Led low bay lights price

Finding the best Led low bay lights price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the low bay vs high bay in the category and the best commercial low bay led lighting.

Low Bay lights are used for lighting warehouses, underground parking lots, roads, streets and highways, loading platforms and many more commercial and public places. Unlike high bay lights these ones do not emit lots of heat rather they provide cooler light. If you are looking for low bay lights price in UAE then look no further than King Lighting which is the leading retailer in Dubai specializing in LED products including low bay lights. We cater to all kinds of LED lighting including Floodlights, down lights, recessed lights, high bay light, led panel light etc.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.

Led low bay lights price


low bay led lighting calculator

How to light up a small garage or warehouse having lower ceiling? You will probably need the low bay lights. Unlike the conventional bulbs, the LED low bay gives a better light output and uniformity. No matter for new installation or shop light replacement, LED is always a better choice than fluorescent, metal halide or halogen bulbs because of its energy-saving and long-lasting properties.

This review shares with you the best low bay lighting we can buy online. The product includes UFO light, LED canopy light, panel light, linkable shop light, and replacement bulbs.

low bay vs high bay

Best LED Low Bay Lights

1. Hyperlite LED Low Bay Shop Lights

Some homeowner may be confused about the difference between high bay and low bay lights. The similarity is that they are both designed for roomy warehouse, garage or other commercial or industrial areas. However, high bay is applied to high ceiling while low bay is adopted when the ceiling height is less than 20 feet.

Low bay lights for lower ceiling

Since the distance between the fixture and the floor is shorter, the power of luminaire can be lower. However, the critical difference is that low bay light has a larger beam angle. It is because the light beam can be widely spread within such the short distance. If the beam angle is too small, the ceiling lights will create the bright spots on the floor, which in turn create glare that discomfort our eyes.

Large beam angle for better lighting coverage

This Hyperlite LED UFO light has 60W, which is able to provide 8100 lm output. The best part of this low bay light is that it has a wide beam angle of 120-degree. The merit is that it can improve the lighting uniformity, especially when you are having dozens of luminaires on the ceiling. Better lighting quality can assist your vehicle maintenance work in the garage.

Long-lasting LED low bay

Since this low bay luminaire is using LED as the light source, it has an incredibly high life span of 50,000 hours. If you turn the lights on for 8 hours per day, it lasts for around 17 years theoretically. If you are tired of replacing the incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes in your workshop, why not select LED that lasts for years? It can definitely save your cost, time and effort after using LED low bay to replace such the conventional fixtures.

Easy to install to low ceilings

As for the structural design, the fixture includes the hook, so we can easily hang it to the truss. If you are concerned about the fall of the luminaire, we can also secure a safety wire between the low bay lamp and the truss. Besides, there is a circular heat sink that helps maintain the LED junction temperature in a lower range. Thus, your low bay lights can be more durable.

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  • Bright low bay lights
  • Energy-saving LED
  • Large beam angle for broad and uniform light coverage


  • A little bit pricey
Lumen output8100 lm
Beam angle120-degree
Color temperature4000K

2. Hykolity LED Low Bay Canopy Lights – Best for Metal Halide Replacement

If you want to replace the metal halide or HPS lights under the canopy, this low bay lights would be your better option. It is basically a 6-pack product. Each 40W LED lights produce around 4800 lumens; thus, we can know the its luminous efficacy is 4800 / 40 = 120 lm/W, which is quite satisfactory for LED low bay. Since it has the 5000K color temperature, it gives a natural daylighting feeling, which is optimal for work.

If you hang the low bay to a 10 feet ceiling, each light can cover around 10 x 10 feet area. For instance, if you have a 40 x 20 garage, the lighting plan would be 4 x 2 lights. However, if the canopy is higher than 10 feet, then we will need to add more low bay to maintain the ample brightness.

LED low bay for replacing metal halide lights

The best part of this low bay LED is that it is able to replace the metal halide lamps having the equivalent brightness. Now, each LED is 40W, so we can save considerable amount of energy to achieve the more-or-less the same brightness.

Another merit of using LED is that it can be turned on and off almost instantly. We don’t need to wait for around 5 to 10 minutes to get the maximum brightness. After the metal halide replacement, you will be impressed by not only the brightness, but the zero delay of toggling on/off.

In addition, this Hykolity low bay lamp has 50,000 hours, which is far greater than the life span of HID lights. So, we don’t need to buy the new lights so frequently. If you happen it install the canopy lights in the warehouse or shop, you would find it is painful to remove the old fixtures and install the new ones. By getting the LED low bay, it greatly saves your time, money and effort in long run!

