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In the market for Mens Cotton Underwear? Our team has researched and reviewed these men underwear types and best underwear for men to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying mens underwear.

Mens Cotton Underwear

All you Need To Know About Men’s Underwear

Men's Underwear Guide

Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear because only very few people will see it, yet it is worn every day, all day, right next to the skin. As such, comfort is paramount in underwear and while many men prefer one kind of underwear, it makes more sense to choose the style based on the day’s activity.

When it comes to choosing underwear and materials, there are a plethora of options on the market today, which makes it difficult to find underwear that is perfect for you without buying one of each kind. Therefore, we dug in and tested many different underwear brands. In this guide, we will present the best underwear styles for different activities, colors, a #underwear-materials, quality hallmarks and brands that work best in different situations, including our favorite underwear.


First, let’s start out wish some brief history.

The Loincloth was the first style of underwear worn by man
Union suit for men

Starting Point: The Loincloth

During prehistoric times, men would wear what we now call loincloths made of leather hides to protect themselves from nature. Egyptian pharaohs wore them; Scotsmen wore kilts, and it became a standard piece of clothing that all men (and women) would wear during the day.

Over time, underwear evolved into a second garment that was worn under clothing. Wearing underwear decreased the amount of time needed launder trousers and outerwear. Additionally, it was less protective and less expensive to replace than a pair of pants.

The Codpiece Introduced Practicality To Menswear

They may have looked like a ridiculous way to brag about your assets, but at the time, trousers were tied using a form of lace at both the waist and the ankles. It was difficult to quickly remove them due to the hassle of having to undo all the laces. That’s how the codpiece came to be.

It was a type of clothing that utilized front buttons or laces which permitted men to urinate without having to take off their trousers. King Henry VIII adorned his codpieces with various decorations for show and padding for comfort. The popularity of padding a codpiece declined in the 1500s.

Heart boxers were very popular in the 1990s

Boxer Shorts Evolve

As underwear continued to develop, men began wearing tight knee-length flannel union suit that matched their shirts. It wasn’t until the mid-1920s that a boxing company called Everlast began to tweak their leather trunks worn by prize fighters opting for something more comfortable with an elastic band. From this invention came the beginning of boxer shorts. Despite this level of ingenuity, men didn’t appreciate the modern boxer and preferred the support (and warmth, pre-central heating) offered by the union suit.

Whenever the economy tanks, men stop buying new underwear first because they aren’t public garments.

Brief Breakthrough in 1934

Then, in 1934, a man by the name of Arthur Kneibler, a senior executive at Coopers, Inc, a hosiery company, received a telegram from a close friend in France. The picture on the front of the postcard was a man wearing a small bikini-style swim suit. This triggered the imagination of Kneibler who immediately realized that this type of apparel could be worn by men as underwear. He then created what he would eventually name “Jockey shorts”. He chose the name because of the similar support that an athletic cup offered.

Vintage Jockey Shorts - Briefs

By  1935, Marshall Fields department store in Chicago began carrying the newly developed jockey shorts and despite the horrendously inclement weather, they sold out by the end of the first day. This also gave way to men opting to re-try the boxer shorts developed some years earlier and by the end of the 1940s, both boxer shorts and briefs were the regular style worn by men instead of the traditional union suits.

In fact, the jockey shorts were so popular that in 1971 Coopers changed their company name to Jockey.

Designer Underwear Makes Its Mark

The 1970s underwear industry began to flourish and by the beginning of the 1980s, fashion designers like Calvin Klein turned underwear into a publicly displayed form of fashion, and today it is probably the most counterfeited underwear, even though the fakes can be really bad, like the one below.

Men’s underwear began to adopt patterns and designs. They became more flattering and a company named Joe Boxer began to introduce funny and comedic underwear with bold pictures and wording and accessories that could be attached to the underwear via Velcro.

Calvin Klein is so popular it is probably the most faked underwear today, even though the fakes can be really bad

Joe Boxer’s $100 Bill Underwear Is Seized

By 1985, Joe Boxer was a household name with their most popular pairs of underwear being yellow smiley faces and images of hundred dollar bills. This trend became even more popular with the US Treasury Department decided that the underwear violated forgery laws and seized over a thousand pairs of the dollar bill underwear.

Rather than fighting it in court, Joe Boxer turned to the media and made a joke of it which took the underwear industry from playful to sexy and serious with solid color briefs and dull patterns.

Underwear Today – An Indicator of Economic Health

In the last few decades, advances in underwear have mostly been limited to materials and a few gimmicks without any real innovation. Interestingly, Alan Greenspan stated in 2008 that the men’s underwear industry was an important indicator of US economic health because the purchase of underwear was viewed as a discretionary. Whenever the economy tanks, men stop buying new underwear first because they aren’t public garments. While some critics laughed off this theory, men’s underwear sales drop significantly during an economic downturn.

Ultrasoft Underwear Today


Underwear comes in many different styles and most men usually settle on one style of underwear and keep wearing that same style no matter the activity. Some enjoy the comfort and security of briefs, others prefer the freedom of boxers, and many opt for boxer briefs. Others prefer thongs and g-strings. About 90% of all underwear sold today are briefs and boxer briefs. However, because ever man needs underwear, even the remaining 10% represents a huge market.

That aside, rather than wearing the same style of underwear all day every day, wouldn’t it make more sense to wear a different style when traveling, working out at the gym or when wearing trim denim or trousers? Absolutely!

Boxer Shorts – Well Suited for Pleated Pants & Sleeping

Boxer shorts are loose and offer little support. They come with an elastic waistband and a button fly and straight leg openings with a short inseam.

Traditional boxers for men


  • Loose and airy
  • Usually made of absorbent cotton
  • Hard-wearing
  • Good for sleeping


  • Tendency to bunch up underneath clothing
  • Too much fabric to work well with skinny jeans or trim cut pants
  • Not supportive enough for physical activities
  • Cotton-covered gathered elastic waistband can be less comfortable than a flat elastic waistband


Briefs, or jockey shorts, are easily identified by their elastic waistband, no leg and minimal coverage. They usually offer a Y-shaped fly in the front and have enough fabric to offer full coverage from the waist to the top of the thigh with complete coverage of the buttocks. Briefs provide excellent support and are less prone to bunching and rising than other styles. They’re an excellent choice for men who opt to wear tighter pants or low-rise pants. They are perfect for men who work at a desk all day, because they end in the natural crease between the body and leg. With the development of lower rise pants such as jeans becoming more popular with men, there are also mid-rise and low-rise briefs which sit at the belly button or three inches below the waist (respectively).

