most popular japanese products in america

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The high-quality designs of Japanese artists and artisans can be frustratingly difficult to find on the vast internet, especially if you don’t speak Japanese.

Here at Japan Objects, we have carefully curated 75 of our favorite made-in-Japan products you can easily buy online, now in our fifth edition! Browse through our home, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and beauty selections, many of which are handcrafted with a distinct Japanese heritage in mind. All of these gorgeous things are made in Japan by ingenious designers, who not only tap into the nation’s long history of intricate craftsmanship, but also address everyday problems with innovative and artistic solutions. Read on for some genuinely unique and user-friendly essentials! All are available to buy online, whether they are items we have selected at Amazon, or our favorite things from our own Japan Objects Store!

best japanese skin care products

Most Popular Japanese Products In America

1. Samue Loungewear


You’ll never look at sweatpants and athleisure the same way once you’ve tried samue. A multifunctional two-piece garment that can be worn indoors and outdoors, a samue consists of a short, kimono-style jacket and matching tapered pants. Made in Japan from 100% Kurume cotton, the top and bottom are adjustable, and are machine washable.

Samue Loungewear – $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

2. Shibori Black Zabuton Cushion


Work hard, rest harder! Did you know that Japanese parents often forgo cribs and instead have their infants nap on zabuton cushions? This handmade Shibori Black Zabuton Cushion has 4 inches of layered padding to support your limbs when sitting, kneeling, or sleeping. Put this zabuton under your neck or legs to alleviate pressure, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

Shibori Black Zabuton Cushion – $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

3. Japanese Crane Kimono Robe


Crafted by renowned kimono makers in Kyoto, this luxurious loungewear robe is ideal for those who enjoy kimono design, with the ease of a throw-on robe. Handmade in Kyoto, Japan, this three-quarter length kimono-style robe comes pre-gift wrapped in beautiful washi paper, and includes free shipping!

Japanese Crane Kimono Robe – $99.99 at Japan Objects Store

4. Ark Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth


A Japanese furoshiki, or wrapping cloth, can be a handbag, a tablecloth, a gift wrapping, or many other things with just a couple of simple knots. The design of this particular furoshiki is hand-printed in Kyoto with the image of a treasure ship. According to Japanese tradition, if you place the image under your pillow, you’ll begin the new year with a pleasant dream. Gift-wrapped in beautiful Japanese washi paper.

Ark Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth – $49.99 at Japan Objects Store

5. Women’s Hanten Jacket


A hanten is a padded cotton jacket that has kept Japanese people warm for centuries. The gentle but eye-catching designs on this cotton-padded hanten make it a perfect over a fitted dress, or as a light jacket on a blustery day. Lined with Kurume cotton, this article has great insulating properties. Cotton is a very breathable material, so it can also be worn during the warmer months. In addition, shipping from Japan to anywhere in the world is free!

Women’s Hanten – $129.99 at Japan Objects Store

6. Japanese Fans

A simple, but beautiful way to decorate the home, Japanese folding fans are a functional item that also double as a work of art. This handmade folding fan is made in Kyoto and features the bold artwork of contemporary visual artist Hideki Kimura. Place in a shadow box or display stand along with other mementos of your Japan travels!

Japanese Folding Fan – $59.99 at Japan Objects Store

7. Vintage Haori

Make a statement wherever you go with a vintage silk haori jacket. A short-waisted overcoat for kimono, a haori pairs well with nearly any item in your wardrobe. Wear as an alternative to cardigans, jackets, and coats, and not only will you be fashion-forward, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment by opting for a sustainable clothing choice.

Vintage Haori – Available at Japan Objects Store

8. Kanzashi


Have you mastered the effortless updo yet? There’s no need to watch tutorials over and over again, because this kanzashi, or hair pin, is all you need to pull off an elegant look. Made in Kyoto, this silk hair piece features cherry blossoms in bloom, with petals gently swaying in the wind. Wear it during an interview, or even a formal gathering — the possibilities (and hairstyles) are endless!

