Mercury light price

Finding the best Mercury light price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category. Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. Mercury vapor lamps are bright, long-lasting light sources that are often used to light large areas such as streets, gyms, sports arenas, banks, or stores. The bulbs have an inner quartz tube containing the mercury vapor discharge. This is enclosed by an outer glass bulb that filters out harmful short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

There are two types of mercury vapor light bulbs sold in the U.S.

  • “T” type light bulbs have a self-extinguishing feature that shuts off the light within 15 minutes after the outer bulb is broken.
  • “R” type light bulbs do not have a self-extinguishing feature. They should only be installed in light fixtures that are fully enclosed by a lens of glass or plastic, or used only in areas where people will not be exposed to UV radiation if the outer bulb breaks.

Mercury light price


Under normal operating conditions mercury vapor lamps provide efficient, long-lasting sources of light. However, if the outer bulb breaks, and the inner tube continues to produce unshielded light, intense UV radiation is emitted. UV exposure at this level can cause eye and skin burns, blurred or double vision, headaches, and nausea.

It can be difficult to know if you are exposed to harmful levels of UV radiation exposure because the symptoms can take several hours to appear.

Top 5 Best mercury vapor bulb Review 2020

#1 Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Lamp – [Best Rated]

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You’ve probably heard the name Exo Terra on the market at least once. Yes, this is a famous brand for quality products for reptiles and amphibians. And certainly you should not ignore the mercury vapor lamp from this brand.

This mercury bulb is made of high-quality and durable materials so it also has an outstanding quality and longevity. It can provide UVA, UVB and especially superior sunlight energy. The product simulates solar energy as closely as possible and helps prevent bone problems related to light.

You can have two choices of power for reptile cages of 125 Watts and 160 Watts. These options are suitable for different tank sizes. Large capacity is suitable for large tanks and vice versa. It is recommended for use with tanks of 30 gallons or more.

It is ideal to help you give your pet the benefits of natural sunlight. When you don’t have time and can’t let your pet bask in the sun, this product will help you do just that.

It also costs less than a full-featured mercury lamp. You can find them easily on any ecommerce site.

#2 MyComfyPets UVB Light and UVA 2-in-1 Reptile Bulb – [Best Safety]

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MyComfyPets UVB Light and UVA 2-in-1 Reptile Bulb is a product that is highly appreciated for its performance and safety. This mercury vapor bulb can be used with a variety of reptiles, but is ideal for bearded dragons.

This light bulb is designed to combine two products into one, one basking and a heat lamp. So you can save quite a bit and also save more space.

You can choose between 180-200 UVB or 400 UVB bulbs. This choice is based on the needs of pets to be suitable for their development. This is an essential flexibility that can ensure reptile safety.

With a capacity of 100 Watt, this lamp confidently guarantees the amount of light needed and a temperature for your pet. Even at a distance of 30 cm, the light bulb still works well, so it can ensure that reptiles do not burn from close contact, while maintaining the safest distance.

The good news is that the lamp life is up to 10,000 hours and you don’t need to maintain it often. But its disadvantage is that the shiny coating on the bulb can be scratched easily. No problem because this does not affect the performance of the product.

#3 Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb – [Best Capacity]

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If you are looking for the best mercury vapor bulb for bearded dragon then never miss this product. This is one of the best power bulbs for any reptile, including bearded dragons.

This mercury bulb can provide excellent UVA and UVB for bearded dragons habitat. Your pet will probably get the amount of UVB needed for bone growth and reproduction. With a capacity of 160 Watts, the amount of UVB produced will be 150-200 uW/ cm2 when the light bulb is installed at a distance of 18 inches.

If you use this mercury bulb integrated with a string clip, you will no longer have to worry about pet lighting. Certainly, there would be no more perfect combination like that.

This light bulb also has a long life so you don’t need to worry about investing in a new one after a few months of use.

#4 Zoo Med Powersun UV Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor – [Best Warranty]

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Of the mercury bulbs currently available, this mercury bulb from Zoo Med probably has the best warranty. Not only that, but it is good enough quality to appear on this list.

This light bulb can provide enough UVB and UVA for good bone and skin growth for your reptile pet. It is also suitable for all different types of enclosure and you can install it easily.

It can simulate natural sunlight and make sure your pet will feel satisfied when immersed in that light. It can also provide the right temperature for your reptile pet.

This mercury lamp has a good spectrum, ensuring every corner of the reptile cage is illuminated. The 100 Watts capacity is also ideal for medium and large-sized cages.

This mercury light bulb has a compact design so it can be easily transported and well preserved so it doesn’t break during shipping to the user. Manufacturers warranty products for 1 year so you can be assured when using the product with this guarantee.

#5 Evergreen Pet Supplies Mercury Vapor Bulb – [Best Budget]

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This mercury vapor bulb from Evergreen Pet Supplies is one of the best reptile lights. This product has received much appreciation from customers as well as many trusted users.

It can emit UVA and UVB rays, mimicking natural light that is beneficial for reptile growth. It can also emit temperature to ensure the most stable temperature for your pet’s habitat. It helps you eliminate unnecessary lights and equipment from reptile cages.

You can use this product for any vivarium or terrarium without hassle. It also does not emit harmful UVC rays and is perfectly suited to many different reptiles and amphibians.

Your pets, from bearded dragons, leopard geckos to turtles or snakes, are provided with the most ideal habitat. It also has a long lifespan of up to 1 year, so that you don’t have to replace it often. Compared to other 100 Watt bulbs, the lifespan of this product is superior.

The price of this product is also a criterion that you may be satisfied. It is not too expensive compared to the outstanding benefits of a light bulb that owns all what you need.

However, many customers believe that the actual life of this product is a little lower than the life that the manufacturer describes. But it does not differ too much.

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