Most expensive tv brands

Today’s article is based on the Most expensive tv brands. The TV is the centerpiece of most living rooms and often the TV is the most expensive purchase for one’s home theater system. If you really want to impress someone with your TV, though, then check out these, the most expensive televisions in the world. So today we are going to give you a list of world’s top 10 most expensive television of the world.

most expensive televisions in the world

Most expensive tv brands

1. LG:

Brand Country: South Korea
Founded: 5 January 1947
Products: LG SIGNATURE W9 OLED, E9 OLED etc.
Best Creation: OLED 88Z9P (88-inch 8K)
Price: $30,000 expensive luxury tv brands 2020

Formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, LG Corporation is a multinational company which manufactures a wide variety of products from the most expensive ones to the most cost-effective ones. It’s the most popular brands in the world. LG holds the pride of manufacturing the largest and highest-resolution OLED TV, OLED88Z9P. This 88-inch behemoth is just available for pre-orders.


2. Sony

Brand Country: Japan
Founded: 7 May 1946
Products: Sony Z9G, Sony xel1 etc.
Best Creation: Sony Z9G (85-inch 8K HDR)
Price: $70,000 USD expensive luxury tv brands 2020

Sony is one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. It has always made a remarkable significance in every door it entered from motion pictures to video games, televisions to cell phones, etc. As television manufacturers, from cost-effective to the most expensive ones, most stylish to smartest ones Sony has got them all.


3. Samsung

Brand Country: South Korea
Founded: 1 March 1938
Products: Samsung QN55Q8F QLED 4K, Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA LED etc.
Best Creation: Samsung UA110S9 (110-inch UHD 8K)
Price: $152,000 expensive luxury tv brands 2020

This name doesn’t need any introduction. From mobile phones to televisions, shipbuilding to life insurance this company has always been at the top numbers of the list for popularity. The Korean Samsung word means Tristar. Naturally, it has a remarkable influence in South Korea’s economic development, media, culture and politics. The televisions they make come to life. The iconic frame stand design, HD sounds and lively feeling inserted within its televisions attract its buyers with the confidence of the purpose being served to its full extent. Its most expensive creation has got voice and facial recognition and can read gestures. With so much to offer the price tag seems more than appropriate for its clients. This is certainly a brand one must look up to, surely it has a lot more to offer.

4. Sharp

Brand Country: Taiwan
Founded: 15 September 1912
Products: Sharp LC-32LE157M LED HD, Sharp LC-32LE156M LED HD etc.
Best Creation: Sharp LB-1085 LCD (108-inch OLED)
Price: $160,000 expensive luxury tv brands 2020

Of all the impressive brands on this list, this one offers more durability, unlike others that overheat or degrade. It was ranked in 11th place by Green peace’s re-launched guide to Greener electronics and was the tenth-largest television manufacturer in the world by market share in 2013. It ensures the utmost energy efficiency with all of its televisions to meet the latest Energy Star standard.


5. Panasonic

Brand Country: Japan
Founded: 1918
Products: TH-65GX706MFTH-55GX706MF etc.
Best Creation: Panasonic 152″ Plasma 4K2K TH-152UX1W
Price: $770,000 expensive luxury tv brands 2020

This brand is the largest Japanese electronics producers alongside Sony, Hitachi etc. By 2012 Panasonic was the fourth-largest television manufacturer in the world. Once it held the privilege of producing the world’s largest TV and it also had what the other oversize televisions didn’t have, 3d capability which makes you feel that you can step into the screen. In this ever going race, this is a brand you can always look up to from amazing specs to the most expensive price tags they have a lot to offer.

6. Vizio

Brand Country: United States
Founded: October 2002
Products: PX75-G1, PX65-G1, P759-G1 etc.
Best Creation: Vizio reference series 4k TV (65-inch 4K)
Price: $129,999 expensive luxury tv brands 2020

This California based privately held brand designs and manufactures televisions, speakers etc through retailers and online. They just made what could be one of the most expensive television sets in the world. Their best creation Vizio Reference Series 4K 120 inch TV set price is equivalent to almost six Camrys. People look forward to their upcoming masterpieces.


7. Bang & Olufsen

Brand Country: Denmark
Founded: 1925
Products: BeoVision Eclipse (4K), BeoVision Horizon (4K), BeoVision Harmony (OLED) etc.
Best Creation: BeoVision 4-103 ( Plasma , 103-inch Full HD)
Price: $140,000

expensive luxury tv brands 2020

This Danish consumer electronic company designs and manufactures not only television sets but also audio products and telephones. Bang and Olufsen makes its products maintaining the owner’s preferences whether it is placed on a stand or wall, to make you experience the best visuals on its extravagant televisions.


