nissan gtr price 2012

Review Score

TrimMPGStarting Price
GT-R Black Edition 2dr All-wheel Drive Coupe16.0 – 23.0From $95,100
GT-R Premium 2dr All-wheel Drive Coupe16.0 – 23.0From $89,950



  • Amazing handling, grip and poise
  • Blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em shifts
  • Shattering acceleration
  • Pricey, but still a bargain


  • Un-exotic styling
  • Driving experience can feel digital, unengaging
  • Not a real manual transmission


The rare GT-R isn’t the kind of car sitting on showrooms floors–if you’re ready to snap one up, find a qualified dealer and while you wait for delivery, sign up for high-speed driving courses.


2-Door Coupe Black Edition2-Door Coupe PremiumMPG16 city / 23 hwyMPG16 city / 23 hwyMSRP$95,100MSRP$89,950

The 2012 GT-R outraces some of the world’s top sports cars, at a fraction of their price.

The 2012 Nissan GT-R is a magical piece of metal, though it doesn’t entirely look like one at first glance. Nothing rivals its straight-line performance even at five times the price, and brilliant handling makes its 0-60 mph times of under three seconds all the more thrilling.The brilliance begins with the GT-R’s thundering twin-turbo six-cylinder engine. It’s no homage to the 300ZXs in Nissan’s past–it’s a blistering performer with 530 horsepower and 448 pound-feet of torque, enough to slingshot the GT-R to epic speeds, and to make it quicker than a Porsche 911 Turbo or a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. Awe-inspiring traction from a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system and big wheels and tires produces seemingly endless amounts of grip and beautifully balanced handling, with a slightly softer ride or a launch assist available at the tap of a switch. The clunky-sounding automated-manual six-speed transmission fires off upshifts and downshifts at the click of a paddle, perfecting the GT-R’s videogame feel while giving some room but no cover to critics who believe all supercars need to be rear-wheel drive, manually shifted, and powered by V-8 or V-12 engines.

The GT-R’s styling doesn’t exactly press its exotic-car case. Tomahawked sheetmetal cuts an interesting, not gorgeous, shape, and carbon fiber trim gives the plain interior just a dab of intrigue. It’s all put together with care, though, and unlike some other supercars, the GT-R has great room for people in front, and a bit of room for small people in back, as well as a useful trunk.

Standard features include stability control with an all-the-way-off mode, and all the usual airbags. A rearview camera, offered as an accessory, addresses the GT-R’s blind spots. Also on the standard-feature list: a Bose audio system that wages war with the GT-R’s considerable drivetrain noise, perforated leather upholstery on power seats, and a DVD navigation system with plug-in USB connectivity.

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