Mens stud earrings

In this post, you will learn more about mens stud earrings, womens diamond stud earrings, womens stud earrings, mens stud earrings diamond, and mens stud earrings black, if you are looking to buy any of these. Earrings, even though they are mostly associated with women, are gaining a lot of popularity among men as well. If back in the day it was only guys like Mr. T or George Michael who would wear them, now they are rapidly becoming a part of our daily lives.

With all this, many men who decide to wear earrings don’t know much about them and what to consider when purchasing a pair. They don’t know how, when and why they should wear them and how they are perceived by others. In this guide, we explore some of the most important aspects of the men’s earrings world and clear up some things that you’ve probably asked yourself and couldn’t find an answer.

Mens Stud Earrings

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Earrings date back so long ago that we don’t actually know who was the first one to invent them and why. And while it could have been anyone from the Persians to the Egyptians, one thing is sure: earrings used to have a lot of cultural significance. Even today, earrings have profound significations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Laos.

Generally, each people who made used earrings gave them an important signification, even though sometimes this was just an aesthetic one. At many times, aesthetic functions were strongly correlated to other functions these pieces of jewelry used to have.

Earrings are even mentioned in the Old Testament, so their history dates back to very old times.


There are a lot of styles of earrings out there, each with its own cultural heritage and references. While most men’s earrings are simple studs or loop earrings, a lot of men today wear other styles as well, including but not limited to scaffold and snug earrings.

Different types of ear piercings

There is no such thing as a casual or a formal earring, even though some earrings look more elegant than others. Of course, colorful, playful or funky earrings do have a more casual vibe to them than golden, silver or diamond earrings, but this does not mean that golden earrings are proper accessories for a formal suit.


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Since earrings are strongly associated with female looks in our culture, wearing them with formal men’s attire will only draw attention to them in a distracting way. We always say that your accessories should support your outfit and not become the center of it. Wearing earrings with a suit will distract people from you and your suit and will make them focus only on the earring.

We generally advise men who want to wear earring that they should keep it very simple. Of course, this does not mean that sparkle or not OK, but it should still be simple and as elegant as possible. Depending on the part of the world, earrings can have certain connotations: some people associate men wearing earring with rebels, while for others they are a cultural reference.

One more thing that needs to be mentioned in terms of style is that there are two major types of earrings: pierced and non-pierced / mobile earrings. While many men prefer to wear earring that are going to remain fixed in one place for a longer period of time, those who wish to experiment can opt for mobile earrings, such as magnetic ones, cli-on or stick-on earrings. These earrings allow you to experiment with different styles more easily and to transition from one look to another quite fast, while with pierced earrings, you should always take note of their presence and to work around them, which can be quite hard.

Image result for A pair of simple, black earrings

Also, you should always pick a style that compliments your face. Try not to choose a pair that replicates your features. For example, if you have a round face, don’t go for round earrings, try a pair of square ones, and vice-versa: if you have a rather square face, you should opt for earrings that have another shape than square.


As we said, men’s earrings are rarely appropriate in formal occasions. Generally, they work best at parties or as part of your daily look, especially if you are wearing them as a direct cultural reference. Wearing earrings in other environments than these might be distracting and not in a positive way.


Earrings are accessories just like any other piece of accessories and should follow the same set of rules as your other accessories, meaning:

  • Your earrings should be proportionate to your body. Generally, earrings should be kept rather small, regardless of your size. However, note that bigger men can wear bigger earrings, while thinner men should never wear earring that are too big for them. If you wear an earring that is too big will make you look misbalanced and uneven (even if you wear one in each ear)

  • The earring(s) you wear should complement the rest of your outfit. It is always crucial that your accessories should be in tandem with the clothes you are wearing. Their style should follow the theme of the outfit you have put together. For example, funky more colorful earrings can go with sporty clothes, while diamonds should always be worn with something just as imposing
  • Gold and silver are neutrals, so they can be worn together. This is a very important rule, which many people find hard to believe. If you wear golden earrings, it does not mean that you can’t wear a silver bracelet as well

This is question that is quite hard to answer. The reason for this is because the number of earring you wear is given by your intention. One earring is usually enough, especially if it is something bold and shiny. Two are already a demonstration of style (and, for some, power), while more than three is a cultural statement. Wearing more than two earrings is generally associated with punks and other similar subcultures, regardless of if you are wearing a suit or not, so you should always make sure to check your references.

Which ear?

There was a time when people used to think that the ear in which you are wearing your one earring is a sign of some sort. This probably has its roots in some sort of “code” which might have been used at a certain time in a certain place and became more of an urban myth than a clear fact, but today it does not seem to have any relevance whatsoever. Simply wear your earring in whichever ear you prefer, or wear two, one in each ear so that you avoid any such conflict.

Places to Buy Diamond Necklaces Online

If you need the list quick, here are my top 6 picks for the best places to purchase quality diamond necklaces online. Keep reading for more information about each of these shops.