Kanzashi – $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

9. Indigo Dye Noren Curtain


Still dreaming fondly of those days in Japan? Decorate your home with a noren to keep the feeling alive! These panel curtains were originally used in traditional-style Japanese homes and by businesses in Japan to advertise the services or goods sold. Use this indio Indigo Dye Noren Curtain in your entranceway, bathroom, kitchen, or living room to partition spaces, or as a decorative wall hanging.

Indigo Dye Noren Curtain – $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

10. Hana Silk Robe

Self-love is the best love, and what better way to say “I love you,” by sensually wrapping your body in a 100% silk robe made in Kyoto! This knee-length garment features classical Japanese floral motifs like cherry blossoms and peonies and comes with a matching belt.

Hana Silk Robe – $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

11. Automatic Blue Moon Men’s Watch by Seiko

Blue Moon Watch by Seiko.jpg

Never underestimate the powerful confidence boost of a good wristwatch! Seiko’s Japan-made watches easily match their Swiss counterparts for exceptional quality and elegant design. This classy men’s strikes just the right balance of impressive size, without being too chunky.

Blue Moon Men’s Watch – Available at Amazon

12. Seigaiha Blue Ojami Zabuton Cushion


In the age of work-from-home and telecommuting, kitchen counters and living room sofas have become unlikely office spaces. If you don’t have an office chair at home, you will certainly benefit from having an ergonomic lumbar cushion, like this handmade Seigaiha Blue Ojami Zabuton Cushion. Use with any chair, sofa, or even when sitting on the floor to correct your posture and reduce the stress on your joints and ligaments.

Ojami Zabuton Cushion – $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

13. Samue Pajama

Sweet dreams start as soon as you wear this samue pajama set! Handmade in Japan from cotton gauze, this two piece pajama consists of a short, kimono style jacket and calf-length trousers with a wide leg to facilitate breathability and circulation. The fabric also retains heat, making this samue an excellent choice to ensure a good night’s sleep all-year round.

Samue Pajama – $159.99 at Japan Objects

14. Sosaku Kokeshi Doll by Usaburo


Kokeshi, a traditional type of doll handcrafted from dogwood, are synonymous with Japan’s northern Tohoku region. However, Gunma Prefecture is eastern Japan’s largest production site of sosaku (original) kokeshi. The dolls from Usaburo Kokeshi all boast creative designs and motifs. This particular maiden is decked out in sakura spirit in this fine spring kimono. Note how the beautiful wood grain faintly appears below the surface of the paint, another trait of Usaburo Kokeshi dolls.

Sosaku Kokeshi Doll – Available at Amazon

15. Vintage Japanese Kimono

Think vintage kimono are purely for decorative use only? Mottainai! (What a waste!) Breathe new life into kimono by simplifying wearing! Even if you’re unable to dress yourself in a kimono the traditional way, set your own fashion rules by wearing a vintage kimono as a housecoat, robe, or overcoat.

Vintage Japanese Kimono – Available at Japan Objects Store

16. Indigo Dye Cotton Scarf


Japanese craftsmanship reflects the generations of skill passed down from artisan to artisan, who continue to keep their trades alive by using traditional methods and quality materials to produce contemporary clothing and accessories. This natural Japan Blue indigo-dye scarf was made with hand-weaving and hand-dyeing techniques to create the Wada stripe pattern unique to Tokushima

Indigo Dye Cotton Scarf – $119.99 at Japan Objects Store

17. Koi Noren Curtain


The original hand-painted murals from Osaka’s historic Japanese garden Taiko-En can adorn your home with this artistic noren curtain featuring artwork by contemporary visual artist Hideki Kimura. The koi carp is a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune in Japanese culture.

Traditionally noren curtains mark the entrance to a store or tea house, but they are also great for dividing interior space. This washable curtain comes gift wrapped in gorgeous Japanese washi paper.

Koi Noren Curtain – $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

18. Japanese Gold Long Kimono Robe

Sakura Cotton-Satin Kimono Robe

Made in Japan by kimono designers this long kimono robe is the perfect choice for those who enjoy the stunning beauty of traditional kimono patterns, and the comfort of loungewear robes.

Made with luxuriously soft cotton-satin and impeccable Japanese craftsmanship, this full-length women’s robe with matching belt is great either as a gift, or to keep all for yourself. Not to mention that shipping is free wherever you are in the world!

