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In the market for the Most Expensive Hermes Handbag? Some Hermes bags are made with clou, or feet on the bottom so you can rest the bag down without damaging the leather. Hermes also offers several material choices, with some like Clemence and Epsom leather exhibiting far more durable and water-resistant qualities than other leather choices, making these bags perfect for everyday carry. Your needs should directly influence the style and construction of your first Hermes bag. Below we break down some of our favorite Hermes bags, discussing how and why they fit into different situations and lifestyles, usability and pricing. So which is the most expensive birkin bag 2020?

most expensive birkin bag 2020


Hermes Investment Guide


Why Hermès Bags Are a Safe Investment

They’re stunning. They’re expertly crafted. They’re coveted among the rich and famous. They are the iconic Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags. Ever since Grace Kelly was photographed hiding her pregnant belly with a Kelly bag in 1956 and a chance meeting between Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas in 1981 resulted in the Birkin bag, these two have been the pinnacle of luxury handbags.

The difference between the two bags is slight. The Kelly has one handle and a shoulder strap compared to the Birkin’s two handles. The Kelly is slighter smaller in depth and the Birkin is a more casual, supple, and relaxed. But, both bags carry equal iconic status.

The sight of these bags on shows such as Sex and the City and in the hands of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and NeNe Leakes, among others, has made them a status symbol among the mega rich and famous. However, Kelly and Birkin bags are so much more.

In this guide we will explain how both bags have become a safe, worthy, and savvy investment for anyone who can get their hands on one and why investing in a Kelly or Birkin is likely to provide better returns than other, more traditional, investments.


Hermès handbag pricing factors

The first thing to understand is what makes these bags so expensive in the first place. Back in the 1950s, before Grace Kelly was pictured with the bag that would later bear her name, a new Kelly bag from Hermès would have cost under $1,000. In fact, at the turn of the century when a Birkin bag became the star of the show on Sex in the City, it was possible to purchase a Birkin for around $4,000.

Today, however, the most basic Kelly bag would set you back something in the region of $10,000 (10 times as much as it cost in the 1950s) and the same Birkin that featured on that Sex in the City episode retails close to the $12,000 mark (triple the value in only 15 years!). Of course, these are only entry level prices, before you add on exotic skins, custom hardware, and other personal touches which can bring the price upwards of $100,000.

Kelly and Birkin bags reach these astronomical prices for several reasons. The first is the price changes which occur year on year at the discretion of Hermès. They know they have a valuable product and generally increase the prices by between 5% and 10% annually for a new bag.

Another reason is the craftsmanship and quality in every single bag created by Hermès. Each bag is created by one professional craftsman (although artist is probably a better term to describe them!), who is responsible for the bag’s creation from start to finish. This can take anywhere from 15 to 24-plus hours to complete.

Each bag is also repairable for life, meaning it can be passed down from mother to daughter, gaining value with every passing year. They are built to stand the test of time with each piece of leather created for longevity. There are also spa treatments and reconditioning services available to maintain Kelly and Birkin bags, helping them look like new 15, 20, even 50 years down the line.


Investment opportunities

The combination of an extremely long lifespan and being the two most desired handbags in the world mean that Kellys and Birkins maintain their value as collectable items. Due to the slow and precise crafting of the bags along with materials and leathers that are difficult to source, only a handful of bags are actually made by Hermès each year. This limits the ability to purchase new bags directly from Hermès, hence the infamous years-long waiting list.

This has created a valuable and profitable resale market for Kelly and Birkin handbags. A bag in good to very good condition can fetch up to or more than 80% of what the previous owner invested, a bag in excellent condition up to or more than 100% of what the previous owner invested, and a bag in pristine condition up to or more than 120% of the previous owner invested.

There are obviously other considerations beyond the condition of the bag which affect its resale value. Rare and exotic skin Kelly and Birkin bags are more valuable on the resale market due to the difficulty Hermès has in obtaining them. Crocodile, for example, is one of the most expensive leathers because Hermès to obey strict ethical standards to obtain it. The skin also takes decades to reach maturity, making it rare on Hermès bags.

When making an investment in a Hermès bag consider the length of the investment also. If you are planning to hold on to the bag over a long period of time, seek neutral colors such as gold, black, and etoupe as these classic colors will never go out of style and the bag will maintain its value. However, new or seasonal colors which are the must have in the immediate market can fetch a healthy profit for short term investments.


