Nigerian traditional wedding dress styles

Weddings are very important celebrations in every Nigerian tribe. Apart from the food and the settling of the bride price, another very important aspect is the attire. Everyone wants to look their best, most especially the bride. So here are  the best Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dress Styles, traditional wedding attire for bride and groom and nigerian wedding dress styles for you to pick from. You could decide to rock any of these to the next traditional wedding you’d be going to.

The fusion of modernized clothing with native Nigerian outfits is increasingly becoming very wide spread. While there are some young ladies that prefer wearing the traditional outfits at their weddings, there are also those that like to rock a more modern look. And they do so in different ways. This post will talk about the top 5 most stylish Nigerian traditional wedding dress styles that you can find to fit these purposes perfectly.

If you are getting married in a traditional setting, an attire is required. Preparing for one should be a lot of fun. This means you can include pieces that are unique and make use of different Nigerian traditional wedding dress styles. Your chosen attire and make-up will tell the world about your uniqueness.

traditional wedding attire for bride

Nigerian traditional wedding dress styles

An Edo bride putting on a simple gown, with those beautiful beads we’ve come to know Bini and the Edo people With.

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Hmm, curves like a mermaid. Perfect dress for a wedding reception.




Lady in red, with a golden smile. Simple gown, yet alluring. The groom’s attire is a fitted Agbada




It’s Dotun from Coolfm putting on A brown Agbada with wine cap and wine shoes.



An Edo king and his Oyinbo goons



An attire as beautiful as it is flexible. This bride could be from anywhere in the South East, Edo state or even the South-South. Her husband is definitely Igbo, that cap gives him away.



What a smile! And those beads, it just makes the attire pop.



Melanin Poppin’



Niger Delta Bride and Groom with a touch of Blue



Bride dripping sexy. The slits, sash, off-shoulder gown and then finally the jewellery, the whole combo, visually appealing, everything, perfect to the last detail.



Lady in Green with a flowing Train



Oops! roving hands… Congrats to our Niger Delta couple



Kalabari bride looking very resplendent.



Definitely, Igbo bride, her bridal train tells it all



Beautiful Hausa bride, with flamboyant wedding train and Heena tattoo



Simple and yet so lovely



A beautiful chocolate couple, they could be from any southern tribe in Nigeria



Don’t you just love Hausa Brides?



White on Red, a lady can never go wrong with these colours.



In your smile, that’s where I belong



Throwback style, proudly Niger delta couple



The beads and the gown frills, Wedding dress goals



All the way from the Niger Delta, the couple in off-white



Lady in the Cloud #Weddinggowngoals



Couple Goals, most def…



Simple does it



Our Yoruba bride with a smile to die for



Guess what?! It’s Linda Ejiofor on her wedding day



Igbo groom and his bride



Good things come in threes



It’s Nigerian alternative artiste (Adekunle Gold) The golden man himself



Edo Queen



Edo King



Lilac and Laali (Heena) combo

Red lace gown and red damask headgear and shoulder sash to match.



Edo bride and Yoruba groom



Asoebi ladies



A man can never go wrong on white native attire



The coffee brown gown, the train behind, Hena (Laali) tatoo an the jewellery, everything’s just perfect.



Male trad attire are a lot of time without flourish, but then simplicity is its strength



Comes with Hijab to match, beauty and piety all rolled into one



Don’t you just like the groom, it’s his happy day and the brides gown is so stylishly sewn



Full blooded Yoruba lady



Wine and Silver perfect for the bride’s wedding reception



To have and to hold



Looks like bue in all it’s shade always work for weddings



Blue always looks good at on couples. This lady’s gown looks especially beatiful



Edo King and his two advisers



Remember this guy? From Super Story



nigerian wedding dress styles


African print designs and attires

I am sure you stumbled on this post because you’re looking for African print designs and attires for plus size women. I know your pain, that’s why I’ve decided to put this post together and share with you a few places to purchase plus size African print attires. Africa is a huge continent (Nope it’s not a country) with a lot of different cultures. If there is one thing that most African countries share it’s their love for prints. Yes. we love our prints.

One of the many perks of living in Africa is that you can customize everything you wear. In Mali, we have tailors in almost every street corner. It’s a matter of seeing something you like, buy your fabric of choice and hit the tailor. I miss that. Everything I am wearing today was made for me while I was on vacation a couple of years ago.

During my years of blogging, I have noticed that African prints or some might call it Ankara has become very popular in the US and around the world. The fabrics are now made in Asia and have been worn by countless of celebrities.  With that popularity, it’s only normal that designers want to cash in. One name that comes to mind is  Haitian designer Stella Jean and even recently Dior.

With a big name comes prices. If you are an average joe like myself and looking for something affordable, below is a shortlist of designers that make plus size African print designs.

Whether you are plus size or not Etsy is the go-to store for beautifully crafted African print dresses, skirts, and blazers. All the dresses are handmade which gives you a little bit of room to customize the items you want. The sellers are available from all corners of the world.

At the end of this post, you’ll find some of my favorite plus size African print sets, skirts, and dresses. Just click on each photo to shop.


I love Tribe of Afrik. They go up to 6x in certain sizes.


Great selection of African print maxi dresses and skirts. Their items go up to US22.


