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Whether you’re a traveler, photographer, blogger, or just a gal who loves snapping pictures, you’ve probably run into some issues along the way when trying to take photos of yourself.

types of lifestyle photography

Lifestyle Photography Tips

  • I travel solo
  • I don’t have an “instagram boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse”
  • I have no one to take my picture
  • I can’t hire a photographer
  • No one is available when I need them to take pictures
  • No one I know is good with a camera or taking pictures


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do you take all of your own pictures?

I’m a blogger and content creator who lives for photographing the things I love; like clothing, travels, food, and more. I’m always either on the move or a time crunch so I’ve never had the opportunity to hire a photographer, plus my husband works full time. So, yup, basically 99% of the time, it’s just me photographing myself for my instagram (@nicoleneissany) or the blog. Although, on some occasions (aka that 1% of the time) my husband will pitch in to help or I’ll have a day with a blogger gal pal.

Being a solo photographer means more freedom and flexibility to create content. You don’t have to wait on anyone, rush photography sessions, or cancel shoot plans. Which means your ability to create content has no limit!

Shot on iPhone 8 Plus with me and my tripod
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus with me and my tripod
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus with me and my tripod
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus with me and my tripod



When I shoot photos for my Instagram, they’re with my iPhone 11 Pro (previously iPhone 8 Plus), which is why when looking for tripods, I wound up purchasing one that was made for phones. I have tried SO MANY tripods honestly, and a lot of them are flimsy or too light, which means one gust and they’re gone with the wind. The 2 that I have now (because having a spare is a lifesaver) are my absolute favorite! It’s sturdy, collapsible, easy to carry, strong, and comes with it’s own bluetooth remote. PLUS, if you don’t use your phone to shoot, you can still mount your camera! The phone mount is removable so you can mount your own camera via the screw in the base!

Selfie stick tripod with bluetooth remote. Compatible with cameras. (via the screw under the phone mount)
Selfie stick tripod with bluetooth remote. Compatible with cameras. (via the screw under the phone mount)


When shooting your own photos, how on earth can you manage to be the subject and the photographer at the same time? Who’s behind the lens releasing the shutter?! Unless you’re a wizard and can be in two places at once, you’re definitely going to need a way to make this happen. You can achieve this in 2 ways:

01 Bluetooth remote. This will allow you to snap pictures even when you’re away from the camera and can’t physically be there to do it yourself. If your camera has bluetooth enabled I highly recommend one! Good news for you, if you love the tripod that I recommended, it comes with it’s own remote too!

02 Your phone. If your camera has bluetooth or wifi enabled, you’ can most likely install your camera brand’s app and use it to connect your phone to your camera to use as a remote.


For those times when I want more detailed shots for the blog or when I’m traveling, I like to pull out my Sony a5100. I absolutely love my Sony because it takes amazing shots, has a built-in help menu for photography assistance, bluetooth and wifi enabled, lightweight, and perfect for travel. The screen flips up too so you can even do vlogs and video!


Now a drone is a big investment that I myself plan to make within the next year. I’ve done loads of research and I’m sharing the ones that I think would be the best option (plus the one I’ve got waiting in my cart lol).

DJI Majvic Air (currently in my Amazon cart waiting for me lol)

DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Pro


Prop your phone up on something nearby! Stack up books, use a shoe, find a tree, bench, etc.

tips for photographing yourself solo


Personally, I have two tripods. One for my car, and one in my office. This way if I’m out and about and I see a great opportunity, I can shoot it right then and there. Now, you don’t need two like me, just keep yours handy and you’ll never suffer from FOMO! 🙂


There’s nothing worse than snapping a photo when you’re not ready. Set your phone or camera to burst mode or self timer to make sure you have ample time to get yourself situated before you start shooting.


If your tripod has a bluetooth remote like mine, you’ll need it handy to activate your camera. But then what? Hold the remote and have it showing in every photo? NOPE! Quickly hide it before the shutter releases. Where? Anywhere your camera can’t see! Pockets, hats, shoes, sleeves – get creative! Heck, you can throw it like I did when I shot with my one fur baby, Leo (see the action shot below – click it to see the result). If all else fails, just photoshop it out! 😉

Bluetooth remote is in my pocket (this dress has pockets btw lol)
Bluetooth remote is in my pocket (this dress has pockets btw lol)
Action shot of me throwing the bluetooth remote. For two reasons: (1) To get Leo’s attention. (2) To get rid of the remote because I don’t have enough hands left lol. Click it to see the result!
Action shot of me throwing the bluetooth remote. For two reasons: (1) To get Leo’s attention. (2) To get rid of the remote because I don’t have enough hands left lol. Click it to see the result!


Unfortunately, the downside of photographing solo means you don’t have anyone directing your posing, letting you know when your hair is out of whack, if your hand looks like a claw, etc. This means you’ll need to take some test shots before getting your perfect one, but you’ve got this! And honestly, the more you shoot, the more practice you’ll get and the better at capturing your perfect content will be!


When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Before shooting your photos, make sure you have an idea of what you want, this way you won’t waste time aimlessly shooting. I love planning my content out in advance, this way I know exactly what I need to shoot. This saves me so much time and keeps me on top of every detail.

[ Check out my post on How To Plan And Organize Your Creative Content ]


I get it. Seeing someone photographing themselves must be an interesting sight to see. But it can also make for a very uncomfortable experience for the photographer, too. People are naturally curious and more often than not you’ll have stares while you shoot. You may even have some people make fun of you (I hope not). Just ignore them and focus on yourself. They don’t know your situation and you don’t have to explain it to them either. Your content depends on you so don’t let someone ruin it for you. Be so focused on yourself that nothing else around you matters. Also if you have anxiety like me, sunglasses help hehe.


Feeling not so creative when you’re being stared at by strangers? I’m like that too. Find a secluded spot to shoot in, this way you can focus more on your content, less on the onlookers.


Being that you’re alone and also possibly photographing yourself from a distance or even from behind, you need to be careful of your surroundings. Be alert, stay aware of who’s around you. Keep your belongings close and don’t stray too far from your equipment. The last thing you want is for anything to be stolen.


The wind is not kind to photographers. Check the weather for wind speed before you shoot OR if you’re determined AF like me, suck it up and fill your tripod bag with rocks or sand and drape it around the base of your tripod to weight it down. (This is my tested and approved hack!)


Since you’re the one setting up the shot to be the focus of the shot, chances are you’ll have some trouble focusing your camera on where you’ll be standing (because you’re not there to focus on lol). You can make this easier with a few little tricks:

01 If shooting with your phone, tap and hold your finger on the location where you’ll be standing to lock in your focus. I suggest marking the ground in which you’ll need to stand before doing this. This way you stand right where you focused.

02 Use a stand-in. Grab a backpack, hat, broom, or anything nearby to focus your camera on before you enter the frame.


When all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Look around and just ask someone nearby. Make sure to choose someone who looks like they know what they’re doing lol (is holding/has a camera or taking someone’s photo) and/or give them an idea of what it is you want to capture.

examples of lifestyle photography

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