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Finding the best Led strip lights can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category. Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide and Led strip lights price options with the features you can consider when buying solar powered lights for indoor or outdoor use



One of the questions that I’m asked repeatedly, especially during trade shows, is what is the cost of using a lighted stair nosing.  It’s true that most commercial installations do not require or need the option of lighting, but in those circumstances where it is needed, it’s sometimes hard to find and can be quite expensive. Before you decide which lighted stair nosing to purchase, make sure you’ve looked at all of your options.


Most of the lighted stair nosings available on the market are made from either aluminum or PVC. The aluminum profiles can be anodised to just about any color to match the decor. The PVC profiles can be clear so that the lighting can be seen from more than more direction.


The cost of the basic stair nosing profile is fairly similar in both aluminum and PVC. The stair nosing alone can run between $7.00 a foot and over $20.00 a foot, depending on the shape, size and manufacturer. When you add an anodised color to the aluminum, it increases the price.

See the entire line of Gradus’ lighted stair nosing profiles in this floor trims & stair edgings catalog.


The highest cost associated with a lighted stair nosing is typically with the LED strips. The cost of the strips can vary depending on the length of the strips, the number of LEDs per strip, and the color of the LEDs. Some lighted stair nosings come complete (all components at one price) but some are sold per component.

If you’re purchasing a stair nosing system that is complete, your cost will probably start at $35.00 per foot.

When purchasing the LED strip separately, depending on color, length, etc., your cost could range from around $20.00 to over $50.00 each.


Again, the components that you need may or may not be included in the total cost of your lighting stair nosing. Some parts that you may need include a carrier tube that will secure and protect the LED strip, end caps for the end of the stair, and backing plates to protect the step if you’re using a PVC stair nosing.

The costs for these components would not be excessive, but should be considered. Carrier tubes and backing plates shouldn’t cost more than $2.00 per foot each and the end caps should be $5.00 or less each. The number of connectors that you will need will depend on how the stairs are being connected to the power source and how many steps you have.

One good rule of thumb is to allocate $20.00 per step for special connectors. Of course, if you are having the stair nosings installed by an electrician, they may be able to use their own wiring and would not require special connectors.

Best Led strip lights price options

1. LED Strip Lights, L8star Colour Changing Rope Lights

Top 20 RGB LED Strips 1

Are you looking for the best RGB LED Strip lights that spreads vibrant colours? Then L8star Colour Changing Rope Lights is for you. It is one of the finest quality LED strip lights that is made with durable materials and environmentally protected.

Moreover, L8star brand maintains high standards of performance and safety. Hence, we’ve given top priority in the list of top 20 best RGB LED strip lights. Its design is very simple and can be used for decorating your dining room, bed room, driveway, kitchen, porch, PC desk, TV Units and living room ceiling.

It is also great for holidays and events like Christmas, Halloween, Parties and more. It is a great gift for your family and friends.

What is included?

  • 1 * L8star 16.4 ft LED Strip
  • 1 * Remote Control Receiver
  • 1 * 24 Key Remote Control
  • 1 * AC / DC Adapter
  • 1 * User manual.

Using 16.4 feet strip with 150 SMD 5050 LED’s, it generates 16 Million different dynamic colours that can be changed according to your mood. There is an option for you to cut 3 LED’s for shaping into patterns and fixing it to smaller areas like cupboards and other decorative items.

You can control the light settings, using the provided 24 key remote controller or with a smart phone app (supports both Android and iOS). Additionally, using the smart phone app, you can enable Music Mode and Microphone Mode.

For proper functioning of this wonderful device, it should be connected to a power supply of 12V/3A (provided in the kit). The LED Strip consists of a compact and flexible double-sided PCB and can be cut between every 3 LEDs.

The device is backed with 12-month warranty. If you find anything serious or damaged part, then just contact the customer service, which will reply to your e-mails in 24 hours.

Wrapping up, this L8star RGB LED strip light is a decent quality product that delivers outstanding performance. It has all the features required for a strip light and saves electricity bills. It is widely used in exhibitions, shopping malls, parties, festivals, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cinema theatres, etc.

The only thing we don’t like about the product is that it doesn’t have any IP Rating and hence you cannot use it in rain or near water. Apart from this, it is a totally good RGB LED Strip to buy for homes.

Things we love

  • Best price LED strip light.
  • High intensity and reliable strip lights.
  • Simply plug and play type device.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Colour changes with music beats and microphone inputs.
  • Several colour modes.
  • 12 months warranty.

Things we don’t like

  • No IP Rating i.e. no water proofing.

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2. MINGER LED Strip Lights

Top 20 RGB LED Strips 2

What’re you waiting for? When you got the latest model RGB LED strip light from MINGER brand. It is a leading company that designs high-quality electronic goods in this modern world and became a trend setter by following the manufacturing guidelines.

Though it comes at bit expensive prices, best suits for decorating indoors-kitchen, dining, living, and bedrooms along with dimming-brightness controls. For this reason, we’ve listed number 2 in the list of best LED strip lights available right now.

When you look at the kit, you may come across two variants: one with a 16.4 ft strip and the other with a 32.8 ft (price will vary according to the length you have chosen). Both the strips come 44-key remote controller, power adapter, connectors and adhesive tape that helps for smooth functioning of the device.

The 16.4 ft strip contains 150 5050 SMD LEDs while the 32.8 ft strip contains 300 5050 SMD LEDs. With a simple cut of every 3 LED’s helps to operate safely without damaging to the strip. IR controller acts as an interface between the LED strips and the power adapter which monitors both the actions and function appropriately. It even regulates the power supply so as to fed to the strips for viewing different colours.

If you are fed up of using cheap quality LED strip lights that don’t even last for 2 days, then this wonderful device can solve all your issues as it comes with a good quality adhesive tape to withstand even in high, medium and low surfaces like plastic, metal, wood, glass and walls.

