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Looking for the best sites for Lost In Space Movie Download? Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series based on a reimagining of the 1965 series of the same name (itself a reimagining of the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson), following the adventures of a family of space colonists whose spaceship veers off course.

Lost In Space maybe a great movie. Lost In Space shows the human side of astronauts. Lost In Space is about how to get back home. This film has everything what people love this days, so it is so popular. This film has many genres. Lost In Space was released in 2018 and you can download it in any language and with subtitles.

How to download lost in space (all episodes) for free NO TORRENT - YouTube

Produced by Legendary Television, Synthesis Entertainment, Clickety-Clack Productions, and Applebox Entertainment, the show is written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, with Zack Estrin serving as showrunner. Netflix released the series on April 13, 2018, renewing it the following month for a second season.

Lost In Space Movie Download


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The Best Movies of 2021 (So Far)

Here’s everything you need to see this year.

At the beginning of last year, it was impossible to predict just how much the moviegoing experience would change over the following months as theaters across the globe closed, many films shifted to a streaming-only release strategy, and blockbusters got punted to a year or two later in the wake of the pandemic. This year will be different in at least one significant way: We already know it will be strange. With movies getting hybrid releases and major studios attempting to make a return to “normal,” it’s hard to predict exactly what will come out and when. Hopefully, that makes a list like this more useful than ever. 

The goal is simply to keep track of the best new movies released in 2021 as they come out. Some of the titles listed below, like the current Oscar front-runner Nomadland, technically premiered in select theaters in 2020 or at festivals to qualify for awards, but, for our purposes here, we will consider them 2021 releases because that’s when most of the public will be able to actually see them. Like in year’s past, we’ll update this list throughout the year as more new releases arrive in theaters and drop on streaming services. These are the best movies of 2021 so far. For more movies to watch, check out our rankings of Best Horror Movies of 2020Best Action Movies of 2020, and our favorite movies from 2019.barb and starLIONSGATE

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Release date: February 12
Director: Josh Greenbaum
Cast: Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Jamie Dornan, Damon Wayans Jr.
Why it’s great: Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar took us by surprise like a benevolent water spirit, a reference you’ll get if you watch this truly zany comedy from the minds of Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, who also star as the titular Barb and Star, best friends who decide to leave their little Nebraska town for a vacation in the fictional Floridian paradise of Vista Del Mar. What they don’t know is that a pale villain with a severe bob (also played by Wiig) is targeting that very spot because of a personal grievance. Barb & Star has multiple musical numbers, some wild cameos, and an infectiously goofy spirit largely thanks to the brilliant work of the pair of women at its center. It’s hard to describe the specific lunacy of this film, so just go watch and be swept away by the good vibes. — Esther Zuckerman
Where to watch: In theaters; rent on AmazoniTunesVudu, and YouTube (Watch the trailer)judas and the black messiahWARNER BROTHERS PICTURES

Judas and the Black Messiah

Release date: February 12
Director: Shaka King (Newlyweeds)
Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield, Jesse Plemons, Dominique Fishback
Why it’s great: It’s hard to think of another recent movie as propulsive as this historical drama with significant Oscar buzz about the murder of Black Panther chairman Fred Hampton, portrayed in extraordinary fashion by Daniel Kaluuya, and the FBI informant (LaKeith Stanfield) who led the killers to his door. Shaka King’s film is simultaneously both radical in tone and tense in execution, shifting perspective between Hampton and William O’Neal, a car thief played with jittery energy by Stanfield, who is offered lenience if he provides J. Edgar Hoover’s bureau, intent on quashing the Black Power movement, with information on the charismatic leader and orator. Judas and the Black Messiah avoids any of the sentimentality that can typically invade true stories, helped by Stanfield’s deft work as a man who slowly realizes the danger of his lack of politics. — EZ
Where to watch it: In theaters and HBO Max (Watch the trailer)minariA24


