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Nigerian native attire styles have remained mostly the same for several centuries. However, the talented fashion designers have been working on revamping this age-long tradition with immense creativity as well as some radical changes. In Nigeria, the Yorubas are the most populous tribe and that is why they have contributed a lot towards the development of fashion trends.

Nigerian Native Attire Styles

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Being Nigerian is one of the best things that has happened to me.

I come from a nation with a plethora of Nigerian native attire styles to choose from.

One thing is peculiar to the Nigerian people; there is a diversity of culture.

Hence, I’ve decided to showcase some of the finest Nigerian native attire styles for men in this post. The designs in this article cut across some of the major ethnicities in the country.

Let’s check them out…

Isiagu Attire

The Isiagu attire used to be an exclusive recluse of prominent Igbo men who could afford it in the olden days. Changes to the original design brought about a drastic reduction in the price of the cloth.

Originally, it was worn only by men – however, women are beginning to wear it – something a lot of Igbo men consider a taboo.

The original Isiagu is the black colored one with the lion motifs on it. It’s worn with the Isiagu cap or the native Igbo red cap. It is suitable for any occasion except for formal business meetings.

However, a CEO has every right to wear it to his meeting – it’s his business, isn’t it?  ?

You can wear the Isiagu with either a black trouser or a tan colored trouser – the black trouser is preferable. Don’t forget to add the beads and the red cap. I’d like to warn you not to dress like that in Igbo land if you aren’t a titleholder. Only title holders are permitted to dress in the full regalia. If you’re found dressed in the full regalia, a fine will be imposed on you.

In addition, you will be asked to make some sacrifices… (#relax, I’m just kidding! ?

The Agbada

It’s no news that Nigerian politicians made the Agbada very popular. The Northerners had hitherto before now been the people wearing the Agbada mostly. This trend is changing with time as more people from other tribes are embracing it.

You can wear the Agbada to most places save for business meetings and perhaps, funerals. Making an Agbada is quite expensive and time-consuming.

But in the end, it’s worth it. If you wear an Agbada, please be decent enough not to enter an Okada with it.

Don’t come and block the view of other road users biko!!!  ?

Lest I forget, there’s a new Agbada style in vogue. It’s the second picture under the Agbada heading above. What do you think of it?

The Aso-oke

Mostly worn by the Yorubas, the Aso oke is quite a magnificent Nigerian native attire style. It has its origin in the culture of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The real aso oke is thick and firm. Washing it can be a tough task because of the thickness of the material.

The aso oke is mostly worn to owambe parties – naming ceremonies, housewarming, child dedication, and traditional marriages. As long as owambe is plenty, you’ll find the aso oke adding color and vitality to the event. And like I advised people that wear the Agbada, please don’t put on an Aso oke and jump a bike!

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