lexus es 330 price in cotonou

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Prices of Lexus Cars in Cotonou

Lexus ES300, ES330, and ES350 Reviews and Prices in Nigeria
Lexus ES300
Lexus RX 300 2004 – 2006N3.5 million – N4.5 million
Price of Lexus RX 330 in Cotonou
Lexus RX 330 2004 – 2006N3.5 million – N4.5 million
Price of Lexus RX 350 in Cotonou
Lexus RX 350 2007 – 2009N5.5 million-N7 million
Price of Lexus GX470 in Cotonou
Lexus GX 470 2003 – 2006N4.5 million-N5 million
Lexus GX 471 2007 – 2009N6 million-N8 million
Price of Lexus LX570 in Cotonou
Lexus LX 570 2008 – 2011N12 million-N16 million
Lexus LX 571 2012 – 2016N20 million – N25 million
Lexus LX470 price in Cotonou
Lexus LX 470 2000 – 2003N3.5 million – N5.5 million
Lexus LX 471 2004 – 2007N6 million – N10 million

Rx330 is a 3.3L V6 230bhp, 238ib-ft ULEV 3MZ-FE Timing belt installed engine matted to a 5speed auto tranny either 4wd or Fwd stated sales from 2004-2006.

Rx350 is a facelift version of RX330. It uses a 3.5L V6 270bhp, 251ib-ft 2GR-FE

All other things are still the same as they are in RX330. No significant change. Someone said they added more sound proof materials, I say no they didn’t.

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