list of online shopping sites in delhi

The Internet has transformed the way we shop and the process of online shopping is slowly moving into delhi. Presently, a large number of populations prefer purchasing stuff online. From clothing to grocery, to more, the delhi audience is gaining interest in the concept of online shopping. So, if you too wish to be a part of this evolution and want to know the best list of online shopping sites in Delhi, then here is a list of all of them.

But before I list down all the 10 best delhi online shopping market names in the field, it would be first better to know why shopping online is truly rewarding and need of time!

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Shopping Online – Why is it better than Shopping Offline?


Shopping Online

Will any offline store offer you the convenience to shop during midnight? Such great convenience is offered by online stores. Nor you have to wait in long queues; neither have you to travel places to shop for your favorite stuff. Online stores offer the comfort to shop 24 x 7 from your own comfort.

Prices and Deals

Amazon Great Indian Sale

Getting products at discounted prices and cheap deals is possible with online shops. Most of the online shops offer products at discounted prices and with huge rebates. Hence, online shopping not just allows you to shop for the best products but at the same time get the best deals.

Variety of Products

Another topmost reason to shop online is a single site offer products of several brands under one roof. The topmost Indian sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and more offer customers the ease to shop for national as well as international brands in one roof. Such stores offer a wider selection of sizes, colors, designs, brands, and more. This is a lot more that you will not be able to find in the local stores. If one site is not able to offer you with products of your choice then there are numerous others that you can browse right from your place.

Fewer Expenses

Most of the time, when we opt to shop from conventional shopping stores then we end up purchasing other more products that only add to our shopping bill. Hence, if you want to avoid such wasteful shopping expenses then online shopping is a great solution.

Compare for Prices and Quality

With online shops, it is convenient to conduct a comparison of products and prices with ease. Online shops offer you the ease to share reviews and information with other online shoppers. This helps to do a better comparison of products and hence you can purchase quality products in just minutes.

Avoid the Hassles of Crowd


If you are among those who don’t prefer engaging and experiencing the troubles of a crowd then online shopping is an excellent solution for you. A crowded marketplace creates lots of issues when it is finding a perfect parking place to shopping for a product in less time, and more. Even the shopping malls these days are so crowded that it becomes difficult to shop for a product, especially when carrying kids along. Hence, if you want to stay away from such issues then go for online shopping.

Make Discreet Purchases

Shopping for some stuff needs privacy. Online shops allow purchasing lingerie and undergarments in privacy without experiencing the embarrassment of other people and customers.

Buy Second-hand Items at Lowest Prices

If you are looking out a platform that can offer you the convenience to shop for best quality second-hand products at the lowest prices then online shopping is the best solution to go. Even if you want to purchase antique items then online portals can suggest you with the best offerings at the finest prices.

Amazon Music

So, now you know most of the benefits of shopping online, check down below the list of online shopping sites in delhi

list of online shopping sites in delhi

1. Amazon India

Amazon India

Amazon India is one of the top shopping sites for the Indian masses.

The company is already a renowned name in foreign nations and established its operation in the country in 2013. It is a giant market leader that holds the maximum population in its grip. You can shop for all types of items on this website. Be it food, clothing, mobiles, gadgets, beauty care, kid’s items, furniture, medicines, and anything else that you can think of!

The best thing about Amazon is it’s high-quality of products and timely delivery. Hence, if it is the list of best online shopping portals in India, then Amazon has to be on the top.

Visit Amazon India

2. Flipkart


Established in 2014 with a moderate budget, this is another leading online shopping portal in India that has gained immense popularity and turn over, through the years.

Just like Amazon, even Flipkart is a reliable platform to shop for all types of products. From mobile accessories, gadgets, apparel, electronics, home appliances, and more, this site offers all types of products under one roof. The amazing aspect is that you can find more products at Flipkart than in a mall.

So, just log in to this site and shop for your favorite products right away.

Visit Flipkart

3. Snapdeal


Started in 2010, Snapdeal is a premium e-commerce store in India.

Though the market share occupied by Snapdeal is not as much as owned by the two giants – Amazon and Flipkart, still, it is a renowned and huge company based in India. Being headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, it is an absolutely Indian site where you can shop for your favorite Indian products at low prices than the offline market. Even the company announces deals and coupons on a regular basis to let customers enjoy affordable and convenient shopping experience.

Visit Snapdeal

4. eBay (Now 2GUD)


A popular online marketplace in a foreign nation, the Indian version of eBay is another famous and reliable online shopping site in India.

Besides offering great deals and discounts, eBay is known to offer the best quality products at affordable prices. It houses a diverse and efficient community of small businesses and individuals who are selling their products at discounted rates. A great thing about eBay is that you can shop for fresh and good quality products from the comfort of your home.

Update: eBay India was sold to Flipkart and now relaunched as the brand “2GUD”.

Visit 2GUD



SHEIN is an international eCommerce website that has cleverly made its way into the Indan market. The brand, as the name suggests, mainly focuses on women’s wear, but has also started hosting men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items.

The brand is popular among teenagers and young adults as it hosts a lot of western wear and global outfits and a reasonable price.

Visit SHEIN India

6. Myntra


Myntra is an online shopping portal in India that has direct competition with similar reputed websites for clothing and apparel.

Amazon Prime

It has a diverse array of categories and offers one with a wide range of options to choose from. The clothing and accessories on Myntra are the trendiest and fashionable. It offers ethnic, traditional, contemporary, modern, and all other types of clothes under one roof.

Myntra is claimed to be the online portal with the biggest range of fashion products.

Visit Myntra

7. Shopclues


Shopclues is famous to offer products at great deals and discounts. From mobiles, laptops, fashion apparels, electronics, shoes, kitchen, and home products, to appliances, you can shop for these and more other products at Shopclues at greatly discounted prices.