Brief underwear by Fruit of the Loom - not recommended


  • Ideal for (skinny) jeans
  • Perfect if you sit a lot
  • No bunching up of the material
  • Elongates the leg


  • Old-fashioned look
  • Can accentuate portly figures

Boxer Briefs & Trunks

Boxer briefs are hardly a compromise as they represent are the best of both types of underwear. They are cut like a tapered boxer with the snug and supportive fit of the briefs. Similar to a brief, boxer briefs maintain their comfortable fit all day long. They are excellent for physical activity and look especially good even if you are not in your best shape.

Underarmor introduced a compression trunk, which is good for workouts at the gym, and therefore it makes sense to switch underwear or to put on a compression trunk if you know you will work out that day.

Tani 3D underwear in long for the gym and boxer brief for everyday wear


  • Best of both worlds
  • Works under all kinds of pants
  • Perfect for workouts, particularly compression boxer briefs


  • Worse than briefs for sitting but better than boxer shorts because generally little to know bunching

Thongs, Bikinis & G-Strings

There are men who enjoy the feel and look of a thong, bikini or g-string, but it is not for everybody. Typically all of these styles work best for men with exceptionally well-sculpted bodies relish the look of it.

The bikini is a smaller style of the brief, also called a micro brief. They expose the entire thigh, still managing to cover the buttocks with a small front pouch.

The thong, similar to the bikini, offers a confined space in the front connected by thin fabric strips, leaving the buttocks exposed.

The g-string is a minimalist version of the thong that shows as much skin as possible. Usually made of spandex or nylon, they can be slightly more expensive than the other styles due to the materials used.

Man's Thong Underwear


  • No bunching
  • Make a statement


  • Rear string can be uncomfortable
  • Harder to find


Men’s underwear today comes in all colors and patterns under the sun, with the most popular color being solid white.

If you generally wear thicker, darks pants fabrics, such as denim, dark flannels, or cavalry twill the color or pattern of your underwear will not show through and you can wear whatever you want.

However, during the summer, when you wear lightweight pants such as cotton, seersucker or fine worsteds in light colors, you can see strong underwear patterns through your trousers. In that case, you want a pair of underwear in solid tones that is as close to your skin tone as possible. Solid white, shows unde a white pair of pants because it is contrasting to your skincolor. So if you have lighter skin, you can take a white pair of cotton underwear and soak it in black tea thus giving it a nude-colored look.

Alternatively, you can look for nude underwear, but they are often hard to find. Instead go with a shade of solid or heather grey that is as close to your skintone as possible. The less contrast between your underwear and your skintone, the less you will be able to see your underwear through your pants.

Underwear for $1.50 a pair


Apart from the shape, the underwear materials have the biggest impact on longevity, quality and comfort of your underwear. As such, it is important to take a closer look.


Cotton is the most popular underwear material because it is absorbent, breathable, and widely available. Most men look specifically for cotton underwear. Just like with any natural fiber, cotton has a huge quality spectrum and so the price from one pair of cotton underwear to the next can vary tremendously not just in feel, touch, and look, but also in price.

Black SwissTouch Boxer Brief made of swisscotton

Cotton Quality Seal Abuse

Now, because cotton has such a huge quality spectrum, many of companies try to distinguish their cotton by using words such as two-ply, Sea Island, Pima Cotton or Egyptian Cottom among others. While some of these are trademarked, such as Supima (American Pima Cotton) or swiss+cotton, while others like Sea Island or two-ply are not.

The terms without protection are often abused, and  if you analyze the numbers, it seems that Sea Island cotton multiplies manifold on its journey from the fields to the shops. The WISICA International (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association International) inspects and certifies every kilogram of locally produced cotton. You have to know that and find the stamp and then hope that nobody fakes it.

West Indian Sea Island Cotton Small

Look For Staple Length If You Want Quality Cotton

At the end of the day, what matters when it comes to cotton is the staple length. For it to be called swiss+cotton, 75% must be extra-long staple cotton with a length of at least 35.72mm, and at least 67% of the added value in the production process must be provided in Switzerland, which includes spinning, weaving and dying.

An extra long staple cotton can be spun finer in the yarn, and thus, it will feel softer on your skin; it will last longer and look better but in order to get that, you will have to spend more.

Is Soft Cotton Good Cotton? Not Necessarily

So, can I just touch cotton to know if it is good quality or not? No. One way to create a softer material is to use a thinner yarn, another is to use a very short staple yarn that is fuzzy like flannel. While the latter feels soft at first, it will start to pill very quickly because the cheap, short staple cotton fibers are easier to loosen and therefore prone to doing that.

Cotton Blends

Even if cotton is labeled as 100% cotton, it may not always be 100%. Legally, even a 97% cotton composition can be declared as a 100% but for underwear, it is desirable to have elastic fibers blended because the final product to provide more comfort. As such, it is not unusual to see blends of 92% cotton with 8% Lycra, etc.

When you with blends, look for 90% + cotton blends because they are usually the best, and of course the better the cotton, the softer and more comfortable your underwear will be.In case you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, as an amazon associate we earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Most Popular Right Now


  • Natural material
  • Absorbant + breathable
  • Easy to launder


  • Prone to shrinking
  • Color doesn’t always hold
  • Not overly soft


As mentioned before, a finer fiber results in a softer feel, and microfiber is the finest of all fibers. It is manmade from polyester, polyimide or rayon and used for everything from eyeglass cleaning cloths to household items to doormats and underwear.

For underwear one particularly popular item is MicroModal, the Microfiber version of Modal.


So what exactly is Modal? It’s a trademarked fiber from Lenzing, which is made in Austria and based on rayon extracted from beechwood. According to the Kawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics Modal is twice as soft as Cotton. So, how does one determine softness on a scale you may wonder? It is done by machine and hence reliable.

To get even softer, Lenzing created a microfiber version of Modal, which is called MicroModal and it is three times as soft as cotton! Therefore, it is very popular in the underwear industry, and whenever you touch a piece of underwear that is very soft, chances are it is modal.

Softness Scale - MicroModal and MicroModal AIR are the softest underwear materials


  • Shrink resistant
  • Unlikely to fade
  • 3 times as soft as cotton
  • Very breathable


  • Prone to pilling
  • Less strong than cotton when wet, as strong as cotton when dry

MicroModal Air

Basically, MicroModal Air is finest available material in terms of the thinness, breathability, and softness that you can find today. The fiber diameter is even thinner than MicroModal, which results in this floaty material. It is softer than MicroModal, and softer than silk, at the same time it is much more breathable than silk and moisture wicking. It retains its color and shape despite repeated laundering and hence it should be the top choice of material if you are in the market for high-end luxurious underwear.