The provided 44-key IR Remote contains the regular 20 colours and also 6 DIY colours that you can program according to your need. Sadly, there is no smart phone integration. But that is definitely not a deal breaker.

Overall, we’re impressed with the performance of the MINGER RGB LED strip lights. In addition to features and functionalities, the product manufacturer offers 12 months of hassle-free warranty.

Warning: Do not allow your children to play with the RGB LED strips lights when it is working.

Things we love

  • 44-key IR Remote
  • Hassle free functioning.
  • Best for home decoration.
  • High quality strip light kit.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Easy to install and cut the strip.
  • 12-months of warranty.

Things we don’t like

  • No smartphone integration.
  • No proper instructions for programming the DIY Keys.

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3. DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

Top 20 RGB LED Strips 3

Number 3 in the list is from DAYBETTER. It is a very famous brand that designs top notch lighting products like RGB LED Strips, decoration lights and single coloured LEDs.

Make your house more colourful by specially designing with RGB LED strip lights. It can emit 20 colours for various purposes both at indoors and outdoors and more importantly it is IP65 rated for water proofing.

The strips come with flexible, cuttable, and connectable options helps to use for multiple applications like decoration, birthday parties, live events, reality shows etc. Unlike other models, these strips are less tolerant to heat, and safe to touch for children.

The kit contains 32.8 ft strip in the form of two rolls. Additionally, you will get a 12V / 5A power adapter, 44-key remote and an IR Box Controller.

Change the colours and adjust brightness-blink, dim using a special controller provided in the kit. You will also find a remote that has 44-buttons for different colours, change the speed of lightening and adjust brightness.

To conclude, the performance of DAYBETTER RGB LED strip light is excellent. To enjoy this wonderful innovation, turn on the music, dim the lights to transform a casual party to unforgettable event. Hence, it is considered as one of the best LED strip lights. What made us a little bit disappointed is that you cannot access and monitor the lights using a mobile phone.

Things we love

  • Installation is simple.
  • 20-colorful variations.
  • 18-months of warranty.
  • 44-key Remote with programmable Buttons.
  • Stunning colour changing visuals.
  • Flexible and cuttable strip lights.
  • Made with IP65 water-proof material.
  • Best budget multi-purpose LED strip light.

Things we don’t like

  • No smartphone integration.

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Top 20 RGB LED Strips 4

Another decent quality LED strip light is from PANGTON VILLA brand which is particularly designed for TV Unit decoration. What made us to mention this kit at number 4 in the list of best 20 RGB strip lights is that TV decorations are one of the common applications of RGB LED Strip lights and this is designed just for that.

It even brings a theatre like experience in home with the perfect mood light settings and stunning visuals at low cost. Since it is designed for TV Backlight, its length is 6.56 ft and can be operated from a USB port (DC 5V).

The installation is very simple and is a plug and play type device that comes without any wiring issues. It even is claimed to be 85% power efficient and has been rated for 40000 hours of operation.

What is included?

  • 6.56 ft RGB LED strip light (4 * 1.64 ft strips)
  • USB Connect Cable
  • 24-key IR remote controller
  • 3 * Connection Cable (0.39 ft)

The PANGTON VILLA LED Strips can be used for TVs of size between 40-60 inches. It has 16 colours and 4 dimmable modes. The provided remote controller can be operated from a distance of 19.6 ft to 26.2 ft.

The PANGTON VILLA RGB LED strip light reviews and ratings are positive and great. Like other strip lights, it can’t be used for general decorations but only for TVs. The major drawback is that it must be powered using an USB port and you may lose a port on TV. Apart from this, you don’t find any other complaints and it serves the purpose.

Things we love

  • Designed for TV Units.
  • IR remote controller.
  • Plug and play type LED strip light.
  • Simple installation.
  • Three months replacement and 12-months warranty.

Things we don’t like

  • Problems with adhesive.
  • Can be powered using USB Port only (5V).

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5. Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa, Google Home

The next one in the list is form Govee. Yes, we’re impressed with the voice control option that helps in controlling and monitoring the lights. You can turn on or off the lights, change the brightness and also set the colours using compatible Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices.

Govee RGB LED strip light reviews are also good and inspiring. Hence it has been a part of our list of top 20 best RGB LED strip lights.

What is included?

  • 1 * Power adapter
  • 1 * WiFi controller
  • 1 * 16.4 ft light strip with genuine 3M adhesive
  • 5 * fixing clips

To start the party with favourite music, it creates the right atmosphere by setting the colours according to the music beats. The built-in microphone helps this purpose. To achieve this, firstly you need to install the “Govee Home” app on your smartphone supports both Android and iOS devices.

This wonderful device comes with a strong adhesive tape holds the light safely without any damage caused by nuts and bolts. It is highly compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant to perfectly synchronize the light with music.

There is no IR remote controller and you have to control using either the smartphone app or voice commands. It even allows you to set the timer and accordingly it will turn on/off of the LED strips. Further, it even solves the issues when you have trouble in connecting strip lights to the smart app.

Maximum input you can feed to the device is 12V. If you give more than the limit, you may experience some unfavorable conditions like power issues, weak performance, and dim lighting.

On the whole, the performance of the Govee RGB LED strip is quite impressive due to the voice commanding option, and smart-app navigation that you don’t find in any models in our line-up. The major disadvantage of using this product is that it is there is no IR Remote control. Apart from that, it totally good one to buy and should be handled carefully.

Things we love

  • Voice controlled feature.
  • Smart app navigation.
  • Timer mode option.
  • Music Mode
  • 7 scene options

Things we don’t like

  • No IR Remote Control.
  • Doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi Band.
  • No information on warranty.

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