  1. James Allen (our top pick)
  2. Clean Origin (a close second)
  3. Blue Nile (best selection)
  4. Whiteflash (best return policy)
  5. Brian Gavin (best value of warranty + diamonds)
  6. Leibish and Co (best fancy colored diamonds)

What’s In This Guide?Top 6 Places to Buy Diamond Necklaces OnlineBuying Diamond Necklaces At James AllenBuying Diamonds At Clean OriginBuying Diamond Necklaces At Blue NileBuying Diamond Necklaces At Leibish & Co.Buying Diamond Necklaces At WhiteflashBuying Diamond Necklaces At Brian GavinFAQ When Buying Diamond Necklaces OnlineIs It Cheaper To Buy Diamond Necklaces Online?Red Flags When Buying Diamond Necklaces Online?How To Get The Best Deal When Buying Diamonds Online?

Diamond necklaces are a favorite in women’s accessories since they go with everything.

Not only are they versatile, but they make perfect gift ideas for a birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Diamond is also the birthstone for all you April babies, though it’s usually substituted for white topaz or white sapphire in birthstone jewelry to keep cost down. 

If you are an April baby, or you need to get a gift for one, a diamond necklace is a fitting, as diamond is also the birthstone for April

Diamond necklaces look sophisticated when paired with a pair of diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, or even gemstone jewelry. They have classic, meaningful, and unique designs too.

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I’ve picked out some of the best diamond necklace online retailers I found on the web. So let the hunt for diamond necklaces begin!

Buying Diamond Necklaces At James Allen

Buying Diamond Necklaces At James Allen

When you buy a diamond necklace at James Allen, you are choosing the leading online retailer in diamonds and fine jewelry.

James Allen offers its customers a wide selection of fashion diamond necklaces and diamond pendants. 

Under the diamond pendants, you get to select your loose diamond using filters like carat weight, clarity, cut, and color grades. You also get to pick out what metal setting you want, such as platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Keep in mind that not all settings are available in all metals.

In the fashion diamond necklaces category, there are plenty of different styles. Some of these styles include classics like diamond halo pendants, bar necklaces, drop necklaces, and other unique styles.

My favorite necklace I’ve seen while scrolling through is this exquisite fancy yellow diamond pendant. It’s in a higher price range, but there are a ton of options below $1000 to choose from.

fancy yellow diamond necklaces from james allen

You can also choose to place a fancy color diamond into a pendant, but I think they are overpriced, especially for the quality of the natural stones.

James Allen warranties all their diamond jewelry with a lifetime guarantee of wear and tear repairs such as cleaning or polishing. They also do other repairs like breaks in the chain or a broken clasp.

Click here for our full James Allen review.


  • Lifetime Warranty covers wear and tear repairs
  • Wide selection of fashion diamond necklaces
  • Choose your own pendant
  • Affordable prices
  • GIA certified diamond pendants


  • Overpriced fancy color diamonds

Buying Diamonds At Clean Origin

clean origin necklaces

Clean Origin is a newer online diamond retailer. They officially arrived as a company in 2017, but have years and years of industry experience. Unlike the other online retailers on this list, Clean Origin is the only one that sells lab diamond necklaces like this gorgeous teardrop pendant below: 

Lab diamonds are real diamonds, but they are created under lab conditions that imitate the real world environment necessary for diamonds to form in the ground. Instead of taking billions of years, it takes a couple of weeks to create synthetic diamonds

Because synthetic diamonds are not as rare as mined diamonds, they don’t hold trade in value. Lab diamonds can be up to and even over 50% cheaper than a mined diamond. Both have the same composition in every way. 

Because lab diamond are so much more affordable than mined diamonds, Clean Origin carries lab diamond necklaces in higher carat weights, like this beautiful 3 carat chevron pendant to the right. 

That beauty costs $3000, which may seem like a lot, but try finding a 3 carat chevron necklace like this made from mined diamonds with the same grades. It will be more than double the cost. 

Currently, Clean Origin has just shy of 30 diamond pendants with differing styles and different carat weights. All of their jewelry comes with a 100 day money back guarantee, which just goes to show how much confidence they have that you’ll love the product. Unfortunately, when it comes to warranties, Clean Origin offers a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties don’t cover repairs like rhodium plating white gold. 

Click Here For Our Clean Origin Full Review


  • Lab diamonds are less expensive
  • 100 day return policy
  • Variety of styles


  • No warranties
  • Small selection

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a large selection of diamond necklaces featuring classic designs as well as unique ones too.

They have plenty of commonly requested bridal jewelry, such as the diamond drop bar and diamond pearl jewelry.

They carry jewelry in a range of price options. However, most of the pieces are higher end items like this gorgeous three-tiered diamond necklace. 

diamond necklaces from blue nile

If you are looking for a single diamond or solitaire pendant, Blue Nile is also a fantastic choice. It has the same concept as James Allen for choosing your own loose diamonds through filters.