Japanese Gold Long Kimono Robe – $109.99 at Japan Objects Store

19. Suido Bridge Tenugui


This elegant tenugui, featuring an iconic woodblock print by Utagawa Hiroshige, can be used in all manner of ways. Tenugui are often used as a headscarf or a scarf, depending on the season, or can be kept at home as a table runner or tea towel, or even for drying dishes. With a piece this beautiful however, you may want to hang it up so that you can enjoy the Japanese art at any time!

Suido Bridge Tenugui – $24.99 at Japan Objects Store

20. Setta Japanese Sandals

With these woven grass sandals, summer’s always a footstep away! Setta, the casual alternative to geta with stiff wooden soles, are sure to become your favorite footgear in the warmer months. The soles are absorbent and have a cushioned base that mold to your feet, as do the fun geometric patterned cotton straps.

Setta Japanese Sandals – $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

21. Kiku Silk Brocade Travel Make-up Bag


This elegant cosmetics is a recreation of an ancient abstract tapestry, Okiku Momi, that skilfully captures the depth and texture of the wrinkles in crumpled Japanese paper. The original Okiku Momi is located in Koetsuji Temple in Kyoto.

This original silk brocade washbag is lined with waterproof material to keep your cosmetics in safety and style as you travel.

Kiku Silk Brocade Travel Make-up Bag – $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

22. Diamond Weave Obi Belt


Whatever your kimono or yukata outfit, there’s an obi color for you. Incorporating a bold shade into your kimono outfit is an excellent way to set a clean and confident base to make the rest of your outfit pop. You can also use your made-in-Japan obi as a scarf!

Diamond Weave Obi Belt – $29.99 at Japan Objects Store

23. Geta Sandals


Compliment your yukata or add a touch of Japan to your wardrobe with these fashionable wooden geta sandals featuring the Okinawan textile pattern known as bingata. Handmade from lightweight, fine-grained, and warp-resistant paulownia wood, these shoes will surely put a smile in your step as you think about your next Japan adventure!

Geta Sandals – $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

24. Sakura Woodcraft Silk Obijime/Obidome

The biggest allure to Japanese handicrafts is no doubt its functional simplicity, and this silk obijime/obidome belt is no exception. While traditionally paired with a yukata or kimono sash, this pure silk woven obijime and beech wood cherry blossom obidome adds subtle sophistication to cardigans, maxi dresses, and high-waisted trousers and skirts, too.

Sakura Silk Obijime/Obidome – $69.99 at Japan Objects Store

25. Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch 

Kyo Yuzen Clutch in Pastel

A sophisticated and functional statement piece handcrafted using a 17th century kimono dyeing technique, this one-of-a-kind Kyo-Yuzen Clutch Bag in Black effortlessly blends chic and modern with the refined and traditional. The cloud pattern, saiun, represents good fortune, which we could all use!

It is hand-painted using water-repellant silk kimono fabric and comfortably holds your daily essentials without being bulky. Enjoy this luxurious clutch with free worldwide shipping!

Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch – $379.99 at Japan Objects Store

26. Bamboo Parasol

Bamboo Parasol.jpg

One of the most iconic symbols of traditional Japan, the paper parasol (umbrella) can make a pretty and exotic accessory. Used to prevent sun damage, they also make interesting household decorations. With this made-in-japan bamboo parasol, feel like you’re wandering the streets of Kyoto, no matter where you are.

Bamboo Parasol – Available at Amazon

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27. Oshidori Silk Brocade Leather Wallet


The unique design of this silk brocade leather women’s wallet is the faithful restoration of an ancient Japanese textile from the 8th century. The silk is dyed and woven exclusively in Kyoto, the premier center of silk production in Japan, by one of the city’s leading silk designers.

The leather lining includes card holders and a zipped coin space, making this a practical as well as beautiful piece. Shipping is free wherever you are in the world!

Oshidori Silk Brocade Leather Wallet – $119.99 at Japan Objects Store

28. Maneki Neko Charm by Kotobuki

Maneki Neko Charm by Kotobuki.jpg

Japan is a country that loves its good luck charms. Typically known as omamori, these charms can represent anything from health, to good luck and good fortune, Why not give yourself a little luck with one of these adorable Maneki Neko Charm. These kitty shaped, Japan-made good luck symbols also make excellent symbolic gifts for friends too.

