mens casual shoes with jeans

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Mens Casual Shoes With Jeans

1. Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Brogue Shoes & Accessories

  • Established: 2012
  • Location: Colombia
  • Price Range: $170* [Official Site]

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Founded in 2012 by Andres Nino and Nicholas Hurtado in Colombia, the brand offers ethically handmade high-quality men’s shoes for less than $200.

The thought of luxury quality shoes for under $200 may make purists scoff, but Beckett Simonon has developed it into an art-form. Thanks to a Group Made-To-Order approach, the brand is able to commission batches of high-quality shoes at a fraction of the price compared to other brands.

Ethically handmade in Bogotá, Colombia, from full-grain Argentinian calfskin leather, the shoes often feature a Blake stitch construction. Although not a Goodyear construction, the manufacturing process offers a sturdy and well-built shoe that can be resoled.

Unlike some of the other more established brands on this list, Beckett Simonon has found an innovative approach that allows them to offer both the high quality and low price tag sought by discerning men around the world.

We were so impressed with the quality that we teamed up with them in order to offer our readers a special 20% discount with their first order. Just use the code BU20 when checking out on their website.


“It’s simply hard to beat Beckett Simonon’s exceptional value for money given its price point and quality.”

Bespoke Unit Rating: ★★★★★

2. Ace Marks

Ace Marks Burgundy Penny Loafers

  • Established: 2012
  • Location: Italy
  • Pricing: $200 – $300 [Official Site]


Another up-and-coming brand, Ace Marks differentiates itself by having embraced traditional Italian craftsmanship while still retaining an affordable price point. Its shoes are benchmade with a closed-stitch Blake flex construction from full-grain Italian or French calfskin leather.

As Ace Marks hasn’t opted for a group made-to-order model, its shoes are slightly more expensive. However, you receive your shoes within days of ordering them whereas you’d have to wait with Beckett Simonon!

Thanks to its partnership with a 4th-generation family-operated factory, its shoes also receive dazzling finishes with hand-burnishing and dying. Since they’re manufactured using standard American Brannock sizing, you’ll have a beautiful shoe that fits.


3. John Lobb

John Lobb Paris

  • Established: 1976
  • Location: France & United Kingdom
  • Pricing: $1,750 – $8,000 [Official Site]


It’s often presumed that John Lobb stores around the world are the same as the small John Lobb Ltd. workshop in London. However, these are very different brands. In 1976, Hermès acquired the English shoemaker’s Parisian boutique and has transformed it into a unique entity.

While it offers bespoke shoes that are handmade in its Paris workshop, its ready-to-wear shoes are crafted using a Goodyear welt in a prominent Northampton factory. Needless to say, the craftsmanship and leathers used are of exceptional quality. As a result, John Lobb is indeed a premium option.

4. Idrese Custom Shoes

Idrese Shoe Review


Idrese is an ambitious project by Jawad Malik who founded the brand when he was just 21-years old. His sole objective was to provide customers with the opportunity to design their own Goodyear-welted dress shoes for less than $300.

The shoes are manufactured in Almansa, Spain from nothing less than Italian full-grain leather. By using the website’s 3D-designer, you can create your own shoe according to your needs and specifications.

Although technically a made-to-order service, it also offers an impressive range of shoe sizes and widths. Therefore, it accommodates even the smallest and largest feet.


5. Trickers

Trickers Stow Country Boot

  • Established: 1829
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Pricing: $530+ [Shop Now]


Tricker’s is one of the few remaining brands in England that can boast of its continued family heritage that has remained unchanged since the 19th century. Indeed, Tricker’s was founded in 1829 and continues to be overseen by Joseph Tricker’s descendants.

As a result, it was awarded a Royal Warrant by Prince Charles on its 160th anniversary. Despite its reputation and prestige, its beautifully-crafted boots and shoes aren’t overpriced. Exuding quintessentially traditional English style, its Goodyear welted footwear tends to retail around the $500 mark.

6. Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boot Dianite Sole

  • Established: 1922
  • Location: Wisconsin, USA
  • Price Range: $300 – $500 [Buy On Zappos]


Allen Edmonds is a rare American gem that has also preserved much of its domestic shoe production. Founded in 1922, it became particularly well-known after supplying the military with boots and shoes during the Second World War.

Thanks to a wide selection of sizes and widths, Allen Edmonds is by far the closest thing you can get to a custom experience when buying ready to wear. Although its footwear may occasionally seem on the pricey side, the value for money is exceptional.


