Led outdoor flood lights best price

The standards for LED lighting have improved considerably since their first release years ago. The improvements include an extension of longevity from a handful of years to multiple decades. The improvement extends to testing the bulbs for safety as well as an environmental factor such as the types of materials used in manufacturing, how they were acquired, and how they burn out. The best LED flood light bulbs for outdoor fixtures are one that is long-lasting and durable with quality, environmentally sound products. The light bulbs will provide complete illumination, at a wide angle for years at a time without flickering or dying. Let’s check out the Led outdoor flood lights best price below.

The reason for selecting an LED outdoor bulb is to provide that long-term quality lighting inside and outside the home.

Led outdoor flood lights best price

1. Olafus LED Flood Light Outdoor

There’s a reason this LED flood light from Olafus is called “super bright”. With a total of 11,000 lumens, it provides enough light for most commercial spaces.

The black SPCC steel and IP66 waterproof rating protect it from the elements and an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan means it can last more than 13 years depending on use.

It doesn’t use a lot of energy and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, an adjustable mounting bracket and 1.64 ft cord length help make installation easy, too.


  • This light has a super bright output of 11,000 lumens.
  • IP66 waterproof rating making lights work properly no matter rain, snow, heat, or cold environment.
  • Saves money on energy bills as well as maintenance costs.
  • The 1.64 ft power cord and adjustable mounting bracket make installation easy.


  • The steel bracket can rust in certain environments, especially where there’s saltwater exposure.

2. LEPOWER LED Flood Light Outdoor

This LED flood light from LEPOWER delivers 11000 lumens and has a radial pattern reflector surfaces to that enhances the light and can save you 80% on your electric bill, depending on usage.

The casing is made of lightweight, durable aluminum that won’t rust or corrode and is designed to dissipate heat plus the casing of the light is waterproof.

It can easily be installed on the wall of a building, corner of a house, or under an eave using the adjustable-angle bracket and 59-inch power cord.


  • High-quality aluminum body and IP66 waterproof rating.
  • The light is shadow-free and anti-glare and has a wide-angle for maximum illumination.
  • This light includes a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as an 18-month warranty.
  • When used the same amount of time as a halogen equivalent, this LED light will save 80% on utility bills.


  • Waterproofing only extends to exposure to rain, snow as this light cannot be submerged and may be flooded if exposed to large volumes of water. The plug and switch are not waterproof.
  • The mounting bracket can be hard to adjust.

3. GLORIOUS-LITE LED Flood Light Outdoor

The GLORIOUS-LITE LED flood light puts out 4,000 lumens and has a tempered glass cover that helps transmit the brightest light possible.

It has lower energy consumption than comparable halogen lights and can save up to 80% on your energy bill.

Because it’s rated IP66 waterproof, this is a great light for outdoors. Not only does it come with an 18-month warranty, but you can also return it for your money back within the first 2 months.


  • This light saves up to 80% on energy bills because it uses only a fraction of the energy of comparable halogen lights.
  • It lasts up to 30,000 hours or more than 3 years, depending on use.
  • The grooved design helps dissipate heat to extend the life of the lamp.
  • It has an IP66 waterproof rating that can withstand long-term outdoor use.


  • The plug and switch are not waterproof and the light cannot be submerged.
  • This product does not come with a plug but rather pigtailed wires to install your own plug.

4. Upgraded SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

It can be a lifesaver when you walk up the driveway, and the lights automatically come on. The Upgraded SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights might be ideal for you. They are high-performance and feature two very bright LED heads, each with eight LED bulbs.

These lights can produce 3600 LM with a clear, white brightness using only 36 W bulbs. Therefore, the exterior lighting is highly efficient and makes it safer to be outside at night.

There are built-in sensors that detect motion or work from dusk until dawn. The lights feature a sensing angle of 180 degrees and a 50-ft sensing range.

This product features four working modes. The test mode only turns on for five seconds when motion is detected. It is ideal for checking to see if the sensor is working.

You’ll also find auto-mode, which can light up the area for up to 10 minutes, depending on when it is set. It switches on and off when it detects motions and only works at night. On-time mode and dusk-to-dawn mode are also available.


  • Wide coverage
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Ideal for outdoor use


  • Not suitable for soffit mounting
  • Detection and adjustment of motion sensor might not be the best

5. JJC LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor

JJC LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor

The JJC LED Flood Light Outdoor has three light heads. They are designed to push light outward in different directions. That way, you can see what’s happening outside your home.

Its long-sensing distance is 65 feet, and the motion sensor is strong and highly sensitive. That means you can see around your home when it is illuminated.

This product is ideal for keeping away burglars, but it can also keep animals and pests off your property. Plus, when you walk near to it at night, it will turn on, giving you plenty of light by which to see.

You’ll find that this product is waterproof. The IP65 rating ensures that this light will resist a variety of weather conditions. They include snow, sleet, and rain.

Plus, they are resistant to UV exposure, erosion, and rust. The LED lights can produce about 3000 lm of brightness. Also, there is good heat dissipation so that they don’t overheat.