Another popular underwear material from Lenzing is Tencel. It is very similar to Modal in the sense that it is soft and derived from wood. Unlike Modal, it is a lyocell fiber and as such a greener, even more, sustainable fiber and although not as soft as Modal it is stronger than modal and cotton.



  • Shrink resistant
  • Stronger than cotton or Modal
  • 50% more moisture wicking than cotton
  • Naturally inhibits bacterial growth
  • Soft
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not as breathable as MicroModal Air
  • Not as soft as MicroModal Air
  • Not as thin as MicroModal Air


Although naturally stiffer and less comfortable, Linen has made its way into underwear. Due to its rougher heritage, it is always blended. In our tests, Linen seemed rather comfortable when traveling for longer periods of time, even though the fabric is much bulkier.

Cupro / Bemberg

Short for Cuprammonium rayon, cupro is a rayon made from cellulose dissolved in cuprammonium solution. It is also known as ammonia silk or Bemberg and was invented by the German J.P Bemberg company which is now defunct. Nevertheless, the fabric is still produced in Japan. Cupro / Bemberg is popular for jacket linings because of its smooth, gliding surface. For the same reason, it is also used in underwear.  Usually, it is blended with other materials such as viscose or polyester to achieve ideal results for underwear.


Comfortable Short Boxer Hip Brief


Comfort is crucial when it comes to underwear because we wear it all day, every day. As such, the material has a huge impact on the comfort level but that aside, the cut, the pouch and the quality and positioning of the seams make a tremendous difference.

Generally, women’s underwear seems to be more advanced because women usually want thin underwear that does not show through their pants. To reduce the number of seams, 360 degree knitted underwear has been introduced to the women’s underwear market but due to the pouch needed for men they have not been present in the men’s underwear market.

However, you will find that luxury men’s underwear brands now offer back knitted or cut thigh openings that do not unravel! Traditionally, you needed a seam for it not to unravel, but new advancements in knitting technology now allow for smooth leg openings.

Overall, it will be interesting to see what innovation the men’s underwear industry will produce in the next few years.


If you look at underwear as an investment, you can break it down to cost per wear. A cheaper, all-cotton pair of underwear fade and shrink, leaving you with a per wear cost of $0.10 or less. On the other hand, a pair of luxury underwear will require a larger upfront investment, but it will feel softer and make you feel more comfortable. If you have a decent rotation, it will be easy to wear these for years to come, and your per wear cost will only be slightly more than if you’d wear a cheap pair.

Just like with quality Goodyear-welted shoes, quality underwear pays off in the long run. And, it is not necessary for every pair of underwear in your closet to be the best; choose your activity and then the pair of underwear that suits it best.

Stages of pilling - inexpensive underwear


That is a rather personal question, and you have to pick the style that is most comfortable for you but as outlined above, consider adding a few different styles depending on your activities.

Over the last few years, the underwear world has become flooded with brands who all promise you quality at various price points. Keep in mind, just like with most things in this world: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

That aside, we have tested several dozen brands over the last three years and here are our findings.


If you are looking for a big bang for your buck, here are brands to look at:Uniqlo Waffle Supima Cotton Briefs

Uniqlo Waffle Supima Cotton Briefs

Uniqlo – Recommended If You Are On A Budget

Uniqlo: Starting at $6.45 you get a great selection of reasonably soft materials and modern cuts, no matter if you are in the market for Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs. Of course, it is not comparable to a luxury pair of underwear, but if you are on a budget, and you need some underwear, it’s a good start.

Marks & Spencer – Good Budget Underwear in the UK

Marks & Spencer: If you are based in the UK, Marks & Spencer provides budget underwear with an ok quality level.

Not Recommended

Even though they are probably one of the best sellers, we do not recommend HanesChampion or Fruit of The Loom because even though they are cheap, they do not last long and lack in comfort.


Moisture wicking boxer briefs by UnderArmor

Calvin Klein – The Underwear Giant

Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein has been a dominant player in the menswear industry since the 1990s, and it’s not just due to their marketing budget. In the past, I wore Calvin Klein cotton blend boxer briefs for years. In recent years, they have pushed hard for non-cotton underwear, but you can still find all kinds of options from them. The only problem with Calvin Klein today seems to be that it is often produced under license. Thus, stores like TJ Maxx can license the name, and manufacture whatever underwear with the CK label. Consequently, the brand seems to be no guarantee for consistency in quality. Keep that in mind when you buy Calvin Klein.

Under Armour – Good For Performance Underwear

Under Armour: Under Armour started out as a performance undershirt company that introduced moisture wicking fabrics for athletes. Over the last two decades, it has grown rapidly and is on track to seriously rival Nike as the number one sports gear brand in the world. While they offer all kinds of underwear, they introduced the performance boxer briefs that are moisture wicking, compressing and anti-microbial. Unfortunately, they seem to have some quality control / sizing issues because in our experience the fit for the same size can vary drastically. Definitely only buy from a trusted source where you can exchange them if you are unhappy.

DIM & Schiesser – Good European Basics

Dim: This French brand offers good basics in fashion forward styles that last.

Schiesser: If you prefer no frills, traditional underwear then you should take a look at this German manufacturer.

Saxx gimmicky underwear


Because the underwear market has been flooded with new brands in recent years, it has become difficult to stand out from the crowd. As such, numerous companies have tried to come up with different pouch concepts. The most popular one is Saxx.

Saxx – Overrated

Saxx: The most popular one is Saxx, which offers a little bit of mesh on the inside pouch which is supposed to prevent skin-on-skin contact. Saxx provided several pairs of underwear to us, and we have tested their underwear over more than two years, and while it is reasonably soft and long-lasting, the waistband can be uncomfortable at times. Also, in our experience, the mesh does not result in a more comfortable wearing experience compared to other similarly priced underwear. That being said, other men are quite pleased with it.

In our opinion,  it seems to be a gimmick rather than actual innovation.

Sheath – Not Recommended

Sheath: Another brand that we provided us with underwear but we cannot recommend Sheath because their pouch is quite uncomfortable.

Expensive $100 underwear by Zimmerli


If you want to treat yourself to the absolute best underwear money can buy, this is the section for you. After all, there are not many areas where you can experience the benefit of luxury items as extensively as in underwear. If you then compare the overall cost and longevity, you’d be foolish not to wear luxuriously soft underwear if you can afford it.

Zimmerli – Great Cotton Underwear with Grandpa Styling

Zimmerli‘s slogan is “The World’s Finest Underwear” and while they offer very fine cotton underwear as well as Modal underwear, they lack the finest underwear material in the world today: MicroModal Air. As such, we have to disagree with them.