Maneki Neko Charm – Available at Amazon

29. Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch


The original ancient tapestry on which this handmade Japanese clutch is based is housed in Koetsuji Temple in Kyoto. As you examine the design, the color and pattern appears to alter, depending on the angle and light.

The handcrafted Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch is spacious enough to hold cosmetics and a smartphone. Wear it over your shoulder or detach the chain strap to carry it as a clutch; an excellent choice for weddings, evening wear, and other formal occasions. Shipping is free wherever you are in the world!

Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch – $399.99 at Japan Objects Store

30. Taiko Reversible Furoshiki Cloth


The reversible pattern of this scarlet furoshiki includes taiko drums, an expressive percussion instrument with a powerful sound.

Furoshiki wrapping cloths can be used in so many ways. They can wrap gifts like this of course, but can also be used as a shawl on a cold day, an eco-friendly bag when you go shopping, or a picnic blanket when the sun shines, which is why it’s always a good idea to keep one with you!

Taiko Reversible Furoshiki Cloth – $49.99

31. Wooden Bath Stool & Bucket Set by Youbi


Recreate the experience (and scents) of relaxing in Japanese hot springs with a wooden bath stool and bucket set. With a bucket made fragrant hinoki (cedar wood) and a stool made from hiba wood, this three-piece set is rounded out with an soft, organic cotton towel. When not in use, the bucket rests perfectly underneath the stool, a testament to its fine Japanese craftsmanship.

Wooden Bath Stool & Bucket Set – Available at Amazon

32. Tabino Yado Bath Salts by Chom


When it comes to bathing culture, Japan does it better than anywhere else in the world. Even if you can’t replicate the classic onsen style luxury in your own home you still have a little taste of Japanese bathing fun with these capsule bath salts which will fill the water with rich mineral supplements, so you can feel as though you’re soaking in a hot spring at home.

Tabino Yado Bath Salts – Available at Amazon

33. Fujisan Rock Glass by Fuji Glass


Sake, shochu, whiskey, no matter your Japanese tipple, it all tastes incredible when sipping from the meticulously crafted Fujisan Glass Rock Glass. A perfect gift idea for Father’s Day, this Edo-glass features a little piece of Japanese insignia on the side. The glass comes in the tidy box for easy gift-wrapping and storage too.

Fujisan Rock Glass – Available at Amazon

34. Ninja Bento Set by Kotobuki


Running out of lunch options? Bring a little joy to your school day or workload with this whimsical, two-tiered bento box featuring a kawaii ninja. Surprisingly compact, the bento box has two compartments and also includes a soup bowl which functions as top tier when you’re finished with your lunch.

Ninja Bento Set – Available at Amazon

35. Kimono Bow Tie Cat Collar by Necoichi


No nation loves cats quite like Japan. In fact cats are so adored in Japanese culture they’ve long been the muse for many of the country’s great artists. Japan also does pet accessories better than anywhere else in the world, so if you’ve every wanted to treat your cat to something a little special, then consider this Necoichi Kimono Bow Tie Cat Collar. Featuring a unique kimono style print, this bowtie-collar hybrid is sure to make your cat the most stylish kitty on the street. 

Kimono Bow Tie Cat Collar – Available at Amazon

36. Koshihikari Rice by Shirakiku


If you’ve tasted the best of Japanese rice and feel like you can’t go back to mid-range supermarket offerings, don’t worry you can easily order premium Japanese rice from Amazon. With its robust texture and full but delicate flavour, this medium rice shaped Shirakiku Rice is ideal for making the perfect sushi at home.

Koshihikari Rice – Available at Amazon

37. Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker by Tiger


Japan is a tech haven and a food mecca, so when Japanese food and tech comes together it’s really something special. If you’re in the market for a new rice cooker, consider taking a look at the Japan made Tiger Rice cooker. Sleek and modern, the cooker not only makes perfect rice but also slow cooks meat and makes bread too.

Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker – Available at Amazon

38. Rice Paddle by Marna


One tool you’ll need in your kitchen is a shamoji: an elongated, flat spoon for mixing and scooping rice. This dishwasher-safe shamoji is made from a durable material and has an evenly textured surface so that rice won’t stick to it. However, its most unique feature is no doubt the square base. Simply place the shamoji upright on any flat surface and it will stand unassisted, a hygienic way to store in between use.

Rice Paddle – Available at Amazon

39. Ceramic Sushi Set


A practical housewarming gift that you just might want to keep for yourself, this dinner set features cherry blossoms blooming beautifully against a cobalt blue background. Packaged in a sleek black gift box, this ceramic dinnerware set is made in Japan and is dishwasher-safe. Each set contains two plates, two soup bowls, two sauce bowls, and two pairs of wooden chopsticks.

Ceramic Sushi Set – Available at Amazon

40. Cherry Blossom Honey Syrup


Spring is in the air and it smells like cherry blossom honey syrup! Packaged in a lovely glass bottle that shows off this sweet pink liquid and dried cherry blossoms, this infused syrup has a subtle taste that pairs well with Japanese desserts. Pour over your pancakes, yogurt, cakes, or ice cream, or use to create cherry blossom cocktails, milkshakes, and lattes. No matter how you use it, you’ll definitely add a taste reminder of Japan to all your creations!

Cherry Blossom Honey Syrup – Available at Amazon

41. Kimono Fabric Kinchaku Pouch by Sakura

Kimono Fabric Kinchaku Pouch by Sakura.jpg

Spring is the most exciting time of the year here in Japan. As the cherry trees bloom across the nation, the air is filled excitement and the sweet sent of sakura. With this classic drawstring pouch you can always have a little bit of Japanese spring with you no matter the time of year. It’s ideal for those after something a little more unique than your typical purse.   

Kimono Fabric Kinchaku Pouch – Available at Amazon

42. Women’s Two-Tone Watch by Seiko

Women's Two-Tone Watch by Seiko.jpg

When it comes to high quality, yet affordable luxury watches there’s no name more reputable than Seiko. This stainless steel women’s watch is a timeless piece that integrates high quality Japanese design with a classic silhouette, making it a chameleon-like adaptable accessory suitable for any occasion.

Women’s Two-Tone Watch – Available at Amazon

43. Donabe Japanese Hot Pot by Kotobuki


A donabe, or earthenware pot, takes center stage in the Japanese home as temperatures drop, but it’s an extremely versatile cooking dish useful year-round. Gather up some friends or your family members and enjoy nabemono, a hot pot of seafood, meats, or vegetables simmered in a hearty broth. The donabe also serves as a substitute rice cooker for irresistibly fluffy white rice.

Donabe Japanese Hot Pot – Available at Amazon

44. Japanese Bonito Flakes


There’s nothing quite like seeing your very first performance of dancing flakes, paper-thin slices of dried bonito fish that accompany savory Japanese dishes like takoyaki (octopus balls) or okonomiyaki (pancakes). Bewilder your dinner guests with an invitation for these dishes heaped with a generous amount of bonito flakes. Bonito flakes are also used to add a hint of umami to dishes and also to make dashi, a broth that forms the backbone of many of Japan’s traditional meals.

Japanese Bonito Flakes – Available at Amazon

45. Cutting Board by Yoshihiro


Often overlooked in the kitchen, a proper cutting board will keep your knives from getting dull too soon. A proper cutting board will also eliminate unnecessary stress on your hand and knife, so consider a cutting board from Yoshihiro Cutlery, creators of unique Japanese products for the home. Available in 6 different sizes, the high quality surface is made from a synthetic material that is antibacterial and will improve the edge retention of your knives.

Cutting Board – Available at Amazon

46.Mandoline Slicer by Benriner


The Benriner slicer has been a favorite among chefs for more than 70 years, thanks to the Japanese steel blades which retain their edge and cut through fruits and vegetables with precision. Easily adjust the thickness of each slice with a dial and make a variety of cuts with three interchangeable blades.

Mandoline Slicer – Available at Amazon

47. Yukihira Saucepan by Yoshikawa


One of the best things to buy in Japan is the unique handmade kitchenware; and one of the most easily recognizable is a yukihira or dimpled saucepan. This one was handmade in Tsubame, Japan, a city with more 400 years of metalworking history. Yoshikawa stainless steel kitchenware is lightweight and versatile. Use this saucepan for an authentic Japanese cusine experience!

