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A Guide to the Style and Legacy of Nigerian Custom-Made Clothing

Lagos is a cosmopolitan city, full of stylish and fashion-savvy people. Whether they are at leisure, seeking pleasure or in boardrooms, they are to be found looking elegant and well-put together. Their seemingly unerring sense of chicness and love of fabrics and styles that reflect their African heritage has led to the growth of a thriving fashion industry, presently exporting their unique elegance to the streets of Europe and America.

Latest Nigerian Fashion and Style 2017-2018


Ladies, let us have a meeting at this round table I will be shaking. Apologies to those that might be on the table…let us talk fashion and style.

What is fashion and style? What is style? What is fashion? Are they the same? What’s the difference? Hm…Do sit back and read what this humble table shaker has got to say.

hot fashion and style in Nigeria 2018
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Fashion is style, a trend of style. Style is who you are, your individuality, your personality.

Okay, jollof rice is jollof rice, right? But what makes party jollof rice different? Especially the one cooked with firewood.

Are you getting it now? If you do not, pause make a note to get a party jollof rice to eat and cook another at home or buy somewhere and eat that same day to note the difference.

All the same let us proceed.

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Nigerian Fashion and Style 2017 Trends of All Time

They say you are fashionable or know fashion when you are wearing what is in vogue or in season but they say you have got style when you add yourself all over what you are wearing.


Fashion switches with season but style is influenced by how factors like moral upbringing, religion, association with others, weather, etc. has affected you. No wonder Yves Saint Laurent said “fashion fades, style is eternal”.

Jill Chivers says “fashion distracts, style connects”. The reason why fashion icons are who they are today is because of how they have created their own style from fashion and the funny thing is not all fashion designers are fashion icons but anybody can be a fashion icon.

Gone were the days when the western fashion was what we emulated and we were satisfied with sewing our natives with limited styles. You should check my list of top Nigerian native attire styles for inspiration.


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It isn’t the same anymore, thanks to our designers like Mia Atafo, Toju Foyeh, Lanre Dasilva Ajayi, and Ceoluminee amongst others.

These designers have defined what fashion and style is about using our ankara prints and other materials to create mind-blowing designs.

They have connected the external fashion with our internal style which has improved the Nigerian fashion industry.

Check out my list of top fashion schools in Lagos if you’re interested in learning fashion design in Nigeria. And also, you’ll be in capable hands if you attend any of the makeup schools in Lagos, that’s if you want to be a makeup artist.

Latest Nigerian Fashion Styles for Ladies 2018

Talking about Nigerian fashion styles for ladies, Ankara wears comes to mind. Ankara was not African-born even though it looks the opposite as we have colonized it (i see you o, oya please close your mouth).

I did grow up seeing Ankara around me, my mother used it to back me when I was young and I also used it as cover cloth (thanks to our mothers that sew iro and buba then).

Ankara was useful for many things don’t get me wrong it is still useful. I even tie it to the bathroom as my towel (don’t wrinkle your nose, i no say no be only me waka come).

Possibly, the familiarization of Ankara and the assurance of its presence made some of us think or gave some of us the impression it originated in Africa. Let me take you back in time.

Once upon the 1800s, the Dutch colonised Indonesia for colonising sake (I don’t know the reason they colonised them). The Indonesians had an advanced method, an upgrade, of dyeing which they used to produce batik.

 history of ankara - indonesia tie and die fashion
Batik fashion and style

The Dutch saw this method as a mundane method and so made cheap machine-made imitations of this beautiful batik.

The Indonesians refused for their heritage to be taken and so these imitations called Dutch wax prints did not do well in the Indonesian market.

Thanks to the Dutch stubbornness, they did not give up and started introducing these wax prints in West Africa ports. Oh my! We did love them, their beautiful tribal-like patterns created from the combination of different exciting colors.

indonesian fashion and style ankara dutch wax

Ankara also known as “African wax prints” or “Dutch wax prints” speaks volume without physically communicating.

These prints look like an artwork done by an artist with his brush on a canvas.

Only the canvas is the “fabric”, the brush is the “instrument used in dyeing the fabric”, and the colours are “our African diversities”.

It has this cultural artistic characteristic it exudes to one’s dressing; I tell you it is a unique sight to behold. Let me give you more on the latest Nigerian fashion styles.

ankara fashion and style head wrap
Ankara head wrap

Another style?

Ankara bag style
Ankara bag

Ankara is versatile and does not bore. It is no wonder it is a part of fashion and style from its use in head wears to foot wears with accessories, gowns, skirts, blouses, etc in between.

So let us talk more fashion and style

Latest Ankara Fashion and Style Pictures

Latest Ankara styles features remarkable cuts on exciting colors and extraordinary patterns of Ankara resulting in unique fashion and styles.

One of the amazing things about Ankara aspect of fashion and style is it features any form of style from the formal to the casual to what have you.

