LED par light price

LED par lights are popular since they are great for party events and also be used at homes and in businesses as well. The fact remains that the best LED par lights are mostly used for concerts, nightclubs and on stages. Research shows that customers respond better to settings that are more modernized. This is why more businesses are incorporating the use of LED par lights. A few of their uses include; home security lighting, stage lighting, use as individual spotlights in art galleries and museums, recessed can light and track lighting. Going through this LED par lights review is the best decision you could have made. You will be able to note their huge difference and the value that they bring. Using halogen or incandescent PAR bulbs can only get you so far. Let’s have a look at what the LED par light price market has to offer.


 5 Best Budget LED Par Can Lights

LED technology has lowered the cost of Par Cans and other effects lighting to a point where they are now available in the sub £50 bracket while still offering a high-quality product and numerous features. Cheap LED Par Can Lights offer a great entrance into the world of professional lighting, giving you access to great quality lighting effects and wash lighting fixtures Perfect for use as atmospheric lighting in small venues and events, budget LED par lights are great for adding a wash of colour to walls, or for use as fill lighting for stages and dancefloors.


With this range of budget LED Par Cans, you’ll be certain to find a unit that will do exactly what you want, with the performance they offer being both surprising and delightful for such a minimal cost outlay. Strong and durable plastic enclosures, and professional features such as DMX control and built-in auto light show modes. With powerful LED output and a range of colour mixing, these discreetly sized par lights offer amazing value.

We have selected 5 Budget Par Can Lights, all under the £60 price barrier, with the features and power ratings to suit a wide selection of events and lighting requirements.

  • MAX PARTY PAR WITH 12X 1W RGBW LEDSThe Max Party PAR with 12x 1W RGBW LEDs is the smallest of all the par cans in this selection at just 120mm front diameter and weighing just 0.4kg, making it possible to place in almost any position required without fuss. Featuring 12x 1W RGBW LEDs giving it a hugely capable output of solid colours and blended mixes. Its sturdy ABS plastic casing and metal foot/hanging bar are strong and long-lasting with plenty of built-in venting to keep things nice and cool during use. With its simple rear panel offering you standard XLR style DMX in and out, and an LED display for programming and function selection, this great little par can light is a no brainer for your lighting rig.This lovely little par can is powerful for its tiny size, with features and build quality that is pretty amazing for a sub £30 effects light.
  • Max Party PAR with 12x 1W RGBW LEDs

  • BEAMZ SLIMPAR30 6X 3W LED PAR CANWith its massively bright 3W LEDs, the BeamZ SlimPar30 6x 3W LED Par Can gives amazing light output for such a small unit, with its tri-lamps giving superb RGB colour mixing and defined washes for walls, floors and ceilings. Perfect for mobile DJ’s and live performers, the space-saving design offers built-in shows, sound-to-light modes and IR remote control that make it a real plug and play effects light unit. Simple yet durable plastic enclosure and sturdy metal bracket allow easy placement for floor use or lighting bar mounting.Fantastic small format par can, with amazing colour definition and light output. Its missing DMX, but if that’s not an issue for you, the SlimPAR30 is a great buy.
  • BeamZ SlimPar30 6x 3W LED Par Can

  • BEAMZ FLATPAR 18 LED UPLIGHTERA larger sized offering with its 218mm diameter front bezel, the BeamZ FlatPAR 18 LED Uplighter is perfectly at home on the dancefloor and as a wall wash light. With features like power and DMX daisy-chaining, the FlatPAR 18 bridges the gap between budget and professional par lights. Its 18x 1W Ultrabright coloured LEDs give it a unique mixing ability for a stunning colour show. Rugged construction and dual steel hanging brackets that allow adjustable floor use for wall washes are joined with an IR remote control, with twin cooling fans to keep the unit running smoothly all night.A unique LED lighting system. The high power single colour lamps combine for a lovely beam effect that DJ’s and event planners will love, and the low cost allows multiples to be had for very little outlay.
  • BeamZ FlatPAR 18 LED Uplighter