They have beautiful designs

5 Places To Shop For Plus Size African Print dresses


Absolutely love Demestiks NY. Here I am wearing one of his designs Check out these 30 super fabulous ankara plus size pleated dresses for curvy women. Anyone who has been following the latest fashion trends knows there’s almost no style a plus size woman cannot rock. Gone are the day’s designers made beautiful and trendy clothes for any petite sized women. Today’s styles have become all inclusive as many fashion brands are now adding plus sized women into their collection while some are even designing exclusively for the big-sized woman.

And the trends are not only even coming out from the designers today. Many plus size women have taken it upon themselves to make sure bigger women are no longer ignored when it comes to fashion and looking good. They have turned to do it yourself (DIY) dressmakers who make the right dresses to fit for themselves.

And with many plus size bloggers sharing their styles and letting the world know they can look great with the right style, they have managed to put big sized women on the fashion map where even top designers can no longer ignore them.

With so many styles now available for curvy women, in this post, we’re sharing some 15 super fabulous ankara plus size pleated dresses for curvy women. As most of you already know, the plus sized woman is no longer left out in the fashion scene. Whether you’re a lover of the African print fabric or other western ones, there are a lot of options for today’s big women. Depending on the style you’re looking forward to making, you can choose to go for the classic ankara African print fabric or go for the chiffon African print fabric that is more soft and flowy. So, check out the 30 ankara plus size pleated dresses below and start rocking them like the slay queens and pepper dem gang fashionistas of the moment.

Good luck as you develop your fashion style daily!!!


Their items go up to size

fashion brands rocking African prints

African fashion has never been more exciting. Here’s ten labels to prove it:1.MAISON CHATEAU ROUGE

MAISON CHÂTEAU ROUGE is a French brand named after the famous black Parisian neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement. The brand uses African wax print in a contemporary way and is a cool mix of African and western culture.

The label is also involved in a social project called Les Oiseaux Migrateurs which supports the development of African SMEs. We love its edgy streetwear feel and the beneficial social cause!

Check them out on Instagram @maisonchateaurouge
Find out more at 2.MAXHOSA BY LADUMA

MAXHOSA BY LADUMA is a South African knitwear label created in 2010. Laduma is not only a designer but he’s an artist too and expressing his creativity through his fashion label.

Check them out on Instagram @maxhosa
Find out more on Burkett New York

Chen Burkett New York was founded in 2013 by Chen Burkett. With family hailing from Ghana, Great Britain and Antigua, Burkett has used her cultural influences to create a vibrant and ingeniously fashionable aesthetic. Her collections feature rich, vivid African prints framed in beautiful silhouettes that easily work for day-to-day life.

Follow Chen Burkett on Instagram @chenburkettny
Find out more on chenburkett.com4.ÒKUN beachwear

ÒKUN is a menswear beachwear label bringing fun swimwear to buyers around the globe. The prints are vibrant with a contemporary African feel, prints and colours. It’s a must-have for this summer if you want to be noticed.

Follow Okun beachwear on Instagram @okunbeachwear
Find out more on okunbeachwear.com5.De La Sébure

A merge of African tradition and European modernism, Designer Bernie Seb has put the African print at the heart of his designs but with a modern cut. It’s totally wearable in everyday life with its very graphic and classic cut. Made in Burkina Faso, a part of the profits go to an association for Burkinabé women. Great!

Follow De La Sébure on Instagram @delasebure
Find out more on delasebure.com6.By Natacha Baco

By Natacha Baco is a designer working in fashion, decor and accessories. We love how chic the label is; it’s perfect for more up-scale events. The brand is often worn by Fatou N’diaye the famous French beauty blogger.

Follow By Natacha Baco on Instagram @by_natachabaco
Find out more on by-natachabaco.com7.Bazara’Pagne

Each Bazara’Pagne piece is unique. Made with care by artisans, Bazara’Pagne embraces African craftsmanship to the max. We’re appreciating their unique approach to African print cutting it into contemporary, original shapes.

Follow Bazara’Pagne on Instagram @bazara_pagne
Find out more on bazarapagne.com8.Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane is a Senegalese fashion designer with unbridled creativity. Cartoonish and surreal, Selly Raby Kane flips and mixes-up Senegalese fashion trends. She’s one of the few designers to really change traditional African fashion clothing in a new way.

Follow Selly Raby Kane on Instagram @sellyrabykane
Find out more on sellyrabykane.com9.Kibonen NY

Kibonen NY was founded by Cameroonian designer Kibonen Nfi. Inspired by traditional Cameroonian clothing, West African fabric and New York’s vibrant fashion scene, Kibonen brings together all of the designer’s fashion ideals. Kibonen works with delicate and intricate hand-woven traditional fabrics made in the Western highlands of Cameroon in the Toghu. Definitely one of the more luxurious African fashion labels.

Follow Kibonen on Instagram @kibonen_ny
Find out more on kibonenny.com10.Chu Suwannapha

Originally from Thailand, Suwannapha studied fashion in Paris then came to live in South Africa. Easily recognisable by the colourful print, his first menswear collection was launched last February in Cape Town. The collection was a huge success, loving the mix of culture, modern African print and bright colours.

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