Starting at about $60 and going upwards of $150, Zimmerli has developed quite the reputation for their men’s underwear. We have tested six pairs of underwear over four years, and while they are in fact a stable performer and comfortable, we think that their styling is a bit too conservative, and the value proposition is not as good as other luxury brands. Their cotton is very fine long staple cotton and just like other manufacturers they buy it from specialists. Their Egyptian or Sea Island cottons are fine but it is not clear from the tag whether it is West Indian Sea Island cotton or not.

Zimmerli boasts a large product portfolio with slightly differing cuts, which are supposed to guarantee the maximum comfort. For example, their Royal classic line you have to choose between 17 models, which means you have to invest a lot of money upfront before you have one pair of underwear that suits you best. They also do not offer MicroModal Air in their lineup, which is finer and softer than any cotton Zimmerli offers.

It really seems that you pay a premium for the brand name and “Made in Switzerland”, and while their cotton is of very high quality, it is not the finest material in the world. If you like the conservative color range and styling you should look into Schiesser as well. Unlike others, Zimmerli offers silk underwear, but it is most difficult to maintain, and therefore it is not a good everyday option in our opinion.

Hanro Underwear

Hanro of Switzerland – Good Quality Swiss Cotton Made in the EU

Hanro is another Swiss contender but as the name “of Switzerland” implies it is no longer made in Switzerland. Hanro provided us with seven pairs of underwear over the last two years, and they are comfortable pairs of underwear but just like Zimmerli, their styling is very conservative. They offer a range of different cotton and cotton blend options, boxer shorts, boxers, and boxer briefs. Made in places like Portugal or Bulgaria, Hanro underwear is less expensive than Zimmerli also because the cotton is not quite as fine. Overall, Hanro is a good supplier of underwear that must be listed in the luxury segment with a price range of $45 for basic models, all the way up to $135 for Sea Island cotton. Unfortunately, outside of cotton, you will not find many other blends from Hanro, even though it would be preferable to see some Micromodal or Micromodal Air blends in their lineup.

La Perla – Italian Luxury Cotton Underwear

Formerly known as Grigio Perla, La Perla now also produces men’s underwear under the same name as their women’s lingerie. They produce high-quality cotton underwear in modern styles. For $50 you get 11% elastane with 89% cotton. Moreover, they offer various all-cotton underwear with prices all the way up to $125 and a modal blend for $135. Overall, their underwear is similar in the cotton qualities to Zimmerli but a bit more fashion forward. They also manufacture swimwear, which was popularized by Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale. Similarly to the Zimmerli you pay a La Perla premium for the brand cachet.


At the end of the day, comfort is relative and so are the materials you like, and you can choose from hundreds of underwear brands on the market. No matter if you have a small budget, medium budget or high budget, you can find good value in every price range but for us, the ultimate luxury underwear contains micro modal

Best Men’s Underwear that is AMAZINGLY Comfortable!

Domen Hrovatin  April 4, 2020  ApparelReviews1 Comment

best underwear for men

Guys don’t generally like to talk about underwear. “Hey, man, what’s your choice of undies and why?” isn’t a question typically asked within a group of men enjoying a drink together.

But underwear is important, as most men know – after all, it’s the first thing many of us put on to start the day – and we want to begin the conversation with the following piece on the best underwear for men.

We’ll rate the best underwear for men, including Calvin Klein’s Men’s Modal boxer briefs  while also discussing the various types of men’s underwear.

Let’s start with some underwear buying tips.



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bb2-table__imageOUR #1 CHOICECalvin Klein Men’s Body Modal Boxer BriefsContour pouchSuper soft and comfortable fabricLightweight and flexibleCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageTani Silkcut Boxer BriefsLuxurious feel and lightweight comfortEasy to maintain and look afterMicroModal material that doesn’t bunch upCHECK BEST PRICE →
bb2-table__imageHanes Men’s 5-Pack Sports-Inspired Boxer BriefsNo tag inside garmentWaistband is stretchy and softMoisture-wicking fabricCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageColdpruf Men’s Basic Dual Layer BottomBreathable, lightweight fabricPerfect as a base layerProvides a cold-proof barrierCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageCarhartt Men’s Base For Wicking Cotton Super-Cold Weather LeggingPerfect for outside workersOptimal fit between not tight and not looseCarhartt’s iconic heavy duty styleCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageDavid Archy Men’s Ultrasoft Breathable Boxer BriefRoomy pouch designFast-drying fabricFlat, seamless design prevents frictionCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imagePolo Ralph Lauren Classic Cotton Knit BoxerHas that classic Ralph Lauren lookRelaxed fit but not too looseQuality comfort fabricCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageFruit Of The Loom Men’s Basic Cotton BriefPreventative against moisture and odor growthTag-freePinch-free leg openingsCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageAdidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer BriefsMoisture-wicking fabricLong-lasting, durable materialGreat in combatting heatCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageCalvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Low-Rise TrunksComes in a pack of various coloursThey complement the bodyComfortable cotton fabricCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageBread And Boxers Men’s Premium Cotton Stretch Boxer BriefsStitching reduced chafingMaintains shape even after many washesSuitable for active and casual lifestylesCHECK ON AMAZON →
bb2-table__imageiKingsky Men’s Sexy Pouch G String Low Rise Y-Back Thong UnderwearMany colour options, take your pickMay add some spice to your love lifeComfortable in everyday useCHECK ON AMAZON →


If you’re like most men, buying underwear isn’t high on your priority list. Perhaps you buy the same type you always buy, or you ask for underwear as a Christmas gift (hopefully, there are far more exciting things on your gift list).

That’s not to say an underwear shopping trip needs to take a ton of time or has to be pure drudgery. With the following underwear buying tips, you can save yourself the hassle of deciding what types and brands are best for you, while perhaps expanding your horizons and branching out into different underwear. The sky’s the limit, gents.


You understand how important fit is if you’ve ever bought underwear that’s too tight or too loose. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking around in underwear with a vice-like grip, for example. All that said, check sizes for every specific brand, which should provide sizing charts that correspond with your waist size.

A fit that’s too tight will make your love handles even more prominent while also squeezing your junk way beyond what’s comfortable. A size that’s too big can gives you the saggy ass look. Either way, you’ll spend far too much of your day adjusting your skivvies.

Generally, underwear – whether boxers, briefs, or whatever – come in small (for waists between 28 and 30 inches), medium (32-34), and large (36-38) sizes. Look for extra-large sizes if your waist is larger than 38.

The thing with fit is this: the best underwear for you is the type or brand that you don’t notice throughout your day. They feel comfortable, and you don’t spend any time adjusting them to make them more comfortable.