  • BEAMZ 151.266 FLATPAR LED PAR LIGHTUtilising the older design style of 10mm grouped LEDs, the BeamZ 151.266 FlatPAR LED Par Light is a classic little powerhouse that’s perfect for wash lighting and uplighting use. Its square-based enclosure has been designed especially to allow freestanding in a vertical position, which makes it ideal for use in the base of plinths and totem style displays that are popular at weddings and events. Featuring DMX control, auto shows, electronic dimming and an included IR remote control, this great little par light offers fantastic results from its RGBW output, and will find a home in any lighting rig.The older look of this unit with its smaller LEDs may put some off, but don’t be fooled into thinking its old tech, as the performance on offer here is excellent. The superb enclosure design makes vertical use a simple setup too.
  • BeamZ 151.266 FlatPAR LED Par Light

BEAMZ BFP110 WALL WASH RGB + UV UPLIGHTERThe most powerful par light in this list, it also is the only one to offer UV functionality, making the BeamZ BFP110 Wall Wash RGB + UV Uplighter a unique unit in this budget selection. This powerful uplighter features 5x 6W tri LEDs, plus a centrally mounted 6W ultraviolet lamp which gives you the full spectrum of colours when mixed. The individual UV also allows a variable speed strobe mode alongside the standard colour mix auto shows and the unit is DMX controllable. The BFP110 has a flat base and slim profile that’s perfect for internal truss lighting and wall washes, but is equally at home on a lighting effects bar for DJ use, and live band lighting, with dual adjustable metal brackets and side-mounted connections for easy placement.In the sub £60 performance light group, this is a really serious offering from BeamZ, with the UV and strobe functions giving it a real edge over its rivals. It’s compact too, and has all the features you would find on a par light costing twice the amount. Highly recommended.

BeamZ BFP110 Wall Wash RGB + UV Uplighter

Why you need the best LED par lights:

Help retain customers: In businesses LED par lights can be used to make things more appealing to the clients. They will help to highlight your products and give everything the much-needed upgrade.

Eergy efficient: LED par lights consume less power. They will also give off less heat while being used. Compared to the other traditional lighting, they will definitely help you cut on energy costs.

Affordable to use: Not only will your bills be significantly reduced, but they also need lesser maintenance. The fact that they generally last longer, means that you will be regularly spending on replacements.

Great for highlighting: With this kind of lights, you can easily draw the customers and audience’s attention. You will be able to direct them exactly where you want. They also offer great clarity accent.

Entertaining: LED par lights are far more entertaining. They offer a wide selection of lighting and color combinations. They can easily be used to make things lively.

LED par light price

10. Easydancing, Stage Lighting LED Par Light

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By: Easydancing

Easy dancing has one of the most sort-after LED par lights. These are a great choice for parties, clubs, stages and for DJs in general. The RGB Smooth Color Mixing Effect it offers is incredible. Up until now, the few lights we have come across could only offer about 3 modes. With this purchase, a total of 7 modes will be at your disposal. Such effects will definitely give you a wider range.

The 7 modes are; Color Changing, Color Fade, Auto, Sound, Master-Slave, DMX and static color. You will even be able to freely adjust, the sensitivity of the speed and sound.

9. LaluceNatz, Par Lights with RGB 18LEDs Wash Light

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By: LaluceNatz

LaluceNatz has some of the most stunning color mixing effects, you will ever come across. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to color options. Some of the mixing effects include; amber, cyan, purple and rosy. The LED par light, consists of 18, 3W LEDs. In total, you will have 6 red, 6 green, and 6 blue LEDs. Controlling them will not be an issue at all. This is because it will come with two pieces of IR remotes. You will also get a DMX512 controller for the same.

This is exactly what you will need, to help take things to the next level. You will see it for yourself, once the 10x5ft wide beams start to project. In total, your purchase will get you; the LaluceNatz 18LEDs Par light, a User Manual, a Bracket, 2 Remote Controllers, 2 Adjustment Knobs and 2 Rubber Rings.

