marketing strategies for educational startups

1.    Make use of social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best bets for getting your edtech solution in front of your consumers.

2.    Create product demos. These videos showcase your product and reveal who you are.

3.    Blog and then blog some more. Blogging lends credibility to your work. It’s a great way to share what you know and let potential customers know more about your work, your interests, and your real passion outside of work.

4.    Offer to do speaking engagements. One of the best ways to market yourself is to communicate your message. Speak to teachers, administrators, and the community at large. Don’t forget to include your peers and fellow edtech entrepreneurs. Share your experiences to help them grow as well.

5.    Make use of segmented email marketing. Rather than write one email to send to every potential client, think in segmented groups. Develop targeted emails for teachers, education leaders, and parents. Then send these to the appropriate groups.

6.    Try event-based marketing. Go where the educators are. Attend local, state, and national conferences. Set up a booth and sign up to present an educational session.

7.    Try video. Nothing captures an audience’s attention like video. Users watch 500 million hours of video on YouTube daily. Marketing research has shown that video marketing.

8.    Start a podcast. It’s a quick and easy way to position yourself as an industry expert. The podcast can be less intimidating because you don’t have to worry about your appearance.

9.    Create an infographic. People love visuals because they’re often interpreted quickly. Infographics are memorable ways to create a lasting impression based on your research.

10.  Treat your customers by giving away something for free. Although bling is beautiful, a free demo, a white paper, or even a checklist can be useful.

11.  Hire a Sales Development Rep (SDR). The money you spend here will be an investment you don’t want to miss. Aggressive SDRs can catapult your marketing into a successful revenue stream.

12.  Write a case study. The case study shows that you understand the problem and know how to solve it. Your experience will build trust.

13.  Turn the case study into a white paper. The white paper is a marketing tool.

14.  Create a captivating web site – and offer a free newsletter.

15.  Advertise on education web sites. These sites often have an immense readership with millions of page views. It’s a market share that can’t be denied.

Avoid this one mistake

Many entrepreneurs hesitate to market their products and services until they are completely finished. Instead, build your fan base while you are making your edtech product and services. You can use the above strategies to launch your campaign step by step.

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