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Night lights do more than illuminate your hallway or bathroom at night. We reviewed and discovered night light models that turn on and off automatically, look great, and appeal to adults’ and children’s tastes. The reviews we investigated were varied, but there were a few things all customers seemed to want. Value, reliability, and safety were at the top of most people’s lists. All of the top-rated night lights below have these attributes, and some have many more cool features as well. Read on for the scoop on our findings for these Night bulb price options.

Night bulb price

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Vava LED Night Light

VAVA Night Lights for Kids, LED Nursery Lamp with Free Stickers, Safe ABS+PP, Adjustable Brightness Warm White/Cool White, 80 Hours Runtime

​This gorgeous nightlight is egg-shaped and appealing to little ones. Your Vava purchase comes with a package of “face” stickers so you can put an appealing touch on your child’s night light.

Another feature that makes the Vava child-friendly is that it’s shock-resistant. Verified customers say their Vava lasts and lasts. As a plus, the night light has up to 80 hours of battery life when on the lowest setting.

Bottom Line:

So far, more than 1500 customers have left reviews recommending the Vava. This fun-looking, easy-to-use night light has a convenient rechargeable battery and touch-adjusts to your choice of 3 colors.

Parents can feel safe with the Vava in a nursery or child’s bedroom. It never gets too hot to the touch. The soft, soothing light helps kids get to sleep fast, according to reviewers.

​Main features

  • Uniform, non-flickering LED light
  • Touch to adjust, dim or power off
  • Portable waterproof construction
  • Decorate with adorable facial expression stickers

​​Our Rating


Yoyoo LED Plug Night Light

GE Color-Changing LED Night Light, 2 Pack, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn, Home Décor, for Kids, Ideal for Bedroom, Bathroom, Nursery, Kitchen, Basement, White Base, 46722

​The Yoyoo has possibly the most customer reviews we’ve seen (over 25,000 as of publication of this article). They’re overwhelmingly positive, earning 4.5 stars on various sites.

We have to agree. The Yoyoo has a playful oval shape that suits any room. It has a dusk to dawn sensor that automatically turns on and off. And it all comes at an unbeatable price.

Bottom Line:

This energy-saving LED light is a real performer. According to the manufacturer and verified buyers, the Yayoo delivers up to 100,000 hours of soft, safe light.

Yayoo says it’s confident that consumers will love this model. Just in case, the company offers a 1-year limited warranty and a 90-day returns policy. Reviewers say this lets them buy the Yayoo with confidence.

​Main features

  • Has a great contemporary look, so you’re not limited nursery use only
  • Warm, gentle LED light doesn’t hurt eyes at night
  • Saves energy, no batteries required
  • Turns on/off automatically in response to ambient light

​​Our Rating


SnapPower “Duplex” GuideLight Outlet Cover With LED

1 Pack SnapPower GuideLight - Outlet Cover With LED Night Lights - No Batteries Or Wires - Installs In Seconds - (Duplex, White)

​The GuideLight is a true step up in the world of night lights. It snaps over any standard wall outlet (three-prong) and looks like there’s nothing there at all. Then when you need it, light shines out of the bottom of the unit.

The GuideLight comes in 4 different colors so you can match your own decor. It features LED technology that never gets too hot to the touch, so it’s safe in kids’ rooms, too.

Bottom Line:

You get two great night lights in this package. That’s a good thing, because you’ll want one in any room or hallway you walk at night, according to verified customers. Snap it on and you can’t tell it’s there.

The gentle LED lighting keeps you safe but doesn’t hurt your eyes. That makes this model perfect for either children’s rooms, the bathroom or anywhere in the house.

​Main features

  • Safe for children; never gets too warm to the touch
  • Energy-efficient LED technology
  • Soft lighting helps you see in the dark without being harsh on the eyes
  • Comes in pack of 2

​​Our Rating


LumiPets Night Light with Touch Sensor and Remote

LumiPets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor and Remote - Portable and Rechargeable Infant or Toddler Cool Color Changing Bright Nightlight Lamp

​Verified buyers say their children love the LumiPets light. It’s shaped like a bear or bunny (your choice) and is soft to the touch. It’s conveniently remote-control operated, too.

The LED lighting is soft on the eyes at nighttime. It’s energy-efficient and easily recharges via a USB port. All of this convenience comes at a low cost verified customers say they appreciate.