Release date: February 12 
Director: Lee Isaac Chung (Munyurangabo)
Cast: Steven Yeun, Alan Kim, Yeri Han, Youn Yuh-Jung
Why it’s great: In Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari, a grandma arrives from Korea carrying seeds to grow a minari plant, a delicious tasting water dropwort that spreads like a weed in marshy spaces. Just where crops and people can grow and thrive is on this gorgeous film’s mind. It’s a drama about a Korean family that moves from California to Arkansas to chase father Jacob’s (Steven Yeun) dream of becoming a farmer. The minute they arrive at the trailer house that Jacob has purchased on a vast patch of land, his wife Monica (Yeri Han) is distressed. As a compromise, the couple invites Monica’s grandmother (Youn Yuh-Jung) to come live with them. Chung mostly documents this journey through the eyes of 7-year-old David (the incredible Alan Kim). He has adopted his father’s enthusiasm for this place, and complains about his grandma, a wily woman who does not act like the Americanized ideal of a matriarch he has envisioned. David’s adorable insolence often makes for big laughs, but the incisive portrait of a couple at odds is always in the background. — EZ
Where to watch it: In theaters; A24’s virtual screening room (Watch the trailer)nomadlandSEARCHLIGHT PICTURES


Release date: December 4
Director: Chloé Zhao (The Rider)
Cast: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May
Why it’s great: Chloé Zhao’s film is both a travelogue of the West, displaying some of the most stunning vistas ever put to screen, and a document of the innate hardness of American life under corporate structures. It’s, above all, an immensely peaceful film, brimming with the kind of empathy that feels necessary and rare right now. Zhao, known for her docudramas, adapts a piece of journalistic nonfiction by Jessica Bruder, using some of Bruder’s subjects, but anchoring the piece with a performance by Frances McDormand as her protagonist Fern, who lived with her husband in a small mining town known as Empire before the corporation keeping it afloat shut down and the zip code was rendered nonexistent. Fern is living out of her van and taking shifts at Amazon when her friend Linda May tells her about the teachings of Bob Wells, a van life guru. What at first appears to be an aimless narrative, dotted with mesmerizing tracking shots in which McDormand strides across landscapes as parades of mobile homes move out in the distance, subtly reveals itself to be a purposeful journey. Patiently, Zhao and McDormand reveal how Fern’s insistence on traveling is a means of coping with grief over the loss of her spouse. Nomadland is gorgeous, but never glamorizing. Instead, it’s a generous work of art. — EZ
Where to watch it: In theaters; Hulu (Watch the trailer)saint maudA24

Saint Maud

Release date: January 29
Director: Rose Glass
Cast: Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Knight, Lily Frazer
Why it’s great: Haunted by a horrific incident in her past, Maud, a young woman who works as a palliative care nurse for the elderly and infirm, has converted to Roman Catholicism and believes that she hears the voice of God coursing through her whenever she’s done something she feels He’s pleased with. Her new patient, Amanda, a former dancer suffering from stage four lymphoma, is more concerned with dolling herself up for fancy evenings with friends than with saving her soul while she still has time—at least in Maud’s eyes. Her “visions” of God, often in the form of a cockroach, lead her to believe that saving her new charge’s lost soul is her life’s mission—at any cost. Rose Glass’s sneakily funny and distressingly spooky directorial debut will charm and terrify you in equal measure. It’s a haunting, religious experience. — Emma Stefansky
Where to watch it: In theaters; Epix (Watch the trailer)space sweepersNETFLIX

Space Sweepers

Release date: February 5
Director: Jo Sung-Hee (Phantom Detective)
Cast: Song Joong-Ki, Kim Tae-Ri, Jin Seon-Kyu, Yoo Hae-Jin
Why it’s great: Right from its first, electrifying sequence involving a bunch of bounty hunting spaceships chasing after a careering piece of garbage, Space Sweepers spins a far-future of multicultural, multilingual human life in space that’s as exhilarating as it is crushingly dystopian. Tae-Ho is a pilot aboard the freighter Victory, along with Captain Jang, engineer Tiger Park, and loudmouthed robot Bubs, all of them part of an outer-space trash-collecting bounty-hunter guild known as the Space Sweepers, who capture space junk and sell it for parts. After a particularly harrowing chase, the crew finds a little girl hiding in a derelict spaceship, who just happens to be a nanobot-filled android that a group of space terrorists have fitted with a hydrogen bomb. At first the Victory crew plans to sell the “little girl” back to the terrorist group who lost her, before they realize that she’s much more special than she seems. — ES
Where to watch it: Netflix (Watch the trailer)the world to comeBLEECKER STREET