Yukihira Saucepan – Available at Amazon

48. Wasabi Grater by Kotobuki


Wasabi, Japan’s condiment with a kick, grows in the wild as a root, which is finely grated before use. Make your own wasabi paste with this handy compact ceramic wasabi grater, an animal friendly and dishwasher-safe alternative to traditional sharkskin wasabi graters. It is similar to the abrasive, sandpaper-like quality of traditional graters yet durable enough to withstand daily use and washing. Equally suitable for garlic, ginger, and tumeric.

Wasabi Grater – Available at Amazon

49. Sushi Tea Towel


Make every night sushi night or just show off your love for Japan’s national dish with this colorful tea towel. It’s a wonderful addition to any kitchen that’s sure to have your guests wondering aloud, “Where did you get that?” Learn the names of 19 popular varieties of nigiri and gunkan sushi that adorn this silk-screen towel made from 100% organic cotton. Hiragana script is on the left of each sushi accompanied by the English translation and corresponding phonic reading.

Sushi Tea Towel – Available at Amazon

50. Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set by Skater


Long, warm, summer days means one thing; plenty of time to picnic in the park. For those looking to experience a little bit of Japan, no matter where you are in the world, consider picking up a Japanese Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set. Perfect for either picnicking or even making your office lunch a little special, this compact set comes with a tidy plum-flower designed bag for easy storage.

Rabbit Blossom Bento Box – Available at Amazon

51. Skincare Set by Hada Labo


New to the world of Japanese beauty products and don’t know where to start? Pick up this Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Care set, designed to replace hyaluronic acid in the skin, an element that decreases as we age. Hada Labo, a leading innovator of Japanese skin care products, stands behind the belief that products should work in conjunction with the skin and are all fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free, and mineral oil-free.

Skincare Set – Available at Amazon

52. Designing Color Eyes Quad by SUQQU

As the saying goes, “Eyes are the window to the soul,” and this SUQQU Designing Color Eyes eyeshadow quad is just what you’ll need to make a colorful impression. The lively shades of pearlescent white, saffron, burnt, orange, and amethyst flatter all skin tones and compliment any seasonal wardrobe.

Designing Color Eyes Quad – Available at Amazon

53. Maifanshi Aqua Foundation by Koh Gen Do

For a lightweight liquid foundation with buildable coverage, you can’t go wrong with Maifanshi Aqua Foundation from the luxury Japanese makeup and skincare brand, Koh Gen Do. Skip the finishing powder and let the formula work its magic to give you a fresh and youthful dewy glow.

Maifanshi Aqua Foundation – Available at Amazon

54. RNA New Age Essence by SK-II


Visitors to Japan often make a beeline to the many cosmetics stores, and SK-II is one brand that is always a favorite particularly if you’re after Japanese anti-ageing cosmetics. Their lightweight, milky R.N.A Power Essence Serum refines the texture of the skin for a poreless appearance while plumping the skin with moisture to reduce wrinkles.

RNA New Age Essence by SK-II – Available at Amazon

55. Sake Skin Care Lotion by Kikumasamune


Harness the power of sake, Japanese rice wine, and hydrate your skin with Kiku-Masamune Sake Skin Care Lotion. A must-have holy grail item among enthusiasts of Asian beauty products, this is a milky, non-astringent and ethanol-free toner with just a hint of a sake scent. It nourishes dehydrated skin and heals acne-prone skin, while brightening the tone. Use as part of your skincare routine, or apply to your whole body.

Sake Skin Care Lotion – Available at Amazon

56. Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC


DHC is another of Japan’s most popular cosmetics brands, and this is among their best-selling products. A cleansing oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will not strip your skin of its natural moisture DHC Deep Cleansing Oil nourishes and hydrates, resulting in a fresh and youthful complexion. Vitamin E, a notable antioxidant, promotes cell turnover and regeneration while olive fruit oil restores moisture without clogging pores.