Common materials used to make underwear include cotton, nylon, silk, spandex, and Lycra. Cotton underwear is the choice of many men, because it’s breathable, it keeps irritation to a minimum, and it’s durable. Plus, cotton is usually more affordable than other fabrics used to make underwear.

Note: Where you live may determine what type of underwear fabric you choose, i.e., cotton is a good choice for warmer climates, because of its breathability, while wool blends, Lycra, and even flannel provide extra warmth when the temperature plummets.


We’ll delve deeper into the styles and types of underwear later in the post, but you have plenty of options from which to choose. Among the most popular styles are:

  • Briefs
  • Boxers
  • Boxer briefs
  • Thongs


Many men are loyal to a certain brand of underwear, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Others don’t pay much attention to the brand and grab the first brand off the shelf that appeals to them. There’s no wrong or right way when choosing a brand of underwear, but our advice is always to be open to trying different brands. Who knows, you may find that your trusted ol’ brand isn’t quite as comfortable as another brand or style.


Not that we ever advocate “boring,” but simple, classic styles become more appropriate as you mature. You still can wear flashy or even funny designs, but there’s nothing wrong with acting your age, either. True, the chances are good that your work colleagues won’t notice that you’re wearing underwear which features your favorite superhero, but still … it never hurts to strive for a bit of sophistication.


You won’t have much trouble finding underwear in your favorite color, because they come in a wide variety of hues, patterns, and designs. The traditional underwear colors are white, black, blue, and grey.

Let’s move on to our reviews of the best underwear for men.



Calvin Klein Men's Body Modal Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein knows a thing or two about luxury but also about comfort and appearance. Their Body Modal Boxer Briefs look and feel great and, say some reviewers, appeal to significant others in the way they hug the contours of what’s below a man’s waist.

Made from 69% nylon and 31% Elastane, these briefs have a “body defining” fit that’s stretchy and lightweight. Moreover, they hold your manhood in place, whether you’re in the office or grinding out a workout at the gym.

“Modal” comes from these briefs’ soft fabric that has added stretch for comfort. Further comfort comes from a soft, smooth waistband that doesn’t dig into your midsection like the waistbands on many other pairs of men’s underwear. The waistband rides below the hip, which keeps the briefs from riding up and bunching, which not only doesn’t feel good but is sometimes noticeable if you’re wearing pants with closer-to-the-body fit.

It’s not easy to achieve a body-hugging fit that still manages to be comfortable, yet these briefs have. And here’s another thing: they come with a contour pouch that enhances the look of your package; it may even make it look bigger, which isn’t a bad thing.


  • Ultra-soft fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and stretchy
  • Contour pouch


  • Some men say these briefs develop a hole in the crotch area over time


Calvin Klein makes plenty of quality men’s undergarments, and their Body Modal underwear is the best boxer brief 2020.


TANI SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief white

Tani USA puts a premium on comfort in everything it makes while hoping to change how men feel and think about men’s underwear. Their SilkCut boxer briefs are a cut above the rest, for sure, and offer lightweight comfort.

The SilkCut briefs include Tani’s patented Micro Modal Air fabric that helps keep wearers cool and dry by wicking moisture away from the skin. They also consist of eco-friendly biodegradable material, which is a common theme in the Tani production process.

While the SilkCut brief fabric keeps moisture away from the body to maintain constant comfort, you’ll also appreciate the material’s stretchiness, especially around the thighs. It keeps the briefs from bunching up – which can make underwear uncomfortable for sleeping, among other things – while providing the ideal balance between comfort and every day performance.

The Tani SilkCut briefs also consist of pure mulberry silk and have a shimmering appearance because of the prism-like structure of the silk’s fiber. It helps to provide a luxurious feel and look.

Something else we appreciate about these briefs is how easy it is to care for them. You can clean them in the washing machine safely, and then throw them in the dryer on low heat. What’s also nice is how they maintain their shape even after repeated washings.

You can also wear them under any clothing, from work and formal wear, to workout clothes and even sports uniforms.


  • Lightweight fit and feel
  • Material won’t bunch up
  • Easy to care for


  • Not many, although some users say they had some issues with finding the right fit


You owe it to yourself to check out Tani’s line of men’s underwear, whether it’s briefs, boxers, or t-shirts. You’ll love how they feel and how they’re perfect for everyday life.


Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Sports-Inspired Boxer Briefs

Keeping cool, dry, and comfortable underneath their clothes is important for anyone who plays sports or leads an active lifestyle. Hanes borrows from the same principles used to make activewear in their Sports-Inspired Boxer Briefs.

For starters, the Sports-Inspired briefs include Cool-Dri fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry at the office, the gym, on the trail, or even on the road as you put in the miles training for your next 5K or 10K.

Comfort is always king, however, and Hanes has you covered, thanks to their ComfortFlex waistband that’s soft and stretchable, while their briefs are tag-free to enhance their overall comfort. They also won’t bunch up on you, which helps avoid chafing, and they have a traditional fly closure.

Contrast stitching and sport styling help give these briefs a stylish look, and you can buy them in a variety of colors. Colors may vary with each 5-pack of briefs.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Soft, stretchy waistband
  • Tag-free


  • Some men say they’re too tight in the leg


There’s a lot to like about Hanes’ Sports-Inspired Boxer Briefs, not the least of which is a fabric that keeps you cool and dry down below. They also provide a comfortable fit that won’t bunch up on you throughout the day.


ColdPruf Men’s Basic Dual Layer Bottom

You have to love ColdPruf’s signature slogan: “We Respect Cold. Then We Laugh At It.” It takes an iron set of you-know-what to make that claim, but ColdPruf backs it up with superior thermal underwear that stands toe-to-toe with cold.

The ColdPruf Base Layer design is all about providing warmth and comfort during the colder months, whether you’re enjoying the outdoors or hunkered down at home while the weather outside becomes frightful.

Here’s how it works: Cold Pruf’s two-layer engineering traps your body’s heat between its layers while blocking out the cold. The base layer creates an insulating effect that’s crucial to staying comfortable when it’s frigid outside.

ColdPruf’s goal is to strike a balance between what the body is doing and what the weather is doing. Their ThermaChoice System – which includes a color-coded table to help you choose the right pair of their underwear based on the climate you live in and your level of activity – is all about finding that balance.

ColdPruf also uses Merino wool to help bolster their long underwear’s defense against freezing temperatures. Merino sheep inhabit New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where it’s damn cold, and survival of the fittest reigns. Merino wool provides warmth but is soft, lightweight, breathable, and controls moisture.