Comparison with other investments

The unique thing about purchasing a Hermès bag as an investment is that it is one of the only luxury items on the market that appreciates in value. Unlike, for instance, designer clothes or a new Ferrari, which lose value the second you ear or drive them, Hermès bags actually increase in value from the moment you purchase them. When you own a Hermès bag, you have something there is a huge demand and limited supply for.

However, it isn’t just this that makes Hermès bags such a unique investment. They even stand up against traditional investments such as diamonds, gold, silver, stock markets, and real estate. The value of all these investments can both appreciate and depreciate. However, over the last 35 years, Hermès bags have only risen in value.

Let’s look at the figures – a standard Kelly bag could have been purchased in 1950 for $900. By 1960 the same bag cost $1,300, by 1970 it was $2,450, 1980 saw it sell for $4,000, 1990 for $5,100, and at the turn of the century it cost $7,400. Today, that exact bag is has increased in value to $9,250! The same increase is seen with Birkin bags with a standard Birkin setting customers back $2,000 in 1980, $2,750 in 1990, $4,000 at the turn of the century, and today sells for between $10,000 and $12,000!

These amazing figures cannot be replicated by any traditional investment and far exceed the annualized returns of stock markets such as the FTSE All-Share Index. It is also very likely that the value of Hermès bags will continue to rise for the foreseeable future with demand increasing daily and even the most conservative estimates predict a rise in value of 8-10 times today’s market value in the next 50 years.


How to buy a Hermès bag

Purchasing a Hermès Kelly or Birkin isn’t as simple as wandering into a Hermès boutique, picking up a bag, paying with, and then walking away. Only a handful of very lucky ladies receive their Kelly or Birkin directly from Hermès each year. Others sit on waiting lists, expecting a phone call for years. Some are even told the waiting list is closed, slamming the door on any chance of buying a handbag directly from Hermès.

The simple fact is that Hermès don’t sell these bags to just anyone. Celebrities and the super-rich receive priority. Next in line is people who have built up brand loyalty by investing in purchases from Hermès over a long period of time. But, even these people have no guarantee of Hermès crafting a coveted Kelly or Birkin just for them.

For 99% of women and investors, the secondary market is the only way to get your hands on one of these bags. However, it is essential to be extra careful when using the secondary market. The popularity and price tag of these bags has led to a thriving counterfeit market which we will look at briefly below. The best way to ensure authenticity is to use a reputable consignment company, such as Baghunter.

At Baghunter, we implement a unique process to ensure both quality and authenticity in every bag we consign. Each bag is thoroughly inspected by a team of professional and experienced authenticators who both guarantee it is the genuine article and place it into one of five condition categories: Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent, or Pristine. These categories clearly show investors what the condition of the bag is and whether they affect the resale value of the bag.

More than this, Baghunter also offer a unique “Bag Concierge” service. An excellent opportunity for investors who have done their homework and know exactly what type of bag they wish to invest in, this service utilizes Baghunter’s trusted resellers’ knowledge database to find rare and one-of-a-kind Kellys and Birkins. Simply enter the type of bag, color, size, material, and budget, and Baghunter will do its upmost to find that valuable investment for you.


Be aware of fake Hermès bags

We briefly mentioned this above, but it is worth reiterating – be cautious of fake Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags. A brief glance at the bags listed on our site will show you that they often cost as much as new bags, if not more. This price reflects today’s market value and is a genuine valuation for a genuine product. If you find a Hermès bag with a price that seems too good to be true, it more than likely is.

There are numerous fake Hermès bags on the market, with some estimates showing 90% of all Hermès bags sold online are fake. The best way to avoid a major disappointment is to steer clear of auction sites and reseller sites that don’t carry a strong reputation. Many sites will publish pictures of real Kelly and Birkin bags but actually send you a fake. Do research on the business before parting with any money.

Another way to stay a step ahead is to do your homework on the bags themselves. There are many features and small details on Kelly and Birkin bags which help identify them as genuine or fake. You can read a detailed guide to spotting a fake Hermès bag here.


Tips for investing in a Hermès bag

  • Kelly and Birkin bags are timeless, but know your colors when investing
  • Long term investors should look at neutral colors such as gold, black, and etoupe
  • Short term investors can look at new and seasonal colors
  • Kelly and Birkin bags have been steadily increasing in value since the 1950s and 1980s respectively and are predicted by experts to continue this trend for the foreseeable future
  • Exotic skin and rare bags will increase in value at a faster rate than regular bags
  • The condition of the bag will affect its resale value
  • The secondary market is the easiest and most sensible way to purchase a Hermès bag
  • Be extremely careful of fraudulent bags on the secondary market
  • Deal only with trusted resellers and study the small details that show a bag as genuine or fake


Most Expensive Hermes Handbag


The crème de la crème of the Hermes range, Birkin bags are chic, timeless and highly sought after making them the most popular of the designs. Over the years the Birkin has come in various sizes, colours and skins, changing and adapting seamlessly to the vogue of the time.