The World to Come

Release date: February 12 
Director: Mona Fastvold (The Sleepwalker)
Cast: Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Casey Affleck, Christopher Abbott
Why it’s great: The quiet, calm narration of Katherine Waterston’s Abigail carries the viewer through this period romance between two women in an isolated corner of New York during the 19th Century. But for as meditative as her voice is, there’s a turmoil that rages through Mona Fastvold’s film like the storm that appears in the first act. At times, Daniel Blumberg’s magnificent score sounds like screams, and even in moments of peace there’s creeping anxiety. Abigail has resigned herself to a life of discontentment with her husband Dyer (Affleck) when their new neighbors Finney (Abbott) and Tallie (Kirby) arrive. Abigail and Tallie become fast friends. Tallie is worldly and self-assured, even as she steals away from her pompous spouse who has a violent streak. Their long afternoons talking turn into physical expressions of love, but Fastvold is less interested in how that may have been taboo in the era than in how the threat of isolation is always just around the corner for these women. — EZ
Where to watch it: In theaters; available via On Demand on March 2 (Watch the trailer)

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Meet the Sushi Chef Who Ditched Restaurants to Forage Full-Time

Chef Taku Kondo wants people to make the most of what’s in their backyards

By Nicole Theodore

Published on 2/5/2021 at 11:34 AMEDITOR’S NOTE: A lot of car owners are precious with their mileage. To MINI drivers and Thrillist readers, though, watching that odometer tick up is proof of an adventure well spent. That’s why we created The Extra Mile, a series of videos where we took the MINI Countryman across the country to take on challenges with interesting people — like Taku Kondo, who took the Countryman on a foraging race against the tides in Pacifica. Read on to find out more about what drives him to take on this unique passion and to check out his episode. 

There isn’t a coastline in the world that Taku Kondo, a former sushi chef, full-time forager, and YouTube star doesn’t have his sights set on. He’s traversed up and down the California coast, to the shores of Hawaii, and across the globe to Japan — while documenting how to forage seafood and plants sustainably for his YouTube channel, Outdoor Chef Life. In every video, Kondo’s 400,000-plus subscribers watch him take the protein and vegetation he’s found and transform it into elegant dishes using simple (and sometimes no other) ingredients. 

“Foraging is just a great way for us to connect with the land and be more appreciative of what we have,” Kondo, 29, tells Thrillist.

Connecting with the land and inspiring people to find adventures in their backyards has been top of mind for Kondo since starting his channel, and was especially true in 2020. During a year when travel was all but halted, Kondo reconnected with his home base of Northern California. For his most recent adventure foraging mussels, seaweed, and sea urchins, he set the navigation in the MINI Cooper S ALL 4 Countryman to take him from the city streets of San Francisco to Rockaway Beach in Pacifica and timed his arrival to match the tides. While a small camera crew documented all the action of the trip, Kondo has been foraging, filleting, and fishing long before his online audience even knew he existed. TAWNI BANNISTER // THRILLIST

From the ground up

Kondo grew up in the Bay Area and was enamored with the ocean for as long as he can remember. He first began fishing with his dad when he was around five years old, then started cooking with his mom as a teenager, slowly falling in love with preparing food as he learned knife and plating skills. He later became interested in the idea of foraging thanks to randomly picking up the book, The Bay Area Forager by Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein.

“It talked about many of the weeds that we have in the area,” Kondo says. “Mainly, many people just don’t think twice about [the weeds]. But actually, all these things are edible around you. They talked about the philosophy of how you want to be sustainable and respectful, and I liked all of that.”

As a college student at San Francisco State University, Kondo couldn’t afford to eat out in the city’s dining scene, so he cooked nonstop instead. His knife skills were getting better, and after foraging for plants for a few years, he tried out ocean foraging. By 2016, Kondo knew he wanted to become a sushi chef. Thanks to a connection, he finally scored an interview with high-end omakase restaurant Roka Akor in SF. 

“They told me, ‘All right, we’ll give you a shot for a month, but no pay,” Kondo recalls. “And if we think you’re good enough we might think about hiring you. If not, then you got to go.’”TAWNI BANNISTER // THRILLIST

Kondo was working at the restaurant for 10 hours a day, finishing up school, and delivering food on the side to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the chefs at the restaurant didn’t understand the benefits of his foraging skills quite yet. 

“I was harvesting a bunch of little greens and stuff; miner’s lettuce and nasturtium and these weeds, basically,” he says. “I told one of my colleagues about it, the chef, and he was like, ‘Why are you so weird? Why don’t you just go buy something?'”