Peplum tops are not excluded when we talk about fashion and style. It can be made with Ankara or other materials but I would not bore so easily with my Ankara peplum top as I would with some other material peplum top, so pardon me if it is on my list of latest Ankara styles.

latest ankara peplum styles
Image credit: @elsiential
Ankara tops for fashion styles
Credit: @Annieidibia

Ankara Gowns

Oh! Dear, they are not going anywhere so quit wearing those skirts and trousers already and try them out.

Don’t bother about your figure, Ankara gowns fit anybody as you can sew it in whatever style you want. Thanks to Nigerian fashion designers on Instagram for displaying their creative designs for us all to see.

You can wear Ankara gowns casually or ceremoniously or any way you want to define it. Let me sit back for some minutes and let the pictures do the talking for me.

ankara gown fashion style
Image credit: @theakankewoman

Yes o, the bell sleeves are still trending. An ankara gown turned to a top, another advantage of having an ankara gown…lol.

 bell sleeve fashion trends
Image credit: @boomstitches

Front open slit styles give your dress this sexy look and besides, you find it easier to walk (don’t tell anybody I said that).

 fashion and styles ankara gown trend

trending ankara gown fashion style

Don’t be scared of rocking casual ankara gowns, they make you look respectfully casual…yea, they do.

Off Shoulders Fashion Styles

Off-shoulders no wan gree comot for fashion and style. This is a beautiful wedding gown inspired Ankara gown below:

off shoulders fashion and style

off shoulder trend style
Image credit: @boomsstitches

Not only are off-shoulders not detaching from fashion and style, dramatic sleeves are setting up more tents.

The cold shoulders sleeves are beautiful on dresses or tops. If you don’t like the off-shoulder thingy possibly because you don’t feel comfortable with your bony neck like me then try this out…I mean its revealing your shoulders without showing your neck…*winks*.

cold shoulder sleeves fashion style
Image credit: @ankaradesigns

Fringes do give our clothes another look but we love them like that. You can add them to any part of your dress just be creative with it and you will love it. Here is an example of it on the sleeves.

fashion styles

The Culottes Trousers

The culottes trousers are also trendy and beautiful in Ankara prints. I also could not help it but include this top and culottes trousers in this list.

fashion and style culottes trousers and top

There are some dresses you should not be scared of having excess of them in your wardrobe, why?

The reason is because they are not going anywhere. Jumpsuits have been since our mothers’ time and it is present now in our time. They are perfect fit for formal, semi-formal, casual, etc.

Try them out with unique cuts and I guarantee you cannot get bored with them easily. Remember don’t make them so tight so you don’t look like those babies in their “so mo d’obo” night wears.

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Traditional Skirts In Nigeria

We all know what ever is made from Ankara looks amazing. Ankara has been around us and it is not planning to go anywhere. The exquisiteness it exudes has moved its pace so fast into fashion and style.

Traditional skirts are plainly described as Ankara skirts. Gbam! Plain and simple. They could be made with different Ankara prints and worn formally or in whatever way you choose.

traditional skirts latest trends

traditional skirts fashion and styles
Image credit: @roamacakes

Lace Skirts and Blouse Styles

Lace has this importance attached to it, although it does not scream African heritage like ankara it is worn by Nigerians for a very important occasion.

It exudes class and the value of importance attached to it can be seen in aso-ebi selection, expensive outings go for lace over ankara; even the runway goes for lace. Below is a picture of miss kwara wearing lace in one of Nigerian beauty pagents.

lace skirts and blouse styles

tradional lace and blouse styles
Image credit: @ruonalee

Lace can be combined with other materials and still look beautifully mature. The trick is not to overcrowd the design so you don’t cramp your style.

Latest Nigerian Aso Ebi Styles 2018

Remember when we were going to primary and secondary schools, we had uniform and we all know the reason why it was called uniform.

Well, aso-ebi as the name implies is family cloth but it is not just cloth it is uniform. I really don’t know who came up with the idea; when there is an event the family should wear the same cloth.


latest nigerian asoebi styles 2018

This adult uniform is worn with smiles on the faces of those wearing it and you see them proudly dancing together in this “uniform” when in fact they cried whenever they were wearing the school uniform.

I am guilty of this too, i mean who says aso-ebi no make sense. It is so sense making that it has not been limited to families alone; friends come together and pick the same pattern and colour of cloth to wear in different designs.

 Aso ebi lace styles in Nigeria

Latest Nigerian aso-ebi styles include aso-ebi gowns, aso-ebi blouse and skirts in either aso-ebi lace or ankara.

Aso Ebi Gowns

Saturdays are for owambe, right? Unlike school uniform that was same colour and pattern and design, aso-ebi can be sewn in different styles like aso-ebi gowns, etc.

aso ebi gown with fringes sleeves

fashion and style trend s

Nigerian fashion and style aso ebi gown trend
Image credit:

More Fashion Nigerian Traditional Styles

Hmm, my work isn’t complete if I just stopped without giving you more Nigerian traditional styles. Yes, check the lace styles, skirts and blouse pictures below.

Aso Ebi Lace Styles

Aso-ebi is not limited to a particular kind of material, it can be ankara or lace but in Nigeria, lace is attached with so much importance and value than ankara.