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  • Impressive brightness after MH replacement
  • Affordable price
  • Low profile design for storehouse canopy


  • May take time to wire and install the low bay fixtures
Power40W LED
Lumen4800 lm
Color temperature5000K (daylight)
Mounting methodCanopy ceiling mount

3. Hyperikon 2 ft T8 LED Tube – Best Fluorescent Replacement for Workshop

Flicker-free lighting is vitally important for machine shop. If you are using fluorescent tubes as the low bay lights, you would probably find it flickers a lot after using it for a few months or a year. It is because the ballast started to age and thus it can’t properly excite the mercury vapor inside the tube to generate continuous lights. Fortunately, LED light tube is a better alternative as it can eliminate the flickering problem because it uses a completely different work mechanism.

Hyperikon offers this top-quality 2 feet T8 LED low bay light tube for replacing the existing fluorescent. The 8W LED can retrofit 25W fluorescent, which means they have similar brightness! If you have a large-scaled workshop low bay lighting replacement, switching to LED can save you a lot of electricity cost in the long run, though the price of LED low bay is generally higher than that of fluorescent tubes.

LED is better option because it has longer life span than fluorescent. This low bay light tube has 45,000 hours life span, which is a quite common rating in the LED lighting industry. By getting LED, we have no need to change the lamps so frequently.

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Power of LED8W
Fluorescent equivalent25W
Color temperature5000K
Life span45,000 hours

4. AntLux 4ft Wraparound LED Linear Low Bay Lights

If you start the new lighting installation from scratch, this AntLux low bay linear shop lights would be your best option. Since this LED fixture has wraparound design, the lights can be diffused to different directions when they come out the lens. It gives a uniform and broad light coverage for roomy office, garage, warehouse or machine shop.

The 50W low bay light has the great lumen output of 5500 lumens, which is able to substitute the existing fluorescent tubes having the similar brightness.

The best part of this linear low bay light is that it has the wraparound lens on the both sides, so it can provide approx. 180° illumination in the office. The glare-free and uniform lighting can improve the productivity of workers. In addition, the eyes will not feel tired easily.

Another excellent feature of this linear LED light is that has high color rendering index (CRI) of Ra>80. Under the high CRI illumination, we can see the real color of the objects, so we can have a more accurate decision when we are doing the vehicle repair work in workshop, or painting in the studio.

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  • Linkable design makes the low bay light more tidy
  • Linear wraparound lights for better light uniformity
  • Affordable price
  • High CRI


  • Buzzing noise may be observed
Power50W LED
Lumen output5500 lm
Color temperature4000K
Color rendering indexRA>80

5. EverWatt E26 LED Low Bay Corn Light Bulb

If you have the E26 bulb socket mounted on the low bay ceiling, this corn light bulbs will be you best lighting upgrade. It is basically a super bright LED light bulb emitting over 8000 lumens. Since it is a 60W LED, it doesn’t consume much energy, and thus it saves your energy bill.

It is best suit for low bay lighting because of its 360° design. It has numerous LED chip array on the wall & the bottom of the bulbs, so they can provide the uniform and full light coverage for spacious shop or storehouse. By installing several sets of bulbs to the lower ceiling, we can effectively eliminate the shadow, and thus greatly improve the user experience.

The best thing of this corn bulb is that it has a E26 screw base, so we can retrofit the existing metal halide or HPS bulbs with ease.

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LED power60W
MH replacement250W
Screw baseE26
Color temperature5000K

6. Hykolity 4ft LED Vapor Tight Fixture – Best Cheap Low Bay Lights

If you want to get an affordable LED low bay for wet locations or outdoor, this 4ft vapor tight lamp linear fixture would be your best choice. The 40W LED light generates 4400 lumens, which is designed to light up the parking garage or workshop.

The best part of the low bay light fitting is that it has vapor tight design despite its cheap price. The lamp is able to resist the moisture, so we don’t need to worry about the ceiling light will easily go off in the humid indoor environment. Besides, this LED low bay can also tolerate the inclement weathers, so we can also use it as the outdoor canopy lights. You can’t believe you can buy such the versatile luminaire with such an inexpensive price.

With the use of the PC covering lens, it can provide the broad light beam to light up the home or commercial garage uniformly. The linear design is suitable to form the light arrays in the storage unit.

Another merit is that since it is using LED as the light source, it survives under the temperature of -4°F, so this high bay lamp is suitable for cold storage or freezer above -4°F. The external moisture or water would not damage the lights because of its vapor tight design.

Overall, this product is suitable for householders who are in tight budget and looking for outdoor canopy light fixture.

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  • Water resistant low bay light
  • Affordable price
  • Large and uniform light coverage


  • May take time to install
LED Power40W
Lumen output4400 lm
Color temperature5000K

7. Hyperikon Dimmable LED Low Bay Panel Light

Sometimes we may want to have different brightness at home, says dimmer lights for chilling or bright lights for working. This Hyperikon’s flat panel low bay light is your best choice because it supports smooth dimming. However, we need to buy the dimmer separately.

Since it has a large lens, the LED light beam can be evenly spread across the office or other indoor areas. The top-quality low bay lighting helps improve the productivity as well as reduce the chance of headaches.

This 2 x 2 ft panel light has a slim design, so it can fit into the dropped ceiling.

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