7. Wolf & Shepherd

Wolf & Shepherd Breakaway Boots Close Up

  • Established: 2014
  • Location: California, USA
  • Price Range: $200 – $350 [Official Site]


Something of a young upstart in the dress shoe industry, Wold & Shepherd seeks to change dress shoes as we know them. The brand was founded by Decathlete Justin Schneider in 2014 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Seeking to update traditionally uncomfortable dress shoes, Schneider began experimenting with athletic footwear technology. The brand has since moved to California and continues to impress menswear enthusiasts around the world.

Foregoing traditional shoe construction, Wolf & Shepherd shoes are inspired by running shoes. They feature patented comfort technology such as sheepskin-lined memory foam footbeds, high-density EVA foam heels and lightweight carbon-fibre arch support.

Despite the hype, Wolf & Shepherd shoes are indeed extremely comfortable. Furthermore, they don’t just perform during a short period of time but if you’re walking for hours in dress shoes, your feet won’t suffer at all.


We were so impressed with their quality that we teamed up with them in order to offer our readers a special 20% discount with their first order. Just use the code BU20 when checking out on their website.

8. Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell Driver Sole


Oliver Cabell is another young brand that was founded in 2016. Scott Gabrielson sought to create an ethical shoe brand in order to disrupt the luxury industry’s tendency towards fast fashion. Rather than relying on a single factory, he approaches different manufacturers who are the most adapted for the shoes he wishes to create.

For instance, his suede leather drivers are crafted in Italy and his dress shoes will be made in Portugal. Meanwhile, he has developed 3D-printed sneakers made from recycled water bottles in China! Indeed, Oliver Cabell is an intriguing brand to follow for its constant pursuit of innovation and unique ideas.


9. Taft Clothing

Taft Clothing Jack Shoe In London

  • Established: 2016
  • Location: USA, Spain
  • Pricing: $190 – $349 [Official Site]


Kory and Mallory Stevens founded their Utah-based brand in 2013, which has grown to be cherished by a cult following. Its shoes are manufactured in a family-owned workshop in Almansa, a picturesque town near Valencia in southern Spain.

Taft seeks to offer its footwear at a consistent and affordable price point. As a result, it will switch between either Goodyear welting or Blake stitching depending on the shoe’s style and raw materials.

The brand is especially known for its rebellious and unconventional styles that are sometimes regarded as controversial. Although its designs may not be for everyone, we certainly recommend that you pay its website a visit!


10. Maglieriapelle

Maglieriapelle handmade Pamukkale & Cunda Painted Shoes With Dust Bags & Boxes

  • Established: 2010
  • Location: Turkey
  • Pricing: $295 – $495 [Official Site]


Husband and wife duo Tarik and Gaye Özkan founded Maglieriapelle in 2010 following their 25 years of experience in the leather industry. Meaning “woven leather” in Italian, the brand’s collections are inspired Italy’s shoe-making tradition but it retains a distinctive Turkish identity.

Although most brands love to claim that their shoes are completely handmade, the truth is that the vast majority will use machinery at some point in the process. However, Maglieriapelle is one of the few that is wholly handmade. Given the price point, this achievement is nothing short of extraordinary!

Maglieriapelle’s Istanbul workshop consists of only 15 artisans who produce the brand’s shoes entirely by hand with a unique finish thanks to a hand-painted patina. Despite the labour-intensive production process, Maglieriapelle prides itself in providing high-quality yet competitively affordable handmade shoes.


How To Choose A Quality Dress Shoe Brand

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boot Dianite Sole

At Bespoke Unit, we put a lot of emphasis on quality footwear and the benefits that they bring. Furthermore, we value brands whose fundamental philosophies coincide with ours.

Whether their vision consists of embracing and preserving traditions or seeking new techniques and innovation, we take pride in supporting and promoting these brands.

Bespoke Unit founder, Paul Anthony, is a passionate shoe collector with well over 150 pairs of his own. Whilst he’s trying to downsize his collection, no-one understands more than him the value of quality brands that inspire loyalty.

However, on what basis did we establish this list of the best dress shoe brands?

Superior Construction Methods & Materials

allen edmonds sullivan street boot

Whilst there are many significant and historical brands that weren’t included in this list, we put a lot of importance on tradition and heritage. We find that long-lasting quality is often a key factor in brands developing a reputation. However, they may not always stay true to this founding vision.

Quality usually derives not only from the materials used but also the methods used to make the shoes. We seek to look beyond branding, fashion, and aesthetics but dive deeper into the actual way a shoe was put together.

Similarly, we take a look at the types of leathers used to make the shoe, where they were sourced and how they were treated during the tanning process. These days, it’s particularly hard to find truly good quality leather and we’re always seeking the best specimens.

