Multi purpose microwave oven

If you came here to find out what the best multi purpose microwave oven, multi purpose microwave oven price, and multi purpose microwave steam oven options are and you are short on time, we have gathered all the useful information below.

Microwave ovens have rapidly become more of a need rather than a treat these days. Gone are the times when microwave ovens were simply used to warm up and cook meals. Microwaving today has become the typical approach of preparing meals. But, there are several vital aspects worthy of taking notes before you pick microwave oven of your choice.

multi purpose microwave oven price

Best Multi purpose microwave ovens

Here are the 11 most useful and user-friendly microwave ovens you can find on the market today.

1. Midea 20 Litre MM720 CE6

Midea Microwave Oven

They might not be the most popular brand around, but Midea holds its own well with the offering of this 20 Litre Microwave Oven.

It comes in a number of colour options. The red model looks gorgeous. It is more than aesthetics though, featuring a powerful 700W power, a very impressive 11 different power level controls and a cooking and signal.

Another standout feature on this unit comes in the form of child safety lock. With energy consumption efficiency at a very good high, the only downside the unit has would be in the colour which could easily get tainted. Price starts at around 16,500 Naira. For details and latest prices, click here.

2. Nexus 20 Litre NX-804

Nexus Microwave Oven 20L

If you are tired of monochromatic microwave ovens, the Nexus Microwave Oven 20 Litre has you covered. It would be needless to reiterate the holding capacity of this unit but it is worthy of note that the oven can pull up to 1000W of heat energy per time.

That ensures very fast cooking and supports the claim of an Auto Defrost technology being in place.

As much power as this microwave oven can pull though, it still manages to come with a low voltage starter. Even if the power supply is not at a very high voltage, you would still be able to run your oven.

Promised to be highly compatible with even small generators, 5 power levels will give you all the cooking flexibility you could ask for. Also features a 1000W Grill. For details and latest prices, click here.

3. Nexus 23 Litre NX-9232

Nexus NX-9232

This is another offering from Nexus. It is bigger with a 23 litre capacity and features a 1000W grill. The Nexus NX-9232 offers 900W microwave output with convection mode.

The microwave oven is easy to use with digital control that is intuitive. It also offers 8 auto menus with a cooking timer that can be set to up to 95 minutes.

You also get defrost settings and a glass turntable. Price starts at around 27,500 Naira. For details and latest prices, click here.

4. Hisense 20 Litre MOWH

Hisense MOWH Microwave

Looking for affordability? Selling at less than 19,000 Naira at most stores, the Hisense 20 litre MOWH is one of the best microwave ovens to checkout.

It packs a lot of punch at that price with dual convection support and five power levels up to 700W output. It featured a user-friendly defrost by weight feature.

A cooking timer is provided with settings up to 35 minutes. You can buy this device for as low as 17,000 Naira. For details and latest prices, click here.

5. LG 20 Litre MWO 2044 Microwave Oven

LG MWO 2044 Microwave Oven

LG is not a new name for household appliance markets. In fact, they made that known with a strong statement on the LG Microwave Oven MWO 2044.

It is one of the best microwave ovens out there if you are looking for value for money. It features Quick Defrost feature into its design. It also comes with a grill built on a quartz heater.

The LG MWO 2044 is the most affordable microwave oven from LG coming at a price of around 28,000 Naira.

It features auto cook, auto reheat, and auto defrost with 52 auto cooking modes built-in. It also has an anti-bacterial cavity and supports easy cleaning. For details and latest prices, click here.

6. Binatone 20 Litre MWO 2018

Binatone MWO 2018 20 Litre

Another 20 Litre capacity option, Binatone MWO 2018 offers 5 different power levels for the desired cooking results. It offers a rotating glass plate and can be used for cooking, baking, reheating, defrosting, and grilling.

The microwave oven features interior cavity for easy cleaning and offers 700W output. Price starts around 22,000 Naira. For details and latest prices, click here.

7. Sharp 23 Litre R760SLM Microwave Oven

Sharp R760SLM

If what is in your mind was a good quality microwave built by a leading global brand, the Sharp R760SLM is a good option.

You get a 23 litre cooking capacity with 900W microwave output and a 1000W capacity grill. It features 12 auto cooking modes with auto defrost and auto reheat functions.

The oven is easy to control, thanks to touch control. It supports 5 power levels with cooking timer setting up to 99 minutes. For details and latest prices, click here.

8. Russell Hobbs 30 Litre RHM3002

Russell Hobbs RHM3002

Russell Hobbs is a global brand for household appliances. The Russell Hobbs 30 Litre RHM3002 is one of the best microwave ovens if you are looking for a mid-range model.

The features leaves no one in doubt that this is a highend product. It offers an impressive 10 power levels with 900W microwave output, 2500W fan-assisted convection cooking and 1100W capacity grill.

The oven features 10 auto menus, a glass turntable, and a baking tray. For details and latest prices, click here.

9. LG NeoChef 25 Litre MOW 2595

LG NeoChef 25 Litre MOW 2595

When it comes to aesthetics, the LG NeoChef 25 litre MOW 2595 is probably one of the best microwave ovens. This beauty in a gorgeous matte black design also comes with a lot of power outputting up to 1000W of microwave.

Operation is intuitive with a glass touch interface for controls. The built-in smart inverter technology ensures that precise temperature control for a more even cooking.

It has an EasyClean coating that offers and 99.99% anti-bacterial function. This model sells for around 46,000 Naira. For details and latest prices, click here.

10. LG NeoChef 42 Litre MWO 8265

LG NeoChef 42 Litre MH8265

The LG 42 Litre MH8265 is one of the best microwave ovens if you are looking for a premium model. The highend oven offers a massive 42 litre capacity with an impressive 1880W microwave power output. You also get a 950W capacity grill.

Like the NeoChef 2595, you get the smart inverter technology for precision cooking, 99.9% anti-bacterial EasyClean coating, and Charcoal filament for healthy grilling. Price starts around 59,000 Naira.

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