Deep Cleansing Oil – Available at Amazon

57. Facial Treatment Mask SK-II


Sheetmasks from Japan have become a global craze in recent years, and this is a great option for those with dry skin. Each individually packaged mask is saturated with 30 milliliters of toner rich in SK-II’s signature ingredient, a fermented yeast extract called pitera that has rightfully earned the brand worldwide recognition as users praise their revitalized and dewy skin.

Facial Treatment Mask – Available at Amazon

58. Watery Essence by Bioré


Sun protection is an essential for most Japanese people, so the range of available products is enormous. One of our favorites is Bioré Watery Essence Sunscreen, which, true to its name is so weightless and hydrating, it’s as if you’re splashing water onto your face whenever you apply it. The high water content of this milky formula keeps oil at bay, ideal if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Watery Essence – Available at Amazon

59. Sosaku Kokeshi Doll by Usaburo


Dolls play an integral part in Japanese culture. Whether for decorative purposes, or play, there’s a different and unique style doll for all types of collectors. For something sturdy and classic, you can’t go past this wooden Kokeshi doll adorned in classic Japanese symbolism; a torii gate, soft cherry blossoms, a towering pagoda, and of course Mt Fuji.

Sosaku Kokeshi Doll – Available at Amazon

60. Sake Glass by Usuhari


The ideal gift for the sake lover in your life, this authentic Japanese made Usuhari Glass Dai Ginjo set is the perfect vessel for sampling the nation’s most delicious and delicate brews. The ultra-thin glass is hand-blown, making each individual piece ever so slightly unique. If you’re going to taste the best sake in the world, do it with the perfect glass.

Sake Glass – Available at Amazon

61. Pickled Cherry Blossoms


Relive the beauty of spring in Japan year round with pickled cherry blossoms harvested and processed in Japan. Plum vinegar enhances the beautiful pink color of cherry blossoms, a preservation technique used for centuries. While pickled cherry blossoms are typically used to make sakura tea, they are perfect for adding a touch of Japan to desserts, jellies, confectionary, and drinks. Feel free to experiment outside the kitchen by creating sakura bath bombs and cosmetics.

Pickled Cherry Blossom – Available at Amazon

62. Japanese Futon Mattress by Emoor


In a modern world of ultra scientific mattress formulations and expensive bedding options, sometimes it’s better to just get back to basics. With easily-stored futons layed out on the floor, Japan has mastered the art of simplistic sleeping. If you’re looking for a thick, durable bedding option, take a look at the Emoor made-in-japan futon mattress, perfect for any Japanese style room or as a an inflatable mattress replacement for those with overnight guests.

Japanese Futon Mattress – Available at Amazon

63. Water Boiler by Zojirushi


Can’t get enough hot tea or French-press coffee? Do yourself a favor and get an electric hot water dispenser, a kitchen appliance you’re likely to find in any Japanese home. With this 5 liter model from Zojirushi, a leading manufacturer of popular Japanese kitchen products, you’ll always have hot water on hand. Simply add water, and it heats up instead (and quietly). Once the melody plays, your water is ready at the press of a button. Choose from 4 keep-warm temperature settings to adjust the temperature, while the easy-to-read glass panel lets you know when it’s time to refill.

Water Boiler – Available at Amazon

64. Minoyaki Japanese Tea Cup Set by Mino Ware


Suitable for everyday, casual use, these durable tea cups fit snugly in your hands and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Relax over a hot cup of green tea and take in the rugged design and the simple, clean, and natural colors of mino-yaki pottery, a style more than 1,300 years old.

Minoyaki Tea Cup Set – Available at Amazon

65. Traditional Tatami Mattress by Ikehiko


Yearning for Japan? Let the soothing scent of igusa (rush grass) ease your homesickness and lull you to a pleasant night’s sleep. Handmade in Japan, this lightweight tatami mat folds for easy storage and can be paired underneath a Japanese futon or used as an accent rug in any room.

Tatami Mattress – Available at Amazon

66. DHC Lip Cream


DHC is a brand synonymous with skincare, makeup, and health supplements in Japan. Rich in olive oil and vitamin E, DHC’s classic lip balm is an ultra-nourishing formula that keeps very dry and chapped lips hydrated with noticeable results in just under a week. The slim pink tube easily fits into a purse or makeup bag and nicely compliments any collection of beauty products.

