men and women fragrance with the best longevity and sillage

To help you easily find the perfume with best longevity and sillage on the market, we’ve rounded up the perfumes with strongest sillage. The products listed below will help make up your mind on the best long lasting perfume for men and women that is best for you. Let us quickly examine our Men And Women Fragrance With The Best Longevity And Sillage list below.

Some perfumes are best to be worn at night and some are better suited for the daytime. The sillage of some perfumes is so strong that it will make you smell good all day long. When your new perfume has great sillage, you only need to use a small amount to smell great throughout the day.

This article is a comprehensive list of the best perfumes that smell good and are long lasting. We’ve filtered it in such a way as to get you the information you need on the best perfumes. We recommend going through the entire list below, since there are a lot of contenders, but you may find your favorite product right away if you take a couple minutes to examine the top products listed below. Good luck!

perfume with best longevity and sillage

The lasting power of a fragrance is often just as important as how it smells. After all, who cares how good it is if it fades away before anyone’s had the chance to enjoy it?

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It can be frustrating to find a fragrance that you love, only to discover that it wears off quickly. Whether you’re in a high-pressure job, getting married, or just don’t want to deal with having to think about reapplying your cologne, colognes should last you through the day and into the evening… maybe even the morning after. 

This list of heavy-hitter fragrances will last as long as you do. Read on to see which colognes give you the strongest longevity and will keep you smelling great 24/7.

Men And Women Fragrance With The Best Longevity And Sillage

Longest Lasting Perfumes & Colognes For Men

The following is a list of some of the most impressive and longest-lasting perfume for men. Each of these scents has been proven to stay continuously strong and enticing throughout the course of a day! 



Creed Aventus by Creed Eau De Parfum Spray for Men

Strength, vision, and success have inspired this bold fragrance. Masculine notes of oakmoss, ambergris, and vanilla make up the base, with blackcurrant and apple as provocative top notes.

Montale Black Musk Eau de Parfum Spray


This elegant cologne blends black pepper, nutmeg, teakwood, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, and ambergris, to create a long-lasting and extravagant aroma.

If you have a special occasion or formal event and don’t want to deal with touching up your cologne, try this.


Christian Dior Sauvage


Inspired by wild open spaces, this fragrance has been described as fresh, raw, and noble. It’s a classic and I think every man should try it at least once.

That said, it’s also a love/hate fragrance so try a sample before you make the plunge. If you do love it, this is perfect for evening or romantic wear (and into the next day).



​Versace Eros for Men

Despite the sexy-sounding name, Eros by Versace is a great wear-to-work Fougere that just keeps going. This is definitely an iconic cologne so if you’re looking for something niche no one has smelled before, keep looking. If you’re looking for a solid work cologne that doesn’t need to be reapplied and is excellent value for your money, try this.



Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme EDT Spray



Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Oriental and spicy, this cologne will last all day. Tobacco blossom, tonka bean, cacao and vanilla create a combination that smells sensual without being over the top. Definitely masculine and attention-grabbing — good for evening or winter wear.



Prada Amber Pour Homme by Prada

This timeless yet modern and contemporary fragrance is perfect for all-day wear. It shines with notes of patchouli, orange blossom, and cardamom. It’s a versatile one that you can wear to the office and then out to dinner without ever refreshing.

Few perfumes have a very charming scent, but they are not long lasting because they are not EDP or EDT. Always buy an Eau de parfum or eau de toilette because they have more long-lasting time than other perfumes. So, it is worth to spend money on EDP or EDT perfumes. One more key factor is always buying perfume which has good base notes. Because good base notes make a perfume long lasting.

Many people complain that they buy expensive perfume, but their smell is very poor and not long last for a couple of hours. They did not buy the original product from any authentic seller. There are many fake sellers who sell the replica to innocent people and theft there hard earn money, so be careful from these types of the seller and always try to buy from a trusted and official website like Amazon.