Bottom Line:

Parents like that the LumiPets night light never gets too hot, so it’s safe in the nursery. Verified buyers say their children are mesmerized by the changing colors. Soft LED lighting helps kids unwind and get to sleep, reviewers say.

​Main features

  • ​Kid-friendly design
  • ​Never gets too warm; safe for your child
  • ​Choose your child’s favorite color at the touch of a button
  • ​Great price point

​​Our Rating


Sycees LED Night Light with Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light with Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor for Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairs, Daylight White, 6-Pack

​Safely navigate any room at night with the Sycees. Reviewers say they like that they never have to remember to turn it on or off. It automatically adjusts according to the ambient light.

The Sycees is compact and fits into half of your wall outlet, leaving the second opening free.  It uses energy- and budget-friendly LED lighting.

Bottom Line:

The convenience factor (automatically adjusting to the room’s lighting) is a huge part of why customers have left such positive reviews. And the energy use for the Sycees is minimal.

The Sycees is small and compact. It’s great in any room of the house, including the nursery and children’s rooms, reviewers say. The night lights come in packs of 6 so you can place them anywhere you want.

​Main features

  • ​Convenient automatic illumination
  • ​Small and compact enough to be unobtrusive
  • ​Soft LED light allows you to see without hurting your eyes at night time
  • ​Energy-efficient and wallet-friendly

​​Our Rating


LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer/Alarm Clock/Night Light

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Sleep Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine (Tropical Teal)

​The Mella is so popular it was featured on Mashable Design and Yanko. This child-friendly night light does triple duty. It’s designed to awaken your child, tell her when it’s bedtime, and give off soft light so she’s not afraid at night.

The LittleHippo has an appealing face that changes expressions to let kids know when it’s time to get going or wind down. Three sleep sound options and five colors offer variety.

Bottom Line:

The rounded shape and friendly face make the Mella a top pick. It’s made to safety standards with ABS and silicone. That’s a plus for concerned parents as well.

The Mella “grows” with your child, according to the manufacturer. Change the settings as your child gets older and bedtimes become later or wake up gets earlier. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

​Main features

  • ​Adorable pet-like design is appealing to children
  • ​Helps sleep-train your child with facial expressions, colors and alarm
  • ​Featured in Yanko and Mashable Design
  • ​100% satisfaction guarantee + 1-year warranty

​​Our Rating


Philips Hue Go Dimmable LED Smart Light

Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp (Requires Hue Hub, Works with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant)

​Philips takes night lights to a new level with the smart-tech Hue Go. It works with your smart device for automatic dimming, alerts, wake-up or relaxation modes, and more. (Note: Hue Hub is required to operate this light.)

The Hue Go works with Alexa, HomeKit, SmarThings or Google Assistant. It’s wireless and conveniently rechargeable. It also has a sophisticated look you’ll be proud to show off in any room of the house.

Bottom Line:

This portable, ultra-cool looking light is portable. Move it from room to room or take it with you when you travel. Verified reviewers say they love the features and smart tech of this model.

There are an amazing 16 million colors and shades to choose from. Pick your favorite for soothing but safe light during nighttime hours. Control options with your voice – it’s so easy to operate this top-seller.

​Main features

  • ​High-tech; so many features to choose from
  • ​Portable; easy to set up
  • ​Works with your smart device (Hue Hub required)
  • ​16 million colors and shades to choose from

​​Our Rating


Eufy Lumi Plug-in Night Light

eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light, Warm White LED Nightlight, Dusk-To-Dawn Sensor, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairs, Energy Efficient, Compact, 4-pack

​This sophisticated, compact night light looks great anywhere. It has glare-free LED lighting so you can safely find your way around at night without hurting your eyes, something buyers say they appreciate.

Verified customers say they like that the Eufy comes in a pack of 4. Install a night light anywhere you need it, including the nursery. Because they’re LED-powered, they won’t get too hot to safely touch.

Bottom Line:

The compact size makes the Lumi unobtrusive during the day. At night it allows you to go from room to room with clear light that’s gentle on the eyes.

Because it’s an LED appliance, the Lumi is energy efficient. It doesn’t overheat when plugged in, so it’s safe for kids and pets. The manufacturer confidently backs your 4-pack purchase with an 18-month warranty.

​Main features

  • ​Small and compact; leaves one-half of the outlet free
  • ​Energy efficient
  • ​LED light allows you to see where you’re going, but doesn’t hurt eyes
  • ​18-month warranty

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