The ColdPruf Base Dual Layer Bottom sits comfortably at the wearer’s natural waistline and makes for a comfortable fit. The waistband doesn’t itch, while tagless labeling adds to the overall comfort.


  • Creates a cold-proof barrier
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Ideal when used as a base layer


  • Some say the ankle seam is too tight


Keeping warm during the long cold winter is a challenge, but ColdPruf meets the challenge head-on with its Basic Dual Layer long underwear. It’s the ideal base layer for keeping warmth in and cold out.


Carhartt Men’s Base For Wicking Cotton Super-Cold Weather Legging

If there’s one thing to be said about Carhartt, it’s that they know how to design rugged clothing that stands up to the weather and any activity, no matter how strenuous.

It’s no surprise, then, that Carhartt offers thermal underwear that can handle whatever winter brings, including freezing temperatures. Their Super-Cold Weather Legging long underwear is for every man and woman, especially for those who live life in the outdoors – whether it be for work or otherwise.

There’s too much to like about Carhartt’s thermal underwear to not include them on our list, such as:

  • Made from 100% cotton, the Super-Cold Weather Legging provides excellent comfort while keeping your lower body warm.
  • Their flexible waistband adapts to its wearer’s form nicely and allows it to fit a variety of waistlines.
  • Their overall fit, not just at the waist, is considered semi-form fitting. They’re not too tight or too bulky but allow for easy, non-constricted movement.
  • The fabric wicks away moisture and helps keep you dry, even when you’re sweating while working in the shivering cold.
  • It also has a tagless label that eliminates a potential cause of itching and irritation.

The Carhartt Super-Cold Weather Legging also is machine washable and incorporates stain-breaker technology that helps to release stains in the wash.


  • Carhartt’s distinctive ruggedness
  • Ideal fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose
  • Perfect for men and women who work outside


  • Some reviewers say it feels a bit small in the waist


The cold is often relentless when you work in an outdoor setting, as well as any time you’re outside for extended periods during the winter, but Carharrt has you covered with a superior pair of thermal underwear that keeps the cold out and you dry.


David Archy Men's Ultrasoft Breathable Boxer Brief

The full title of this underwear, at least on Amazon, includes the phrase “sports underwear.” That tells you something about David Archy’s Boxer Briefs, the design of which included input from professional athletes.

But they’re not just for athletes, far from it. Any man can benefit from the comfort, roominess, and breathability of these boxer briefs.

There’s much more to like, too, including fast-drying, moisture-wicking polyamide fabric. Polyamide is durable and flexible enough to ensure a comfortable fit and superior performance even during strenuous exercise.

Spandex is another component in the design of these briefs, so you’ll know you’ll get all the stretchiness you need, no matter your activity.

Another unique feature is an extra roomy pouch design that offers all of the support you need, plenty of ventilation, and the roominess to keep your junk from binding up.


  • They feature longer legs with full-fitting support.
  • The 3D pouch design allows for greater freedom of movement.
  • Flat-locked stitching and seamless design.


  • They may ride up on legs if you have bigger thighs.


The breathable boxer briefs by David Archy have plenty of unique features that help make them a cut above the rest.


Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Cotton Knit Boxer

The chances are good that you’ve heard about Polo Ralph Lauren and what it stands for, i.e., luxury garments. It’s not unlike the Calvin Klein name.

Still, PRL also prides itself on manufacturing products that every man can love and use, such as their Classic Cotton Knit Boxers. They’re considered a “classic” for a reason, not the least of which is that they’re a go-to underwear option for many men.

Made from 100% cotton, these boxers not only look good – as you might expect from Polo Ralph Lauren – but they also feel great. The fabric feels second-to-none and has a looser fit (but not too loose) that keeps you comfortable throughout your day. They’re easily among the most comfortable boxers available today.

An elastic waistband also adds to their overall comfort, and reviewers say that the sizing fits the waist correctly. They’re also good for wearing under casual wear, such as with jeans and chinos, but also for suit pants that fit a bit differently than other types of pants.


  • Extremely comfortable fabric
  • Relaxed, looser fit that’s not too loose
  • Classic look and style


  • Some wearers say they’re a bit snug in the thighs


High-quality, comfortable boxers made for men – Polo Ralph Lauren has you covered. These boxers are a worthy investment, no matter your budget.


Fruit of the Loom Men’s Basic Cotton Brief

It could seem a bit blasphemous to not include a Fruit of the Loom product in any review of men’s undergarments. However, we don’t feel the need to include any iconic brand in our lists if their products don’t measure up.

But we can confidently say that the classic Fruit of the Loom Basic Cotton Brief is worthy of our attention, just as it has been for millions of satisfied customers over the years.

While there’s nothing fancy about these briefs – and “fancy” isn’t one of our criteria for choosing any product – they provide everything you need in a quality pair of men’s underwear: comfort, support, great fit, etc.

Among the many things we like about the FOL cotton briefs are pinch-free leg openings that don’t dig into the skin and provide excellent freedom of movement. They also offer a “dual defense” system that wicks away moisture and protects against odor.

FOL’s Basic Cotton Briefs, as their name implies, consist of 100% cotton and provide full “coverage,” as you’d expect from a classic brief style. They also have a tag-free waistband that’s comfortable against your skin.


  • Pinch-free leg openings
  • Tag-free
  • Protect against moisture and odor


  • May shrink slightly during washing


Fruit of the Loom’s classic cotton briefs are as iconic as it gets when it comes to men’s underwear, but they’ve earned their lofty status by offering no-frills comfortable wear that works for every man. They still rate amongst the best briefs for men.


Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Briefs

Let’s face it, things can get a little warm below the belt. Whether you work in a warm environment or are working out, the heat of the day or the moment may turn comfortable into catastrophe. You know the drill: sweat, chafing, itching, even odor.

Adidas understands a man’s plight while offering an excellent solution with its Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear, which is the best underwear for hot weather. They’re engineered to keep you dry and cool while allowing you to perform your best, whether on the job or in the gym.

The Climalite fabric, made from polyester and spandex, wicks moisture away from the body and onto the surface of the garment, where it evaporates much faster. So, no matter how hot it is outside or inside your underwear, Sport Performance underwear can handle the sweat.

They’re also comfortable in other ways. Each pair has a plush-soft waistband, is tagless, and has a double-line mesh support pouch to protect your “valuables.” Wearers also appreciate the Sports Performance boxer brief’s no-bunch construction that keeps the fabric from riding up your leg. Furthermore, the stitching is smooth and non-chafing to further cut down on potential skin irritation.