Don’t worry we have shared all the information that how to choose the best long lasting perfumes for men. After reading this guide you will easily choose the best perfume for your loved one. However, we have spent some days and check many perfumes, finally, below are the top 10 best long lasting perfume for men according to our research.


When on the hunt for the perfect scent, it’s hard to judge what will suit just by taking a sniff from the bottle.

A good fragrance should have a balance of complimentary scents, longevity and one that matches your personality. Essential oils deliver more than synthetics in terms of longevity and balance. 

If you’re not sure what sort of scent you, or the intended recipient of the perfume, likes, scent types or “families” can provide some guidance. With men’s as well as women’s fragrances, the buzzwords to look out for are floral, fresh, fruity, citrus, oriental, woody and spicy. 

Use these straightforward descriptors as a starting point, and find the notes (for example rose, jasmine, bergamot or vetiver) that appeal to you to narrow it down.

Lisa Shackley, Givenchy Beauty Expert tells us: 

“It’s important not to wear perfume or scented body products when shopping for a new fragrance as this can alter the development of the chosen scent. 

“Always try the fragrance on the skin to see how it develops and how it ultimately matches your personality. I wouldn’t recommend trying more than three to four different scents at one time.”

Whilst buying perfume for someone else is often a daunting task, we’ve rounded up the best 10 sure to win over anyone so, pick your poison…


If you’re anything like us, you likely buy everything from paper towels to pajamas online, not to mention a wide array of your beauty necessities, too. That being said, buying perfume online may not necessarily be on your radar—but it should be. While it may seem strange to buy a fragrance without sniffing it IRL first, online scent shopping has a long list of benefits. Of course, there’s the universally-appealing convenience factor that applies to all kinds of virtual purchasing. But as it pertains to perfume specifically, the internet is also a veritable treasure trove for not only good deals and steals but also a place where you can discover a wide array of new and interesting brands that may not yet be available at the department or big beauty store where you’d otherwise be shopping. Not to mention that many sites offer all kinds of different sampling and tester options, so you can, in fact, take a scent for a test run before you buy a full-size.

A few thing to keeps in mind: It’s helpful to know what types of scents you gravitate towards (florals, woody, oriental, etc.) since many sites do—very helpfully—categorize their olfactory offerings according to those. Also, be sure to check on the return policy, since you want to know what your options are in case you don’t love what you end up with.

Ahead, the best places to buy perfume online that will make you seriously rethink how you scent shop.



The in-store fragrance shopping experience at Sephora is quite good, but so is the online version. There’s a helpful quiz that can help you figure out what kind of fragrance you might like (great for those who just aren’t quite sure as to what they’re looking for) and plenty of brands and sizes available. You can also return anything you don’t like as long as it’s only ‘gently used.’ We’re also big fans of their deluxe perfume sampler, which comes with nine of the most sought-after fragrances, plus a voucher to redeem a full-size version of your favorite one.



Those who love a good deal will appreciate the notably discounted prices and the plethora of coupons always available, making this a great pick for more affordable perfume shopping. Shipping is free, too, and there’s a good selection of samples that you can also buy.



Of all the online department store options, this is one of our faves. Yes, the amazingly flexible Nordstrom return policy applies to fragrance too, and you can even order online and pick up in-store if you’re really in a rush. They also offer a ton of store-exclusive perfumes and scents, not to mention that there’s always that iconic Nordstrom anniversary sale every year.



Ever finally find a signature scent that you’re obsessed with, only to find out it’s been discontinued when you go re-stock? Yeah, us too. Search for in on this site, since they have many discontinued fragrances available. They also have a loyalty program, always an added benefit in our book.



The tagline of this site is ‘date perfumes before you marry them.’ We can get into that. The subscription service lets you choose from over 500 designer and niche fragrances; for 15 dollars a month you get one, 8ml spray (about a month’s worth of daily spritzing). You can also change the frequency of your subscription if monthly is too often for you


We appreciate that the wide variety of brands offered on this site range from the big-name mainstream options, to smaller, niche companies. There’s a never-ending amount of choices for men, women, and home scents, too. If samples are your thing, you’ll be into the extensive array they offer. Oh, and if you spend over 150 dollars, you get three free samples with your purchase.


