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Looking for the top luxury brands on amazon? If you’ve just come into your inheritance, you won the lottery or have finally sold your idea to some very well-endowed venture capitalists, maybe the money is burning a hole in your pocket. Maybe you just want to know what it feels like to blow $100k on a single item without financing it. Whatever your reason for needing to know the Most Expensive Brands On Amazon, rest assured, here they are.

luxury brands on amazon

Most Expensive Brands On Amazon


For $59,784.95, you could get shipping for free on this brilliant watch. For a little less than $60k, you could be the proud owner of a Rolex and you could now be known as the person who owns a Rolex. How cool! It comes with a case, weighs a whopping 3.8 pounds and at this price, you’ll either wear this watch everyday for the rest of your life or lock it in a safe.


A little cheaper than the last Rolex on this list, for just about $40,000 and a little less weight on your wrist than 4 pounds, this 1 pound gold beauty could enhance the body of anyone with the warm undertones suitable for gold. If you have the $38,627.90 laying around for it, why not buy it?

The Current Most Expensive Things on Amazon in 2020! - Daily Hawker


Rolex is one of the most expensive brands known to man so obviously, if they are sold on Amazon, they are going to be some of the most expensive items available. A little more expensive—if you consider another $10-$20k a little—than the other two watches on this list, this Rolex isn’t just precious metals, each of the hour markers is a bagutte diamond. The bracelet is made entirely out of platinum and for the $64,999 it costs, it might as well be waterpoof up to 100 meters in case someone thinks they’re being cute pushing you off your yacht.


If you’re in the game of collecting and your collectors items are something in the hundred thousand dollar range, you’re in luck! This set of 4 Mickey Mantle autographed cards in currently on sale for $36,364 than it usually is so instead of spending the expected $127,273.99, you could pay $90,909.99 and your collection could be complete.


It’s the year 2018 and you might still be resisting digital photography, it’s cool. It’s expensive, but it’s cool. You might be in the market for a new lens and you might have $11,000 to spend on it. You’re in luck. For $10,999.95, you could be the oner of this amazing piece of equipment that I’m sure will finally win you the National Geographic Photo of the Year.


One time you were without power for something like a week and a half, and you have a good amount of money, so I suspect you own an entire warehouse. To avoid being without power for another week and a half at any point, you might want to consider buying this $33,220.38 generator + $94.99 in shipping. And it operates at near-silent, so don’t worry about running it and having it listen to a loud rumble, you priced out of that.


With all the money in the world, and the industrial space I imagine you living in, maybe you have it in your heart of hearts to feed the hungry. Maybe you’ve made your money and now you are just trying to figure out what to do with your days. Take this free idea: buy [this industrial mixer] and start making giant batches of whatever you want and give it away to the people who need it most. It only costs $71,916.16 and shipping is free!

most expensive brands on amazon

Amazon-owned Top 10 most successful private label brands are:

  • AmazonBasics – household goods, electronics
  • Amazon Collection – jewelry
  • Amazon Essentials – men’s and women’s clothing
  • Pinzon – bedding and towels
  • Solimo – household goods
  • Amazon Elements – vitamins and supplements
  • Simple Joys by Carter’s – children’s clothing
  • Goodthreads – men’s clothing
  • Daily Ritual – women’s clothing
  • Lark & Ro – women’s clothing

Together they account for 81% of all customer reviews and thus are assumed to contribute as much as 81% of the total sales by all Amazon private label brands. AmazonBasics alone is responsible for 57% of the total volume. The top three brands – AmazonBasics, Amazon Collection, and Amazon Essentials – contributed 70% of the total. Together with Amazon Elements, brands with “Amazon” in the name are bringing more than 72% of the total.

Amazon Top 3 Private Label Brands

All brands with “Amazon” in the name are performing well, while other brands, with unrecognizable and disposable names like 28 Palms, Common District, Leather Architect, or Obsidian, are not performing as well. The underlying idea behind these brand names and that most of them don’t mention the affiliation with Amazon is that customers shopping on the platform would ignore the brand name either way. Customers buy these products when they surface in search results with high ratings; customers are not meant to recognize their brand name.

“Consumers are used to seeing private label brands — or packer’s labels, or store brands, or house brands, or reanimated ghost brands — in stores even if we don’t quite understand what they are or where they come from. Some brands are labeled “for Target,” while others just don’t seem to exist anywhere else, and so we make our assumptions, or don’t think of them at all, and keep shopping. As is often the case with Amazon, what seem like strange or inexplicable new behaviors are often old retail strategies unfolding on the internet, quickly, and in plainer view.”