  • Can handle the heat
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Durable and made to last


  • No fly


Adidas’ Climalite underwear helps you to keep your cool in any situation. They’re comfortable, wick moisture away from the skin, and offer excellent protection.Shop Related Products

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Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Low-Rise Trunks

Trunks, as we’ll discuss later, are a hybrid of boxer briefs and briefs, if that makes sense. They have the fit of a boxer brief but with (shorter) legs like regular briefs, and they’ve become a popular choice for many men.

Calvin Klein’s Low-Rise trunks are, in our estimation, the best trunk underwear and offer a lot regarding comfort, durability, and more. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, these trunks feature a high-cut leg and a waistband that sits at the hip.

The cotton blend of these trunks is soft and breathable and has a nice “stretch” that adapts to your body’s shape without bunching up. The elastic waistband also is comfortable and doesn’t pinch like waistbands on cheaper-quality men’s underwear.

While you may pay a bit more for these trunks, they provide plenty of value. Why go cheap when it comes to a necessity such as underwear?


  • Comfortable cotton blend
  • They help flatter a man’s body
  • Each 3-pack comes in assorted colors


  • Sizing may run small


Calvin Klein’s low-rise trunks stand out among a lengthy list of quality trunks available to men today. They’re comfortable yet supportive enough for a variety of activities and don’t lose their elasticity after several washings.


Bread and Boxers Men’s Premium Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

If you appreciate underwear without all the bells and whistles – well, as many bells and whistles as you may find on underwear – then check out the Swedish brand Bread and Boxers. There’s nothing fancy about their boxer briefs, but they’re comfortable and great for active and casual lifestyles. That’s saying a lot.

They’re also very affordable, which makes them among the best cheap boxer briefs, but we don’t mean ‘cheap’ regarding their construction or features.

The Bread and Boxers boxer briefs consist of a cotton blend (95% cotton, that is) that’s soft, stretchable, and retains its shape even after several times through the wash.

There’s a sewn-in gusset at the crotch, which adds broadness and prevents the briefs from riding up your leg. Also, flatlock stitching – which creates a flat seam on both sides of the fabric – reduces chafing.

All in all, these boxer briefs represent a clean, minimalist design that’s comfortable and affordable.


  • Good for active and casual lifestyles
  • Stitching reduces chafing
  • Retain their shape even after repeated washings and use


  • Sizing may run small


Bread and Boxers has a no-frills approach to designing underwear that still offers everything a man demands from a pair of underwear. They’re comfortable and built to last.


iKingsky Men's Sexy Pouch G String Low Rise Y-Back Thong Underwear

Maybe your significant other wants you to wear sexy underwear to add some zest to your love life, or maybe you’ve just joined a troupe of erotic male dancers. In any case, you need a thong or another type of skimpy skivvies, and not just any ol’ thong will do.

That’s why we recommend iKingsky’s men’s thong underwear, which shows everything you need to show while covering up – at least at the start – what needs to be covered up. They also come in a dazzling array of colors and designs, which often is more important when buying sexy underwear than more traditional types.

Their low-rise style, as you’d expect from a thong, falls below the natural waistline and remains hidden underneath pants, jeans, and shorts. You won’t have to endure the potential embarrassment of bending over and the top of your thong showing to people you don’t want or who’d rather not see it in the first place.

The iKingsky Low-Rise Y-Back Thong Underwear consists of 85% polyamide, which is very similar to polyester, and 15% spandex, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, if you so choose. As far as we know, they slip off comfortably when it’s time to “get lucky.” Of course, we always wish you the best of luck, friends.


  • May add some heat to your love life
  • Comfortable for all-day use
  • You pick the color, iKingsky will deliver the goods


  • Some users say there’s not quite enough room in the front. Hmmm


You want sexy? Then you need a thong by iKingsky to spice things up! It’s a thong that offers everything you’d expect from a, well, thong.


A healthy dose of self-honesty is not a bad thing to have on your side as you figure out what type of underwear best fits you and how to wear them. There’s more to wearing underwear than picking a brand, style, or design you like and slapping them on first thing in the morning.

If you want to wear a thong or bikini brief, more power to you. We just hope you get the reaction you intended and not otherwise.


It’s worth repeating: the best pair of underwear is the one you barely notice during the day. If you feel any pinching, chafing, or itching in your nether regions, the chances are good that your underwear isn’t right for you – and most likely the wrong fit.


Your mother told you long ago never to wear dirty underwear, and she was a wise woman. Proper underwear etiquette says just that, and a whole lot more, such as tossing out old underwear when it’s time. Even if you have a lucky pair that’s graying, ripped, or gross, it’s time to toss those bad boys out and find another talisman. Always change your underwear every day, or more than once a day, if you go to the gym frequently or work in an environment in which you sweat a lot.


We’re men. We age. That six-pack of abs we chiseled out in our 20s is a bit (or a lot) less defined. Even our sack can start to hang low. That’s why boxers are your friend, brother: they hide your flaws better than other types of underwear. A tight pair of boxer briefs may look good in some ways but perhaps doesn’t pair as well with a beer belly and a somewhat sagging ass.


OK, maybe not “swing it,” so to speak, but briefs are a good fit for men who are a bit more endowed than others, although endowment doesn’t rate higher than comfort when choosing a pair of underwear. There’s no hiding your junk with a pair of tighty whities – or whatever type you choose.

However, regular briefs have a tighter fit than regular boxers and show more leg, so don’t be afraid to show off those thigh muscles with a pair of briefs. Briefs also work better for men with smaller buttocks, because of a cut that leaves less material in the back of the briefs.


Boxers aren’t the best option if you often wear suit pants or slim jeans, because the extra fabric can bunch up and become noticeable in pants that are more form-fitting than others. The good news, however, is that many brands and designers now offer shorter, slimmer-cut boxers with a stretch waistband.

Boxers also make for good sleepwear, because of how they fit and their breathability, but be sure that they don’t bunch up when you inevitably toss and turn during your slumber. However, boxers don’t make for good workout underwear, because they don’t offer the same kind of support as briefs and boxer briefs.

Last but not least, boxers are your best choice for when you and your wife or significant other plan to have children. The tighter fit of regular and boxer briefs increases the temperature of the testicles, which negatively affects sperm quality.


Boxer briefs represent versatility and are what many, many modern men choose to wear. They’re not as revealing as briefs but offer the same kind of support and have a leg that can fit from mid- to low-thigh. You do have to be careful of them bunching up, although not to the same degree as you do with boxers.

The higher waistband of boxer briefs makes them suitable for taller men whose pants may slip down below the trouser line when bending over. They also have more material than regular briefs, which means men with larger posteriors can wear them comfortably.


Trunks, the shorter (in the leg) version of boxer briefs, fit flush to the skin but with plenty of stretch, which helps to make them ideal for slimmer men. They also sit lower on the hips, meaning they’re also good for men with gym-honed bodies. Make sure that the legs of your trunks don’t ride up as you walk.