8. LUNSY, 36 LEDs DJ Par Lights

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Thanks to LUNSY we now have another option, with exhilarating modes. The company offers you multi lighting modes, which will help kick things up a notch. The LED par lights have 3 RGB LED beads and can be used with infrared remote controls. It has a total of 7 control channels and a 25degree beam angle. You can also get 15 degrees and 45 degrees, which are optional.
This is one of the easiest par lights to use and operate. This is thanks to the included remote and its multiple control options. Changing the colors will be as easy as using the Color +/- function.

7. GBGS, DMX 4-in-1 Par Can Stage Lighting

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What if you had the option of not using brackets? GBGS offers you such an alternative, thanks to its sit-flat design. The design allows the LED lights to sit inside the truss, or directly on the ground. The side of the fixture is where the power & DMX ins and outs are mounted. This is what makes these lights very unique. Most of them are usually mounted on the rear part.

If you need one to use as an architectural wall wash, this is a great pick. It will also work great on performance stages or for KTV. Buying this par lights will give you exceptionally bright lighting. You will get all the benefits, without having to endure an unnecessary heat.

6. Lixada, DMX-512 RGBW LED Stage PAR Light

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By: Lixada

Lixada offers a 10 pack solution for your lighting needs. The LED par lights have an aluminum shell and a beam angle of 25degrees. They are of a professional caliber and have an individual color control feature. The colors available are red, green, blue and white. They are fascinating to watch and can be changed gradually. You will also able to adjust their running speed too.

You can use these lights in show bars, for bands, ballroom, home parties, Dj shows, and clubs. They have the capability to do RGB color mix and static color, without the availability of a DMX controller. Aside from the lights, you will also get 20 screws, 10 brackets, and a user manual.

5. Eyourlife, DMX512 LED Par Light

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By: Eyourlife

With this purchase, you will get 4 par lights. They are among the best sellers in the market, because of their exceptional performance. These lights are not noisy, compared to others. One of their great selling points is their heat dissipation capabilities. They even have a built-in fan for this. These lights will definitely have a long lifespan. Their estimated lifespan is 50000-80000 Hours.

4. DragonX, Slim Par Amber LED Stage Lighting

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By: DragonX

Even church and wedding up-lighting needs to be top notch. DragonX offers the perfect LED par lights for whatever occasion. Most people find it ideal because it is ultra bright and has a slim design to it. It has 177, 10 mm LEDs. The LEDs can be broken down into 39 Red, 39 Green, 54 Blue & 45 Amber. You will have more complete spectrums, thanks to the amber LEDs. This is perfect for individuals seeking, a powerful yet low profile solution.

You will be able to link up to 15 units, with its power In/out. However, its DMX In/Out links up to 30 units. The lights’ strobe function has a frequency of up to 20 times per second.

3. CO-Z, DMX Controlled LED Par Light

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By: CO-Z

One of the most frustrating experiences is when the lights can’t be positioned properly. This can tremendously affect the lighting. CO-Z has a solution to help avoid such situations. They have come up with LED par lights, which are highly flexible.
Their flexibility is mainly thanks to their dual mounting yoke and bracket. You can be sure that you can use them for different lighting needs. They can even be placed on the ground or hang. You will have two handles at your disposal, to make either option easy to do.

2. CHAUVET DJ, SlimPAR Built-In and Sound Activated Par Light

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CHAUVET DJ offers you more options, with or without a DMX controller. These LED par lights have automated programs, which have been built in. the programs will allow you to operate in master or slave and DMX modes. What makes this more awesome, is that the built-in programs are sound activated. The 3 modes can also be operated at variable speeds.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the lights also have a pulse effect feature. You will be able to adjust its speeds to suit your needs. The par lights have a total of 36 red, 36 green and 36 blue LEDs. Thanks to these 108 LEDs, customizing your shows will also be easy. All you will have to do is use the 3- or 7-channel DMX mode.

1. Missyee, Sound Activated Uplighting 18 LEDs RGB Color Stage Lighting

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By: Missyee

Missyee dominates the top position with their dual function lights. These LED par lights are not only reliable, but they are equally as powerful. Whether you chain them with DMX cables or place them on the ground, their performance will still impress you. They have a small appearance to them and a long lifespan.