Both the leather quality and construction have a direct impact on the shoe’s durability. Therefore, we take this aspect very seriously.

For these reasons, Allen Edmonds is currently our favourite shoe brand as they offer unbeatable quality with traditional manufacturing techniques. It’s also why we feature few designer shoes as they tend to be all about style over substance.

Value For Money

Johnston And Murphy Forrester Chukka Boots

Value for money doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest shoes with unbeatable prices but how much you get for your investment. For instance, we love premium shoes as long as the price tag is justified.

In most cases, it’ll be very challenging to find well-constructed shoes for under $200. Below this price point, you’ll often encounter poor craftsmanship with unsustainable construction techniques and materials.

Meanwhile, we’re very cautious of major designer brands. In many cases, they’re expensive because of the name’s prestige. However, they won’t offer the best possible quality.

Nevertheless, Beckett Simonon seems to have found a way to shuffle the market by providing exceedingly luxurious shoes at a fraction of the price. With a unique approach, the experience is somewhat different as you’ll have to wait for your shoes to be made. Still, its price point is hard to beat.

Therefore, it’s never about the cheapest or the most expensive but simply whether you get what you pay for.


Even if a shoe is well-made, they’re hard to justify if they’re unreasonably comfortable. Therefore, it’s certainly a consideration that we take into account when reviewing shoes.

This is where Wolf & Shepherd stood out from the crowd. Whilst its construction features Blake stitching and cemented soles, its shoes surpass other brands with a new level of comfort.

Thanks to athletic shoe technology that uses materials like EVA, carbon-fibre and HDEVA cushioning, they’re ahead of other brands. Nevertheless, we’ve yet to be disappointed or suffer from sore feet after a day in Allen Edmonds, Wolverine or Johnston & Murphy footwear.

The Brand’s Story

Sole Of Brown Suede Semi Brogue

If you want to subscribe to a particular brand, we feel that it’s important to feel something from not just its values but its history too. For instance, Allen Edmonds has an impressive backstory where they supplied our military during the Second World War.

Meanwhile, Johnston & Murphy dates back to before the American Civil War and was founded by a European migrant in order to provide quality and highly durable work shoes for men, women and children.

In Beckett Simonon’s case, they were founded by Colombian-born entrepreneurs who wanted to create affordable yet premium footwear while committing to ethical manufacturing. While a comparatively younger brand, they’ve already made their mark in the industry.

For us, the truest brands have their own origin stories that brought them to life. In fact, you could argue that it was these very stories and the heritage that comes with them, which helped create that vision in the first place.

The Style

At the end of the day, we’re a men’s style guide so it would be neglectful on our parts to overlook this essential aspect. Indeed, a shoe isn’t simply something that you wear to protect your feet. Instead, it’s closer to a work of art to be admired and worn with pride.

Therefore, from the last all the way to the stitching, we take a close look at the style and how the shoe can be worn to improve your wardrobe and your appearance.

The World’s Leading Luxury Shoe Brands

Menswear legend Hardy Amies once said, “it’s totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes”. A bold claim, perhaps, but there’s certainly a degree of truth to it.

Quality footwear doesn’t come cheap, but it’s something well worth investing in. Buy wisely and you’ll be rewarded with superior materials, high-end craftsmanship – perfected over centuries in many cases – and easily replaceable parts for maximum longevity.

And that’s before we even get onto looks. The difference between a pair of cheap high-street shoes and their high-end counterparts is instantly apparent. And although the price differential is often considerable, the latter will always work out to be more cost-effective in the long run.

If you’re in the market for some premium footwear, it helps to know where to start looking. There are a variety of luxury shoe brands out there, each with its own unique heritage, key styles and aesthetic. To pick the right pair of shoes for you, it’s worth getting to know them all.

So, from traditional Northamptonshire shoemakers to high-fashion powerhouses, these are the premium shoe brands every man should know.


Murton Derby in Tan Waxy Suede
Cheaney Harrington R Capped Oxford in Black Calf Leather
Cheaney Threadneedle Chelsea Boot in Burgundy Calf Leather


Operating out of the same red-brick factory in Northamptonshire since the late 1800s, Cheaney is a classic British brand steeped in shoemaking heritage.

Now owned by John and William Church of fellow English shoemakers Church’s, the brand continues to craft some of the finest shoes in the world and has even earned a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

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John Lobb

John Lobb City II Leather Oxford Shoes
Hendra Suede Penny Loafers
John Lobb Harlyn Suede Derby Shoes


Now under its fifth generation, John Lobb is a family-run business specialising in high-end, bespoke footwear. Each pair of shoes is uniquely fitted to the customer and designed according to their exact specifications and requirements.