– John Herrman, The New York Times

Private label brands in brick-and-mortar stores, for example by Target, have an advantage over online-only brands. Brands on Amazon get lost in the chaos of over 500 million products, and the brands launched by Amazon, but without Amazon in the name do not have advantages compared to other private label brands.

“If I see a private label, like Target’s Goodfellow, physically in a store – especially if I see it next to a national brand, I know it’s real and I know that Target believes in it so much that they’ve brought it into this store and all their stores across the nation,”

– Matt Sargent, Senior Vice President of Retail at Magid. Interview by Daphne Howland, Retail Dive

Amazon private label brands

Search Traffic

70% of searches done on Amazon are for generic goods

Amazon customer’s behavior is shifted from a brand-driven world observed elsewhere to a needs-based decision process.

“About 70 percent of the word searches done on Amazon’s search browser are for generic goods. That means consumers are typing in “men’s underwear” or “running shoes” rather than asking, specifically, for Hanes or Nike.”

– Julie Creswell, The New York Times

Since search is the primary driver of purchases, Amazon and its competition on Amazon are optimizing for search discovery. The best example of which is AmazonBasics, the – unsurprisingly – most successful Amazon private label brand precisely because of this. AmazonBasics covers and offers an affordable product for a wide range of generic search terms.

5.4% of the top 1,000 search terms on Amazon result in a customer clicking on an AmazonBasics product as one of their first three choices. 3.6% of the top 10,000 search terms, 2.5% of the top 100,000 search terms, and only 1.7% of the top 500,000 search terms – 8,392 different search terms – result in a customer clicking on an AmazonBasics product.AmazonBasics Clicks Share for Most Searched Terms5.4%5.4%3.6%3.6%2.7%2.7%2.5%2.5%1.7%1.7%Top 1,000 Search TermsTop 10,000 Search TermsTop 50,000 Search TermsTop 100,000 Search TermsTop 500,000 Search Terms0%1%2%3%4%5%6%

Amazon’s other private label brands are not as prevalent in the search. Amazon Essentials gets clicked for 0.3% of the top 100,000 search terms, and Solimo gets clicked for 0.1% of the top search terms. Mama Bear, Solimo, and Pinzon get clicked 22, 10, and 5 of the top 100,000 search terms respectively.

Most of the top search terms do get dominated by private label brands, but often they are not owned by Amazon. For example, for the top 10 most searched terms only Amazon Basics appears. The rest are known brands like Apple or Levono, or one of the unknown private label brands. The top 3 most searched terms “wireless earbuds”, “bluetooth headphones”, and “headphones” send their clicks to brands most consumers wouldn’t recognize.

Top 10 Search Term#1 Product Brand#2 Product Brand#3 Product Brand
wireless earbudsikcoolENACFIREAOSHR
bluetooth headphonesNIGEPERAOSHRRVZHI
iphone chargerAmazonBasicsAmazonBasicsMuchCORD
iphone 8 plus caseMatoneXawyTORRAS
wireless headphonesGEJINRVZHICOMBOB
iphone xr casesMkekeSpigeni-Blason

In the table above brands marked in yellow are private label brands by Amazon, brands marked in red are known brands, and brands marked in blue are other private label brands.

Product Pricing

Product Prices$20-$5038.6%$20-$5038.6%Over $5012.1%Over $5012.1%Under $2049.3%Under $2049.3%

The prices at which Amazon sells its products are low. 49% of products of the top 10 brands are under $20, 38% are between $20 and $50, and only 12% are more than $50.

Some brands focus exclusively on expensive items, for example, Nod by Tuft & Needle mattresses, Stone & Beam furniture, Rivet furniture, Comfort Zone pet supplies, Amazon Collection jewelry brand. Those are in line with the competition; the furniture brands are all above $100, but not competing at the premium of the category. Amazon Collection jewelry brand has 4,088 products at an average price of $221.

Amazon positions different brands based on price. For example, through Amazon’s Pinzon brand, it offers a queen-size sheet set for $38.99. However, it also sells a queen-size sheet set through its AmazonBasics private label for $19.99. Similarly, Amazon sells men’s long-sleeve solid oxford shirts under both the Amazon Essentials and Goodthreads brands.

Overall the best performing products are those at the lower end of the price spectrum, where the combination of low prices and high reviews offsets the lack of brand recognition. “Private-label brands win because of price. Look at a Target brand or a Walmart private-label brand. They’re great value for [the] money,” said Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali.

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