mosquito helicopter top speed

Here to find out the Mosquito Helicopter Top Speed? Mosquito Europe is the importer of the Ultra Light Mosquito Helicopter range for Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia. The Ultra Light Mosquito helicopters are the end result of 20 years of research and development by engineer John Uptigrove of Innovator Technologies in Alberta-Canada. Let us review the mosquito helicopter for sale, mosquito helicopter price and mosquito helicopter range.

Mosquito Helicopter Top Speed

mosquito helicopter price

Orders to Mosquito Europe can be paid directly in US dollars to Innovator Technologies with a delivery time of 6 to 8 months or in euros to Mosquito Europe with immediate delivery subject to availability in stock.

Thanks to its simple and safe design, the Mosquito makes helicopter flight accessible to a very large number of pilots. The price will depend on the model and selected options, starting at approx. $ 30,200 for the basic kit without a cabin and could go up to $ 52,000 (XE285) for an assembled and painted aircraft.

  • A quarter of caution
  • A quarter of humility
  • A quarter of modesty
  • A quarter of regular training

The Mosquito will bring you hours and hours of pure happiness!

WARNINGS: Buying a Microlight helicopter is a personal adventure. The regulations are very recent, the aircrafts are in perpetual evolution and the means of production remain extremely limited. The Microlight helicopter is not a consumer good such as a car, to buy it means you are passionate about it and accept the personal and financial risk that comes with it.

mosquito helicopter for sale



AIREngine MZ202, 60CV (45kW)115 kg Empty weight 260 kg Max weight with the driver112 km/h Max speed96 km/h Cruise speed1 h Flight time (max.)
Main tank capacity: 19 lFuel Consumption at cruise : 19 l/hMain Rotor speed: 540 trs/minTail rotor speed: 2500 trs/minClimb rate (est.): 275 m/min
XEEngine MZ202, 60CV (45kW)135 kg Empty weight 275 kg Max weight with the driver112 km/h Max speed104 km/h Cruise speed2.2 h à 4 h Flight time (max.)
Main tank capacity: 45 l + Optional Aux Tank Capacity : 30 lFuel Consumption at cruise : 19 l/hMain Rotor speed: 540 trs/minTail rotor speed: 2500 trs/minClimb rate (est.): 275 m/min
XETTurbine Solar, 95CV (71kW)190 kg Empty weight372 kg Max weight with the driver160 km/h Max speed128 km/h Cruise speed1.3 h à 2.2 h Flight time (max.)
Main tank capacity: 45 l + Optional Aux Tank Capacity : 30 lConsumption at cruise : 34 l/hMain Rotor speed: 590 trs/minTail rotor speed: 2670trs/minClimb rate (est.): 400 m/min
XE 285Engine INNTEC 800, 85CV (64kW)142 kg Empty weight300 kg Max weight with the driver112 km/h Max speed104 km/h Cruise speed2 h à 4 h Flight time (max.)
Main tank capacity: 45 l + Optional Aux Tank Capacity : 30 lConsumption at cruise : 23 l/hMain Rotor speed: 590 trs/minTail rotor speed: 2670 trs/minClimb rate (est.): 365 m/min

mosquito helicopter range

image des dimensions
image des dimensions

The Airframe

The Mosquito airframe is a unibody construction made entirely of high quality fiberglass in a vinylester matrix. Body and structure are the same to minimize weight and maximize structural efficiency.

Mosquito Helicopter Top Speed

The Mosquito AIR and XE is powered by Compact Radial Engine’s – MZ202, 64-hp, a two cycle, two cylinder engine with the highest power to weight ratio on the market today. The MZ202 also has a lower operating speed of 6000 rpm when compared to other engines with similar power range. The complete engine package only weighs 35kg and comes with a 180-watt alternator.

The Turbine Solar Mosquito XET

The Mosquito XET is designed by Dwight Junkin at Composite FX. The XET uses custom gear boxes to handle the 71kw (95HP) Solar turbine.

The Engine INNTEC 800 Mosquito XE 285

The Mosquito XE285 is powered by a water cooled Inntec 800 engine with 62kw(85HP). The Inntec 800 is a 2 cylinder, 2-cycle engine with fuel- and oil injection.

Autorotations by John Snider


Overall, repair, tuning, optimization, maintenance of all microlight engines.

