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Finding the best Loom Solar Price can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the best solar panel price range in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. 

Loom Solar Price

Loom Solar 350 Watt – 24 Volt Mono-crystalline Panel (Pack of Two)

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Loom Solar is one of the top solar panel manufacturers in India. Besides being an efficient device, the Loom Solar panels are one of the most durable solar panels in the country.

Versatility – These panels are the most versatile of the lot, as they are perfect for charging 24V batteries. The positive aspect is that you can place multiple panels in series for 24/48V battery charging.

Durability – These panels can withstand heavy rains, hailstorms, and snowfall. The panels have a layer of aluminium to provide additional support, thereby enabling it to last for decades.

The highlight of these panels is the durable 3.2mm toughened glass. The aluminium frame ensures to remove rust formation out of the equation, thereby making these panels one of the most durable in the market.

Compatibility – These solar panels work well with both the on-grid and off-grid inverters.

Performance – On the performance front, the Loom Solar panels tower over the competition with a conversion efficiency of 19%.

Reliability – The junction boxes in these panels come equipped with a pair of 1M wire and an MC4 connector. This combination makes it one of the most solid panels in town.

This Loom Solar panel, made with Mono Perk cells can work in low light and cloudy weather, as well. These cells, made of A-grade, anti-PID cells, present the best in mono-crystalline technology.

These panels come with five busbars and 72 cells. The components include an IP67 certified junction box with an MC4 connector for higher efficiency.Pros

  • Good quality because of its higher efficiency and durability levels
  • Capable of running a home inverter
  • Excellent performance even on cloudy days


Loom Solar panels are one of the best solar panels available in India today because of the high degree of efficiency.

Loom Solar 180 Watt – 12V Mono-crystalline panel – Pack of 2

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Loom Solar manufactures a range of solar panels in the 24V and 12V category. These 12V panels are as efficient as the 24V panels that we have discussed earlier.

Loom Solar panels are one of the most durable solar panels in the country because of the 3.2mm toughened glass that protects the mono-crystalline solar cells. These panels can bear rough winds along with heavy snowfall and rainfall, as well.

The water and dust-proof junction boxes are also one of the best available in the market. The IP68 certification is ample proof of the durability of the junction box.

On the versatility front, these panels are the best in the business because these 12V panels are perfect for 12V battery charging. They can also be used for charging 24V or 48V batteries by placing multiple solar panels in series.

These panels are the best when it comes to charging grid-tied applications.

The 40-inch cables that come with MC4 connectors are the sturdiest of the lot. They ensure that there is no electrical leak at any stage. The pre-installed diodes present in the junction box are one of the most reliable components that come along with these panels.

On the performance front, these 12V solar panels are as good as any with an open circuit voltage figure of 23.26 volts and a maximum operating current of 9.03 amps. The ISC factor is 9.31 amps.

These 180 watts 12V solar panels are made from A-grade Black Silicon cells to generate the maximum electricity from the sun.

Reports say that these panels can deliver an efficiency of 20%, as they perform admirably in low lighting conditions. These mono-crystalline panels come with five busbars and 36 cells.

The anti-rust aluminium frame makes these solar panels one of the sturdiest in the segment. The company recognizes the durability and thereby offers a maximum warranty of 25 years on this product.Pros

  • The 9-amp current generation is one of the best in the industry
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable and durable product


  • Some customers have complained of poor after-sales service

Despite being costly when compared to poly-crystalline panels, these Loom Solar panels are some of the most efficient products in its segment.

Loom Solar 125 Watt – 12V Mono-crystalline panel – pack of two

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All Loom Solar products count among the best in their respective segments because of the high quality of materials used in their manufacturing. This 125W 12V mono-crystalline solar panel (pack of two) is as efficient as the 180W and 350W Loom Solar products discussed above.

The highlight of this product is that it boasts of efficiency levels in the range of 20%. It is much more than its counterparts in the industry. The company credits the innovative cell technology used in the manufacture for the reason of displaying such high-efficiency levels.

Compared to poly-crystalline and thin-film solar panels, these mono-crystalline panels require less space for installation.

This product does not require more than 16 square feet. Hence, setting up this solar system on your terrace should not be an issue at all.