8. C Seed

Brand Country: Austria
Founded: 2009
Products: C Seed 144, C Seed 201, C Seed 262 etc.
Best Creation: C Seed 201 (270-inch 4K Widescreen Outdoor)
Price: $680,000

expensive luxury tv brands 2020

The world’s biggest TV is a never-ending race. And C Seed will be stepping on 2020 with their long-awaited latest outdoor television 301 to claim the title of ‘’World’s Largest’’. Already with achieving the Red Dot design award ‘’Best of the Best 2012’’ everyone is hyped to experience the recently unveiled 301. This brand is committed to providing with leading-edge luxury and an unforgettable experience. Its mega-project doesn’t only emphasize on size but it’s ready to set forth with extremely impressive specs. It will be able to project spectacularly clear image even under direct sunlight. In such a little time C Seed has attracted a lot of attention with its amazing craftsmanship.

9. Titan

Brand Country: England
Founded: 2013
Products: Titan Zeus etc.
Best Creation: Titan Zeus 370-Inch 4K TV
Price: $1.7 Million

expensive luxury tv brands 2020

This brand is committed to provide you with every last-minute update, top of the line technology into every television they make. And in this price range, everything is custom built in any shape and size required. Whether you want to place it underwater or on the roof terraces they are equipped to provide you with everything you need. Like the name, Titan Zeus has the largest dimensions one have ever seen with 4k display and amazing design this television is godlike.

10. Stuart Hughes

Brand Country: UK
Founded: 1971
Products: Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition, Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme edition
Best Creation: Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition
Price: $2.25 Million

expensive luxury tv brands 2020

Among our most expensive brands, Stuart Hughes proudly stands with its full might. In designing the most expensive electronic goods it’s compared to none. They introduced a new dimension of aristocracy in today’s technology. Its Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition carries entirely hand oven alligator skin used on the inner screen layer and it’s also covered with 28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold, not just that there are also diamonds. The amazing structure of the television is equally complimented with Sunstone and Amethyst. No wonder they are considered as the most expensive brand.

For most people, TV sets are not assets to spend heavily on. While for others, an expensive set might be a thing of pride. Here is a list of some of the most expensive Televisions in the world.

1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition – $2.25m

With a 28kg frame made of solid 18-carat rose gold, pebble-dashed with 72 round-cut 1-carat diamonds, sunstone and amethyst, this is without doubt the Liberace of TVs (and that’s before we get to the hand-stitched alligator skin on the inner bezel).

Too pricey for you? The standard Prestige HD Supreme Edition – with a mere 48 diamonds attached to its gold frame – can be yours for just $1.5m. Bargain.

2. Titan Zeus – $1.6m

This TV stands a mammoth 370in across diagonally, which is about the same size as a football goal. Which is fitting, as you’ll need a Premiership footballer’s pay packet to afford its $1.6m price tag. It weighs a ton – literally – and has, as it should, a 4K resolution. Who needs the cinema?

3. Panasonic TH-152UX1W – $770,000

It may be a little on the small side compared with the 370in behemoth mentioned previously, but this set still stands 152in across. Which, as you can see, is a lot bigger than the poor woman who’s been paid to stand next to it. It’s also one of the few TVs here to be on sale in the UK, though at £600,000 we can’t imagine there’s a rush on.

4. C Seed 201 – $680,000

Not only does this 201in outdoor TV rise out of the ground like a zombie from its grave, it also unfolds, concertina-style. 5. Sharp LB-1085 – $160,000

Oh for the days when a 108in Full HD TV was considered cutting-edge. This one’s made for putting in shop windows and other environments where 24-hour use is needed, but has all the PC and AV connections you’d need to turn it into the heart of a home cinema system.

6. Samsung UA110S9 – $152,000

This set shows off its UHD resolution in 110in glory. Hidden speakers provide 120W of oomph, while its minimalist design makes it one of the few really pricey TVs that’s not absolutely hideous to look at.

7. Bang & Olufsen Beovision 4-103 – $135,000

Speaking of massive TVs that aren’t hideous, here’s one from Danish design demons Bang & Olufsen. The 103in set came out in 2009, featured an automatic rising stand and cost an absolute bomb. Well, it’s not like there was a world economic crash happening then or anything.

8. Keymat Yalos Diamond – $130,000

If the B&O and Samsung are a bit too understated for you, check out this diamond-speckled model, complete with white-gold plating. It’ll look great next to your leopard-skin Freeview box and Swarovski-spattered PS4.

9. Samsung UN105S9 – $120,000

A 4K picture at 105in across? Yes, please. Admittedly, you can find the same feature set on other 4K TVs that don’t require you remortgage your house, but they don’t come with mahoosive screens. And what’s the point of that?

10. Sony XEL-1 – $2500

Special mention for this 2008 Sony, which was the world’s first OLED TV. While it may look cheap compared with others on this list, it measured just 11in diagonally, meaning it cost a whopping $227 per inch. Madness.


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