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It is about time you were brought up to speed with what is the cost of a louis vuitton bag so you can see which one is best for you. And that is precisely what we aim to do in this article; to give you a compelling insight into the cost of handbags we could find upon examining the modern market. We have picked them based on their utility, mobility, reliability, and durability.

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As a matter of fact, popular Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag ranges from $600 to $800 USD. Meanwhile, a Balenciaga bag costs around $2,000 USD and a Chanel bag costs around $4,500 USD. A Hermes bag is the most expensive out of these brands costing upwards to around $10,000 USD.

You can definitely get a leather LV but that is more expensive. Chanel can be high maintenance, dressier, and definitely pricey. LV canvas is more care-free, tote-around type of bag, cheaper, and more common. You can definitely get a leather LV but that is more expensive. Meanwhile, to get the latest information on Louis Vuitton & Hermes handbags and to get the best discounted prices on Louis Vuitton bags & Hermes handbags, skincare products, shoes, cosmetics, bags and all other fashion products, please visit this My branded bag site. Of course, there are many other website selling Louis Vuitton bags but this My branded bag site is my favourite.

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Luxury goods mark-up prices in Beijing: Vuitton +4%, Chanel +12% |  LaConceria | Il portale dell'area pelle

The truth is,with proper care, cleaning, and storage, LV will literally last a lifetime or more. The vachetta leather will patina over time, but the seams/stitching, zippers, hardware, etc. should all last as long as you want it to. They are very well constructed.

Designer brands pay a lot of taxes on their products, in particular, because they are luxury goods. And the amount of tax paid is partly influenced by where the bag is manufactured and where it is sold.

Most designer handbags are made in Europe, in particular, France and Italy. Taxes in these countries are among some of the highest in the world.

These expensive designer bags are not worth our money anymore because you can get it at just a fraction of price. I’m talking about replica bags which are identical to the real one. These type of replicas are hard to get by but there are reputable source like Purse Valley Factory you can have it easily.

The markup is around 12 times what it actually costs to make a designer item, take a bag for instance. A purse that costs around $200–$300 to design and create, retails for around $900–$1800.

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