Long tops with jeans

Long tops with jeans

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Long layering cardigans looks really stylish . Also if you want to dress more feminine , lace dresses looks really good.

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Ryna Kapoor
Ryna Kapoor, Bollywood & Fashion Blogger

Tops are the most comfortable form of clothing worn by women on a daily basis. Tops to be worn on jeans can be of any lengths. People often wear short and mid-length tops on jeans on an everyday basis. However, if you are a girl who does not like wearing short or mid-length tops, you can opt for long tops which look elegant on jeans.

In this modern world, long tops also come in various styles and patterns. There are tunics, shirts, tops and many more clothing items which are long enough and can be worn on jeans. Long tops also look good when worn to office or parties.

Long tops like maxi tops, denim tops, tunic tops, shirts, loose long tops, traditional kurta top, long sleeve tops, and many more styles are available in long tops which look super stylish when worn on jeans. The best one for me amongst these are tunic tops as they give me a modern look with a traditional touch.

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