They have colored diamonds as well, but you can’t set them into the pendants, nor are you able to do a 360 view like you can with the colorless diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds have to be purchased individually as loose stones. Also, I’ve noticed they don’t carry black diamond pendants either. 

yellow gold diamond necklace from blue nile

In their fashion necklace collection, they have a wide range of modern and classic styles.

You can choose from all diamond necklaces or gemstone necklaces. Blue Nile also offers more affordable diamond jewelry set in sterling silver. 

It’s difficult to see the details in the pictures. So, if you’re not feeling the look of the necklace after you get it, they do offer 30 day returns and pay for the shipping label.

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Keep in mind though that diamond necklaces that are engraved are non-refundable.

Click here for our full Blue Nile review.


  • Wide selection
  • Affordable
  • 30 day returns
  • Solitaire necklaces and fashion necklaces


  • No black diamond pendants
  • Can’t set fancy colored diamonds in pendants

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Leibish & Co.

Leibish & Co specializes in high quality fancy colored diamonds. You won’t find many colorless diamonds on the site for loose stones, but you can find a pretty good amount in the already-set necklace section under fine jewelry. 

You can choose from yellow, gray, brown, orange, and pink diamonds to customize into a pendant. The prices are definitely in the higher tier, as fancy vivid color diamond prices can skyrocket.

I don’t like that they don’t have any kind of 360 view, only a magnified picture of it. I like being able to see the stone from all angles. 

But man, let me tell you. These pieces are breathtaking. So, if you have the money and you’re interested, I definitely recommend them. The colorless diamonds look so pretty in a halo around a fancy color diamond.

Check out this one here that actually features a halo of pink diamonds.

They also offer a selection gemstone/diamond hybrid pendants, like this pretty tanzanite and pink tourmaline diamond drop necklace

When it comes to benefits, Leibish and Co. has a great lifetime warranty like James Allen, covering routine care for life.

That alone is going to help you keep an expensive piece in tip-top shape. They offer 30 day refunds if you’re not satisfied and make the process easy for you as well. 


  • Vivid fancy diamonds
  • Create a pendant option
  • Gemstone diamond pendants
  • Lifetime warranty covers wear and tear


  • No 360 view
  • Few colorless loose diamonds. 
  • Can be very expensive

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Whiteflash

Whiteflash is another popular online diamond jewelry store. They carry almost 100 diamond necklaces, pendants included, which is a fair amount for an online retailer. 

You get the choice of either selecting your loose diamond to be set into the setting of your choice, or you can select a carat weight of pre-selected stones with general diamond grades.

It’s kind of strange, but this may be a more affordable option for someone who isn’t necessarily looking for the top of the line diamond. Whiteflash specializes in the best cut diamonds, so they charge a small premium with their diamonds

The diamond pendants collection not only features solitaire pendants, but fun designs that other competitors don’t carry. There are a couple of classics still, like my personal favorite, the Journey Pendant.

This pendant has 7 of Whiteflash’s personally-cut diamond collection, A Cut Above Diamonds. These branded diamonds are super ideal cut. 

Additionally, Whiteflash offers A Cut Above Diamonds in diamond rings and diamond earrings, so you can get the whole collection. 

Whiteflash offers a temporary warranty for the first year. All routine work such as polishing, retipping of prongs, tightening of stones, and polishing are done for free within one year.

After that you’ll have to pay for any work done if you didn’t purchase the care plans they offer during checkout.

Remember that anything purchased from the virtual collection service has to be returned within 10 days, not the normal 30 day warranty like with the other pieces. 


  • Fair size collection of diamond necklaces
  • Offers excellent care plans for purchase
  • Pre-selected carat weight offered
  • Free service for a year


  • Difficult to navigate 
  • Bad light to view diamond characteristics

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin does not have the best selection when it comes to diamond necklaces. When I look at their fashion collection, there are less than 30 items, which is sort of a bummer.

However, in the collection they do have, you can tell that Brian Gavin makes high quality diamond jewelry. Check out this pretty Flowers of Paradise pendant complete with gorgeous matching rose gold diamond stud earrings.

When it comes to solitaire diamond pendants, even though Brian Gavin doesn’t have as many as some of the other competitors, the settings are really unique.

Most retailers carry the martini pronged, four pronged, or scalloped basket when it comes to diamond pendants. But Brian Gavin steps outside the box and presents its customers with this noteworthy princess cut bezel setting.

Brian Gavin does custom jewelry as well. Prices vary based on design, but you can talk to a representative anytime if that interests you. 

Lastly, Brian Gavin gives its customers a manufacturing warranty, but does not cover any repairs as a result of wear.

They also give a 30 day return policy.

Beyond that, Brian Gavin doesn’t really cover a whole lot if you purchase outside of its signature collection.


  • Matching pendants with other jewelry
  • Unique solitaire settings
  • Option for custom made


  • Brian Gavin gives its customers a manufacturing warranty, but does not cover any repairs as a result of wear.
  • Only trade up and buyback for signature collection
  • Difficult to navigate website

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