most successful amazon sellers

Who are the Most Successful Amazon Sellers? Today, we review the top amazon sellers by revenue and amazon best sellers. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying on Amazon.

amazon best sellers

most successful amazon sellers

Marketplaces that have the most sellers in the top 1000

#MarketplaceNumber of sellers in the top 1000Total Feedback
1US flag5126,519,674
2british flag2212,524,015
3german flag1101,679,353
4french flag45859,147
5japan flag42693,368
6Italy flag30483,151
7Canada flag19399,701
8India flag10475,960
9Spain flag7339,516
10Mexico flag362,646

most successful amazon sellers

#Marketplace / Store nameTotal Feedback12-month feedback% Positive
1germany flag MEDIMOPS6,300,372370,20995
2 Cloudtail India1,286,940216,03791
3 musicMagpie6,753,620210,30097
4 Appario Retail Pri…283,075150,77189
5french flag momax fr1,182,333142,25293
6US flag Pharmapacks957,756139,46792
7british flag World of Books Ltd2,119,679126,94494
8german flag reBuy eCommerce G…1,558,641115,19496
9japan flag バリューブックス…835,17886,59598
10german flag Amazon Warehouse1,994,03081,91087

5 Most Profitable Product Categories for Amazon FBA Sellers

Profitable Amazon categories

1. Books – Yep, the Kind Made of Paper and Ink

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the death knell of books before. If it wasn’t Kindle, it was some variation of the iPod/iPad/iPhone. But guess what? Books are more popular than ever. It’s how Amazon got started, and how you can carve out a profitable niche on the marketplace.

Know how?

Simple: a huge profit margin. If you can pick up books in bulk for a dollar or so, give or take a bit in either direction, you can turn around and sell them on Amazon 1000% of their original price.

While this isn’t a sure-fire formula all the time (see: unlucky arbitrage times, like a big box clearance sale) and you probably shouldn’t base your entire business on this premise if your goal is to maximise revenue, it most definitely deserves its own solid corner in your shop.

2. The Population Keeps Growing, and That Includes Things for Babies

Our next profitable Amazon category is babies. As long as humans are procreating, their progeny will need, for lack of a better word, stuff. And because babies don’t stay the same size for very long, this means they need a lot of stuff. The bonus of selling baby items is they’re inexpensive for you to pick up, lightweight, (fairly) durable, and always in demand.

Pro tip: market to first-borns because parents to spend more on them (if you’re a middle or youngest sibling like myself, you’ll know how true this is).

3. All That Glitters Just Maybe Gold

Gems, baubles, precious metals — what these jewellery items have in common is they’re consistently in hot demand. But…you’ve got to be super diligent in how you advertise your wares because the market is pretty saturated with jewellery.

While the profit margin can be a staggering 50%+, it’s only if you can take advantage of unique long-tail keywords. If your items can only be described in generic single-ish keywords, don’t bother. You’re competing against far too much.

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4. Exercise Clothing for All Those New Resolutioners

I enjoy being active and I’ve played a ton of sports growing up. I’ve also learned the hard way that just buying the clothes doesn’t make me good or diligent at a particular activity. But shh, don’t tell the rest of the world that!

Workout wear is one of the hottest sellers on Amazon, and you can easily take part in the craziness. As a bonus, most people want to buy their clothing new (can you imagine ordering a pair of used sweatpants? Eww!), so you can increase the profitability even more.

5. Electronic Items and All Their Accessories

As antithetical to the idea of books being hot sellers on Amazon as electronic items, you should really start stocking up on these yesterday. People love their techy gadgets and what’s in it for you is:

  • The lower of Amazon’s commission fee (8% versus 15%)
  • A plethora of choices and subsets within each category
  • A variety of new devices coming out all the time
  • Different ways of appealing to different audiences based on the brand name, even though they all do essentially the same stuff
  • Excellent retail arbitrage opportunities, sometimes as often as each week (hello, Best Buy!)

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