In the 1970s, the French arm of the company was purchased by Hermes and continues to sell premium, ready-to-wear footwear under the John Lobb family name.

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Woodbridge Lace Up Derby Shoe
Dubai Polished-Leather Oxford Shoes
Tiverton Tassel Loafer


Founded by shoemaker Thomas Church and his three sons in 1873, Church’s is an iconic Northamptonshire footwear brand specialising in Goodyear-welted shoes.

Since the 1990s, 83% of the company has been owned by Prada, and although it has expanded since then, the quality and craftsmanship of the brand’s shoes is still of the highest standard. Check out iconic silhouettes like the Consul Oxford wingtip and the Shannon Derby to get a feel for what the label is all about.

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END. x Trickers Super Boot
Tricker’s Stow Brogue Derby Boot
Trickers Robert Derby Shoe


Founded in 1829, Tricker’s is one of the oldest shoemakers in Great Britain. The brand’s intricately perforated brogue boots were a staple of the landed gentry in the UK, who favoured them for their robust yet meticulous construction. Elegant, but capable of standing up to the rigours of country life.

More recently, Trickers has become a favourite brand among some of menswear’s coolest tastemakers. The last decade has seen the label working with the likes of Norse Projects, END., Engineered Garments and Junya Watanabe. All of whom have put their stamp on Tricker’s iconic boots and shoes.

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Textured-Leather Kiltie Derby Shoes
’70s Leather Penny Loafers
Arizonian Two-Strap Leather Sandals


Founded in 1985 by Yuki Matsuda, Yuketen is a Japanese brand known for its hand-sewn footwear and wabi-sabi aesthetic.

The shoes are often modern reworks of classic American casual styles like boat shoes, moccasins and work boots. Native American design motifs characterise the shoes while unique materials from around the world bring them to life.


George Cleverley

Thomas Suede Monk-Strap Shoes
James Whole-Cut Patent-Leather Oxford Shoes
Bradley Textured-Leather Penny Loafers


With a list of customers that spans everyone from Winston Churchill to Alexander McQueen, George Cleverley is certainly a brand that knows how to appeal to the most discerning dressers.

Boasting a workshop on London’s Royal Arcade, the label offers both ready-to-wear styles and a bespoke fitting service. Made-to-order shoes can take up to six months to create, but the likes of David Beckham, Tim Cook and Ralph Lauren have all deemed them to be worth the wait.

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Archie Brogue
Declan Chelsea Boot
Grenson Sneaker 1


Famed for its iconic brogue designs, Grenson is a heritage shoemaker that fuses traditional manufacture with modern techniques and materials.

Classic styles still make up a large part of the label’s output, but Grenson doesn’t shy away from incorporating contemporary elements and even working with the odd sneaker silhouette. The theme that ties it all together is quality and craftsmanship. In fact, the brand’s shoes are all produced in the UK and have been for more than 150 years.

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Christian Louboutin

Dandelion Tassel Loafer
Platerboy flat calf patine
F.A.V fique a vontade flat calf black


Christian Louboutin may be best known for women’s stilettos, but the label’s range of luxurious men’s footwear shouldn’t be overlooked.

Styles range from sleek Oxford and Derby shoes featuring the iconic red sole, through to more adventurous options, often with unconventional design quirks like studs and straps. We tend to lean more towards the former, but we’ll leave the decision up to you.

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Jordan Bit Loafer
New Ace Perforated Leather Sneakers
Easy Roos Horsebit Collapsible-Heel Leather Loafers


There are many strings to Gucci’s bow, but footwear is the one that resonates loudest with us.

The Italian fashion house’s horsebit loafers are nothing short of iconic – prized by those who own a pair and lusted after by those who don’t.

That’s the main attraction, but don’t forget about Gucci’s other footwear offerings. Look past the loafers and you’ll also find sleek Derbies, elegant Oxfords and plenty of trainers to boot.

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Gommino Suede Driving Shoes
Gommino Suede Driving Shoes
City Gommino Leather Penny Loafers


Those Italians really know their way around a good piece of leather, that’s for sure. And nowhere is this more evident than in the lavish footwear offered by century-old shoemaker, Tod’s.

The label’s Gommino driving shoe is perhaps its best-known style and was the first iconic design of many for the luxury brand. It features a rubber pebble sole, decorative laces and looks the part with white jeans and an unstructured sports jacket.

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