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Howdy Guys! Here are 40 most recent Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue for ladies in 2019. Looking good, it is said, is as easy as ABC. With that being said, most ladies have imagined and gone a step ahead to sincerely believe that the business of looking good is a must for any one who want to be attracted to good things. They is a saying that says; ” You are addressed the way you dress.” If you dress appropriately you will be addressed properly and vise-vassal. But the question is; I want to know if dressings still defines us?

However, almost all ladies have accepted this development brought about by our civilized society with the singular intent of ensuring that we single-highhandedly claim the monopoly of always looking good. If you’re on this page and are one of the ankara fashion conscious lady out there who believe that it is their right to look good, you’ll be pleased and completely awed by these Latest Nigerian Ankara styles we have simultaneously shared.

Before we proceed, it would be highly educative if we address this very important question I asked earlier: I want to know if the way we dress still defines us? For those of you who are looking for ankara dress styles…

Nigerian Ankara Dresses

If you are looking for the latest trendy Ankara styles of 2019, you have arrived at the right place. If you have noticed, you will see that every year comes with new styles of almost every fashion item. Every day, designers and individuals alike are thinking of more creative ways to use the Ankara piece and with every of those thoughts comes new styles. Now, choosing the right style for your Ankara piece can sometimes be so overwhelming, but when you get it right, you’ll see that it was totally worth the time.

Today, iDonsabi Fashion has brought you a collection of the latest trendy Ankara styles from all over the continent of Africa to help you make a resounding fashion statement.  All you need is a trendy style to help you do the talking. In this collection, you’ll find lots of trendy styles ranging from Ankara Gowns to Ankara skirts, also Ankara trousers and shorts, skirts and blouses, jumpsuits and other creative Ankara styles.

Stay back and let’s furnish you with our latest collection of trendy Ankara styles in 2019.

Nigerian fashion has grown overtime beyond what was estimated 10 years ago and the growth is in no way slowing down and new fashion trends keeps coming out every now and then. One clothing material stands out of all the clothing materials used for designing these entire fashion outfits. It’s the Ankara styles, in this post you will find the latest Nigerian Ankara styles presenting trending everywhere within and outside the country.

Not much story or explanation here, just take a look for yourself and judge, decide which one you think is good enough and that you can wear to anywhere, home, work, church and so on. I will be waiting for you at the end of the latest Nigerian Ankara styles and fashion clothing. Don’t forget to let us hear your view using the comment form of Facebook form below, we love to hear from you because that will boost our moral in bringing to you more Ankara styles that are trending in the country.


The past few years has seen a huge rise in the popularity of Ankara fashion in the UK. These bright, bold and vibrant garments are a common sight throughout the UK now, not only at summer festivals and parties, but also in workplaces and even at formal occasions.In this blog, we’ll take a look at the origins of this fashion, the wealth of different designs and give some top tips on how to wear your Ankara!


Ankara is not just the capital of Turkey but also the West African word for colourful, African wax print fabrics. Ankara is also commonly known as ‘African print’, ‘Holland wax’, ‘Dutch wax’ and ‘Kitenge’ or ‘Chitenge’ in East Africa.

ankara designs printed in Ghana hanging on the wall at the Fashion Cities Africa exhibition at the Brighton Museum in January 2017
Ankara designs printed in Ghana, West Africa 

The 100% cotton fabrics are famous for their bold and vibrant designs and are associated with Africa due to their tribal symbols and motifs. They are commonly used to make modern African clothing for womenmen and children as well as accessories and home decor.


There are many different ankara patterns in the market place today with new creations added regularly. Each unique design commonly represents the African country where it was made.

For example, many of our African customers can tell straight away by looking at the patterns and colours of our original fabrics that they are printed in Nigeria.

Ankara fashion is fun, comfortable and stylish to wear and can often make you feel good! For some, our African print skirts can help brighten up a dull office on a depressingly wet, winters day or even get you noticed during a job interview. We love to hear where you wear yours.

Why not surprise your mates at a social event by wearing one of our fabulous African style shirts? Or even wear one on the plane to get yourself in the holiday spirit like these guys did during their trip to Rwanda to visit the mountain gorillas!

Kitenge customers wearing their African style shirts at Victorious music festival 2017 in Portsmouth UK
Happy Kitenge customers modelling their African print shirts at Victorious Festival 

African print clothing is perfect travel wear for cruises and beach holidays, as the 100% cotton will keep you nice and cool. They can also help you stand out in the crowd at music festivals or even a family do! Whatever takes your fancy.


What is great about wearing ankara is how versatile the clothing can be. They are so easy to wear both casually and at formal occasions throughout the year so you will certainly get your monies worth.

For example, our popular knee length, African print dresses can easily be worn to work with a plain coloured cardigan, tights and smart shoes, to a party or wedding with a matching clutch bag and bold statement jewellery such as a gold African beaded bracelet or black beaded necklace.

Types of African Fabrics (Ankara)

African Fabrics also known as Ankara Prints have become very popular in recent years, and have been seen harboring designers catwalks all over the world. Various celebrities have been spotted wearing clothes made of African-Inspired fashion, which made these fabrics that were once overlooked even more popular. We’re now in 2014 and the trend is still standing the test of times, for how long? Wait and see.

People tend to call all these fancy fabrics Ankara, but do they really know the difference between them? There are different Types of African Fabrics (Ankara) available on the market. They may all be colorful, vibrant but they’re made of different material and have different names. The most popular ones am going to talk about in this chapter is called Wax and is the ones we see on catwalks and fashion shows worldwide.

The different types of African fabrics

As I mentioned previously, they are many Types of African Fabrics (Ankara).

 Asoke which is very popular in Nigeria and is worn during special occasions such as weddings or funerals.

Asoke Print

– Kente which is very vibrant, colorful and specific to the Ghanaian culture.

Kente Print

– Gold Prints

Gold print

– Wax Prints which is the most popular and the subject of this post. The Wax Print/Ankara was originally manufactured by the Dutch and is very popular in West Africa. Ankara is very colorful, full of life , fun, can be used for different things and the patterns are endless.

The Wax is durable and has spread so fast it has now become a must have for worldwide designers such as Stella McCartney, Stella Jean ( who has amazing designs), Burberry, Moschino and much more.

Top celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have been spotted wearing these fabrics and still look stylish and trendy

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