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Gym sessions are the time and place to focus on yourself, your body and forget the rest of the world. This might seem obvious, but if you are planning to or you actually do workout regularly, you’ll be in your kit a lot. So you should treat these clothes like the rest of your wardrobe: buy good quality and express your stylistic idiosyncrasies. At the very least, replace your thread worn, mud stained sports top you used through school with some purpose built, lean gym attire.

With athleisure being adopted into the mainstream and Nike and Adidas topping the biggest grossing names in the clothes business, there’s no better time to be dressing shipshape for the gym. We’ve sifted through the internet detritus to bring you GQ’s guide to the gems of the gym-wear world.

There are lots of different colours below, but, to make to make the whole process even easier, keep your gym kit to either black, white and grey or two colours of your choosing (say, navy blue and green). That way, everything will match with everything so whatever you pack will work. You’re welcome.

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