Loom Solar panels boast of high-quality technology in the manufacturing of their products. These solar panels use mono-crystalline A+ grade Anti-PID Mono cells, thereby ensuring to deliver the highest efficiency when compared to their peers.

This product comes with pre-installed diodes in the junction box. A pair of one-metre wire and MC4 connector also form part of this junction box.

These components make it easy for installing the panel at short notice. The junction box is an IP67 rated product, one of the best in the country.

Loom Solar is the only solar panel manufacturer in India that uses perk cells in 12V design for the manufacture of its products. The additional feature includes four busbars and 36 cells.

These panels also have the reputation of being the most durable in the market, primarily because of the toughened glass protection for the cells and the sturdy aluminium frame that does not rust. Therefore, the company does not have any issue in offering a 25-year warranty on the product.Pros

  • The excellent efficiency level of up to 20%, one of the best in the industry
  • Occupies optimum space
  • Incredibly durable because of the unbreakable toughed glass


  • Is not very efficient when it comes to handling cloudy days

Loom Solar uses a mono-crystalline cell. Hence, these panels are expensive, but the current output is one of the best in the industry.

Loom Solar Panel 50 watts – 12V Mono-crystalline

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Not every house would have a requirement of 350 watts. Therefore, you need solar panels with lesser output capacities, as well. Loom Solar panels are available with power output as low as 50 watts to cater to small requirements.

The best aspect of Loom Solar panels is that the level of efficiency does not change with the output levels. These solar panels can deliver an efficiency level of up to 20%, the same that a 350W panel does.

These solar panels are manufactured with mono-crystalline solar cell technology that ensures the production of quality current even under low lighting conditions.

Therefore, these solar panels can serve as all-season solar panels. They produce quality output in cloudy environments, as well.

The solar cells present in these panels are A+ Grade Anti-PID mono cells capable of delivering an incredible performance. This company is the best when it comes to manufacturing mono-crystalline cells in 12V design.

The additional features include four busbars and 36 cells. The entire set-up is complete with an IP67 rated junction box that comes with pre-installed diodes, a 1M wire, and MC4 compatible cable connector.

This company uses high-quality silicon cells in the manufacture of its panels. As they use automated mechanisms to manufacture these panels, there are no manufacturing defects.

Despite that, the company offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty along with a 25-year performance warranty.

The 50W solar panel is one of the lightest panels available in the industry, as it weighs around three kg. Installing these panels is easy. They do not require much space.

You can easily set up a mini-solar system on your window-sill, as well. However, you should ensure that there is no shading factor because it can affect the overall efficiency of the panels.Pros

  • Excellent for meeting your small power requirements
  • It can charge a 12AH SMF battery in about four hours.
  • Ideal for charging computer UPS and powering 5 LED lights for about six hours


  • Not very useful to meet your more significant requirements

Loom Solar panels are expensive because of the mono-crystalline technology they use. Therefore, these 50W 12V solar panels should be an ideal one to cater to your immediate power requirements.

Loom Solar 10W, 12V solar panel – poly-crystalline

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We have seen that Loom solar panels are usually mono-crystalline panels capable of delivering high-efficiency levels. This 10W 12V solar panel is made using poly-crystalline technology.

These panels can deliver an efficiency level of 10.03%, a good one considering the output levels. Besides, these panels display high load resistance, as well.

The highlight of the Loom Solar 10W panel is that it can produce electricity even in low lighting conditions like cloudy weather. Therefore, it can prove to be an all-season solar panel.

Loom Solar uses high-quality silicon in manufacturing these solar cells. As these panels are produced in an automated factory, they are technically perfect in all respects.

The advantage of these 10W 12V solar panels is that they can be carried anywhere inside your backpack. These portable solar panels are easy to install anywhere at short notice.

Despite being a poly-crystalline panel, this device can generate electricity under low lighting conditions, as well. Therefore, this appliance is a popular one in India today.

The company does not compromise on the protection factor in any case. They offer the same level of toughened glass protection for these cells, as well. These panels come with a similar aluminium frame that can withstand all weather conditions.Pros

  • Extremely light and portable
  • The decent efficiency level of 10.03%
  • High-quality silicon cells
  • Pricing is a steal.


  • Less efficient when compared to mono-crystalline panels

Loom Solar is indeed the market leader when it comes to manufacturing solar panels in India. This 10W 12V solar panel is the best solar panel in India in its category.

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