If that weren’t enough, you can save money on your electricity bill. They’re LED lights, which automatically help to reduce your energy usage. However, they only turn on when motion is detected and then turn off again.


  • Three working modes
  • Energy-conserving model
  • Waterproof structure


  • Takes trial and error to place correctly
  • Must be installed by an electrician

6. A-Zone Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

A-Zone Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

All LED lights are well-known for saving energy. However, you can now have exterior lighting that doesn’t have to be plugged into an outlet. The A-Zone Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor features solar panels to turn the sun’s heat into energy.

It has two working modes. The light turns off in the daytime and charges from the sun.

At night, it automatically turns on in weak-light mode. It stays on during the night. However, when people/animals get close (about 10-26 feet), it switches to high-light mode.

These motion sensor lights can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Plus, the solar panels offer adjustable angles, allowing you to get the full range of sun as it moves throughout the day.

The casing of the lights is aluminum-alloy, so they’re sturdy and designed for heavy use. Likewise, they are waterproof, so you can use them outside without issue.

You’ll find this product also features a polycarbonate lens. This ensures that the light itself is much brighter. Usually, you will only need about six hours of sunlight to charge it.


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Waterproof design


  • Must place light toward the south for it to work correctly
  • Solar panel leaves something to be desired

7. LEPOWER Dusk to Dawn Light LED Security Lights Outdoor

Those who want something fancy for outdoor lighting are sure to be impressed with this product. The LEPOWER LED Flood Light looks similar to a bunch of speakers wired together. Don’t let that fool you, as they are very bright.

With three LED light heads, they can produce about 3500 LM with a high brightness output. Therefore, you could save up to 80% on your energy bill if you switch to this versus a traditional porch light.

You can adjust each of the light heads to a different angle. This makes it customizable to your needs. Of course, you can also leave them as they are for maximum lighting.

The company boasts of easy installation, and the instructions are simple to follow. However, mounting is a concern. You may need to use longer screws and pay close attention to the wiring of the junction box.

Of course, if the product is going to be installed outside, it must be waterproof. This one doesn’t disappoint. It features an IP65 waterproof rating, which ensures that the light won’t fail in snow, rain, or sleet.


  • Energy-savings
  • Variety of modes
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation


  • Plastic construction; durability concerns
  • Limited mounting options

8. Ustellar Waterproof Equivalent Outdoor LED Flood Light

Ustellar Waterproof Equivalent Outdoor LED Flood Light

Another great choice for an outdoor LED flood like is this one from Ustellar. This is a 2-pack. Each light is 4,800 lumens and has a wide 120-degree angle so you can really light up a pretty large area.

These lights are rated IP66 waterproof for outdoor use, even in bad weather.

The cooling system design is super effective and helps extend the life of each light and they even come with a 3-year warranty.


  • This 2-pack allows for easy and versatile installation to light up any outdoor space.
  • Depending on usage, can save you up to 80% on utility bills.
  • The die-cast aluminum frame is lightweight, durable, and won’t rust, corrode, scratch, or fade.
  • All exposed cables have an anti-UV, anti-aging rubber coating.


  • Installation instructions are unclear since the wire colors are not standard.
  • The mounting bracket can be difficult to adjust.
  • The brightness can fade over time.
  • The plug is not included.

9. Motion Sensor Led Flood Lights Outdoor Security Floodlights

Motion Sensor Led Flood Lights Outdoor Security Floodlights

The best thing about this light from W-Lite is that it has a motion sensor which makes it ideal for security purposes.

The 4,000-lumen output and 120-degree angle dissipate the light well and it can save about 85% of your utility bills to 400-watt halogen lights.

This product includes a 180-degree motion sensor and you can choose between 3 different settings. The 50,000-hour lifespan and aluminum housing are long-lasting and the 24-month warranty keeps you covered for an extended period of time.


  • The 180-degree motion sensor can be adjusted for distances up to 40 feet and for a light duration time of 5 seconds to 3 minutes. It can be set to work 24-hours a day or only at night.
  • Installation can be done at any angle.
  • This light is available in both warm and cool white.


  • Screws and washers needed for mounting are not included.
  • The motion sensor can be unreliable and is affected by the rain.

10. Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Security Light with Motion Sensor

Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Security Light with Motion Sensor

For a bright, reliable outdoor security light, take a look at this flood light from Hyperikon. This 2-headed light features a total of 1,800 lumens.

Installation is really easy and each light head is adjustable so you can tailor the light to the outside of your home.

The IP65 weatherproofing can withstand the elements to keep your home safe no matter what the weather. And get this: it’s covered by an unlimited 5-year warranty.


  • This light has both a dusk-to-dawn sensor as well as a motion sensor that monitors up to a range of about 30 to 40 feet.
  • Weatherproofing makes this light effective in rain, sleet, or snow.
  • You can adjust the timing of the light, the perimeter of the motion sensor, and the direction the light is pointing, making it easy to customize this light to the outside of your own home.


  • The motion sensor can be unreliable.
  • There are minimal instructions included.

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