaxing than the Philips one. I got the mounting clips and the packaging was huge and strong. Hope it lasts long.        Read moreBy RolandSee all customer reviews

Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 3, White)

By Evereadyproduct price₹799.00 FREE DeliveryDetails 4.1 | 35 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Good visibility and bright for good price. Thanks to amazonBy vivek

worth the money paidBy feroz khan

I have purchased a set of 3 LED on 28.10.18 . One light is not working. I don’t know that how we can change and replace the same with new one. If I purchase from local shop then shopkeeper give guarantee of one year.        Read moreBy RAM KUMAR SHARMASee all customer reviews

Crompton Slim Ray 18-Watt LED Tube Light (Cool Day Light)

By Crompton5 Offers from product price₹364.00 3.8 | 1,847 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Replacing an old tube light fitting is a problem as the slim ray is much smaller and leaves the blemished wall exposed. However on a freshly painted wall it is very easy to install. 18 watts is bright enough for a room of 12 by 12. No choke or starter trouble!        Read moreBy Tony Rebello

I’ve replaced all my CFL tubes with this one at home. Works fine with existing measurements, holes and connections. Feels 30% brighter at 50% electricity consumption.By Utsav

Please don’t buy lights and bulbs on amazon, you don’t get warranty over it, and it doesn’t glow, it only blinks.By Anupam GuptaSee all customer reviews

ILUX Round LED Tubelight (Cool White, 18W)

By ILUXproduct price₹285.00 5.0 | 7 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Good running okBy Dr. U P Singh

Very nice product and easy to install. Brilliant light.perfect for readindBy Alkesh Choksi

GoodBy Snahanshu JanaSee all customer reviews

Philips Slimray 2-Watt 30-LED Rechargeable Batten (White)

By PHILIPSproduct price₹1,299.00 FREE Delivery. Details 3.8 | 152 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Good LED rechargable light and it’s quality is awesome. Pros 1. Good battery life 2. Small & Light weight L*B*H -33*5.2*4.6 cm ( that is 1 feet length) weight- 217gm ( means weight of a phablet) 3. High and Low brightness mode with 4 hours & 9 hours working time respectively. 4. Auto On, Overcharge protection, Deep discharge protection. 5. Made in India and 1 year warranty. Cons 1. Wall mountable only. It cannot be placed vertically on a table as it’s edges are curve shaped. 2. Charge indicator light doesn’t turn off after the mentioned charging time. So we don’t know whether the charge is full or not. 3. Product has 1year conditional warranty. That is the replacement warranty covers for a period of 6 months from the date of sales or 12 months from the date of manufacturing whichever completed earlier. I have received product which is manufactured in 2015 March. So it’s warranty expired. If anyone needs product        Read moreBy Unnikrishnan M.K

This 30 LED 13″ emergency light has 2 modes of lighting, bright and low. Can be operated by the slide switch or the rope switch. If you want auto on feature on power failure keep the light on through the rope switch, put the slide switch in bright or low position, connect it to the wall socket and power on. The light will go off and switch on automatically when power fails. Charge it for 24 hours initially to use it. You will not have to grope in dark in case of sudden failure of power. Bought it recently. Can not comment on durability of the product. But for now it is extremely useful.        Read moreBy BANSHEEDHAR MISHRA

Useless product from Philips. Stopped after just two months and customer service is also not good from Philips. Even Amazon customer care was not supportive in this case.By PSMSee all customer reviews

FOS LED Tubelight 54-Watt 4-Feet, 5940 LUMENS (Pack of 2) - Wall/Ceiling Mountable (Neutral White 4000k)

By FOSproduct price₹3,480.00 FREE Delivery. Details 4.4 | 8 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Bright and well designed. Perfect for living rooms. Looks good as well. Only issue is it not delivered by amazon. Gets couriered to you. Amazon delivery is much more reliable and easy to track.By Varun Sharma

Very effective and unique to be installed in house.By kundan

Good productBy Vijay Kumar VermaSee all customer reviews

VEEKAYLIGHT 24 Inch Under Cabinet Lighting 6000K - Under Counter Lighting and Under Cabinet LED Profile Light - White

By VEEKAYLIGHTproduct price₹460.00 4.5 | 7 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Awesome.should give refrigerator like switch with the product.By madhav maheshwari

Good serviceBy Samson Daniel

the wire should be atleast 1 meter long and a two pin plug could be attached at the end to make it ready to use.By RMNSee all customer reviews

sagrach Rechargeable Light Bar -720 Lumens/ 60 LEDs 16.5"- White-1PCS

By Sagrach1 Offer from product price₹791.00 4.2 | 10 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

Very nice product. Handy during power outrage. Battery lasts really long.By Amazon Customer

Good productBy Dr.Subrata Datta

GoodBy ShilohSee all customer reviews

Pick Ur Needs Rocklight AC/DC 20 Watt Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Tube (White)

By Pick Ur Needsproduct price₹589.00 3.8 | 32 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

GoodBy Renu devi

This product has Auto cut system so no worries for charging and has super brightness.By dhirren parmar

Just Got the delivery. Brightness id good, rest details will be uploaded later. Just wanted to inform you guys, buy this product, if you are interested, from flipkart. The cost of same product with same specification is Rs. 520/-. Save Rs.79/- on same product.        Read moreBy rajiv mani

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