Visit Shopclues

8. H&M


Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a Swedish multinational clothing brand that features clothing for men, women, teenagers, and children. H&M and its associated companies operate in 62 countries with over 4,500 stores. Along with the stores, the brand also has a reputed online presence in markets like India. It delivers across many locations despite not having a physical store.

Visit H&M India

9. Infibeam


With its headquarters based in Ahmedabad, Infibeam is a highly reputed online shopping website in India.

It is one of the biggest online retailers for electronics, automobiles, and books. Other than this, you can shop for a range of internet and eCommerce software services from the site. The company was established in 2007 and has been able to gain success in a short time period. Having its offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai, Infibeam is a trusted platform to shop for good products at discounted prices.

Visit Infibeam

10. FirstCry


When it comes to kids then all of us want to shop for the best and with FirstCry shopping for good quality kid’s products from international and national brands is very much easy.

Firstcry is an online shopping site that is dedicated only to kid’s products and accessories. The best thing is that you can shop for all kinds of kid’s products under one roof and from the comfort of your home. From baby care, diapers, clothes, to baby toys, books for kindergartens, and more the range is truly exclusive and elite.

With more than 400 brands for kids, you can definitely shop for the best for your kid from Firstcry.

How to shop for clothes online (without having to send everything back)

As the summer sales start, the Guardian’s stylist gives her tips for buying clothes online – from measuring heel heights to working out what size bag you actually need

Is this what you were expecting? Online sales shopping needs careful planning.

The summer sales start this week, but shopping online – and not being able to try on clothes before you buy them – can feel like one of modern life’s annoyances. Dresses are too short, trousers are too long, and fabric is so sheer that you can see your underwear through it; seconds after your package hits the doormat you realise you’ll be spending your next lunch break elbow-to-elbow with other serial returners in the post office queue.

But it doesn’t have to be that way: here is everything I’ve learned over nine years professionally trawling the internet for clothes to help you score some bargains – and reclaim your lunch breaks.

Stella McCartney at Harvey Nichols - Marianna striped cotton midi skirt - WAS £395 NOW £197.50
How long can you go? … Marianna striped cotton midi skirt, was £395, now £197.50, Stella McCartney at Harvey Nichols. Sale ongoing.


  • Check the measurements

Check the height measurement of the model in any picture and note whether they’re wearing heels or flats – that will help you gauge the length of skirts, trousers and dresses. A skirt that sits above the knee on someone who is almost 6ft could end up around your ankles if you’re smaller. On the flip side, if you’re after a pair of cropped trousers this season and you’re petite, then a pair that look calf-length on a model might be full-length on you – it’s worth checking them out.

  • Watch the videos

If there is a video of a model wearing the item you want to buy, always watch it. You’ll get a good idea of the weight and quality of the fabric as they walk. Asos, for example, have catwalk videos of almost everything. Thin material wafting around legs won’t be what you want come October.

  • Size yourself up

If you’re shopping at Zara, try the “what’s my size?” function. It lets you enter your height and weight, as well as whether you prefer your clothes “tighter” or “looser”. For many items on the website it will then tell you what size garment people of similar dimensions to you tended to buy, and what percentage of those sales were successfully kept, not returned.

  • Go for classics
Keep it classic … Bernice satin blouse, was £69, now £51, Kitri.
Keep it classic … Bernice Satin Blouse, was £69, will be £51, Kitri. Sale starts 25 June.

Think classic rather than fashion-forward pieces that won’t date easily when you’re sale-shopping: minimal jackets, tailored trousers, light knitwear and silk shirts are perfect. Remember, there is often a reason that items are in the sale in the first place: often, buyers are betting that certain trends won’t be hot by the time the next season starts.

  • Laundry labels


Check to see if the washing instructions are on the site. That 75% off “bargain” could set you back a lot more over the course of a year when you see that it’s dry clean only.


Striped shirt, was £295, now £180 from
Check the label … striped shirt, was £295, now £180 from Sale ongoing.
  • How high?

Before you buy heels online, measure the height of the highest shoes you currently own that you can comfortably wear, and don’t be tempted to buy anything higher. There are always loads of super high heels in the sales that might look like the perfect party shoe, but they are still there for the very good reason that they are completely useless to walk in.

  • Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions

Accessories may seem like a safe bet, but always make sure you check their dimensions. Bags can be much smaller IRL than they look online, and if they are made from stiffer leather than you expect, they might not have any give. Depth is the most important measurement of all. Cross-body bags often look pretty substantial on a screen, but in reality they might not have room for your keys, purse, phone and Tamagotchi.

And if you do have to take things back…

Pink dress, was £49, now £36.75 from
No regrets … pink dress, was £49, now £36.75 from Sale ongoing.
  • Buy once, in bulk

Most sites offer free returns, so it may be cheaper, less annoying and kinder to the environment in the long term to do one big shop, rather than lots of little ones, and try on everything you want in a range of sizes. If you’re sales shopping, do this early so the best bits don’t sell out – you can sign up for prompt emails to tell you when your favourite shops’ sales have started. But check the site’s returns policy carefully before you load up your basket.

  • Better deliveries and returns

Some returns are more annoying than others. Using Doddle makes things slightly less painful. The dedicated returns service is super quick – none of the gargantuan lines you come across in the post office – and you don’t even need to reseal your package, just drop your parcel in and they will email a tracking receipt to you. They currently work with Asos, Boohoo, Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter, Warehouse and Boden; if you don’t know it yet, Google it to find out where your nearest branch is.

Another good service is CollectPlus, which gives you a list of shops that provide delivery and collection of parcels in your local area. If you’re a last minute shopper you can also sign up to services such as Asos’s top-level delivery service Premier, which gives you next day delivery for £9.95 for a year.

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