We’re not here to tell you what to do, which is why we’ll never say “never” regarding thongs, G-strings, man bikinis, and the like. If you feel the urge, whether you have a good reason or not, go for it.

But do keep in mind a couple of things: 1) G-strings, thongs, etc. are more of a novelty than anything else. That makes them more effective for certain situations (i.e., dancing with the Chippendales) than for daily use. Save them for special occasions.

Secondly, remember that the rear of thongs and G-strings doesn’t cover even a fraction of an inch of your backside. That can be embarrassing when you bend over and increases the chances of getting a good, old-fashioned wedgie – not that there’s anything “good” about it.

Also, don’t wear the skimpy stuff when working out. While it does offer some support, you’re better off wearing boxer briefs or a jockstrap when hitting it hard at the gym.


Briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, G-strings – you name it, and there’s an underwear type that fits your needs, desires, whims, occasion, etc. Let’s break things down by men’s underwear type while helping you to decide which type is right for you.



Most men have worn briefs at some point, and many continue to wear them today. They’re the classic, standard, run-of-the-mill underwear that covers your man jewels and ass (literally!). They leave the upper thigh exposed and are comfortable with just about anything you wear over them. They offer plenty of support without using the excess fabric of boxer briefs, boxers, or trunks, all of which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Briefs come in a variety of styles, including low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise briefs. An underwear’s “rise” refers to where it rests on a man’s waistline. Mid-rise briefs rest at the natural waistline, for example. High-rise briefs, in which the waistband rests not far below the navel, are best worn with high-waisted pants – it only makes sense.

Briefs look great if you have a good body and allow you to show off the entire package while keeping it concealed. You can even buy briefs that, ahem, enhance your rig to make it look even more impressive. Briefs on heavier men, or men with wide hips, can bring unwanted attention to the man’s weight or hip size.



Are you a briefs or boxers type of guy? That’s a common question, because boxers and briefs are the two most popular types of men’s underwear. Inspired by the loose boxing trunks worn by…drum roll…boxers, boxer shorts fit more loosely on the skin than briefs and don’t have the elasticized leg openings that keep the fabric tight against the leg.

Boxers are ideal for bigger men who are fit and muscular. If you have skinny chicken legs, then boxers may not be for you, because they’ll draw further attention to your thin lower limbs.



The name says it all, i.e., boxer briefs combine the elements of briefs and boxers into a type of underwear that’s very popular among today’s men. Boxer briefs have the tighter fit of briefs (because of Lycra or another fiber added to their fabric) plus the shape of boxers.

Boxer briefs offer a best-of-all-worlds scenario in that there’s extra fabric to cover the thigh area, while you get the kind of man-junk support that briefs provide. They’re not too tight or too loose, which makes them the choice of many men.



“Trunks” refer to a type of underwear that’s not quite boxer briefs but close, if that makes sense. They’re smaller and fit closer to the body than boxer briefs and generally have less fabric and a smaller waistband. They do work well for men with wide hips – better than regular briefs, that is – and they usually don’t lose their elasticity for a long time. Another advantage of wearing trunks is that they provide a happy medium between briefs and boxer briefs in that they don’t move around (i.e., bunch up) when you do. If you’re prone to wedgies, you may want to give trunks a try.



Support is what it’s all about when discussing the common jockstrap. Invented in 1874 by an American who wanted to provide support and comfort to bicycle messengers, the jock holds a man’s genitals in place while allowing for more freedom of movement, because it contains far less fabric than briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. The typical jockstrap also leaves you bare-assed, which, hey, helps keep you cooler underneath, if nothing else.

Basically, a jockstrap consists of a pouch, a waistband, and straps that go over your legs, and it has come a long way from its original design – which still exists, mind you – as various brands now produce jock briefs and jock boxers. They provide the coverage and comfort briefs and boxers have to offer while still keeping things breathable for your rear end.

Some jockstraps can add a protective cup to provide a further safeguard for your rig – always a good thing when playing sports where an errant ball or kick can bring you to your knees with a pain only men understand.



Also known as “thermal” underwear, long underwear is a simple but effective way of protecting your body from cold weather. It regulates your body temperature, helps to keep you warm and dry, while, in some brands, wicks moisture away from the body.

Tired of turning up the heat in your home because it’s too hard to keep warm in the winter? Instead, don a pair of thermal underwear and save a few dollars on your energy bill.

Long underwear consists of many fabric types, including cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic blends. Cotton is comfortable but retains moisture and can leave you feeling a bit clammy underneath. Silk is the lightest option and has a wonderfully soft texture, but it wicks water away more slowly than some other fabrics.

Thermal underwear made from synthetic fabric is the choice of many men today and ideal for extremely cold conditions. They help to wick water away from the skin while retaining heat.

The primary reason most men buy long underwear is for its warmth, and the weight of the fabric determines the amount of warmth a pair of thermal underwear provides.

Long underwear comes in two styles: a one-piece thermal underwear “suit” or as a separate pant or top. In any case, you’ll find thermal underwear that fit loose or more tightly.



Some underwear experts argue that bikini briefs are more of a novelty than a type of underwear that men should wear daily. Why? Because they’re not suitable for all of your activities, including working out and other strenuous endeavors.

Bikini briefs, just like a woman’s bikini, don’t cover a whole helluva lot. They’re skimpy yet do offer some support and comfort. Many men use them as nightwear, but perhaps the best uses for men’s bikinis are those potential romantic and amorous evenings filled with promise.



G-strings are the most revealing men’s underwear of all – even skimpier than a thong in many cases. While it offers some support and comfort, a G-string – like a bikini brief – isn’t for the faint of heart. The pouch may cover most of your rig, or not, while the waistband is as thin as a guitar string (hence the name G-string), while another string goes between your ass cheeks and attaches to the pouch to hold the entire thing together.

If you want to add an extra bit of zest to a potentially hot-and-heavy evening – and have the body for it – then try a G-string, by all means.


There’s more to underwear than meets the eye. True, it has to provide support and protection for your most valuable parts, but it also has to fit and feel good, last a long time, and even provide some eye candy to your significant other.

We chose the underwear above as our best of 2020 for reasons such as those mentioned above: comfort, support, and in the case of the iKingsky thong, a whole lot of sexiness. We also tried to give a variety of choices, based on the various men’s underwear types: briefs, boxer briefs, thermal underwear, trunks, etc.


We’d also love to hear from you. What type of underwear do you prefer? What’s your favorite brand? Have you tried any of the underwear we’ve listed here? As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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