You will be able to control its rotation speed, colors, and strobe functions automatically. Your purchase will include 4 lights, but they will all come with their remote controls. It’s also backed by a quality warranty and considered to be very safe.

Best Places to Buy Lighting Fixtures in 2021

Shades of Light

Buy on Shadesoflight.com

From flush mounts to wall sconces, chandeliers and pendant lights, Shades of Light carries a huge variety of figures in just about every style and trend you can think of. You’ll find modern chandeliers that look like stars, Mid-Century Modern drums and brass and glass sconces for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Prices vary, with sconces starting at $21 going up well over $200, and chandeliers starting at $100 and topping out at more than $5,000.

Lamps Plus

Buy on Lampsplus.com

The largest and most egalitarian source for all things lighting, Lamps Plus does indeed carry more than just floor and table lamps. Frequent sales online mean you can often find a great deal on many of its sconces and mini pendants, as well as fun, artful shade wall lamps. We love that you can find a shade pattern you like and shop it in a variety of styles like pendants, sconces, and table lamps. Prices start under $25 and get up into the multiple thousands for major chandeliers.

Home Depot

Buy on Home Depot

Home Depot can be great for all of your home renovation needs, but even if you’re not going through a full gut remodel, you can use its selection of lighting fixtures to spruce up the bathroom, your vanity station, kitchen, and more. Many of Home Depot’s items ship free, or can be picked up in-store, and the prices are some of the lowest and most reasonable, with things like four-light chrome mounted fixtures for under $100 and track lighting fixtures under $150. You can even find chic, industrial chandeliers for less than $200.The 8 Best Closet Lighting Units of 2021


Buy on Lumens.com

Lumens is a great choice if you’re searching for stylish name-brand lighting fixtures from brands and designers like Jonathan Adler, Kartell, Herman Miller, and Knoll. With so many high-end brands, Lumens tends to be on the pricier side. Expect prices to start around $200 and go up from there.


Buy on Lowe’s

Like Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowe’s is a great resource for practical shoppers who want lighting fixtures that look cool, do their job and don’t cost a fortune. Do-it-yourself home renovators will find all the cabinet lighting, recessed fixtures and track lighting they could dream of, and those who want to play more in the design space will find pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces to fit their vision. Lowe’s has a great online feature as well that allows you to shop by trend inspiration like industrial, vintage and French country.The 8 Best Bedside Lamps of 2021


Buy on Arhaus.com

For exciting, interesting and unusual lighting fixtures, Arhaus should be at the top of your list. Pendant lights with shades woven from rattan or wire, elaborate brass sconces, and cut-crystal flush mount fixtures are all created in partnership with family-run businesses and using centuries-old techniques. Due to the handcrafted nature of their products, prices are on the higher end.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Buy on Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath and Beyond is an amazing brick-and-mortar and online resource for all things home. They offer a great selection of basic lighting fixtures at affordable prices, including wall lighting, sconces and even playful, colorful chandeliers for less than $80. BB&B is a great option all around, some online digging will reveal all kinds of trendy and classic lighting fixture options for much less than some other home retailers.


Buy on Horchow.com

Horchow has some of the most artful and interesting lighting fixtures you’ll find. They have a particularly excellent selection of luxe sconces—sprays of gold metal, crystal waterfall designs, and antique-inspired deco pieces, which run the gamut from about $300 to nearly $2,000.

Vintage Hardware

Buy on Vintagehardware.com

If you’re looking for a piece of truly vintage lighting, Vintage Hardware has a curated collection of fixtures that have been restored from the 1930s, 1960s and more iconic decades. Due to their rare status, these vintage and antique fixtures start at about $350 and go as high as $1,450.

Olde Good Things

Buy on Ogtstore.com

In the market for a 1970s crystal chandelier from the Waldorf Astoria? For $22,000, it can be yours, thanks to one of our favorite “window shopping” sites, Olde Good Things. Of course, you can find tons of more affordable vintage and antique lighting fixtures too, but you should still be prepared to pay for the high-quality and rare status of these pieces.

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