As it stands now, the smaller 25cm Birkin has become increasingly popular due to its cute size making it perfect for an evening event or popping out for a quick lunch with the girls. If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, the 30cm is more geared towards every day wear.

Lady holding pink Hermes Birkin bag


The Constance bag, popularised by Jackie Kennedy, is a superbly versatile shoulder bag and is far more difficult to source than other bags – particularly now that Hermes keep threatening discontinue this hands free style.

Truly perfect for all occasions, the Constance is a must have staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Team with skinny jeans, Chanel jacket and Alexander McQueen scarf for Parisian day chic, or with your favourite couture dress for an extravagant soirée.

Teal Hermes Constance Bag


Whilst the Birkin is the signature of Hermes, in recent years the Kelly has become hugely popular due to its slender shape and strap design making it easier to carry. Opt for a 28cm one to house all of your day to day products or select a smaller size to glamorously compliment any dinner or event outfit.

Pink Hermes Kelly Bags


It’s not just the standard Kelly design that has overtaken Birkin’s popularity recently, the Kelly Cut has also shared the limelight – presumably due to its dainty size making it fantastically adaptable and easy to carry.

Whilst the small size is more suited to a dinner or event such as a wedding, it is also ideal for luncheons to house the essentials you need to stay looking chic and sophisticated.

Emerald Hermes Kelly Cut


The Mini Kelly Pochette has become extremely hard to source of late as they are so popular. Everyone seems to love the small bags at the moment and it’s no surprise with high end designers such as Chloe, Fendi and Louis Vuitton showcasing this style in their Spring 2016 collections.

We are continuously on the search for this style so do get in touch to see what we have available.

Hermes Mini Kelly Pochette Capcuine Swift with Palladium Hardware


Hermes Medor Gris Perle Tadelakt with Palladium

If you want a clutch with a bit more of an edge then the Medor is for you. With its signature pyramid studs this give a more rock n roll feel to any outfit.


This is a chic and very versatile clutch which has also become increasingly popular over the last 2 years. Its simple design means it will perfectly compliment any outfit, whilst the signature Hermes ‘H’ adds to its luxuriousness and exclusivity.

Jige Hermes clutch


Whilst the Birkin is the international symbol of Hermes, the Haut à Courroies (HAC) is the original. This bags was designed in the late 1800’s and was initially intended to carry riding boots and other equestrian equipment. However, in today’s world it is mainly used as a stylish luxury travel bag and is quite popular with men, too.

The main difference between the Birkin and HAC is the size; the HAC is much taller and normally comes in sizes of 40cm and above giving you plenty of space for all of your long haul flight carry on essentials. As well as this, the handles of the Haut à Courroies are shorter than the Birkin due to its intent to be carried in the hand rather than over the arm.



If you are looking for something which is casual and functional which is still stylish, the mini Evelyn is ideal. Also on trend at the moment is the mini Evelyn – the tiny size. This style has a long strap to allow you to wear it across your body whilst you pop to a stylish boutique giving you both hands to raid your favourite designer’s rail!

Currently we have a mini Evelyn in stock in this glorious yet calming Blue Paradise. Crafted from the finest soft clemence leather, this bag exudes an effortlessly relaxed appearance. The large H on this style of bag adds to the luxury and showcases the Hermes brand.



Last but not least, is the Jypsiere. This is another refined and easy to wear day bag, perfect for weekends away to your favourite city. And, with its shoulder strap you are free to do whatever you want; shopping in exclusive stores, strolling along the French Rivera or sipping a delectable glass of your preferred champagne. What’s more, this is one of Hermes’ more exclusive styles meaning few people own a Jypsiere bag, adding to its exceptional and luxurious aura.

If you are yearning for this perfect day bag, you’re in luck; we currently have a Jypsiere in blue colvert and turqoise perfectly matched with palladium hardware and created from wonderfully soft Clemence leather. Enquire today if you are interested in purchasing this bag.

Jypsiere Blue Colvert & Turquoise 28cm Clemence with Palladium

Whilst this list isn’t exhaustive of all of Hermes’ superbly sophisticated styles, these are some of the most popular bags and they offer huge versatility no matter what occasion you are using them for.

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