Despite the naysayers, Kondo quickly became one of the best sushi chefs in the restaurant, which allowed him more creative license to incorporate his foraging finds. He would often surprise guests with small ocean treats, including fresh uni and herring roe. 

“We had this beautiful platter for sashimi, and I would get the seaweed and make [the platter] look more like the sea, just trying to make it more unique and more like the environment that the fish come from,” he says.

Kondo slowly earned the other chefs’ respect, giving him the confidence he needed to take his foraging to the next level.

Betting on himself

Kondo scored a paid job at San Francisco’s Hinata in 2018. In this upscale omakase-style restaurant, diners would sit down in front of Kondo as he served sashimi and sushi piece by piece. It was during this time that Kondo began filming his weekend foraging excursions. 

He created the Outdoor Chef Life YouTube channel that same year, after receiving encouragement from other international foragers on the platform whose videos he watched. From catching, to filleting, to grilling, Kondo’s entire foraging process goes down live on camera with the roar of the ocean crashing behind him. This start-to-finish point-of-view, as well as his skills as a sushi chef, set him apart from other fishing video series.

“Nobody was taking advantage of the foraging aspect of the [Pacific] coast,” he says. “So, I saw an opening there. I figured with my background, I could make everything look and taste amazing, as best as I can.”

Kondo made a lofty bet with Hinata’s owner in 2019: If he hit 200,000 subscribers, he would quit and forage full-time.

 “At the time, I had maybe a hundred subscribers, right?” he says. “Before I know it, I’m there… I was like, ‘OK, well. I actually quit!’”

“I took that leap of faith… you just sometimes got to go for it.”TAWNI BANNISTER // THRILLIST

Where in the world is Taku?

Kondo’s laidback narration and expert knowledge of the ocean and land earned him his loyal, engaged fanbase (some of his videos have gotten millions of views and thousands of comments). The deep connection he has with his fans, who range from foodies to foragers to fishers, often turn into entirely new adventures worldwide — think fishing for squid in Kagoshima, Japan, foraging fresh uni with master Sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada,  and freediving for crab, scallops, and clams to make seafood paella. 

“I feel like I have a friend everywhere I go,” Kondo says with a laugh. “Somebody will invite me to do something on a regular basis.” 

During the road trip down the California coast with MINI, Kondo set out chasing low tide to find sea urchin. But, he veered off his original course and discovered a surprise roadside turnoff along the Pacific where mussels were abundant. In classic Kondo fashion, the environment inspired him to get spontaneous and prepare his sushi dish right there next to the ocean. 

Another recent trip included truffle hunting outside of Seattle with a subscriber and his very own truffle-hunting dog. The truffles turned into truffle-infused oil and butter used in risotto and linguine (and then there were whole truffles put on top of a crab sandwich). He even traveled to his parents’ hometown of Kagoshima, Japan and foraged for lobster and went spearfishing in Hawaii for a month alongside a friend.

“Everybody that I’ve met has been so cool and so down-to-earth, and all like-minded, who like food, who like foraging and, of course, fishing,” he says. “And that’s been great.”https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.443.0_en.html#goog_2113651462Volume 0%00:0003:30 

For the love of the land

There’s no foraging adventure too challenging for Kondo. A few of his favorites include night diving in Los Angeles for spiny lobster that walk the ocean floor in the dark and searching for king salmon in Half Moon Bay. “This summer was the first time where I caught king salmon on a kayak,” he says. It may have taken him six trips to accomplish this fishing feat, but the hard work turned into a two-part series on how to create mouth-watering salmon sashimi, nigiri, and sushi. 

This year might bring Kondo some of his most exciting trips yet. Because of Outdoor Chef Life’s success, the show is hitting the road: Kondo is outfitting a vehicle with a mobile kitchen, so he can take his foraging across the US alongside his girlfriend, Jocelyn, who helps him film. 

“It is a dream come true for us,” he says.

Kondo continues to feel connected to the ocean and land through foraging — and sometimes, he still goes out just for himself and doesn’t document it. Every foraging mission Kondo embarks on, especially his solo ones, helps him feel more connected to why he got into it in the first place. He hopes his YouTube series inspires others to appreciate their local environment just like he does. 

“I hope people see what’s available around us and take that, and also take the message of sustainability and being able to explore and harvest these amazing ingredients we have in the area,” he says. “At the same time, think about sustainability and how you would only take what you need. That’s the motto, right, to just take what you need.”

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