DHC Lip Cream – Available at Amazon

67. Morning Face Masks by Saborino


Mornings are often the busiest time of the day, but that’s not an excuse for neglecting skin care. If you’ve got sixty seconds to spare, then you have enough time for these morning sheet masks by Saborino. Facemasks are one of the most popular Japanese products, and this is one of Japan’s best-sellers. The refreshing minty grapefruit scent will rouse you from your sleep as the 3-in-1 formula takes care of cleansing, toning, and priming your skin in one easy step.

Morning Face Masks – Available at Amazon

68. Electronic Toilet Seat by Toto


If you’ve visited Japan and miss the comfort, cleanliness and convenience of the nation’s high-tech toilets, don’t worry, you can now enjoy the highest Japanese bathroom technology right in the comfort of your own home. The Toto Washlet Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat can be easily attached to most toilets and has all the features you’ve come to expect from the fanciest of Japanese toilets; heated seats, warm water bidet functions, toilet mist, and deodorizer and dryer. Once you’ve tried it, nothing else will really do! Unlike the other items on this list, this was not actually made in Japan. However, as one of the most popular Japanese products we wanted to include it anyway.

Electronic Toilet Seat by – Available at Amazon

69. Kamidana Home Shrine by Masuda


Shinto, Japan’s native religion, emphasizes harmony with nature, and is at the center of Japanese culture. In nearly every Japanese home you’re bound to find a kamidana.Often fixed high on a wall, these Shinto altars house amulets and are accompanied by miniature objects used in Shinto ceremonies, which are included with this kamidana.

Kamidana Home Shrine – Available at Amazon

70. Matcha Start-Up Kit by Tealyra

Matcha Start-Up Kit by Tealyra.jpg

Japanese tea-making is a tradition that’s been passed down through countless generations, but there’s no reason you can’t replicate the art of a Japanese tea ceremony in your own home. This start up matcha kit contains everything you need to try making your own delicious matcha tea right now, including the bamboo whisk and scoop, the ceramic bowl and of course the tea itself.

Matcha Start-Up Kit – Available at Amazon

71. Japanese Lacquer Box by Kotobuki

Lacquer Box by Kotobuki.jpg

Lacquer is the quintessential Japanese craft product: calm, subtle, but in everyway perfect. The smooth blemish-free surface feels almost soft to the touch. This gracious lacquer box from Kotobuki is formed in the shape of a cherry blossom, with cherry petals drifting across the lid. An ideal reminder of a spring spent in Japan.

Japanese Lacquer Box – Available at Amazon

72. Japanese Rice Bowl Set by Saikai Touki


If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, start your day with a Japanese breakfast of miso soup, grilled fish, pickles — and don’t forget the rice! These porcelain, made-in-Japan rice bowls feature five distinct patterns that are sure to charm you with each use. Perfect for gifting or displaying in the home, this set of five rice bowls comes in a functional storage box.

Rice Bowl Set – Available at Amazon

73. Gone Fishing Cutlery Set by Yamazaki


Looking for a unique set of cutlery that’s sure to be a conversation starter? Then take a look at this Yamazaki Gone Fishin’ 3-Piece Entertainment Set. With its sleek, but cute fish-like shape the cutlery is both tasteful and fun. The stainless steel material is light in the hard while being very durable making it the perfect set for those who like to entertain regularly.

Gone Fishing Cutlery Set – Available at Amazon

74. Hand Cream by Atrix


Dry, chapped hands can be extremely painful. If you’ve tried everything with little relief, try Atrix hand cream, a pleasant-smelling cream that protects while it heals. This version is made in Japan and contains chamomile extract and ceramide E. It goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly by the skin without leaving behind an oily residue.

Hand Cream – Available at Amazon

75. Lycée Eye Drops by Rohto


Rohto prides itself on being the global leader in OTC eye drops but dedicated users will tell you there’s a distinct difference between the Japanese and American versions of its products. In fact, users outside of Japan swear by the Japanese version of Rohto eye drops, and its Lycée eye drops are no exception! It provides refreshing relief to tired, irritated, and dry eyes without any long lasting or unpleasant sensation. Menthol provides a soothing feeling which is an instant pickup for booklovers, and computer or smartphone users.

Eye Drops – Available at Amazon

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