So what if the perfume has the same look, feel and smell?

These days, a new level of fake designer perfume have entered the market. Normally called ‘GRed A or GRed AA’ perfume. These GRed AA perfumes have almost everything it takes to be called ‘Original perfume’. The packaging, bottle and scent are almost very similar. But of course, if it falls under the “fake” category, it can never beat the long lasting scent that original designer perfume has. I believe most perfume lovers can identify if the perfume they bought is original or fake. So the information that I’m about to share here is:

How we as the consumers can identify the perfume sold is original or fake:

1. The Packaging

They misspelt the perfume name on the box. How can an exclusive designer perfume house accidentally misspell their own brand or product? Not A Chance! Remember, designer perfumes are luxury items, this kind of mistake will never happen.The wrapping is not perfect! Original perfume should have its plastic cellophane wrapped neatly around the box.

What about My Perfume Shop’s Tester Perfume?

We import our tester perfumes in cost effective packaging (plain white or brown boxes or without box and bundled as loose item – maybe no lid). We can save a lot on import duty by doing this. So if we manage to save on the duty, we can offer you a cheaper price to enjoy our perfumes. That ‘s up to 40% Below Retail Price for the exact same product. I bet you’re interested in that tester fragrance now!

best long lasting perfume for men and women

Is it the exact same product?

Yes, it is the exact same product, as without testers designer houses cannot promote their products, therefore, it is 100% guaranteed Authentic Perfume. It is sealed in our warehouse and unused.

Are they the same quality & smell?

Yes, they are completely the same and of the same concentrate. Often a fragrance will only mature on your skin after 30 minutes and up to 1 hour.

Why do testers come in a brown/white box or unboxed?

It is generally the cheapest package to use, the product is not meant to be sold. Hence the design of the box and sticker displaying tester.

Can I buy testers from My Perfume Shop?

Yes, we have the biggest tester collection in Africa, often you will have saved up to 50% off the same perfume in a retail display box.

Is it legal to buy and sell perfume testers?

Yes, provided that the seller informs the buyer that it is a tester and sold as a tester.

Men's Tester Perfume

2. The Bottles

You should always look at the country of origin at the bottom of the plastic stickers or beneath the bottles (eg: Made in France, Made in the USA). Note that most fake perfume will not put the country of origin. But, you should still be very cautious, these guys get smarter by the day! I have seen some GRed AA perfume also print country of origins under the bottles. But don’t worry, there are still few way to check if the perfume is original. Continue reading…

The original perfume will have high-quality bottles, you can know this by the smooth and fine surface while fake perfume is a bit rough and contoured. The brand name printed on the bottle is normally embossed and can’t be erased easily.
The cap of the original perfume should fit snugly and stay in place if you flip the bottle upside down. Most of fakes perfume’s caps do not fit nicely onto its bottle. You will notice this by trying to open and close the bottle cap.

3. The Content

Some people will tell you to shake the bottle to see if the perfume is original. What should we actually see? OK, for original perfume, the bubbles that appear when you shake the bottle should disappear in a span of approximately 10-15 seconds. However, fake perfume’s bubbles will immediately disappear after you shake it.
The colour should be consistent. If you are a die-hard fan of certain perfume, you should know its original colour.

4. The scent

The original perfume will have 3 layers: Top notes, middle notes, and base notes. That’s why you can smell the perfume differently when you first pray it, later you will smell the middle notes and finally, you can smell the base notes. However, fake perfume may smell familiar but have a flat, one-dimensional quality to them like they are missing an entire layer of notes.Original perfume should last at least 2-3 hour or more when you wear it. Fakes will only last less than 1 hour.
Original perfume should last more than 24hour when sprayed on paper (EDP), while EDT will last at least 24 hours.

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