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Most of the lighted stair nosings available on the market are made from either aluminum or PVC. The aluminum profiles can be anodised to just about any color to match the decor. The PVC profiles can be clear so that the lighting can be seen from more than more direction. So let’s check the best led tape light price.


The cost of the basic stair nosing profile is fairly similar in both aluminum and PVC. The stair nosing alone can run between $7.00 a foot and over $20.00 a foot, depending on the shape, size and manufacturer. When you add an anodised color to the aluminum, it increases the price.


The highest cost associated with a lighted stair nosing is typically with the LED strips. The cost of the strips can vary depending on the length of the strips, the number of LEDs per strip, and the color of the LEDs. Some lighted stair nosings come complete (all components at one price) but some are sold per component.

If you’re purchasing a stair nosing system that is complete, your cost will probably start at $35.00 per foot.

When purchasing the LED strip separately, depending on color, length, etc., your cost could range from around $20.00 to over $50.00 each.

Led tape light price

Again, the components that you need may or may not be included in the total cost of your lighting stair nosing. Some parts that you may need include a carrier tube that will secure and protect the LED strip, end caps for the end of the stair, and backing plates to protect the step if you’re using a PVC stair nosing.

The costs for these components would not be excessive, but should be considered. Carrier tubes and backing plates shouldn’t cost more than $2.00 per foot each and the end caps should be $5.00 or less each. The number of connectors that you will need will depend on how the stairs are being connected to the power source and how many steps you have.

One good rule of thumb is to allocate $20.00 per step for special connectors. Of course, if you are having the stair nosings installed by an electrician, they may be able to use their own wiring and would not require special connectors.

With the advancement in technology and change in lifestyle, everybody wants to enjoy the cinematic experience at home, office or any entertainment place. For them, the best choice is to go with the RGB LED Strip Lights.

RGB LED Strip Lights are becoming more popular now-a-days due to their energy-saving characteristic, ability to produce vibrant colours (red-green-blue), excellent brightness and very flexible to work with at both homes and offices.

They take up the design to next level by hanging in gaps, small electronic appliances like TV, refrigerator, PC, furniture’s and wall hangings.

These amazing strips do come with several features like programmable options, remote control, smart phone app navigation features for the convenience of users to handle wirelessly at a distance and perform hassle-free functioning.

However, for choosing LED strip lights there is no clear-cut idea as there’re plenty of options available in the market. So, we’ve come with a beginners “Buying Guide” to help you in deciding the right one as per the requirements.

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1. Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

This all-in-one kit comes with a 16.4 foot-long light strip, power adapter, WiFi controller, 3M adhesive tape and five fixing clips. The light strip features super bright 5050 LED bulbs that are long-lasting and reliable.

Sync the lights to WiFi and control them using your phone or using your voice via Alexa or Google Home. Download the Govee app and turn your lights on or off even when you’re not at home.

Need more of a vibe? The lights change color too, and can be set on a timer to turn on at a certain color at a certain time (say, when you want something more subtle at night).

For a truly immersive home viewing experience, affix the lights near your TV and speakers. The light strip can sync to any music playing nearby and “dance” along to the beat, making your shows and music really “pop” both sonically and visually.

PROS: A ton of customizable features, fast set-up and easy pairing with your connected devices.

CONS: Some users experienced a bit of lag time between changing a setting on the app and having the lights respond.govee-led-lights-review

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2. L8star LED Strip Lights

Set up your lighting your way with these bright and colorful lights.

The set includes 150 RGB LED bulbs, a 16.4 foot LED Strip, a remote control receiver, a remote control, an AC/DC adapter and a user manual.

The 24-key remote control offers a variety of ways to personalize your lighting settings, from adjusting the brightness (anywhere from 1% to 100%) to setting more than 20 light show patterns in motion (think: flashing, strobes, etc.). You can also choose from 15 pre-set light modes, from relaxation to romance, with the lights dimming and brightening accordingly.

As with the other models on our list, these lights will also sync to your music to react to the beat.

PROS: L8star’s “Memory Function” remembers what your lighting setup was like before you turned the power off and will automatically default back to that setting when the lights are turned back on.

CONS: For Android phones, the music will sync from any music app, but for iPhone users, it only can sync to music from iTunes.l8star-led-lights

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3. DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights

With long lifespan and low power, this is a great starter strip that works well in the kitchen, bedroom, garage or around your home entertainment system.

What we like: the 44-key remote control lets you set light patterns, colors and effects, but you can also adjust how quickly the effects change (I.e. slow, quick, automatic).

The strip lights have an IP20-rating, which means they’re hold up to accidental contact with heavy objects, but they aren’t waterproof (the second number denotes the amount of protection from liquids).

This set comes with a 16.4 foot LED strip, a 12V power supply, IR box controller and 44 key remote controller.

PROS: Get a replacement strip from the company if the bulbs stop working.

CONS: The lights aren’t as bright as some of the other options on this list.daybetter-led-lights

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