Here are some aso-ebi lace styles you can try out for that aso-ebi lace and stand out like Ebuka.

Aso ebi lace styles Nigerian Traditional Styles
Image credit: @thatfamiliarface
trendy aso ebi lace styles
Image credit: @rhemiiie

Aso Ebi Blouse and Skirts

fashion and style

 nigerian fashion and style aso ebi blouse and skirts

 aso ebi blouse and skirts

Fashion and Style Magazine for Guys 2018

Hello o! At this point, you must have been wondering, nothing for the guys? Cuulu down en, trust me now, I always have something for everyone (though little this time around).

Male fashion designers are also creating and getting more inspiring. These designers are showing off their individual styles. From clean geometric designs, to more modern designs, to even more elaborate styles. Let’s have a look

Senators Wears Fashion and Style Pictures

Trust me, this one is in trend. As in, forrrrrrget. Although the senator style has gained much recognition in all parts of Nigeria, the native outfit originated from the South Eastern and Niger Delta regions of Nigeria.

What makes it unique is that despite being a native style, it is usually made with fabric materials meant for formal styles such as suits and jackets.

Fashion and Style Magazine for Guys- senator designs

Senator Wear Fashion and Style Pictures

fashion and style magazine for guys 2018

More Nigerian Fashion Styles Pictures

Yes, I’ve got more…

latest fashion and style pictures of men
Image credit: Naij
Nigerian Fashion Styles Pictures
Image credit: Naij

Nigeria fashion and style for men

Agbada Nigerian Fashion Dresses

There are trendy agbada styles you might want to try out. Here are just few below:

White agbada clothing - Nigerian Fashion Dresses

Nigerian Fashion Dresses

Agbada wears fashion style and Nigerian Fashion Dresses

Nigerian Fashion and Style (Summary)

There you have it, Nigerian fashion and style trends of all times. But I won’t leave without giving my final words:

In as much as we love to look good, let us endeavor to be good on the inside also. Slay mamas and aspiring fashionistas, remember confidence is the key.

You can wear the most beautiful clothes and hottest styles, and still lack confidence or carriage which would make it look like the opposite.

So, I’m off to go shake another table elsewhere. If you find this piece helpful, please drop your comments, like and share.

First, the fabric

Choosing the fabric is one of the most exciting parts of making clothes. Do you want it in bright, sunny colours or darker, colder tones? Do you want it patterned or plain, heavy or light? Ankara, batik (adire) and other African prints are all the rage now. Ankara is pretty versatile and works beautifully with other fabrics like chiffon and silk. To get a wide variety, the best quality and decent prices, head to Balogun, Jankara and Ikoyi, which are ideal markets to begin your search.

Ankara fabrics | Courtesy of

Style is who we are

Style is so much more than the cut of your clothes, and this is an art form that seems to be innate to the average Lagosian. Finding clothing styles that reflect your personality has never been so easy, as there are whole websites, blogs and magazines dedicated to different designs for different body types. If at a crossroad, consult a fashion stylist or designer, or even a tailor who can stitch together the perfect outfit for you.

Formal party attire | © Khalid Ayanshina

Tailored to your needs

Tailoring used to be the most frustrating aspect of getting custom clothing made. In spite of the fact that Lagos is chock full of ‘fashion houses’, ‘designers’ and ‘tailors’, to find a tailor who will bring out the best in your fabric, fit your body type and at the same time be comfortable, used to be an adventure in itself. However, in recent years, a lot of young Nigerians are taking advantage of the internet to push their services – and the results have been changing the landscape of tailoring and design in Nigeria.

Ms Luchies is one such dynamic entrepreneur’s brand, with fun, easy-to-wear clothes, formal or casual, providing elegant and bespoke tailoring. Although they handle most fabrics, their specialty is ankara and African prints. Not only are their products affordable, they are easily accessible and they ship globally.

Casuals for children and adults | © Atunnise Clothiers

Another brand that has established itself as a go-to-place for custom-made clothing, but which also carries a ready-to-wear line, is Atunnise Clothiers. They specialize in edgy, yet practical designs, using both African prints and fabrics from other continents. Beyond designing and manufacturing, they are also a learning hub for garment line production processes and they provide training for stay-at-home mothers, teenagers and fresh graduates in Lagos.

Ready to go? First adorn yourself…

This guide would be incomplete without a mention of accessories; shoes, bags, neck pieces, scarves – the little touches that add that final twist to your outfit. As with all things fashion-related, accessories can be found and bought in both Balogun and Jankara markets, or you can order your custom-made accessories from a plethora of young artists doing amazing things with leather, beads, feathers, fabrics and more.

Bracelets | © Ileke by Munoyedi

One fashion accessory coming back into style – in Nigeria as a whole, and Lagos in particular – is beads. They adorn waists, ankles, wrists and necks, and Ileke by Munoyedi is one of the brands pushing boundaries with its use of crystals and gemstones. Munoyedi combines the traditional with the modern in quirky and unique pieces she designs and ships globally

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