Training for potential owners.Aerolight
 +33(0) 6 79 75 23 40


Kits (without shipping cost, customs, and VAT)AIR*XEXE 285XET*
Kit30 20034 80040 80053 800USD HT
Chassis kit6 20010 80010 80010 600USD HT
Flight controls kit3 6003 7003 7003 700USD HT
Transmission kit8 1008 2008 2008 200USD HT
Engine and instrument kit8 1008 20014 20031 000USD HT
Rotor kit7 1007 2007 2007 200USD HT
“Ready to Flight Helicopter37 00044 70052 00065 200USD HT

* ULM unidentified in France

OptionsAIR*XEXE 285XET*
Governor (option provided by Mosquito Europe)170017001700XEUR HT
Performance Exhaust MZ202 (20% incrasing performances)650650XXUSD HT
Gear box Temperature warning light250250250250USD HT
Carbon RAC blades500500500500USD HT
Quick manufacturing kit520520520520USD HT
Wheel kit250250250250USD HT
Horizontal fixed planeX300300300USD HT
Horizontal plane with wingletX400400400USD HT
Vertical fixed planeX300300300USD HT
Clear doors kitX920920920USD HT
Tinted doors kitX970970970USD HT
Leather seatX260260260USD HT
Box extentionX150150150USD HT
Instrumented control handleX330300330USD HT
Curved cyclic handleX505050USD HT
Wide dashboardX606060USD HT
Custom pitot tube kitX707070USD HT
Strobe for horizontal fixed planeX520520520USD HT
Position lightsX350350350USD HT


Support for writing the order (free option 2)100EUR HT
Transport organization support (free option 2)170EUR HT
Customs Clearance Support (Free Option 2)170EUR HT
Verification of kit integrity (free option 2)280EUR HT
Rental tools / mounting location + daily technical briefing50EUR HT / JOUR
Wing adjustment840EUR HT
Expertise for identification form (free option 2)1500EUR HT

Purchasing options

Buy directly from the manufacturer in the USABuy an XE285 kit with stock options in Bourg en Bresse ” FRANCE “
Deposit of $ 10,000 to Innovator Technology (6 to 8 months delay)Regulation of the kit: 44500 € EXC. VAT spot
Balance remaining in $ after order preparation or assembly of the kit
Arrival of the kit / ulm after transport (2000$ / kit, 5000$ / ulm)
Withdrawal of the kit / ulm after payment of VAT + customs at the airportRemoval of the kit in Bourg en Bresse (free expertise)

Pilote Licences

Conditions for obtaining the ULM patent

To obtain the ULM pilot license, regardless of the class concerned, you must be at least 15 years old;
Be the holder of the theoretical certificate common core, issued by the Civil Aviation (examination in the form of multiple choice, organized by the territorial delegations).
Have satisfied, with an instructor of the corresponding class, to:

  • A test on the ground (control of theoretical knowledge of the ULM class practiced).
  • A flight test (verification of the procedures and the ability to fly a ULM safely, can be done in continuous control, or by a specific flight).

The instructor establishes the various certificates, which will be required by the territorial delegation of attachment, for the issue of the pilot’s license.


Since the decree of May 4, 2000, there is no more equivalence. If you hold a pilot’s license for an airplane, helicopter, glider or free balloon, or a foreign license, you are only exempt from the ULM certificate. It is advisable to pass the theoretical part specific to the chosen ultralight class and practice with an instructor.

The passenger load

After sufficient experience as a single-seater driver (around 40h), you can pass the test “Passenger Carrier” with an instructor of the class practiced.


Mosquito single-seat helicopters are so easy to handle they allow new pilots to make figures they would not be able to make with any other helicopter. The consequences can however be dramatic.

The ULM kit helicopter opens the pandore box by allowing people to modify the parts, the circuits, the engines and so on. If you are a designer at heart, create your own helicopter, do not modify aircrafts which have already proven reliable. Instead, assemble your device on our premises with our advice.

In the world of the certified helicopters it is said that the majority of accidents are primarly caused by human error. On the other hand in the ULM community the device is often to blame not the pilot even if since 20 years, more than 400 Mosquito are flying all over the world.

Reading both positive and negative nonsense about Mosquito on social networks is the best way to make the wrong decision. Come meet us in Bourg en Bresse to discuss and see the Mosquito in action.

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