most sold samsung phone 2019

Here for the Most Sold Samsung Phone 2019? According to research firm Canalys, Samsung sold four of the top 10 smartphones in 2019. However, you might be surprised by which phones made the list. For example, the Note series was not present in the top 10 list at all, and the Galaxy S10+ just barely made the cut coming in at tenth place.

Instead, Samsung saw the most movement with its mid-range smartphones, with the Galaxy A10 being the number one Android phone of 2019. Overall, it still came in third place globally, with Apple’s iPhone XR and iPhone 11 taking the top two spots.

Most Sold Samsung Phone 2019

Canalys Global Top 10 SmartphonesSource: Canalys

Samsung also rounded out the top five with the Galaxy A50 and A20 taking fourth and fifth place. Despite the stagnant growth of the mobile market, Canalys shows there is still demand for smartphones. However, the mid-range segment is becoming the most coveted, especially with the majority of growth coming from emerging markets. In 2019 alone, India saw a growth of 7%, making it the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world.

Earlier this year in January, a report from market intelligence firm IDC revealed that Xiaomi and Samsung saw significant growth in market share in India, backed by devices in the Redmi Note and Galaxy A series. At the time, a Xiaomi spokesperson had revealed that the company had managed to sell over one million Redmi Note 8 series devices within a month of its launch in the country. Later that month, a different report from Counterpoint Research revealed that the Indian market itself saw an overall growth of 7% YoY thanks to the expansion of Chinese brands and their aggressive pricing strategies. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the smartphone market in general, you’d know that India is the fastest-growing smartphone market worldwide and this has had a significant effect on the global sales figures of brands operating in the country, especially Xiaomi.

As per a recent report from Canalys, Samsung’s Galaxy A10 was the best selling Andriod smartphone in 2019, taking the third spot overall behind the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11. Three more devices from the company, including the Galaxy A50, Galaxy A20, and the Galaxy S10+, managed to secure a spot in the top 10 global smartphone list for 2019, taking the fourth, fifth, and tenth spot, respectively. The top 10 list for 2019 overall was dominated by Apple and Samsung, but Chinese OEM Xiaomi managed to make a dent with its Redmi Note 7. The budget device from Xiaomi took the sixth spot on the list, which is definitely quite commendable for the company as it currently only operates a select few regions around the world.

best selling phone 2019

Xiaomi had a better showing in the global top 10 smartphones in Q4 2019 list, however, with two smartphones making the cut. The Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro, which are both budget devices, managed to secure the sixth and the tenth spot on the list. As with the overall list for 2019, Samsung and Apple dominated sales in Q4 2019, with Apple taking all the top five spots with its iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 8, respectively. While the Samsung Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A20s, and the Galaxy A30s, managed to secure the seventh, eighth, and ninth spot. As of now, Canalys has not published the full report which is expected to include more insights about smartphone sales in 2019. The aforementioned information is just an excerpt from the report that was shared by Xiaomi via email.

Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

Samsung’s mid-range phones have been left untouched, until now. Now, we’re finally seeing a successor — the Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus is decidedly a mid-ranger but comes in with upgraded specs in a slim body. It lets you store a measly 32 GB data before you need a microSD card. There’s a Snapdragon processor on the inside, and, as you might expect, has the pre-installed Android Oreo OS onboard. There is a 13 MP and 5MP dual-camera setup, which comes with autofocus and LED flash on the rear as well.

As we mentioned, it has a slim profile, even with it featuring a massive 6-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Galaxy Alpha

Credited as the one that started Samsung’s metal revolution, the 6.7 mm Alpha preserves plastic remnants of an age past, standing out with incredible construction prowess in addition to style and slimness. Also, fingerprint recognition technology, KitKat softwareocta-core muscle, 2 GB RAM, and generous 32 GB internal storage space.

Oh, but how tiny the 1,860 mAh cell sounds!

Samsung Galaxy J4

The mediocre member of the ordinary Galaxy J family looks a lot like the J6 Plus, measuring in even slimmer than the J6 Plus. It has a pretty good battery and has a 6-inch Super AMOLED panel.

Definitely, longer-lasting, since a frugal quad-core 64-bit Snapdragon processor runs the performance show, paired with 2 gigs of random-access memory.

Samsung Galaxy S10

You can’t have a “best of” list sans the as-yet uncrowned heavyweight champion of the world, the Samsung galaxy s10. Samsung’s “next big thing.” Sure, it’s costly opposite every other mobile on our roundup, but it’s most likely a battery champ too, which is certainly no easy feat.

Okay, maybe not a champ per se, yet I think we can all agree 17 hours of “moderate usage” is a substantial number for an octa-core Quad HD beast with an eating disorder if you’re looking for slim in a sturdy, long-lasting package. This is your next phone. Period.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Practically tied with the S10 in physical narrowness, the SIM-free A50 is less than a third of the top dog’s price, and consequently, offers specs that are thrice as humble. A 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, Exynos Octa core power, plenty of RA RAM, a massive 4,000mAh heart, etc., etc. On the plus side, the metal-clad budget trooper can probably keep the lights on from dawn to dusk if you take good care of it and don’t exert too much out of it.

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