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Let’s talk timelessness. Right up there at the top of the list, alongside dark-washed denim and a great leather jacket, is the blazer. But have you ever wondered how to wear a blue blazer? Today, we will review the mens blue blazer, navy blue blazer mens, mens blue velvet blazer, mens light blue blazer, and mens royal blue blazer top options.

Few garments in the history of history have earned a reputation as illustrious as the blue blazer. Why, you ask? Because almost nothing else is as versatile or as simple to style. It’s smack in the centre of the formality scale, so you can dress it up or down as the occasion requires. The colour goes with everything, from neutrals to bold patterns. And if you nail the fit, it’ll streamline your torso and flatter your figure.

Put fit, colour and formality together, and you’ve got the recipe for a look that effortlessly transcends time and trends. Here’s how to rock it in five different ways:

Mens Blue Blazer

how to wear a blue blazer

It’s summertime and the living’s easy (or at least, getting dressed in the morning is). When the weather warms up, pop a t-shirt under your blazer. It’s casual, cool, and won’t leave you drenched in sweat by noon. Make sure the tee is fitted so it doesn’t add unsightly bulk beneath the jacket.


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Smart, poised and powerful. There’s something special about a double-breasted jacket. It takes a kind of confidence to pull it off that fewer buttons just don’t. For off-duty days, try it with a tee and ankle-bearing trousers. When formality is required, opt for the full button-down-and-tie ensemble.

Stylish Separates

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One of the #1 reasons we love the blue blazer is that it works equally well as a stand-alone piece as it does with matching trousers. This is your chance to go bold with that blazer. Slip into trousers with a print or a statement colour. It’s contemporary and maybe a little eccentric, but still elegant.

With Denim / Chinos

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When you want to toe the line between formal and in-, pair your blue blazer with denim. A navy blazer + jeans is a classic preppy look that suits most anything on top, from a tee, to a button-down, to a Henley in any colour or pattern. For something slightly dressier, do chinos instead.

The Short Story

+5 Photoshow to wear a blue blazer

Because the blue blazer is such a neutral piece, it gives you the space to be more experimental on the bottom. Try a pair of tailored shorts when the sun is shining and your knees are in need of a tan. Pay special attention to the footwear if you go this route – slip-ons with no socks are your best bet

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